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Part 3 ~ Let it Snow

Elizabeth silently snuggled underneath her blanket. She smiled as she slept. Jake and Cam couldn't hold in their excitement any longer. In short order they pounced on her. "Mommie, Mommie!" they called, "Get up, Get up! It's Christmas!" Elizabeth sat up and hugged her boys. Slowly she began to register where she was.

"Merry Christmas," Jason greeted from his squatted position in front of the fireplace.

"Merry Christmas," Elizabeth replied. She rolled her neck. The floor wasn't that comfortable a place to sleep, but it kept her by her boys and mostly warm. Jason put another log on the fire. Elizabeth stretched her shoulders. She willed herself awake. For a moment Elizabeth had thought the night before had been a dream. How happy she was to be wrong.

"Coffee?" Jason offered. Elizabeth nodded. Jason brought her over a mug. "It's not good coffee, but its coffee," he said.

"Anything warm is much appreciated; Thanks," Elizabeth accepted the mug from him. She blew on the coffee and took a sip. "Mmmm," Elizabeth said, "This is good."

Jason sipped his own, "If you say so."

"How did you make this?" Elizabeth asked, "The power didn't come back on, did it?"

Jason shook his head. "It's still out," he answered. Jason picked up a blanket and wrapped it around Elizabeth's slender shoulders. Elizabeth and her coffee made their way over to the window. She peered through the blinds. Snow was everywhere. As deep as it was there was no way they were going to get her car out that day. Elizabeth smiled.

"Anyone hungry?" Jason called. She turned from the window to find Jason taking a frying pan off of the fire. He lifted a pancake off the frying pan and put it onto a plate. There were four plates. Each of which had a short stack of pancakes on them. Everyone had a glass of juice as well.

"You already made breakfast?" Elizabeth marveled.

"We helped," Cam said.

"Is that right?" Elizabeth asked. Jake nodded. "Well, I'm impressed," she said.

"You might want to try some before you say anything," Jason cautioned her.

"I'm sure they taste great," Elizabeth replied, "They look delicious."

They all sat down in front of the fireplace. Cam tried to pick up the bottle of maple syrup. Jason helped him hold it and poured the syrup onto his pancakes. Then Jason poured some on Jake's pancakes and began to cut them for him. Elizabeth cut Cam's. They set about eating. Cam and Jake kept eyeing the packages under the tree.

"Isn't it present time yet?" Cam asked.

Elizabeth swallowed the juice she had in her mouth. "Wait until we are done eating," she told him, "Then you and Jake can open your presents."

"Eat up, Jake," Cam urged.

They boys finished their pancakes. They dragged Elizabeth and Jason to the couch. "All right," Elizabeth said. She got Cam's present from under the tree, "This is for you." Elizabeth got the second present out from under the tree and handed it to Jake. "Now there will be more presents when we get home, she told them." They didn't seem to hear her or care about the amount of presents. Neither boy was put off by the newspaper wrapping either. They tore through it with glee. Jason looked almost as happy to watch them as they were to open their presents.

Jake squealed when he saw it was the transformer he asked for. He ran it over to Jason. "Can you open it, please?" he asked.

"Sure," Jason smiled at him. Jake handed him the box with the toy in it. Jason maneuvered his pocket knife out of his pocket and cut the tape holding the box closed. Jason pulled the toy robot out and began to cut away the restraints that held it to the back cardboard. Elizabeth watched hypnotized Cam. He was transfixed by his new toy ship.

"Would you like me to get it out for you?" Elizabeth offered. Cam shook his head, he wasn't ready to let go of his new toy just yet.

Jake looked around while Jason got his toy out. He saw a lone present left underneath the tree. Jake looked at the card on the present. He could tell who it was for, if it said Jake or Cam or Mommie, but it didn't and he couldn't read it. Jake took it to Elizabeth. "One more, Mommie," he tugged on her sleeve.

"Huh?" Elizabeth turned to him.

"One more present, Mommie," Jake replied, "Is it for you?" He handed her the present. It was heavy for a little boy to carry.

Elizabeth looked at Jason then read the card "To Elizabeth, Love-" that part was left blank. "Jason?" she said.

"Open it," Jason said.

"You shouldn't have," Elizabeth replied.

"Open it," Jason repeated.

Her delicate fingers caressed the paper. They drifted to the side where there was tape. She gingerly pulled the tape back. "Mommie," Cam said.

"Yes," Elizabeth replied.

"It's ok to tear the paper," he informed her. Elizabeth laughed. She ripped away the paper to find a latched case. Elizabeth opened the latch and pushed the top of the case back. She found the most beautiful set of artist brushes ever. They were of top notch quality, too. Jason handed Jake the freed transformer and watched Elizabeth hug the case close.

"Thank you," she said.

"I… I didn't know if you'd want anything from me," Jason said, "I hope you like them."

"They're beautiful," Elizabeth replied. She got a brush out. It fit in her fingers perfectly. The brush was effortless to hold. Elizabeth put the brush back in the case. Cam brought his ship over to her. "May I see that," she pointed to Jason's pocket knife.

"Sure," Jason handed it to her.

Jake was already on his back holding his transformer in the air. He was pretending to make it fly. "That looks like a fun toy," Jason got on the floor with him.

Jake rolled onto his stomach, "Wanna play?"

"Can I?" Jason asked. Jake nodded. He held his arms and pretended to make flying noises. "You want to fly?" Jason asked.

"Yes, please," Jake replied.

"Ok," Jason said. He picked up Jake and held him out like a little airplane. They went racing about the room. Jake made flying noises when laughter permitted. Cam and Elizabeth began to rock the ship that she had just gotten out for him.

"Ship in distress!" Elizabeth called.

"SOS!" Cam added, "SOS!" Jason and Jake brought the transformer down beside the ship. Jake used his toys hands to grab onto the ship. They stopped rocking the ship and laughed.

The day passed far too quickly. Everyone was tired out by the time night fell. Cam yawned. "I think it's time for my good boys to go to sleep," Elizabeth said.

"Do we have to?" Cam asked.

Elizabeth checked her watch, "It's way passed your bedtime."

Jake threw his arms around Jason's neck, "Night."

Jason stood taking his son into a bear hug, "Good night."

"Did you have a good Christmas?" Cam asked.

"Yes," Jason answered. Cam looked at Elizabeth his mouth wide open.

"Mommie, Jayson didn't get a present," Cam said. Jason looked at Elizabeth and Cam. He leaned back to take in Jake's face.

"I got the best present of all," Jason told them. Elizabeth wiped the tears the threatened to fall.

Jason walked Jake until the boy had fallen fast asleep. "Let's get you to the couch," Elizabeth said. She guided Jason to sit on the couch so he could hold Jake comfortably. Elizabeth covered them with blankets. She cuddled Cam in blankets beside them. Watching his brother sleeping did him in. Soon Cam was fast asleep. "They had such a wonderful day," Elizabeth said. When she didn't get a response she looked up and found Jason was asleep too. What a sight this blonde enforcer and his clone teddy bear were! They looked so content. There her son was in his father's arms. He was happy, warm, and most importantly safe. Jake was safe and with his father. He had spent the day with Jason and remained unharmed. One could even say he was better than before. Maybe Elizabeth had been effected by the magic of Christmas. Whatever the reason the scene swelled her heart and made her think. Having Jake in his arms was very becoming on Jason, Elizabeth thought. She reached out and cupped Jason's cheek in the palm of her hand. His eyes flickered opened.

"Elizabeth?" he asked.

"Hey," Elizabeth said. She leaned in and kissed him. Once they parted Jason searched her face.

"What about...?" he began.

Elizabeth put a finger to his lips, "It's still Christmas." Jason smiled. He kissed her, then he kissed the top of his son's head. Yes, today was still Christmas. Tomorrow was another day to deal with.