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Alice POV:

It was the end of my first period, and I was walking out of my classroom with Rosalie and Emmett. I heard Bella chattering and was about to turn and wave when she called, "Rose! Em! Alice!" We all waved, and I know that my eyes at least widened. There was a female vampire next to her – A vegetarian one, no less. How had I not seen this? I wondered as we walked closer. When we were in easy hearing range for humans, Rosalie asked, "Who is she, Bella?" I was wondering the same exact thing, but really, why must Rose be so cold? "This is Elizabeth Irving. Elizabeth, this is Rosalie, Emmett, and Alice." She introduced, indicating all of us in turn. "Hello Elizabeth." We said at the same time, and then everyone laughed.

After a moment, Elizabeth smiled and said, "Hi, Rosalie, Alice, Emmett. It's nice to meet you." I smiled back, and we walked down the hall together and turned. When we got to Bella's Biology classroom and she ducked inside, Elizabeth turned and walked into the classroom on the other side of the hall after calling, "See you later, Bella." Rosalie and Emmett carried on. The halls were mostly empty so we picked up the pace a little. The plan was to get Jasper when he came out of the end of his second period class. Rose and Emmett went ahead, to kidnap Jasper. I personally waited for Bella and Edward, who came just before the end of second period.

We were all playing hooky, but is it necessary for me to say that we didn't care? I hope not. When I got to the library, Jasper seemed annoyed, and I honestly couldn't blame him. It sounded like no one was giving him answers, except for Bella. And now time for my entrance. "Alice. What is going on that is so important that all of you are skipping Biology, PE, and Science?" Jasper greeted me acidly. Bella answered again, sounding quite cheerful. "Jazz, it's a she, and we've all seen her. The last two periods, in fact." A brief look of irritation crossed Jasper's face. "Well, you can go now. I really don't see why you had to gang up me now, when you could just tell me at lunch." He said. I rolled my eyes, wanting to tell Jasper that we only did this so he wouldn't completely freak out at lunch, but I left, off to Science.

It was lunch time, and Edward, Bella, and I were sitting at our usual table, in our usual seats. Our other three siblings walked in, Jasper's face contorting into the briefest of grimaces before smoothing out. There were times that I hated that Jasper was an empath – It caused him pain, and I didn't like that. Edward glanced at me and raised an eyebrow. I stuck my tongue out at him, not really caring that it was childish. Bella rolled her eyes. "You two." She muttered as Jasper, Rose, and Emmett made their way over to our table and sat down. It was then the cafeteria door opened again and Elizabeth came in, laughing with a human girl called Carrie Jarrett. Carrie was nice, but I wasn't her biggest fan after she laughed at everything I said one day when she and her mother came over to talk with Esme.

Jasper naturally turned to look and see what the vampire looked like, and stiffened. He turned back around and stood up. "I got a really bad stomachache and went home." I stared at my mate with a curious look on my mind. "Jazzy, is something wrong with Elizabeth?" I asked in a small tone of voice. Jasper looked like I'd poked him with a cattle prod, and I don't think he was breathing. Edward gave a small nod, and Jasper turned and left, walking almost too quickly. He stopped at the doorway, turned, and looked back into the cafeteria - Specifically, at Elizabeth. Elizabeth rose and walked out, following Jasper's footsteps, but before I could go and warn her not to follow him (Knowing Jazz, if he was this uptight and she so much as tapped him on the shoulder, he may freak out and tear her apart.), a vision came knocking.

Jasper was running from someone, his breathing rough. He was doubling back, but stopped and turned around again. Suddenly he stopped, swayed, and fell down, screaming, and everything went black.

I gasped as I blinked. I looked at Edward, and saw a look of alarm on his face that was identical my own. "What is it, Alice? What did you see?" Bella asked, her eyes flickering between me and Edward. "Jasper's in trouble." I whispered, starting to stand up, and Emmett grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. "Alice, it won't help if you go after him now." He said, with a pointed glance out the window on the other side of the cafeteria. My mate was just disappearing into the woods at a speed too fast for human eyes to follow, I saw as I glanced out of it. I sighed; for once, Em was right. I picked up my untouched lunch tray, stood, and dumped my food and walked out, heading for my fourth period elective, chorus.

The school day passed in a blur of worry and tension. I hardly registered a word of what my teachers said; I was too worried about Jazz. The man wasn't just my 'significant other,' my husband that posed as a boyfriend – He was my life. If Jasper died, I had no idea what I'd do. I was musing on this as Edward drove us home. "Alice, quit worrying. Jasper will be fine. Please, you're driving me crazy." Edward suddenly said. I growled at him, but I did try to concentrate on Renesmee's wedding. "Thank you." He murmured. You act as if nothing is wrong, like Jasper's behind that curve in the road driving his motorcycle. You idiot! You saw exactly what I did! You know why I'm so worried! You utterly selfish, stupid IDIOT! I suddenly screamed at Edward in my thoughts. Edward grimaced, but held his peace. I knew I'd struck home and smirked, and then fell back to worrying about my mate.

When we walked in the door, Esme was there, as usual. She frowned when she saw that our number was five instead of six. "Where's Jasper?" She asked, looking at each one of us in turn. "We don't know. During lunch he freaked out and ran off. We haven't seen him since." Rose said, and then she turned and left, going to her room. Emmett followed sadly, his head drooping. "Did you see anything, Alice, anything at all?" Esme asked. I nodded. "But nothing good." I told her. I didn't want to worry Esme even more. As much as my 'mother' would deny it if asked, I knew Esme had a soft spot for Jazzy. I turned and started walking out the door again. "I'm going to look for him." Esme grabbed my arm, pleading with her eyes. I understood: Esme had one member of her family missing, and she didn't want to let anyone else out of her sight.

"Okay, Esme. I'll stay. We need to tell Carlisle anyways." I told her with a sigh. Bella smiled half-heartedly and gave Esme her cell phone. "Here," She said softly. Esme dialed the hospital and put it on speaker phone. After screaming at a nurse for five minutes, we convinced her that, yes, we were Dr Cullen's family, and yes, it was an emergency, and if she didn't put Carlisle Cullen on the phone right now we were going to speak to her manager and make her life miserable and why hadn't she gotten him yet?! What can I say? We weren't in the clearest state of mind. Until that minute, I hadn't realized just how much we relied on Jazz.

"Alright, what is so important that it can't wait until I get home?" Carlisle asked when he finally got to the phone just as Rose and Emmett came back downstairs with a thousand piece puzzle. "Jasper's gone missing!" We all said at the same time. There was silence at the other end of the phone. "I'll be there in about twenty minutes." Carlisle promised, sounding like he was about to completely lose his composure. The phone on the other end slammed down and we stared at Bella's silent phone, as if we were willing it to ring. Esme's lip trembled, and so did mine. Jazz should have been home by now, and we all knew it.

Edward put his arm around Esme. Rosalie put her arm around me, needing the comfort just as much as I did. No one spoke. A car door slammed outside, but we didn't move; it was too early for Carlisle. Even in his Mercedes he couldn't drive that fast. The door opened, and the Denali family stepped in. "What's wrong?" Tanya asked, looking at us. "Jasper's gone missing." Emmett said, sounding nothing like his usual jolly self. Tanya blinked. "Oh, I'm so sorry. What can we do?" She asked. "Thanks for the offer, Tanya, but I don't think there's anything anyone can do at the moment." Edward told her. Tanya huffed and spun around, her family following her. What she didn't understand was that if Jasper didn't want to be found, he wouldn't.

About fifteen minutes after that, Carlisle pulled up. Almost as soon as we heard his car door slam, the door opened and he stepped inside, quietly shutting the front door and walking over to us. I realized we must look quite bizarre – Edward had his arm around Esme, who was holding Bella's cell phone. Rosalie and I were still clinging to each other, and we were all staring at the innocent blue cell in Esme's outstretched hand. "What happened?" Carlisle asked, breaking the spell. Esme handed Bella's phone back and we headed to the living room. On the way, I filled Carlisle in on the events, describing my vision. My 'father' frowned. "If Jasper isn't back in an hour, we'll search for him." He announced. I sighed.

An hour was short, yet far too long. Esme and Carlisle drifted outside, murmuring too quietly for anyone to hear but them. Rose and Em started sorting through their puzzle pieces to find the edges. Bella went to tell Jacob and Renesmee, and Edward was walking towards me with Jazz's school bag. "I grabbed it at the end of lunch." He explained, handing it to me. "Thanks." I said gratefully. I held it for a moment before going to put it in the room Jasper and I shared. As I put it down on his side of the room, a notebook fell out and opened to a picture of my face. I looked happy and enthusiastic, and it was labeled 'Alice when someone mentions shopping,' in Jasper's distinct handwriting.I sat down on the floor and looked through the notebook.

There more pictures of me, pictures of Carlisle, Esme, Bella, Edward, Nessie, Rosalie, Emmett, and even one or two of Jacob. They were breathtaking, and I loved them. Jazzy never told me he likes to draw, I thought, stroking the cover of the notebook, and then I looked at the clock. Still half an hour to go until we started looking for Jasper. I sighed and slid the notebook into my mate's schoolbag before standing out. I glanced out the window – It was just about dark outside, but I didn't really care. I decided that I was going to take a walk outside; maybe it would help clear my head, and who knows? Perhaps I would run into Jazz.

And so, with that in mind, I walked down the stairs, through the living room, and into the little hall before the door. But I paused with my hand in the knob; I could hear someone running very fast in our direction, and it wasn't Jazz – He didn't run quite like that. I opened the door cautiously and sniffed. Elizabeth's scent and Jasper's mingled together. I peeked through the crack and saw that Elizabeth was carrying Jasper. I gasped and flung the door open, calling for Carlisle as I ran out. By the time I reached Elizabeth, I was practically bawling. "Oh no, oh no, I knew it. Please don't let him be dead!" I moaned, taking Jasper from her, dimly aware of everyone else coming. "Carlisle!" I called again. I knew something bad was going to happen. I should have gone after him at lunch! I thought."Alice, take him inside." Carlisle ordered from behind me. "Yes, Carlisle. I'll take him to your study." I said quietly, running for the house.

After I put Jazzy down on the couch in Carlisle's study, I went across the hall to one of the many empty rooms in house and sat. Why on Earth did Tanya get such a big house? I thought, slightly annoyed for some odd reason, but mostly worried. Elizabeth walked in just then. "He'll be fine, right?" She asked. "Oh, Elizabeth, I'm so scared! The last time he was like this. . ." I started to say, finding myself engulfed in a very short vision before I could finish. I stood up hastily and flew across the hall, opening the door.

"Carlisle, he's going to come to in fifty three seconds." I announced, perhaps a little faster than usual. Carlisle smiled, and we waited. Finally, Jazz moved his head, his eyelids fluttering. I stroked his forehead, "I'm here, sweetheart. Are you okay?" I murmured. Elizabeth and Carlisle left the room, tactfully shutting the door behind them. Jasper blinked and sat up. "Oh, Alice, it hurt so badly. I don't know what happened. . ." He told me, shaking his head. "Oh, Jazzy, I was so worried." I whispered, moving to sit on his lap, suspecting that he needed the comfort as much as I did. And for once, I didn't care that his shirt was muddy and torn (And likely would mess up my own).

"It's okay now sweetie. I'm fine now; I just need to be careful." Jasper murmured, putting his arms around me as I leaned my head against his chest. I didn't speak again for a few minutes, not wanting to break the peaceful spell. Then the door opened and Esme walked in. "Oh, Jasper! How are you feeling? Don't do that ever again! You scared me! Oh, I'm so glad you're okay!" She scolded, hugging Jasper – And me, as I was still on his lap. I stood up as Esme suggested Jasper change and go down to the living room. I stifled a giggle as Jazz looked at his shirt like he was just noticing that it was muddy and rather torn. Then again, he probably is. I thought as Esme and I walked out the door.

As much as I love him, the man has absolutely no fashion sense! As I thought that, we walked into the living room. "He'll be here in just a minute!" I announced cheerfully; then I skipped (Yes, skipped. I was that happy.) Over to Elizabeth and hugged her. "Oh, thanks so much, Elizabeth. I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't brought him back to us." I told her. Just then Edward stood up and walked over to Jazz, who was standing in the doorway. "I thought you might have been done for this time. I shouldn't have let you go off in that state." Edward told him, before reaching forward and – I couldn't believe my eyes – hugging Jasper. "Edward, it's okay. I'm okay." Jazz said. Then everyone except for Jake came forward and swarmed him, myself included.

Renesmee had her arms wrapped around his waist like she'd never let go. "Uncle, I was so worried!" She exclaimed, and Jasper smiled at her. "It's okay, Ness. I'm fine." He told her. I heard Edward and Jacob start explaining Ness's relation to Jasper to Beth, but didn't really pay much attention. I was just so relieved that my Jazzy was alright. I figured Jasper was probably banishing all my worries for the time being, but didn't care. I heard Bella laugh, "Jasper, no fair! You're doing the mood thing again!" and I knew I was right. I glanced over at Beth to make sure she was doing okay and her expression was like Emmett had just walked up to her and smacked her, or something.

She stood up and casually said, "Well, I have to be going now. I'll be sure to stop in over the weekend. . ." Then she breezed out the door. I noticed Jasper looked up as the last of her pretty hair went out the door, and wondered about it. I'm sure it's probably nothing. I told myself. Then I realized my mistake and glared at Edward; he wisely said nothing. "So, who brought me here?" Jasper asked casually after a moment. I hesitated, and then slowly, carefully, said, "Elizabeth. She left a few minutes ago. . ." I didn't want to set him off again, but Jasper merely nodded. It was just then that Jacob walked up, and the two talked for a very short while. I was too busy with my own thoughts to pay much attention to what they were saying.

Who is Elizabeth, really? Why does Jasper act so strange around her? Those questions and more swirled in my brain. Edward tapped my arm inconspicuously, and after that I simply threw myself into the happy joking conversation, until maybe midnight. "There's something we need to talk about." Jasper said at that point. I exchanged confused glances with Esme while we all sat down. "Jasper, is there something wrong?" Edward asked; Jasper shook his head no. "How to put this?" Jasper asked, quite obviously to himself.

Jazz looked at me and I gave him what I was hoped was an encouraging smile. Even if I was getting slightly impatient, this was big. I just knew it. . . Whatever 'it' was. "It's about Elizabeth." He said after a few more moments. My eyes widened – Pretty much the only way Jazzy would know her. . . I shook the thought out my head. "Is there something wrong with her? What is it, Jasper?" Esme asked, her face looking as shocked as I felt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Edward's eyes widening. Well, well, well. If it surprises Eddie, it must be big. I thought. "Well, the thing is, I don't really know how to put this, but. . . She's my daughter."I stared at Jasper in shock. Jasper has a . . . Daughter?! What. . . Or should that be how? Or when? But wait, he actually has a daughter! A child of his own! One that's walking around this very minute! I thought, going from shocked to belatedly doing a happy dance in m head.

I stood up and slipped my hand into Jasper's. "I'm really happy for you, Jazzy. I've always been upset that I couldn't give you a child." I murmured, looking into his eyes. "I thought you'd be mad." He told me, and I almost wanted to laugh as I shook my head. "Jasper, would you please tell us how this happened?" Carlisle asked after letting us enjoy our little private moment. Jazz sighed, "Yes. Something that I've never told any of you is that I was married. I married Annabelle Jones when I was seventeen, and we were quite happy. I joined the Confederate Army later, as you know, and went home every chance I could. When I was nineteen, Annabelle wrote me and told me she was pregnant. Soon after, the baby was born, and we named her Elizabeth Grace. I was there for two weeks, and then I had to leave again. I visited as often as I could."

With that, Jasper disappeared for a moment. When he reappeared, he handed me a piece of paper – A drawing, I saw, of a pretty lady and a cute little girl. "When I was home for a week for my twentieth birthday, a passing artist drew this for me. He drew a picture of me for them, as well. That was right before the evacuation." I had barely realized Jasper had started talking again as I studied the picture. Then I sent it on around the family and hugged him. "Jasper, why didn't you tell me? Us?" I asked with my arms still around Jasper. I heard him sigh, "Alice, honey, I didn't really want to talk about it for a while. It was too painful, too soon. After that, I just didn't want to. Really, it's a miracle that no one found out before with all our talents." I felt him rest his chin on my head.

After that, we all pretty much went our separate ways for a while. I knew Jazz needed to be alone for a bit, so I wandered to a random room. Curling up in a chair, I rested my chin on my knees and was then engulfed in a vision:

Jasper was laughing, swinging a girl I recognized as Elizabeth around. "Daddy." She murmured happily, hugging Jasper as he set her down. "I'm here, darlin'." He replied, hugging her back.

I smiled as my vision disappeared. Bella walked in and sat in the chair next to me, "Hi, Ali," She greeted me with a smile. "Hey, Bells. Something you want to talk about?" I replied cheerfully, examining her face. "No, not really, I was just wondering what you think about Elizabeth and Jasper." I paused before replying. What did I think? It was a very good question. Picking my words carefully, I started to say, "I'm really happy about it all. Jasper loves kids, and you know that I've always wanted to give him a child. . . As impossible as it is. I'm thrilled; I just wish Jasper would have told me sooner. I'm happy for him, of course, but I would have liked to know this, just so I could comfort him, and help him, and support him." I said thoughtfully.

"Alice, maybe he didn't tell you because he was afraid you would be mad. Jazz always has his reasons." Bella told me gently. I heard something in the hall and jumped up from my seat. Looking down the hallway, I saw Jasper walking away. Oh, no. Just how much did he hear?! I thought frantically.


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