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Sunlight streamed between the woven branches of the apprentice den. Cadence was curled up in a tight ball, resting besides the other apprentices. Her nose twitched as the sun rapidly began to warm her face. Her Pokèmon, a Poochyena, yawned, trying to fight off sleep.

Cadence blinked open her eyes, wincing as the light shone into them. Looking around, she saw two other apprentices in the den. The brown pelt of her brother and the black pelt of her older denmate, Nixie. However, Merzi's blue-gray pelt was missing.

She glanced around, worried. Did I miss the dawn patrol?

Getting up quickly, Cadence shook out her pelt, sending small pieces of moss everywhere. Her movement caused Nixie to shift in her sleep, her pink Corsola blinking drowsy. Cadence stiffened, not moving until the she-cat stilled.

She sighed with relief, then silently snuck out of the den, her Poochyena following closely behind.

Fabian was waiting impatiently in the clearing, his Shelgon pacing. Neither of them look pleased.

"Are you finally up?!" He snapped at Cadence once she entered the clearing.

"Yes!" She growled, not in a very good mood.

"Well thanks to you, we missed the dawn patrol!" Fabian shot back at his apprentice.

Cadence rolled her eyes. "It's my first day. What do you expect, perfection?"

Her mentor sighed, "No, but the least you could have done was wake up on time."

"For your information, my denmates are still asleep!"

Fabian deadpanned, "Really? It's almost sun-high..."

At that moment, her brother's mentor trotted up to them. "Have you seen Nutan?"

"Oh, he's still in the apprentice den, along with Nixie." Cadence replied.

Destina did a double take. "You've got to be kidding." Before Cadence could respond, Destina rushed to the apprentice den and stuck her head in.

"Nutan?" She heard her call. Rustling could be heard within the den, which suggested that said cat moved. Cadence saw Destina's tail tip flick in frustration. "Hurry up."

After a few heartbeats, she finally saw her brother being lead out of the den by a Metang. "Finally. The idiot is awake." She heard Destina mutter. Nutan just stared at a leaf, not caring for the comment.

Cadence felt her fur begin to fluff up. "Excuse me?"

"What?" Destina said, glancing her way.

"My brother is not an idiot."

"Tsk," the warrior replied, "He sure acts like one. Look." Destina poked Nutan on his side with a paw and said cat just stared at it.

Cadence pulled her lips back, revealing white teeth.

"Whatever." Destina said, "We need to go."

Fabian laid a paw on his apprentice's back. "C'mon." Cadence glared at Destina, but turned towards her mentor.

Fabian's eyes were pleading. "Just come hunting, okay?"

"Okay." Cadence finally agreed and padded outside of the camp with him. They walked in silence until they reached the desired spot.

"Now, show me a hunters crouch." Fabian demanded.

Cadence stared at him. "I don't know how."

He sighed dramatically and slipped into a beginners hunters crouch. Cadence yawned and shuffled her paws, gaze drifting to a songbird on a branch.

"Cadence!" Her mentors voice snapped her back to reality.


"Are you paying attention?" Her mentor asked.

"Now I am." Cadence stated.

Fabian sighed, "Well copy me, and I'll teach you the proper way to catch prey."

She nodded curtly. "Alright."

Cadence studied him before dropping into her own hunters crouch. Fabian got to his paws and padded around her, inspecting. He put a paw on her flicking tail.

She gritted her teeth but didn't react.

"Keep it still." Fabian told her and continued his inspection. "Good." He commented, stepping back.

Cadence heard some crunching of leaves as something ran over them. She heard Fabian growl. Taking a step closer to the sound, Cadence saw amber eyes looking at her.

Bat grinned. "Wanna come patrolling with me?"

Cadence looked towards her mentor for permission. Fabian frowned, considering. Bat looked at him, narrowing his eyes.

"Alright." The golden tom consented.

Instantly, Bat grinned at Cadence. She blushed slightly, which caused her mentor to chuckle.

"Let's go!" Bat said, not noticing Cadence's blush.

She sprang up from the ground and shook out her pelt. "Okay, I'm ready."

"Good." Bat said, "We're going to the North end of the territory."

"Isn't that by the Twolegplace?"

Bat had a gleam in his eyes, "So?" He asked. "It's also the farthest place away from camp." Cadence added.

"So let's go."

Bat nodded and started to walk. After some awkward walking, Cadence decided to strike up conversation. "Nice day, Huh?"

"What? Oh, yeah. It kind of is." Bat said, looking at the sky through the trees.

She grinned, then spotted the Twolegplace. "Oh that's big!"

"Yeah-" Bat started, but was cut off by a rumbling sound. A black and yellow creature came over the hill towards them.

"B-Bat?! What's that?!' Cadence screamed.

"I don't know..." He mumbled, backing up. Cadence followed his lead, and backed up as well. As the monster snuck closer, Bat's face grew more terrified. When Cadence turned to him, Bat was running away. She rolled her eyes and dashed after him.

"What is that thing?" She asked once she caught up to Bat.

The tom shrugged. "I'm not a Twoleg, so I dunno." Cadence glanced over her shoulder at the monster. It was moving away from them, its roar lessening. Cadence and Bat slowed their pace.

"That was close."

"Yeah." Bat agreed.

Cadence began to smile and unconsciously shuffled closer to him. Bat, not noticing, looked at the sky. The silver protagonist rested her head on his shoulder and gazed at the sky too. Bat smiled, enjoying her company.

"That cloud...looks like a star..."

Bat looked at said cloud, "Yeah, it kind of does..."

'Gee, say something romantic!' She thought.

Bat sighed, not knowing what to say.

Cadence rolled her eyes. "Furball." She muttered. "Let's just watch the clouds."

"Okay." Bat said, gazing at the sky. He pointed out another cloud, "That looks like a... heart..."

Cadence closed her eyes, resting on him. She was at peace. Hanging out with Bat made her feel happy.

The flapping of wings made Cadence jolt was Bat's Zubat. And her Poochyena wasn't far behind. "You need to come back to camp." The Zubat told them. It made Bat realise how late it was. The sun was already setting. They must have been out longer than they thought.

"Okay." Cadence finally said, getting up. She was sad, though, having to leave and go back to camp.

"Let's go." Bat agreed and they headed back to camp.


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