A/N: First, I would like to say that I have not abandoned any of my stories! I just wrote this because I wanted to get it out of my system. I kind of like writing one-shots like these and would love to do in the future if anyone had any ideas for the Narnia world. This fic takes place at the melting river.

"LUCY!" screamed out two humans and two Beavers.

How could this have happened! I was holding on to her the whole time! I didn't even feel anything! It wasn't supposed to end like this! I was supposed to to be then one to take care of her! I am the oldest! With father not here, it's up to me to take his place. I HAVE FAILED!

"LUCY!" cried Peter.

This is all Peter's fault! If he had just listened to me in the first place this wouldn't be happening! I haven't treated Lucy that well over the years because I thought she was just a child that would not have understood. She is still a child, but I should have paid more attention to her. I have failed her.

"LUCY!" sobbed Susan

The poor child!

"LUCY!" yelled Mrs. Beaver.

No. Daughter of Eve. The youngest. The one full of Narnia's spirit. It can't be!

"LUCY!" shouted Mr. Beaver.

It seems that the tears of the four were enough to fill up the river they just came out of.


"Has anyone seen my coat?"


A/N: As you can tell from my other stories, I haven't written fanfiction in a while. I'm a little rusty. So what did you think?