Chapter 1


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He aimed. He fired! The bullet hit the left side of the smiley face on the wall, just next to the eye. Sherlock Holmes lowered the gun to the table next to him and placed it down next to his tea cup. John Watson came running up the steps.

"Shooting at the wall again?" John asked.

"BOORED" Sherlock replied.

"Ms. Hudson WILL kill you!" John put a lot of emphasis on the word 'will'.

Their landlady was a kind woman but not a person you want to raise hell with.

"Where is she anyways?"

"Went to the store to get some biscuits and milk." Answered Sherlock.

"At 7:30 in the morning?"


John grabbed his computer from the desk and plopped down in a chair.

"Any new cases?" he asked.


"Maybe… Maybe that's because you keep turning everyone away." John suggested. Sherlock glared at him.

"They're all boring."

"But a missing rabbit isn't?" John asked, referring to the case on Bluebell

"Bluebell was special, John!" Sherlock said. John simply rolled his eyes.

It had been a while since John had blogged about anything. At least a week. The past 7 days had gone similar to this one. Nonproductive and boring as hell. Suddenly the iPhone rang. John jumped at the 'newsflash' ringtone. Sherlock continued to sit there with his hands under his chin and elbows rested on the chair.

"How about I get it?" John asked sarcastically, putting his laptop down when he got up. He picked up the phone that sat on the arm of the chair next to Sherlock.

"Hello?" John answered…

"Yes?" The annoyance on John's face turned shock

"Yes he's right here." John took the phone away from his ear and handed it to Sherlock.

"Tell them I'm busy." Sherlock mumbled, not even turning his head to look at John.

"Sherlock, its Lestrade and you may want to take it. It's important." John protested.

"I'm busy."

"It is important!" John protested. He didn't really know what was so important. Lestrade just said it was important and he needed to speak to Sherlock. Sherlock reluctantly took the phone from John.

"Hello?" the detective said.

John could hear a faint voice of Lestrade on the other line. It was, however, too faint to hear what he was saying.

"Where?" Sherlock asked Lestrade, fear filled his voice. That was rare. Fear was something rare to Sherlock and something John rarely saw.

"We're on our way." Sherlock hung up the phone. He grabbed his coat and scarf. "John we got to go!"

John grabbed his jacket and hurried to catch up with the sociopath, who was already near the door. John ran out the door pleading for Sherlock to slow down. The only time Sherlock stopped was at the curb when he was signaling for a taxi to stop. John caught up to him.

"Sherlock what's going on?" John asked. Sherlock didn't reply. A black taxi stopped in front of them. Sherlock opened the door and got in. John followed. He closed the door behind him.

"Where to?" The cab driver asked.

"St. John's orphanage."

John turned to look at Sherlock.

"What happened?"

"3 of the children went missing. There is a note in one of the rooms. And the police and detectives are too stupid so they called me." Sherlock explained.

The rest of the car ride was silent. It took 25 minutes to get to St. Johns. When they got there the premises was out lined with yellow police tape. The cab stopped just before the tape. Sherlock got out and John followed after paying the cab driver. Sherlock lifted the tape over his head and let it go after he went through, letting it spring back down. John stopped in his tracks, surprised by the action. He lifted the tape and walked through, trying to catch up to Sherlock. It only took a minute to reach the front of the orphanage. It wasn't a huge place but it looked quite peaceful to John. But looks were deceiving. There were 5 police cars parked all around.

"Hey freak." Sally Donavan greeted them.

"Sgt. Donavan." Sherlock greeted.

"There you are." Lestrade joined them. He stood next to Sgt. Donavan.

"So what happened?" John asked Lestrade, trying to avoid any awkwardness.

"We got a call around 6:30 am this morning, claiming that 3 of 134 kids were missing. A 6 year old girl, an 8 year old boy, and a 5 year old boy. They didn't come to breakfast as well as their roommates. When some of the volunteers checked on those rooms they found the roommates either gasping for breath or not breathing at all. They noticed shortly noticed that the 3 kids were gone. They got all the children out of the building" Lestrade concluded with a heavy sigh.

Sherlock nodded. "I'd like to see the rooms." He said bluntly.

John was confused. Back at the flat Sherlock seemed so concerned and now he seemed emotionless to the situation. He followed Lestrade as he showed them where the kids usually slept. They opened the door then quickly closed it. They all began to cough and wheeze.

"Carbon Monoxide poisoning." Sherlock choked out.

Once the 3 got some gas masks on they went into the room.

"This is the girl's bedroom." Lestrade stated. Sherlock looked around. Under the beds, under covers, behind curtains.

"This guy was smart. He let the carbon monoxide go in the room waited a minute for all the girls to fall unconscious then took the now missing child. He also, took whatever he used to let the poison go."

Sherlock stared at a broken vase on the floor.

"He didn't want all the children to die of the carbon monoxide poison so he broke the vase so the mistress would check on them."

After Sherlock finished his deduction they took off the gas masks after they closed the door to the room after they walked out. They refilled the oxygen tank and started walking towards the boys' room. They put their gas masks back on. They opened and closed the door quickly.

"The 2 boys were together in the same room." Lestrade told them

"He must have dragged the 2 boys out of bed, broke the window, and then jumped out, dragging all 3 of them behind him." Sherlock eyed a blood puddle on one of the beds. John followed Sherlock's gaze.

"What happened?" asked John.

"He was on his period, John. What do you think?" Sherlock asked sarcastically. John looked hurt. "The person probably startled him, the boy probably started screaming so the intruder hit him hard enough to make his nose bleed."

"How do you know they were dragged out?" Lestrade asked.

"Look at the wood. Scratch marks. Too big to be a 5 year olds fingers. The 8 year old was resisting, grabbing at whatever he could.

"This guy sounds like a monster." John commented.

"Oh he is. He could be Satan in disguise."

A/N: I did make up the orphanage name so do not review complaining that it's not a real place. I am very well aware of that. And also I am not a Carbon Monoxide expert. I did some research like the effect on the body but I couldn't find anything on the effect it has (If it does have an effect) on other objects. Was kind of hard making Sherlock deduce that. So I am sorry if my facts are wrong. But I hoped you enjoyed.