The spread wings of her mother's pokemon was the first thing that greeted Cadence's gaze as she blinked open her eyes and groggily sat up.

Once Cadence shifted her position, it alerted her mother, Awen, that she was awake. Awen looked down at her with a tired expression, as if a Drowzy had tried put her to sleep. A light brown paw reached up behind Awen and batted her ear.

In response, Cadence shook her head. Peering around her mother, she saw amber eyes looking at her.

Nutan stared back at her with wide eyes. Silently, he raised a paw and touched her nose.

Cadence shook her head once more and looked wide-eyed at him. Why does he keep doing that? She thought.

Awen staggered to her paws. "Keep an eye on the kits." She instructed her pokémon, who nodded.

Cadence was mesmerized by her mother's Swoobat. She stared at it, and it stared back. Nutan just looked at both of them, then tentavely stretched out a tiny paw and poked the Swoobat's wing. It didn't move, but turned his head to look Nutan directly in the eyes. The latter blinked slowly, not moving. The Swoobat took a step closer to him. Nutan just blinked slowly again.

Cadence grew bored of watching and decided to leave the den. Once she did, her eyes dilated from the sunlight and she squeezed them shut.

A small, swift shape darted at her face. "Watch out!" A high-pitched, yet masculine, voice called.

Even before a heartbeat passed, Cadence was knocked to the ground, another cat on top of her. There was a grunt and the cat clambered off her, embarrassed.

"S-sorry..." He stuttered. The silvery she-cat, after picking herself up from the ground, was finally able to look at the new tom.

He bowed his dark furred head and mumbled, "I'm sorry,"

Cadence scrambled to her paws. "You should keep better control of your pokémon."

Bat glared at his Zubat and then looked back at Cadence. "I'm Bat by the way."


"So," Bat said, licking his chest fur flat, "You're one of Awen's new kits?"

Cadence blushed. "You could say that."

Bat, noticing her blush, looked away and shuffled his paws awkwardly. Zubat let out a teasing squeak and they both glared at him.

Bat straightened up and shook his pelt out, "I need to go see what needs to be done." He started to walk away with his Zubat at his shoulder. He glance at Cadence,"See you around!" He said with a smile. She just stood there smiling stupidly.

Her thoughts were broken by her mother's Swoobat staggering out of the nursery with Nutan following dully.

"Get back in the den." The Swoobat told her.

Cadence sighed at the thought of going back into the den when there was so much to explore out here. The leader's den looked promising. The Swoobat nudged her impatiently.

She looked back and shot a quick glare at it before she walked into the den. Once inside, she gazed around the interior fully for the first time.

The other nursery queen, Kadie, was curled up in her mossy nest.

Cadence looked at her and saw that her belly was swollen, ready for kits. As she took a step closer to her, the Swoobat placed a wing in front of her.

"Stay back."

Cadence scowled and padded back to her mother's nest to curl up. Why can't I do anything fun! Amber eyes peered over the rim of the nest and stared at her blankly.

Cadence glanced up at them and sighed, annoyed. "Yes, Nutan?"

The eyes vanished and were replaced with furry paws. Cadence lifted her head and looked over the nest. Her brother was seated calmly on the hard packed earth, his tail laid across his front paws.

"Um.." She looked at him, "Would you like to lay down in the nest with me?"

Nutan turned and looked at her with a blank expression.

Cadence shrugged and made room in the nest. "You sure?"

He got up and pawed at the nest curiously. Cadence met her brother's gaze evenly. "You changed your mind, then?"

Nutan just hand a dull look in his eyes and looked as if he wasn't paying attention to and thing.

Cadence rolled her eyes and was about to fall back to sleep when a cat screeched from the camp.

"Merzi was attacked!"


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