Hi, my name is May Fleur and this is the story of how I met young justice.
I was running for about four blocks and I was starting to lose my breathe, with my asthma if I
ran for another block I would pass out from exhaustion, but as if an angel had heard my
thoughts I felt an arm wrap around my waist and swing me up on top of the nearest roof top.
I look up to see my saviour and I see a boy around my age looking at me with a look of
concern on his face "are you alright?! Why were you running?" He asks " I'm fine. I was running from my house, my dad is really angry right now and my mom told me whenever dad is mad like that to run as far as I can" I say when I see his face properly and my jaw drops open "oh my god! Your robin! Of young justice!" I say then I cover my mouth " do people know your identity?" I ask because I just realize that he is Richard Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne. The eye lenses on his mask grow wide and he pulled me farther onto the roof "do you know my identity?!" He says " yeah, aren't you Richard Grayson?" I ask my brown eyes wide. He sits down beside me and stares at me "what colour are my eyes" he asks "icy blue" I reply " And might I add that I know who batman is" I say. He looks at me and I tenderly reach for his mask but he grabs my wrists and says " you promise you won't tell anyone my secret identity?" "I promise" and he releases my wrists and I take off his mask, I sigh "you have beautiful eyes" I say, " I need to take you to the cave" he says " wait do you mean the bat cave or mount justice?" And he shakes his head in disbelief " come on we need to get you inspected by Bruce, I mean batman" oh it doesn't matter you know everything" he says as he drags me to an abandoned photo booth and we're gone in a bright flash.