AN: I wrote this many moons ago for a challenge on LG2. My first Liason Christmas story. Hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome. For my girl, Heather.

Prompt: Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Part 1~ Wintersong

Windshield wipers were on full blast, but that didn't stop the snow from falling. Elizabeth turned up the Christmas music coming over the car stereo to keep herself awake. She checked the rearview mirror to see if it disturbed her boys. Cam and Jake were still fast asleep. Elizabeth hated to drag them out like this, but she had no choice if she was going to get the transformer toy that Jake wanted. Grams was off visiting her brother Steven and his family for the holidays. Lucky had been pulled into work and became unreachable. Nikolas had taken off with Spencer on a vacation. All of her friends had other plans. No babysitters were available. She had nowhere to turn. Elizabeth couldn't bear to disappoint Jake. It was Christmas Eve. Without any other options Elizabeth bundled up the boys and headed out. The closest store that had the transformer was over an hour and a half away. On top of her shift at the hospital, the drive made for one long day. At least she got the toy with Jake none the wiser and a toy for Cam too. There were even more at home. Elizabeth sighed. She had some major wrapping to do when they got back.

Deep down she had hoped to find Jason left the toy for her to find. That he'd wait for her at her car or on their bench on the docks with it. Maybe the toy would have a note "To Jake, From Santa" just like the one he left on Cam's Chugging Charlie a few years back. What a Christmas miracle! You only get those kinds of miracles once Elizabeth told herself. Jason wasn't there to give her another; he couldn't. They both agreed it was for the best. No one said it was going to be easy. Jake was growing to look more and more like a little clone of Jason everyday. It pained Elizabeth to watch Jake this time of year and know her son didn't have his real father even for the holidays. Jason was missing so much.

She tried to concentrate on driving. The snow was falling much harder now. She prayed it would let up soon. They were still quite far from their home. Elizabeth took a breath and gripped the steering wheel tighter. Suddenly she hit a patch of black ice. The car skid out of control. Elizabeth held in her screams. She tried to straighten the car out, but it was no use. They ended up in a snow bank. Elizabeth quickly got her frazzled senses about her and turned to check her boys in the back. Much to her surprise they were still asleep. Satisfied they were not hurt Elizabeth realized the car had stopped. She turned the key in the ignition. The car grumbled, rejecting the attempt. "Come on," Elizabeth tried again- nothing. She went for her cell phone to find it was out of power. The batteries had died. Elizabeth kicked herself for forgetting to get it charged. A third attempt with the key proved just as futile as the first two. What was she going to do? Elizabeth leaned her head on the steering wheel and sobbed. How was she going to get her boys out of this?

Only a fool would be riding a motorcycle in this mess. Never-the-less there was Jason Morgan going down the road on his bike in the snow. The snow hadn't been falling this hard when he started his ride. Jason had no clue why he was riding tonight. The urge just hit him. He didn't fight it. The biting cold intensified by the air rushing past him helped clear his head. Jason got the idea to stop by Elizabeth's house. He only wanted to get a peek of his son and love, to see that they were both ok and happy. Against his better judgment Jason allowed himself to go. When he got there he found the house dark and empty. Elizabeth's car was gone. Jason was a tad concerned, but figured they must have gone to spend Christmas Eve with Lucky. So he drove off into the night with no particular place to go. Why he had driven so far out he didn't know, but he didn't feel like turning back. Jason had left his cell phone at home. It was rather freeing not to have it. If the snow didn't get any better, the safe house was coming up. He could hold up in it until the storm subsided. He was seriously considering stopping there. He was almost to the turn for it when he came upon a stranded car in a snow bank. Jason pulled up and directed his head light towards it. His heart just about jumped out of his chest. He knew who that car belonged to.

Inside the car, Elizabeth noticed the light. She got a prickly feeling all over. Every one of her nerves were set on edge. Elizabeth recognized the feeling. She hadn't felt this way in quite some time. It elevated her distress. Elizabeth only felt this way when Jason was around. Hope lifted her. Maybe she would get a Christmas miracle this year after all. There was a tapping at her window. "Elizabeth…" Jason called franticly in a voice reserved for her. Elizabeth couldn't get the window down so she fought against the snow that partial blocked her door to opened it crack. A bit of cold and snow made their way in.

"Jason," Elizabeth wiped her tears, "How..?"

"Are you all right?" Jason asked.

"I'm fine," she replied, "Is your cell working?"

"I didn't bring it with me," Jason answered, "Are you alone?"

His voice awakened Cam who called from the back seat, "Jayson!" Cameron looked around. It was dark. "Where are you, Mommie?!"

"I'm right here, Cam," Elizabeth comforted the boy.

"Is everyone ok?" Jason asked.

"I'm fine," Elizabeth replied, "The boys aren't hurt either."

"Something wrong with the car?" Jason asked.

"I can't get it to start," Elizabeth informed him.

"Mommie?" Jake called sleepily. His son's voice danced in Jason's ears, "Mommie, why did we stop?" he asked. Jake was talking really well Jason thought. He was growing up so fast.

"We had a little accident," Elizabeth answered in a calm tone.

"What happened?" Jason asked.

"I must have hit some black ice, we skided and ended up in this snow bank," Elizabeth explained.

"Let me get you guys to some place warm and I'll come back to fix the car," Jason offered.

"You still have that place close by?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes," Jason answered.

Elizabeth looked at the boys, "Do you still have all of your snow clothes on?" They nodded. "Ok, Mommie and Jason are going to take you somewhere safe." Elizabeth unbuckled her seat belt, "We're going to get out of the car and walk." Jason helped her open the door and step out. She sprinted to retrieve Jake while Jason went for Cam.
"You ready?" Jason asked. Cam threw his arms around Jason's neck. Jason took the boy into his coat. "Hold onto me; the safehouse is just down that road," he told Elizabeth. She grabbed his arm with one hand. Her touch ignited a spark in him. Jason thought it would have dulled in the time they were apart, but it hadn't. They trudged through the snow side by side. Elizabeth felt so safe, even in the middle of this disaster. She had Jason with her.

Once they were at the safehouse Jason unlocked the door. He took them in. Jason reached for the light switch but the power was out. He sat Cam down on the couch and went to the fireplace. Elizabeth found some blankets and wrapped them around the boys. Jason lit some firewood. He took up the poker and began to maneuver the pieces in the fireplace. In no time at all he had a roaring fire going. Jason turned to Elizabeth and the boys. "Come closer so you can get warm," he beckoned. The little group settled around the fireplace.

"Thank you, Jason," Elizabeth said.

"I better go see to the car," Jason said was about to stand up.

"You don't have to go now," Elizabeth placed her hand on Jason's arm. They were still for a moment until she realized she was touching him. Elizabeth took her hand away. "I mean… we are out of the snow and have a fire… at least wait until the snow lets up," she added.