Chapter 2 Who the hell are you?

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Do NOT get me wrong I love anko to death and she is one of my favorite pairings even to date, but sometimes, you just need to go out your favored zone to make a new story, and I am finding that who I want to see, is always short and unfinished so im going to make my own.

Also poor little naru is going to end up evil, there is no ifs ands or buts about it, the human mind can only take so much and with what I have planed, sadly, its poor anko, that is the focus point.

Okay so now on to the main event, lets get reeeeeaaaaddddyyyy tooooo ruuuuuuuummmmmmbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Walking up to the tower he has taken in the sights, seeing that a few things have been and are still being repaired, he notices, that even his old place is gone actually, sighing, he continues his pace to the tower, everyone staring at him as he walks. Getting to the tower he walks in as he passes everyone not even caring, his mind set, he ignores the stupid secretary who always hated him, and pushes open the door against her protests.

Naruto: Who the fuck are you and were is my jiji?

Naruto looks right at the person behind the desk as he locks eyes with her, blond hair in twin pig tails, diamond mark on her forehead, large breasts barely hanging in her clothing, as well as a woman with black hair standing beside her holding a pig as he walks in a little further and with out looking swings the door closed right in the face of the secretary knocking her out n the process.

The woman behind the desk looking at him surprised someone would just barge right in and then not even know who she is while asking rather rudely. She looks him over and can not for the life of her know who he is but does see the head band on his arm.

Tsunade: My name is Tsunade and I am the 5th hokage, but who the hell are you?

Naruto: yeah yeah that is nice and all but where is jiji, and the names Uzumaki Naruto, now I will ask again were is my jiji and why can I not find his chakra signature anywhere in the village?

Tsunade is now stunned, her god son was alive the hole time and does not even know who she is, and who is this jiji, wondering and taking a shot considering were they are at the moment.

Tsunade: umm naruto, is your jiji the 3rd hokage? And do you really not know your own godmother?

Naruto narrows his eyes at her, his KI raising a bit, as he looks to the surprised face of the black haired woman and Tsunade sitting calmly but finding it a little hard to breath form his KI but putting on a good bluff face to show she is worthy of the chair.

Naruto: yes jiji sarutobi and whats this bull shit about you being my godmother?

Tsunade now speechless, as to the hostility of that statement, the anger in his voice, she expected a little anger but it looks like hes barely holding himself form attacking right now. His eyes also look a bit weird, but wonders if its a Doujustu and were did he get it his mother and father did not have one, so why does he?

Tsunade: Calm down Naurto please let me explain a few things before there is any violence alright please my godson?

Naruto: You have 5 mins to explain before I get ready to tear your spine form your body and go on a rampage.

Tsunade chokes a bit on that first never had she heard such a statement so calmly made and she shivers a bit realizing if he thinks that he may very well be able to back it up, there was no boasting or lying in his words.

Tsunade: Alright Naruto sit down please, what I have to say will most likely shock and anger you but its the truth.

Naruto to his credit calmly if anything sits down and kicks up his feet and waits for her to start talking while tapping his wrist repeatedly to warn her hes counting time already. His eyes locked on hers so he can read and see if any lie escapes her mouth.

Naruto: I can tell if you lie and times a wasting so start.

So Tsunade tells him everything, his birth, his mother dieing, being told he was dead as well, so in her grief she left the village to wander in self pity, how his godfather found her told her that Sarutobi had died at the hands of snake pedo, witch spiked his KI and shattered her window at that.

Breathing hard and fast barely able to control his anger. Also how she found his book that detailed how he was manipulating Naruto the whole time until this Shi came in and turned the table on everything and was forced to give into the demands of Naruto and shi to keep the facade of the loving jiji, but how Jiraiya had told her that Naruto was alive and in the village, but in a secret training and baited her to come back to be hokage so she can spend time with him to make up for lost time, and how even Jiraiya had came in and lied to her about him being dead, and helped the old man in finding ways to make Naurtos life miserable.

How he hates Naruto for the death of his student the 4th hokage witch was his father. After explaining everything she asks if he was training and how his skills are and if he would like to chance to test his skills, maybe for field advancement sense they had lost a number of ninja in the attack.

Naruto: Sure make them jonin or it wont be much of a test, but then again even jonin wont be much of a test unless you team them up and they work well together. Also my place is gone I need a place to stay.

Tsunade shocked at this, then shakes her head already knowing what hes talking about. Getting some paper and writing down a address with directions on how to get there and putting a key in the paper then tossing it to Naurto.

Tsunade: Your home isn't gone you just were never let into it, so here's the address and key its locked with a blood seal as well for more security.

Catching the key and paper with the address he smiles a little, nods to her while standing shocking her yet again with what he says next.

Naruto: Alright kaa-san you are not so bad, thanks, and sorry for earlier now im kinda glad that ass is gone, but if I see Jiraiya hes going to die.

Tsunade: sorry Naruto I need your word you wont kill him unless its self defense I just got you back, I do not want to lose you can you do that for your kaa-san?

She asked Naruto with the added puppy dog eyes jutsu that every woman has in her arsenal. The big eyes quivering bottom lip, small tears sliding down her cheeks.

Naruto: alright alright shut the water works off I can not stand such a beautiful woman cry even if it is jutsu.

Tsunade blushing at what he said while smiling as she nods to him and waves him away so she can do more of the dreaded work while Naurto had a different idea, he uses his speed to get up behind her while whispering in her ear heavily and huskily to tease her.

Naruto: why don't you use shadow clones to help you after all everything they read and see you learn once they dispel and they are you after all.

Then disappearing while behind her like he was never there he lands not far away form the durango shop were he sees anko, kurenai, and hana sitting there sharing drinks while talking. While he is walking he just happens to lock eyes with anko while smiling and nodding to her as he walks to his new/old home he was never allowed into by the 3rd hokages decree.

Anko: who is the hunk and why am I feeling like a fan girl just looking at him?

Kurenai: who do you mean Anko I do not see anyone here?

Hana: yeah no cute guys here

All the guys in the shop get the depressed cloud over their heads hearing that, while Anko points to the hot guy walking down the road towards the clans district. While licking her lips a bit and standing up a little now getting ready to leave.

Anko: No that one walking away form us, he looked at me and smiled and I nearly pulled a Hinata there Kurenai I swear lets follow him see were he goes.

Hana: Yeah I have never seen him wounder why hes going over to the clans district.

Kurenai: Well we are gonna have to find out aren't we ladies lets go.

After that they all there poof in a swirl of leaves.

Landing on the roofs they track him staying just out of his line of sight, they follow him as they pass Hana's home, then the Hyuga clan then stopping and gasping as he opens the Uzumaki/Nakamazi clan home and walks in while closing the gate after him.

Hana: Oh my kami did you see that he got in and did not get repealed by the seals, do you know what this means?!

Anko: Yeah there is a son of the 4th hokage and Kushina, oh kami were so fucking stupid!

Kurenai: what do you mean Anko, why are we stupid what did you find out?

Anko: that was fucking Naruto Uzumaki! As in Minato Nakamzi and Kashina UZUMAKI son!

Hana and Kurenai gasp out loud and smack their heads, how they never pieced together that name and who his mother was is beyond them but there is a look in Kurenai's ruby red eyes of something Anko can not seam to figure out, while Hana is uneasy now.

Kurenai: come on we have to tell the 5th hokage that he's back and in the 4th hokages home.

Anko caught the way she said he and frowns of all the people she thought would be understanding, turns out her best friend seams a bit hypocritical right now, hell she knows hes not a demon, its the same as her curse mark. While looking at Hana she wonders if she thinks the same way about the adonis she saw that is Naruto.

While Naruto goes in he finds the library and creates a number of clones, then orders them read all the jutsu there is and then then go to practice them until they can do them at their level. It was funny not telling anyone that the fox was dead and consumed for his power, but not that anyone would believe him anyway. So why bother and just ignore the peons while getting stronger.

{at the hokage office}

Kurenai: We saw him go into the 4ths home no ones been able to get in there so why is the demon able to get in!

Tsunade: You will shut up right now or I will demote you to genin level if you ever say that again you hear me jonin!

Anko: Im ashamed of you Kurenai, do you really think hes a demon if so do you really think I still spy with the snake pedo, cause its the same thing.

Hana: He doesn't smell like a fox anymore I wounder what that means?

Tsunade: What was that Hana?

Hana: He used to be smell like a fox but now he smells different, human but like death as well, I do not understand it.

Anko: I would like to meet him that is for sure oh my kami those abs on him.

Smiling evilly and licking her lips in her normal Anko fashion making everyone forget what they were talking about and look at her like she is crazy.

Tsunade: Well I have to test him for his skills now so I am putting together a team to fight him all jonin level at his request.

Anko: I want in and I want to tell him what time and place.

Tsunade: Sure Anko your going to be the assassination expert of the team, Kurenai you will be the genjutsu expert, Guy will be the taijutsu expert, Kakashi will be the ninjutsu expert, and Shizune here will be your healer nin for the team. It will be two days form now at the arena, I want everyone to see how strong he is now.

{at the Uzumaki compound}

Naruto was having the time of his life, all the jutsu he could read, the hot springs, the dojo, the training field, the books of sealing, and most importantly, he found his mothers trade mark weapon the gloves of death and a scroll of how to use them and the katas for improving your style with them.

They were beautiful black leather, fingerless, gloves with seals on them that hide the ninja wire that is made with chakra conducting metals, along with protection plates with Uzuno ninja village engraved on them. The metal were black as well to further look and blend in with his gloves.

Having already read the scroll and memorized the all the katas, he smiled as he practiced and found them to be hard as hell to use and control, his chakra control was improving just practicing with the weapons as he moves form one kata to the next already making his own attacks and trying them out while using the wire to its fullest, while loving every second of it, his clones had already covered a quarter of the library while the rest used the information and practiced while making less and less hand signs while doing so till they could mold the chakra with out them or the high levels ones to a single hand sign.

Stopping as he hears the gate bell ring, he frowns as he walks out to answer it in just pants with his gloves, and arm band on his body drenched in sweat as he sees the goddess that is Anko in his eyes looking at him like he was a piece of meat witch makes him smirk, making her blush even more.

Anko: Um um h-h-hey there sexy, I mean um Naruto, wow you look yummy...i-i-i mean great!

Naruto: Well hello there miss...

Anko: Please just call me Anko!

Naruto: Alright Anko-hime what can I do for you?

Anko: you can do me anytime oh kam mean um t-t-t-two days form now a-a-a-arena your test!

Anko then having a very red face disappears in the swirl of leaves to hurry away to curse herself for turning into a complete Hinata in front of her red haired adonis.

Laughing to himself once he knew she was gone as its not right to laugh at a embarrassed lady who is there he shakes his head as he goes back inside and continues to practice with his new gloves, with a smile on his face he laughs again as his clones stop reading to look at him he says out loud now.

Naruto: No glove no love right boys

Clones: right boss!

Now every one was laughing clones and Naruto alike.

With his insane training style he had learned all there was in the house in his two days, and even had some actual rest before getting up eating a big meal and grabbing his new gloves left for him by his mother, he was still learning them as they were hard to use, but in the end he had a good style already and felt he could hold his own with them, he even added blood seals so only he can use them or his children, and also some seals to make the wire sharper on anyone but the one using the wire.

Using his black mist shunshin to get to the arena quickly he walks into the stadium with lots of boo's and negative commits, while the hokage is furious she has to stay cool, and summons the team forward and relays the rules.

Tsunade: Alright everyone the team is set and our test can begin this is to determine rank of one Uzumaki Naruto, there will be NO death hits form either side, and when someone is down they are to be taken form the field as to not further any injury.

Team: Hai!

Naruto: sure thing kaa-san

Tsunade: then, HAJIME!

With that all hell broke lose, Naruto jumped up high and then vanished in thin air several fire balls were aimed at were he was standing, Guy had dashed up in the air to meet Naruto but no one was there, Kurenai was doing hand signs but holding off to find Naruto, Anko was summoning snakes, then Shizune was flying in the air, knocked out already.

So the medic was down, points given to Naruto for thinking out right taking down the medic to cripple the team as now they can not heal.

Guy was back to back with Kakashi, Anko was with her snakes protecting Kurenai, Naruto appeared in front of Kakashi palming him in the chest as he had a evil smile on his face then disappeared yet again, while Kakashi was heard screaming in pain as he vanished as well.

Tsunade could barely see Naruto, realizing hes using pure speed to stay out of the sight of the others while leaving a dust trail while dragging Kakashi, making them think he was Naruto Guy does his dynamic entry kick right into Kakashi's left side of the face, knocking him out as he detaches his wires form him and letting him appear so Guy knows he hit his own team mate.

Three Narutos appear out of thin air all surrounding Guy as they move thru his guard, and each one begins to kick, the first one, uses a back flip his feet hitting Guys chin sending him flying thanks to the weights hes still using, then the second one send him up further, finally the the 3rd one uses a upper cut to send him right up into the air faster and higher a good 75 feet in the air the real Naruto appears right above him and does a spin kick into his gut with his heal, rocketing him to the ground. Anko moving her summons into the path as she tries to catch him before he splats the ground, but is kicked in the back her body shooting forward as she and Guy both collide into the air sickening snaps were heard as they hit, and fall onto the snake, both out cold.

Naruto is now behind Kurenai with her spinning around to use her attack only to find air, then feels the wires around her as he begins to spin her around, the wires slowly cutting her clothing with were they are placed he opens his hand to let the wires loose so she fly's right into the pile of Anko and Guy, as she hits them both and stops cold form the impact. The team down with Naruto panting heavily form moving so fast and working so hard to completely make fools out of the team that was there all because Kakashi was on it.

Naruto: I win kaa-san!

Naruto shouts up to her before falling to one knee, completely faking now, he had already cough his breath but is putting on a show for the crowd do not want them to know hes not even tired after all that.

Tsunade: Alright Naruto based off that, with taking so many high level jonin I have to say your already up at their level but do you know any jutsu you need at two elements to be a jonin.

Naruto responds with two clones doing the flame thrower jutsu, combining it with great breakthru, and finally adding electro magnetic murder to send lightning into the mix as well to create a three element combo of devastation with white flames charged with massive thunder bolts.

Everyone is stunned even Tsunade, seeing Fuuton, Katon, and Raiton all together for a single attack with such power, she only smiles and nods.

Tsunade: alright seeing that they were done with no hand signs, I know your already mastered those ones, so I award the rank of jonin to you.

The crowd erupts in boo's and kill the demon, and refusing to believe hes so strong already he nods to her and disappears form the stadium not wanting to bother with the trash booing him. Getting home he shrugs his shoulders and moves to the hot spring area, soaking as he lays his head back a hour or so later the gate goes off and sending a clone out, waits for who ever not even caring hes naked in the water with a hard on form how good it feels.

Being lead to the hot springs Anko stops as she sees the hard on in the water salivating at the shire size of it, perfect for her taste, dropping the jonin vest, that was black she figured he'd like that color, while smirking to herself as he seams relaxed.

Anko: Well hello there Naruto and mini beast, mind if I join you, im still soar form that hard knock you gave me I think you need to make up for it.

Naruto: Come on in but no clothing, that is my only rule.

Anko with a evil smile now stripping away quickly before getting into the very hot water and moving right next to him, slowly caressing his chest as she rests her head on his shoulder, her breasts moving right up to his side of his chest pressing against him firmly as she coos a bit loving the feel, while Naruto himself just stays were he is not a care in the world.

Anko: Well are we the daring one, you know how many people would kill to be in your position right now?

Naruto: A lot but you are the one wanting to be here little Anko-hime why is that, no one ants the demon in their life.

Anko purring in his ear as she starts to stroke his manhood now slowly, and whispers in his ear seductively.

Anko: I want that job Naruto will you let me have it, please Naruto I want to show you what its like when two outcasts get together and have some fun and maybe even love each other later.

Naruto: You would teach me how to love Anko, would you really do that for me?

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Anko moves now to straddle his chest as he feels her slide down his shaft now moaning and crying out his name already, she looks right into his now open eyes as she moves up and down him, her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as he moans out for him, her breasts sliding up and down his chest while her womanhood grips him tightly while he relaxes still letting her have her fun , not lying to himself hes enjoying every second as well, his hands on her hips, while looking into her eyes for all hes worth to see her not lying at all.

Anko: yes my Naruto I will teach you to love, to be human with me, to open up with me, your guard is still up even now while I give myself to you, but its alright, im here for you.

She whispers in his ear now while giving herself faster now, her body sliding fast and deep inside of her moaning and crying faster now using her whole being to please him he leans up kissing her now instinct for him while their tongues collide he himself, feels himself release deep in her while moaning into her mouth , Anko in heaven smiling as she slides down and rests with him inside her still, kissing him for all shes worth before ending it.

Anko: That is a small taste of what love making is like, more to come, but first I want to know you better.

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So for the next six hours they talked, he made them dinner with the help of his clones, they sat in the living room cuddling, Anko was loving every second of it, Naruto talked about his time with Shi, his training, what his weights are up to now, how many jutsu he already knew, how hes using his mothers gloves and learning them, what he knows of the human body, what his eyes do, witch made her wet again with that.

Anko told him what her life was like, growing up, being betrayed by the snake pedo, what the village thought of her, the friends she has, what people think of her when they think shes not around, how her life is almost like his, just less painful physically. How she wants a family more then anything, and how when she made eye contact with him she just knew he was someone to take a hold of and never let go.

After dinner Naruto told Anko that she could stay here sense its so late and he doesn't trust the village as far as he throw the hokage monument, so sense he can't he doesn't trust it at all. She agreed they went another 3 hour round in bed before falling asleep in each others arms, for once Naruto did not have any nightmares or anything with Anko in his arms.

Waking up even before the sun was up he makes breakfast for Anko and himself, showers, leaves a note for her to look in the training yard for him, and trains using his gloves. Once she had woken up seeing the note, and the food, she smiles, gets dressed after eating, soar as hell realizing she lost her virginity last night to him she softly laughs a bit then goes to help him train, seeing him do so many things with clones jutsu being thrown around his own body sweating heavily while he works with a army of clones to perfect his gloves style, she drools once more at his body she can not get enough of it.

Anko: Hey Naru-kuuuuuun, can Hana come over ot meet you I think she would love to see you up close as much as I do.

Naruto: Not right now Anko-hime, I added you to the security of the gate and door, but I do have the time to add anymore, well meet her later at that durango stand I saw you at how that? Besides I have to go visit kaa-san and see what she wants me to do as well.

As if on cue the bell rings and Anko goes to get it, coming back with a face that said it all.

Anko: The cunts want you in the office of doom Naru-kun.

Naruto: they are slipping used to take them sooner then this to try and have me killed again. Lets go see what the old fuck tards want.

So with that Naruto and Anko head out to the hokage tower for the council room knowing its more likely a trap then anything.

AAAAAAnd end

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