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"Ruby Rose," Overseer spoke and the called girl stepped forward, her royal friends standing back with crossed arms or polite postures, "you are entitled with the capture of Azuin, the most wanted on our list of enemies."

"Uh... yeah," she spoke, nodding her head once with wide eyes and pursed lips.

He tilted his head, an amused smile on his face as he let an amused breath blow from his nostrils.

"I suppose... that..."

He licked his dry lips, pulling a hand from the handle of his sword whose tip was set on the ground to rub the back of his neck. The all-seeing man seemed to be biting the inside of his cheek nervously, but Ruby stifled the giggle with extraordinary willpower. Overseer batted an eye towards the Faunus-raised Human Ruby had brought back to the Celestial Fortress, Takoda. He stood impatiently, but his eyes continued to look on upon the sea of clouds surrounding the flying continent.

"I suppose you are allowed to remain here," he spoke and her eyes brightened.

His eyes began to roll as she began to leap up and down with the royal families nearby grinning, well except for the less serious ones among them. Beginning to move towards the rim of the mountain top platform, he waved an armored limb behind him. "Prepare her for the academy, she will be trained like the rest."

A squeal of glee escaped Ruby as Mavis S grabbed her in a hug. Pulled into the air by the princess and congratulated by the rest of the royal families, Ruby gave a bright smile. However, as the sisters and brothers gave cheers, Overseer turned to look at the sky. His face returned to a solemn, and slightly sullen look to which he directed at something he lamented over.

Only one person noticed, and that was the outsider, Takoda. The Faunus-raised Human stayed silent though as he turned his attention from the leader of these "Knights" and then to his temporary companion, Ruby. Truly, he felt joy for the girl, but deep within he was in turmoil. For so long he had sought vengeance upon the monster Azuin, but now he was captured. Without one to target he was without purpose, without purpose he had no reason to live-

"Hey, Takoda!"

He snapped out of his thoughts, frightened only slightly by the sudden wave of the doll-like girl's hand in front of his face. The crimsonette continued to snap her fingers as he looked down at her with a bored and angered stare.

"Hey, uh you okay?"

"Fine," he claimed firmly. "I am fine."

"...Sure, so... whatcha gonna do now?"


"She wants to know what you are going to do next," Ken Mistral spoke as he moved by the girl's side, hand on the hilt of his sword in a calm and relaxed manner.

He showed no aggression or any signs of discomfort in the man's presence. The Mistralian royalty seemed only to be reacting to a social experience with instinct i.e. holding onto his sword in case of any trouble. The others joined his side, a full gang of 7 plus Ruby standing before the native of the Draco Continent.

"My journey... has taken me far across my homeland. I know not where I will head."

"How about you stay here!" Ruby chirped and Overseer's head snapped in their direction.

The small girl gave a sheepish smile as the man turned back to begin viewing the globe with his semblance again.

"S-so? What do you think?"

Takoda lowered his head and gave a sigh. It was deep and heavy with what seemed to be frustration, but it also appeared to have relaxed his stressed form. His shoulders lowered and his neck no longer seemed to be straining to hold up his head.

"My purpose is gone, I was to avenge my people."

"Well technically you did- I mean, we caught Azuin."

"But he is not-"

"He will be," Kalon interrupted. "The bastard descendant of Azduil will face trial for his heinous crimes, and justice will be dispensed accordingly. However, his crimes are great and I promise you that the punishment will be either execution or far worse."

The heavily tanned man stared long and hard at the stiffer sibling of the Atlesian twins, but in the end nodded.

"My people are at peace, thank you."

The royalties, in their training from youth on manners all bowed slightly with every single one of them saying "Your Welcome" in response. The politeness was noted by Takoda before he turned to the Overseer. The eldest of the mountain top sanctuary turned in his direction, both of them making eye contact. Cosmic, iridescent orbs stared at almond brown eyes.

"Where would you like to go?"

The man with the painted face gave a nudge with his head and Overseer nodded back. They walked towards the center of the sanctuary where the leader of the Knights slid his sword's blade into the pedestal before him. Takoda gave a nod in Ruby's direction whom waved back with a bright smile. There was a tug at the corner of the tanned man's lips as he watched to which the small girl smiled even brighter at.

The sound of the sword's tip tapping the bottom of the pedestal was loud as Overseer activated the teleportation device again. The ground beneath them began to illuminate with a multitude of colors all derived from the spectrum. Bright shades of every color burst out and shot into the air in streams of light, forming a pillar as a whole.

Takoda disappeared, becoming a blur before his shadow flew up to the heavens above the heavens.

"Calm down, calm down."

Glynda Goodwitch kept a stern face, the face she always wore. Standing on the combat platform with a writing board in one hand and her riding crop in the other, the blonde Huntress surveyed the mass of students awaiting to train. At the forefront of the crowd was none other than the troublemaker, herself Yang Xiao Long.

Mentioned blonde was squirming uncontrollably, awaiting the moment when she would be allowed to pummel another student to reveal stress. Next to her was the rest of her team, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna. The former stood impatiently, wanting to sit in the bleachers rather than stand. The latter was more relaxed and calm, preferring to stay where she stood as her eyes wandered from the Huntress to a shadowy figure behind her.

"Students, may I have your attention," she called and the mass of adolescents quieted. "Good, now from today onwards Combat Training shall have a new instructor."

Murmurs went through the crowd as they began to gossip on the possibility of a new Hunter as their teacher. Some hoped to have a "more handsome" or "more sexy" teacher, others whispered about a "cooler and more radical" mentor.

Their request were more or less answered by the shadowy figure few observed stepping forward. Eyes turned up to the sound of soft footsteps on the padded floor, ears perking at the new noise. Some eyebrows rose, others fell in disappointment. For Team RWBY, or at least what was left there were mixed reactions. Yang gave a frown at the sight of this new teacher as Blake tilted her head in confusion, but Weiss on the other hand let out a quiet gasp.

The new teacher in question was a tall, slim man, presumably from Lie Ren's home region. His skin, a fair-to-tan color was rippled slightly with muscles whilst holding no visible scars from what patches of flesh were visible. On He was wearing a long tunic that flowed down to his feet, all of it colored a dark blue. It was baggy on him, flowing and encircling his form which must have been rather thin for the size of the cloth's large girth.

His hair was a shade of dark blue that seemed to pass into the realm of black, the ends slowly lightening up to the bluish hue. The dark strands were cut near short for a man, revealing much of his head's upper hemisphere. The new instructor's face was stoic and yet stern, ranging from sculpted facial features to a pair of jade orbs. Going down to his lower body the students noticed that both of his feet were clad in simple shoes, nothing special about them other than the regular rubber and cloth colored black with blue. Both his arm were pressed together across his chest, hidden in the sleeves of either arm.

"This is Xùnsù Jiāng, a martial arts master. He will be instructing you in the styles of combat to better battle the forces of Grimm and criminals alike."

The man, Xùnsù Jiāng nodded and bowed his upper body respectfully. More murmurs sprouted in the group of students as they started to become anxious. Noticing the squirming of the adolescents, Glynda decided upon handing the class over to the newest addition to the Beacon staff. After handing him a few paper and whispering a few words to the foreigner, the Huntress left with the clicking of her heels following her.

Slowly, the class of students turned towards the new combat instructor. He, in turn looked down at them with a stoic face. It wasn't a stern or forced look though, instead it seemed to be a calm and peaceful one.

One of Yang's lilac eyes twitched, her impatience and anxiety getting the better of her. Blake tried to calm her teammate and partner down, placing a calming hand on one shoulder while also sending a stern stare. Yang ignored her however and stepped forward, crossing her arms and placing her weight on one hip before rudely asking, "We going to fight or what?"

The combat room's occupants turned their eyes to Yang, confused and surprised. The new instructor responded to her exclaim almost immediately, his stoic gaze turning bored and slightly irked. He pulled his arms out of the opposite arm's sleeve, and then lowered them to his sides.

"And you are?" Jiāng questioned, his voice strong and smooth.

"The girl with anger issues, so you should probably beat up one of these idiots before I break something."

His eyes narrowed as he looked down at her, a sudden scale showing his superiority to her status as a student. People began backing up, their eyes darting between the blonde and the blue haired teacher. Blake glared at her unstable partner, but said nothing as she moved back with Weiss.

"Arrogance and hate are unbefitting of a youth to be an adult."

She grit her teeth as her hair began to glow. Rage was pouring back into her system and this time she was going to let it out on a teacher. The anxiety had built up long enough to allow her the strength to properly defeat nearly any opponent. Knowing that a battle with Yang on the teacher's first day would give a bad reputation to them, Team RWBY's remaining two members started moving to stop their close to bloodthirsty teammate.

However, Blake halted and Weiss bumped into the secret Faunus. The former of the two stood frozen by shock and fear. Following her friend's gaze, the Schnee heiress found her eyes locked with Xùnsù Jiāng's whom also seemed to be locking eyes with the Belladonna. An understanding flowed between the three before they stepped back into the crowd.

"Don't give me that... bull crap!" she shouted and her voice echoed through the room.

Yang was seething in anger, her hair starting to float and glow harshly. Both her feet were scraping against the ground, clad in he signature boots that seemed to almost crack the tiles the students stood on.

"Then allow me to relieve you of your stress," he proposed and moved backwards, allowing her to step onto the combat platform. "I won't hold back."

"I wasn't going to either!" she shouted and jumped at him prematurely.

Ember Celica extended down and up her arm, covering the entire forelimb as she swung at him. Unfortunately, he moved swiftly, dodging the strike. Sidestepping, he extended a leg and his long tunic opened up at the bottom revealing it to be cut up the middle to allow free movement for his lower limbs. A foot caught Yang in the side and she grunted, stumbling a bit from the impact.

Kicks were the bane of her fighting style and she knew it, however every hit gave her power. This new instructor, he didn't know a thing about her and boxing. Feigning more pain, she slowly keeled down as he approached. With a quick swing of her left arm, she nearly caught him in the chest. However, Jiāng seemed to have realized her plan and waved an arm in front of him, knocking the attack to the side. A blast from Ember Celica harmlessly exploded near his ear.

If his head was ringing or his mind was splitting, he didn't show it as he continued to fight. They exchanged blows, Yang blocking his attacks occasionally as he moved hers away or simply took them without visibly showing pain. He was lightning fast with his own strikes, his fists bashing at her defense repeatedly without end. The new combat instructor was relentless, persistent, and merciless as he beat her down.

She swung at him again and again, trying to at least get one hit in. Eventually she did by taking a hit full on. Instructor Jiāng struck her arm, right above where Ember Celica ended and then a little higher before stepping back and kicking forward. His foot struck her thigh, and then the side of her abdomen. The Xiao Long grunted, but charged forward, delivering a bone crushing punch to his chest.

His aura was confirmed to be active as a faint shield of blue appeared where the fist had connected with his rib cage. However, it did not stop the blunt force of the attack and he was sent flying back. Unfortunately for Yang though, he recovered in an instant and thrust the palms of his hands behind him, landing on both. Now in an awkward crab like position with both his legs up like arms, he waited for the two seconds it would take for her to rush at him.

"I'll show this joker never to mess with me!"

Yang aimed her punch perfectly, trained to come down directly between his legs. The nutshot was nearly a success had Jiāng not caught her arm with his legs. Wrapping both limbs around the yellow painted metal, he swiveled his body, throwing her off balance. With his lightning fast reflexes, he twirled up into the air and brought the heel of his foot down on her stomach.

The blonde brawler yelled in pain and grabbed her gut, groaning and moaning whilst trying to keep her breakfast down. The rage and fury in her body didn't burn out though for she soon rose back up, wiping some spittle from the corner of her mouth. Sweat dripped from her brow as she huffed and puffed, a growl starting to rumble up her throat.

"I'm going to destroy you!" she screamed and an eruption of aura shot out from her.

Immediately, her golden locks shined and her eyes turned blood red, burning like red suns of hate. Charging forward with an empowered leap, she struck him with Ember Celica. He let it hit him, pulling his arms up to block the attack with his own aura. The blast caused him to slide back on the smooth combat platform's surface. Recovering in a nano-second, he leaped at her too. He knocked aside her attacks one by one, dodging a few of them as well.

The stoic look on his face turned serious as he pushed her back viciously. His fighting style turned brutal as he wore her down.

"She's going to burn out," Weiss mumbled, but Blake shook her head.

"No, he's going to annihilate her."

"All those hits are just making her more powerful."

"They are, but look at him. He's dodging or swiping them away, the new instructor's practically unstoppable."

The hidden Faunus was correct in her statement as they watched him duck under a swing and grab Yang's leg. He pulled a foot out from under her and she toppled. Xùnsù Jiāng dropped a foot down with great force and seemed to break some ribs. Yang cried out in pain and rolled over only to have him squat down slightly to begin a barrage of strikes with his fists.

This new attack was a vicious one as he continually battered her with his bare fists. She rolled back over, pulling Ember Celica up to her face to stop herself from being struck in the face. Managing to find a tiny opening in his continuous barrage, Yang pushed herself back up for an encore. Throwing her fists again, she found them deflected and her body beginning to bruise.

Her mind was spinning as he beat her senseless, ruthlessly assaulting her figure with nothing, but the thought of leveling her confidence and pride. Voices passed through her head, old memories that just made the pain worse. All the anger she felt, most of it wasn't from being beaten at this very moment. Yang knew where it came from though.

"I didn't do it, Yang!"

Silver orbs were in front of her before the Xùnsù Jiāng's bloody knuckles made them disappear. The blonde saw a red cloak behind him, fluttering as if someone had appeared there, but it vanished as he struck her again.

"Yang, please!"

Suddenly finding herself under another constant barrage, Yang tried to keep herself upright, but failed. The blonde's legs failed her and she slowly bent backwards as he bent over her, keeping his fists' target location on her chest, just above the cushion of her bosom. There he connected his knuckles with her body, striking her and depleting her remaining strength.

Slowly, he moved his target zone up and began beating her face, making it bleed. As he did so, the students watched, most covering their mouths or stepping back further. The brutality in his style of fighting made their stomachs churn and eyes widen. Meanwhile, Blake and Weiss were ready to step forward, in case the new instructor didn't know when to stop.

Fortunately, Jiāng did as he stopped his fist from striking her on the last blow. It would have surely knocked her out, but Yang figured he wanted her to stay awake.

"Arrogance is unbefitting of a youth to be an adult. Ignorant pride is inappropriate of a Huntress."

He moved away then, allowing Team RWBY's last two members to come up and collect their teammate. Wherever their hands touched, she groaned in pain. Trickles of blood came from her broken nose and the corner of her mouth along with any split skin. Bruises decorated her once flawless skin, turning the fair color a purplish blue hue. The duo managed to carry the brute of their team on their shoulders, moving her out of the room and towards the infirmary as everyone watched.

Looking behind her weakly, Yang Xiao Long watched the other students murmur and gossip. Word would spread about this, her reputation would be in question. However, none of that mattered as she identified a red cloaked figure in the crowd. The figure was small and slim, a doll-like appearance to it. With it's hood down, she was able to make eye contact with the hallucination.

"I didn't do it."

"People saw!"

"They lied!"

"So the teacher's are lying too?"

"They didn't see me... doing that!"

"How can I believe you," she mumbled as she let the darkness take her.

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"Sight dust?"

"Rare and carefully refined," Galen remarked, grabbing a bundle of his soft beard and stroking it with a chuckle. "Only found in the mountains of ancient Vacuo."

"So... I guess your umpteenth grandmother used it?" she questioned, tilting her head and letting crimson locks fall from the sides of her face.

"Many times, she foresaw much, and was able to view many things from the past."

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. It let's people see the future!"

"And the past, but only fer a limited time."

"...Can I-"

"We've got plenty in storage, not much use when ye have an all powerful sightseer to watch the planet."

"Well not all of it."

"That is true... but I doubt we'll be needin' any of this anytime soon."

Ruby's face brightened up with joy as she let a wide smile cross her face. From ear to ear she grinned as the Vacuon filled a vial with the rare dust, most of it seemingly accumulated from the many years it had been mined.

"Wow," she whispered, looking at the glowing particles of yellow. "So I just sprinkle this and-"

"Better when yer in bed, that way you'll have something to lie on when you get knocked out."

"Oh, okay," the scythe wielder chirped and began to leave, but paused near the door. "This... won't hurt, right?"

Galen looked at her, his bright expression dropping and turning into a dull one.

"There's no pain in using it... but the visions might be... it might get a bit... hurtful."

Swallowing the anxiety that had immediately formed, Ruby smiled and nodded. She waved at Galen and left, trying to think of other things as she moved back to her temporary live-in with the Valeans. Most nights she could hear something going on in Mavis S' room; she assumed it was either her and Aksel playing a game or doing something she'd rather not think of. Mavis C, however she usually spent some nights talking too.

The younger Valean was actually the more disciplined out of the duo of young ladies, surprisingly. While Mavis Scarlet preferred boys and energetic activities, Mavis Crimson was all about the books and dreaming about her future.

Soon enough, Ruby Rose found herself at the Valean residence's household just outside the city. Taking one last look at the high heavens above her, she stepped in and found the older Vale sibling in a heated makeout session.

"Ahem," she coughed and a pair of amethyst eyes plus a pair of clover green eyes darted towards her.

"H-hey, Ruby," Mavis S greeted, fixing her top as Aksel fixed his own shirt and pants. "Didn't expect you home so early."

"Ah, Galen was out of the fire dust. He said they'd gt the next crate full of it in the morning."

Noticing the bag vial on her belt though, Aksel commented, "Then what's that?"

"Huh? Oh, this is some of that Sight Dust Galen told me about."

"Ooh! Sight Dust!" Mavis S squealed and jumped in front of the young girl, squatting down to look at the vial on her waist. "I remember when I first used it; Saw dumbo over there."


The older Vale sibling snickered as Ruby did as well, but the latter moved around her towards her room.

"Make sure you feel comfy before you use it!"

"I will!"

An hour later she had dressed herself in a new pair of pajamas and fixed her pillows. Saying a "Good Night" to the house's other occupants, she lay herself down and prepared to sprinkle it on her. Hesitation and anxiety built back up and she looked up at the vial she held. Already, the pale girl had pulled the cork off the top of it, but it would take some steep incline or a bit of shaking to get the special Dust out.

Watching the golden particles glitter and glow made her think of the stars outside. The way they shined brightly and gave a nice little show of light. Deciding on getting a glimpse of the night sky, she rose up and looked out the window next to her bedside, viewing the star filled darkness beyond her window. A smile crossed her face and she lay back down, now letting the dust flow down onto her.

Unlike she thought, it did not cascade down like a waterfall, but instead began to slowly drift like dust particles. The cloud of gold glowed faintly before it descended upon her. Quickly placing the vile on the night table, she awaited the effects of using it to begin. The wait was short and she soon began to dream, or in this case see.

"Come on, Mavis!"

"H-Hey! Wait up!" the redhead called after the other one, running as fast as her legs could go.

She was in her own body, watching the other girl her age chase her.

"We're going on an adventure!"

"Against everyone's orders!"

"Come on, we're going to save the world," she reassured, placing a pale hand on the Valean's shoulder to which she blushed.

"Or just watch it go," she spoke and her hand's grip faltered as her body seized in anxiety.

Suddenly, the girl in front of her was older with a slender figure. This was Mavis Scarlet Vale the Fifty-Second, donned in her battle armor and swinging her blades at... Ruby? No, this wasn't the scythe wielder she was inhabiting. This body was to tall, to strong, to... voluminous.

A golden gauntlet stretched into her sight, swinging at her and she knew immediately what was happening.

"You're going to pay!" Yang bellowed as she watched tiny locks of her hair being sliced off with every swing of Mavis' swords.

"If you can actually hit me!" she gloated and dodged a punch before slashing down and making a thin incision on Ruby's older sister's upper arm.

The scene differed again, this time she was peering at a familiar face. The person in front of her was a man, young and strong. His face was hardened by war as he stared her down. However, she felt different and looked at her arm to find no female bosom and instead a sword in her chest. It was a familiar sword, but she couldn't tell why. The man with coal black locks and eyes that glowed golden glared at her before his gaze moved behind her/him.

Standing behind them was a man, his features resembling the youthful man who was killing her/him.

"You've made me proud, son."

Surprise and shock came upon the man's face as she looked at him, but then horror took over and his hand grabbed hers/his.

"Brother, no," he whispered and the body she inhabited coughed up blood.

The last sight she saw was the man's hand grabbing the body's wrist as her borrowed body grabbed his wrist, their arms locked together before her dying form lost his grip.

From there, she opened her eyes to see two people enter a room, the exact same room she was in. This time, however, she was standing where the father had, but these were not the father's children... she presumed.

One was a tall, slender woman, beautiful with a deadly look to her.

The other one was a clumsy looking, young man, however he looked just as strong as the person next to him, probably his sibling.

Both persons were donned in armored robes, the sister having dust vials on a belt while the other man had a sword at his side. It was the same sword she had seen in the last vision, but this one was polished instead of stained with the brother's blood. Together, the presumed siblings kneeled down in front of her inhabited body which she found to be a man when she spoke.

"You have done well Ella, Arsoel."

They nodded after placing a pair of King Taijuta fangs, a pair for either head and for either person in front of them. She noted how one of the siblings, the girl mumbled, "It's Eleanor."

Slowly, her person's gaze moved from them to the view behind him. This new sight was of a great kingdom sprawled over a floating continent. Right now, she was on the Overseer's tower.

Suddenly, the sound of Dust burning and footsteps behind her echoed. The male body didn't turn completely, but the head did and she saw through the eyes the girl flying at him, a sword in hand. However, the young man had a Dust crystal in hand. Presuming it to be vacuum related, seeing as how it pulled the girl back towards him she watched the two begin to duel.

The fight was short as she struck his sword down with deadly accurate blows, but he seemed to anticipate them for in the end he knocked her blade away and brought it down. However, the clumsy looking, young man must have miscalculated his strength and blade pushed the girl's blade down as it cleaved into her shoulder. Her scream echoed through the air as Ruby's borrowed body moved down towards the two.

"Sis, I didn't mean too!"

"Y-You," she hissed weakly, venom in her voice as her eyes turned towards the approaching man. "I- I hate you."

The young woman bared her teeth one last time before fainting, blood oozing from her enormous wound. Quickly, the duo acted as the man opened up a scroll and began calling a healer. The young boy though, he tried his best to halt the flow of blood by applying pressure. Pulling some healing Dust from one of the young woman's vials, he applied it as best he could.

Both cosmos filled orbs stared at her bloodying form... cosmos filled orbs.

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