Dear diary…

The prison had just exploded, and dad… that stupid governor, dad always did good things for us, he really didn't deserve this, back at the farm it was fun until this whole thing started this...this hell on earth. What people call the apocalypse, with all these goddamn walkers lurking around waiting for someone or something to feast on… I don't know where everyone else ended up… where Maggie is… God I hope she's alright and safe...hopefully Glenn is with her to keep her safe, Although Glenn always did seem to look like a weakling but he proved me wrong back at the farm when he went into the well, Maggie told me all about it. Anyways I managed to make it out with Daryl, he's the one with the crossbow, right now we are in this old abandoned house that Daryl told me he found with Michonne, earlier I explained to him that dad never let me drink and I really wanted a drink, but when we stumbled upon an old golf course he said that peach schnapps isn't a real first drink, I broke down I just couldn't handle it anymore, the pain of losing dad at the prison, Maggie, Judith, Carl, Rick, and everyone else… hopefully they got out of there alive.

" Yours truly Beth "

I didn't know what to do now it was really quiet outside, a little bit too quiet… I looked around and Daryl was no where to be found. The house wasn't that big where could this intoxicated man have gone?

I sprung out from the chair i was sitting on and wandered into the kitchen…
"Nope he doesn't seem to be in here"

I walked out and walked over to the bathroom *knock...knock...knock*
"Daryl… hey are you in there? I'm coming in…"

I slowly opened the door and it was empty… Where could this guy be?

And then out of the blue, I heard a faint yell, it's gotta be him but where is he? Then I looked over at the door, but i remember Daryl telling me to never go outside if he's not with me… Then I slowly start making my way over hearing my foot steps creak the floor with every step I take, and I approached the door and peeked out the window that we had covered with sheets. It was Daryl fighting walkers "What on earth is he doing?" I unlock the door and run out grab my knife and stab the dead creature on top of him, "Daryl! what are you doing?! where is your crossbow?"

Daryl looked at me right in the eyes… and I could smell the stench of alcohol off of him. "you've drinkin' more haven't you? God Daryl! just like my father! How could you!?"

then it was almost like a shot to the head what happened next i didn't see it coming, the blood rushed through my body like a rocket and I lost my train of thought my face went red and I got butterflies throughout my stomach, The man I was just screaming at stood up and kissed me. but not as a kiss should be, no it wasn't a romantic kiss it was a almost rough kiss like a really horny man would if he hadn't kissed anyone in about a year then I pushed him away I was in shock. I didn't know what to say, the two of us just stood there, then he said the first word… "i'm sorry Beth… it's just it's been so long since my last girl, and I thought you had feelings for me like I do to you, sorry" and he went inside the house, I stood there speechless, not knowing what to think, the man I've known for about a year, who was there for me when my boyfriend died just confessed he had feelings for me. All the sudden my heart had a twist and I could feel myself almost wanting him. I realized why let the man suffer when were in the apocalypse, nothing really matters anymore. I turn myself around and walk into the house I look over and see Daryl sitting on the chair sobbing. "Daryl?" he didn't even flinch, I slowly make my way over to where he is sitting and sat on top of him straddling his pelvis. His head sprang up and looked at me in shock "what are you doing?" Daryl asked "Everyone needs some fun in the apocalypse" and I leaned in and kissed him it was like the man completely changed from an asshole, to a kind man. He wrapped his arms around me and and started kissing me back I could all the sudden feel his tongue start to touch my bottom lip, our tongues danced around. He slowly started to unbutton my shirt. I let my head back and let the shirt slide off of my arms, I look at him dead straight in the eyes and unzipped his vest to reveal his chest to have my small hands runabouts his upper body he undid my bra, I felt self conscious at this time, no one has ever really seen this much of my body before not even my sister, so I started to wrap my arms around myself looking away and at the ground. Daryl noticed and grabbed my arms and looked me in the eyes and said "Do you trust me?, Beth your beautiful and you don't need to be afraid around me, look…" and he lifted me up off of him and put me back on the chair as he undid his jean pants and let them fall to the ground "you see, I like you alot beth and i want to be yours to be the one to protect you always, Beth I love you" and that did it, that hit me in the heart I felt comfortable around him that's where I made my biggest mistake…

To be continued in the next chapter...