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My head pounding, blurry vision came upon me instantaneously, the room was spinning what happened? those two words running through my head repeatedly, My face hurt like a bitch. "Fuck!"finally as I got hold of my vision something in the distance was coming towards me,

"D...Daryl...He...Help me…"

I reached my arm out with all the energy I had left in my body.

My arm gave out causing my body to hit the ground like a ton of bricks.

I had absolutely no energy left in me, then i heard a faint noise coming from the figure,

it sounded like moaning, and at that moment I knew i needed to get out of there.

that's not Daryl, shit!

"Ah… Fuck…"

i had no energy but i needed to get out of there… the figure approached me slowly


the zombie fell to the floor not even a foot away from me, i pushed as hard as i could to get to my knees but the desk next to me gave me some support to help myself get up but that still wasn't enough

I collapsed back to the ground, whimpering and struggling to get back up

i felt someone tugging against my arm… with my blurred vision and my incapability of strength, this person gave up and picked me up

suddenly black… everything went black… once again...

"Beth...Beth wake up...Beth"

my eyes fluttering open to see a familiar face

"Maggie!" i sprang up and gave her a huge hug "oh my god Maggie! i have missed you so much! i'm so glad your alive!"

"whoa Beth! calm down i didn't go anywhere i'm just a couple cells down from ya"

I jumped back in shock to what she had said "W...What do you mean cells? the prison's gone…"

i stopped talking and looked around to realize where i was…

but how could this be… everything is gone… did Maggie take me back to the prison? is any of this real?

all these thoughts rushing through my head not understanding any of them

"but Maggie… we.. we were attacked by the governor… and...and...daddy..."

i wasn't able to finish my sentence before breaking into tears

Maggie looked confused, "Beth what do you mean? have you been near the fumes again? daddy's down in the library reading medical books that we found"

In confusion and frustration i looked up at her and yelled

"DAD IS DEAD! HES OUT THERE! HE GOT HIS…*sobs* his… *sobs* his head cut off"

Maggie closed her mouth in shock to what she had said

"Beth you have been sleeping for nearly 13 hours from what Andrea's clock says, you've been tossing and turning the whole time. mumbling something about Daryl… and alcohol... "

I didn't know what to say, how do i know i'm not hallucinating this, none of this could be real but there was only one way to know for sure.

words slowly mumbled out of my mouth…

"i...i...i need to see dad… i need to see him for myself...i need to see him."

Maggie had a slight smile and helped me out of the bed and walked me slowly all the way to the library.

the door was closed and faint music was playing, sounded like Mozart from what Beth could tell.

she took step closer to the door and presser her ear against it to listen if she could hear anything… aside from the music she heard nothing but then suddenly, a faint groaning sound… she stepped back not knowing what to do next whether she should go in or go find out what the hell is going on...

A. go in and see Hershel

B. go find someone to help Beth understand