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Segregation and Unity

''Ahem, getting back to the topic at hand. What progress has been made with the Chancellor and Elder Council of Mars?'' asked Kaldur

''Well... the segregated education academies and institute systems are working to be abolished whether they're segregated by classrooms or buildings entirely. But we're meeting a lot of resistance between the different districts as well as the academies and institutes administrations themselves are constantly trying to find loopholes or ways to continue on with the segregation. It's frustrating and slow-going to say the least.'' M'gann answered. Conner leaned towards her, reaching for her hand.

''Yeah... and the housing administrations here aren't any better.'' added Gar shoulders slumped.

''You're going to have to work with more than legislation...'' Kurt spoke up before, Kaldur could ask more questions.

''What do you mean?'' questioned Conner

''Well, the schools back home... they didn't want to allow mutants back into school us, especially. For the longest time mutants we're kept as secretive as possible. I mean every now and again people would find out but it wasn't exactly common knowledge. And well, I mean look at me. One of yours thought I was a demon and my parents spent most of my life hiding me away on the family farm. My biological mother is blue with red hair but she has the luxury of being able to shapeshift. But... anyway, we were given a trial run go to school for a whole day and told no matter the circumstances to not use our abilities. However, we weren't truly prepared for the reaction of most people.'' Kurt answered eyebrows pinched together

''What did you do?'' asked M'gann softly

''Well, we we're all over the news so the students and teachers knew exactly who we were... except for me. I have a watch that the professor gave me, an image inducer that makes me look, well... normal. I always wanted to be normal. I wanted to go to school, the movie theaters, the mall, sports games, everything that I could never go to. I wanted to fit in so badly. So, I continued on pretended I was normal. I distanced myself from my friends, the people that helped me fit in and gave me a place to fit in and feel accepted in the first place. I ignored them in school as they we're bullied and harassed. The teachers ignored the bullying and acted... like they we're afraid of them. But then Kitty, Aster and Rogue heard me say I wasn't they're friend anymore. And Amanda was... disappointed in me and then at the board meeting held that night. One of the members of the Brotherhood, Lance got angry and started a small earthquake and we tried really hard not to use our powers. But in the end we did, I did. I helped my friends and outed myself as a mutant. But I couldn't turn the holowatch off. Being blue, with pointed ears and tail just puts a target on your back. Doesn't matter if people can connect the fuzzy blue boy and the kid that's been known to teleport together. I don't think I can handle it. But I have found for the many that are prejudiced they are a few who are not and when we gather together mutants and humans to defend and work together it helps... I'm sorry that wasn't very helpful was it?'' Kurt finished saying

''I think I understand what you're saying, more than you know. When I came to Earth I wanted nothing more than to fit in. Funny isn't a Martian feeling she has a better chance of fitting in on a different planet than her own. Simply, because she was born one color and not the other. Some days I think my father blames himself for that. The laws need to be changed but a community must be built to unify the people of Mars.'' answered M'gann ''Thank you, I don't know how we'll do it but we'll try.''

Aster started signing and the linguistics program shortly after started interpreting for her.

''What about the families that are like yours. I mean I know sometimes for mutants it's a 50% chance that they're parents kick them out and stuff but the other half well. Kurt's parents adore him he gets a care package every month without fail. They tried to pull him out but he told them he really wanted to stay and they let him. And Kitty's parents call her almost everyday, which isn't surprising with how much she loves to talk. It's probably hereditary. So, maybe try that. I mean didn't your parents hate the way you were treated and I'm sure it was hard for you parents to marry or whatever in the first place.''

''My parents aren't married. They weren't allowed to, my sisters and brother have our mother's surname J'onnz and my other brother and I have my father's surname M'orzz because we're white martians like he is. My sisters and brother who are green have always hated the way I've been treated. One of my sisters actually helped me make it to Earth. I think if we can find others who are looking for change to help us that it would definitely be a start.''

''Having a community helps a lot, meeting the others and learning together, supporting each other I don't know what I'd do without them. Like, I think if it wasn't for the fact that I knew Kurt and Aster were like, being held at least in the same building as me. When we were caught by the crazy cueball I wouldn't of'' Kitty swallowed thickly then continued ''I don't think I would've be able to keep going. But! I knew they were there, we were in it together.''

The room settles into silence shortly after that until Tigeress breaks it.

''Did they tell you about... Wally?''

''W-A-L-L-Y, Wally?'' asks Aster as the linguistics programs interprets the fingerspelling as individual letters and then a name. She frowns hard as it does so.

''Wally, no who's that?'' asks Kitty

''He... was no, is a member of the team. They're was an invasion not too long ago and he...'' Tigress pause eyes half closed and takes a deep breath before continuing. ''He sacrificed himself to stop an explosion that would have destroyed practically everything. He ran around a device called the chrysalis, he was a speedster. But then he and the chrysalis both disappeared out of existence.'' She takes another deep breath to steady herself ''But, you guys showed up in the same exact place where the chrysalis disappeared. It's possible that you switched places, so to speak.''

''Oy Gavalt!''(Kitty)* ''Mi gott!''(Kurt) Kitty and Kurt shouted at the same time while Aster just stared.

''So, he possibly walked into a battle zone.'' summed up Nightwing ''We're curious as to how your friends might've reacted to his sudden appearance.''

The room stays silence.

''Well, he could be dead.'' Aster answers

''Aster!'' Kurt and Kitty simultaneously call out

Aster eyes widen in realizations as she sees the others(the team) body language and feels their emotions.

''Ugh... Don't get your panties in twist. Sweet Mercy, they wouldn't have killed him.'' Aster spoke her voice coming out hoarsely.

''Then what did you mean?'' demands Bart quietly, eyes glaring.

Everyone is a bit shock that he's the first to respond.

''Kurt already said it, I said it. Magneto attacked us and then we were here. If your friend Wally got in the way of the attack, I don't know if he would've made it. If my friends made it, if we would've made it.'' she answers

''...Let's say he did make it. What would've happen?'' asked Nightwing

''They would've helped him and tried to keep him safe. It's what we do, what the X-men do.'' answered Kitty

''The X-men?'' surprisingly, enough it's Static that asks

''Yeah, it what we called ourselves, X for the X-gene and for Xavier.'' Kurt answers

''Would they have taken him to the hospital?'' Tigress asks

''No. Absolutely, not they would probably worry that he's a mutant and would take him to the mansion infirmary instead.'' Kitty answers

''...Even if he's dead, I'd prefer to have a body then just a memorial of the hero people knew him as instead of the man he was, is. Goofy, smart, kind, compassionate I need closure, I think we all do and whether we find him alive or dead. I need to.'' said Tigress voice calm but her eyes hard.

One by one all of the team meets each others eyes. Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Static, Robin, Nightwing, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, Superboy, and Tigress all in agreement they would get their friend back.

''Friends, I believe this meeting is adjourned. It is late, today has been exhausting in more ways than one. I think it's time we all get some rest.'' Aqualad announced

Everyone left, going there separate ways eager to get away from the tension and gravity of the room.

Aster, Kitty and Kurt headed for the cafeteria assuring the others they would be able to find their way back to their room.

Aster rolled her eyes as Kitty fussed and constantly looked over Aster's tray. The girl kept double-checking to ensure Aster wouldn't over do it.

''Kitty stop hovering, I have lentils w/ bits of ham and a biscuit. Sweet Mercy, calm yourself and eat your food.'' Aster finally told Kitty getting annoyed

''Fine.'' Kitty grumbled finally sitting down calmly and began eating her food.

Aster turned as she heard laughter behind her

She raised her eyebrows at Static as she saw him laughing.

''Sorry, sorry... it's just God, she's sounds just like my sister. You two are really close huh?''

''Yeah, we are.''

''Do you mind if I sit with you?''

''Go ahead.''

They ate together in silence for a while.

''Hey... you don't have to answer if you don't want to but, how'd you tell your parents?'' Static asked

''Tell them what?'' she countered her body stiffening

''About you know, your abilities.''

''Why do you want to know?''

"I've been thinking of telling my pops and I don't know... I thought, I don't know what I thought.''

''I didn't.''


''I didn't tell them, they figured out or someone else told them. It was weird.''


''I have two younger brothers, they're fraternal twins actually, Aspen and Ash. I was 14 and my parents needed to go out on quick errand said they'd be back in an hour. I had a headache since I woke up. I had take Tylenol but it didn't do much and it kept getting worse as the day dragged on. My brothers started fighting about something stupid, I think who's turn it was to use the computer or something like that. And then my parents got home and they were frustrated about... I can't remember and then they started get after the boys and... I don't know my body started shaking, heart-pounding, I felt hot and cold and I just screamed. The pent-up emotional backlash gave my family a stress headache that quickly turned into a migraine from hell and I think they got sick and started puking. I don't know I passed out.''

''... Dang! What did they do y'know afterwards?''

''Well, they didn't really bring it up and neither did I. I think they thought it was like some freak accident thing, I don't know. A few weeks later Scott, Logan, Jean and the Professor found me that was a lot worse and a whole other story. The Professor spoke to my parents and they agreed to let me move to the Institute.''

''But... did they like treat you any different?''

"If I wasn't me, I say no but I am me. And while they had really good fake smiles, and their body language barely changed. Whenever I was around them they felt anxious and scared all the time and my brother confused, and worried. They walked on eggshells around me. They were afraid.''

They sat there quietly together not eating, not saying a word.

''Static, my family is not yours. They reacted like that but they're one family, your family could be different you never know.''

''Yeah, yeah I guess you're right.''

They finished the rest of their meal in silence until Static left to go home, to his family.

Later, when Aster laid in bed beside Kitty, and Kurt laid on the second bed that someone had place in the room. As she lays there all she can think about is Statics face, how his eyes drooped, shoulders slumped, and his feelings went from curious and hopeful to worried and fearful. Maybe I shouldn't have told him, maybe.

Author's note: *Oy Galvalt is yiddish and according to this blog thing called the Jewish Princess it means something like shock, people use it when something bad happens. Kitty is Jewish and I wanted to show some of that. Mi Gott in case you don't know means My God. Also I think the writing style I used was a little different then before but I hope it's ok. I think my POV went from like Narrator and then at the end to Aster so I hope it was ok. I hope the fact that it was just a lot of dialogue and not a lot of action didn't bother anyone. I'm actually really nervous to try to write a fight scene even just a sparring session. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. W/o all the notes it was 2,144 I think that's the longest chapter I've written I'm weak. *sighs* I'll see if I can get the next one to be longer.