Kitty, Kurt and Aster(OC) find themselves in Cadmus, with fuzzy memories. Not remembering how they got there. Not realizing there in a different dimension. And under the control of inhibitor collars. What happens when the YJ team bust them out. Will they ever get home?

Disclaimer:I do not own X-men Evolution or Young Justice

I do own my OC Aster.

White Rooms and Bald Men

The first thing that Aster noticed when she woke up was a massive headache, more like a migraine than anything else. The second thing she noticed made her start to panic. She was in a room, a white room

An unfamiliar white room. She was strapped to a hospital bed clad in a non-descript gray shirt and sweats.

Instead of her usually skinny jeans and graphic tees.

She was scared and felt violated, this was not the mansion's infirmary.

The infirmary had top of the line medical equipment just like this place, but it felt like home.

Not like a lab, and Beast and the Professor were always there when she woke up.

But this wasn't the mansion, this wasn't home and that scared her.

This wasn't a hospital, that Aster knew.

It was a lab, and whoever had her most likely knew she was a mutant.

But how'd she get here?

She couldn't remember and was anyone else here.

She kind of hoped so, she knew it was a selfish thought.

But if there was one thing Aster was afraid of, was being alone, especially in a place like this.

Aster was broken out of her thoughts by a suave voice.

''Well, I see you're awake. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lex Luthor. and you belong to me. Cadmus and me, actually.''

Aster turned to look at the man that spoke, he was bald, well-dressed, had a pretty blue eyes and wore an arrogant smirk.

Aster already loathed him.

She opened up her mouth to demand answers, but when she did her whole body, was filled with an intense, concentrated pain.

Luthor walked up to her and wagged his fore-finger in front of her face.

''Ah-ah, you see before you passed out we had to sedate you. You were screaming and apparently in intense pain. At first everything seemed normal, but then your screams seemed to inflict pain on my staff. And not the way the Canary does either, it was an emotional pain. So I decided till we, I can control that gift of yours. No more talking.''

Seeing as she couldn't say anything, she chose the next best thing.

She spat at him.

Luthor however was, completely unfazed he just simply grabbed a handkerchief and wiped it off his face.

Yeah Aster had good aim.

''I was really hoping you'd be more mature Miss?''

Aster glared at him.

''Ah right, I'll just call you... Siren. Yes that'll do nicely, my own personal Siren.''

Aster really wanted to beat him.

She was not his, she may be a mutant, but she was an American.

How dare he suggest he owned her.

And somehow it made all worse, that Siren was her codename.

He walked closer to her and started uncuffing her, only to attach her to a chain.

She was tempted to headbutt him.

''Come along, time to go see your friends.''

Aster shot up and stared

''I thought that would get your attention.''

But Luthor offered no more to the questions spinning in her head.

He led her down a series of corridors and hallways.

She tried to remember the route, but with the pounding headache and hurricane of emotion she was experiencing she couldn't memorize jack.

Finally, they arrived in a another white non-descript room with a piece of glass on one wall, for spectators to watch.

They hadn't even bothered with a two-way mirror, she could see all the mad scientist, as clear as day.

But there was something in this room that made Aster gasped.

Kitty and Kurt were here.

Aster felt bad for hoping someone would be here with her.

Like her wish brought them here.

''Ah... I see you've met.'' Luthor said, seeing the recognition in their eyes.

Letting go of her chain knowing he didn't need it, with the inhibitor caller placed around her neck.

''Go on, I have a meeting to attend to.'' Gesturing to her friends as if she was child that was going on her first playdate.

Aster stood up straight and tall, and walked confidently to her friends.

She would not be cowed.

Once Luthor left the room, they felt a semblance of privacy, despite the scientist on the other side of the glass.

They all quickly embraced in a group hug.

''Mi gott, I'm so glad you're okay Aster.'' called out Kurt's familiar accented voice that soothed Aster's nerve.

''Yeah, Aster cueball, had told us someone was here, but we like, didn't know who?'' said Kitty in her usual run on sentences

''I mean you are ok right?'' asked Kitty concern

Because of Siren's powers and they way they affected others, sometimes she had learn sign language.

Kitty, Rogue and Aster used to room together, and then when Danielle moved in Kitty moved into a room with her.

Kurt being close with Kitty, became fast friends with Aster.

Suffice to say, Kitty, Rogue, Kurt and even Danielle learned sign language.

I can't speak because of the collar, but I'm fine.

''That sucks.'' Kitty replied

''This all sucks, I hate these collars. Kitty can't phase, you can't speak, and I can't port.''

''It's going to be ok blue boy, I mean the others we'll find us. And then everything will be ok.''

''Kitty, this is bad. Professor trained us to use our powers. Logan tried to teach us hand to hand, but the only one of us really good at without using our powers is Aster! We're doomed.''

Aster grabbed Kurt's shoulder and just stared at him till he calmed down.

Tapping his shoulder to the rhythm of her heartbeat.

Once he calmed down.

She signed.

Calmed down your giving me a huge headache.

''Sorry Aster, what are we going to do.''

Don't know they trained us not to get caught, not what to do when we get caught.

''Guys.'' Kitty called smiling tightly

It was then that Aster realized just how much Kitty was trying to stay positive.

For herself and them.

Kitty gestured her head to the glass, Luthor was meeting with the scientist.

They looked at each other, linking hands, this was not going to be good.

Authors Note: So what'cha think? I hope you guys like Aster and I promise I'll try to make sure she isn't the sole focus of the story. But I wouldn't worry too much. I love Kitty and Kurt! Kitty and Kurt are still super close friends. Aster in some ways is actually closer to Rogue. They both worry a lot about not being able to control their powers. Young Justice will appear in chapter 3 most likely.