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Chapter 1 Update

For those who recently came to this fanfic, here are a few warnings before you read:

- This fanfic is after the events of Chrono Phantasma.

- The events I wrote after Chrono Phantasma is COMPLETELY different from the Central Fiction storyline. Again, what I wrote after Chrono Phantasma is completely different from canon. This, however, does not heavily affect the crossover in this fic.

- Some BlazBlue characters from Central Fiction may or may not appear (e.g. Es). Depends on what I feel.

With those in mind, I hope you'll enjoy the fanfic!

The Boundary. A unique space-time dimension, one where mankind can venture, but cannot guarantee safety. It is a place where various timelines intersect. All timeline, intersecting at one place. It is a space where the human mind cannot comprehend, nor could they physically survive alone. It is a place where time is everywhere. And there is little residence within this void of time. It appeares as an infinite dark empty space that is illuminated by anything living that enters it.

And in this dark empty void, floated a figure. He was simply lying on his back, as he simply floated through the endless void. He had an empty look on his face, as he kept wondering through the empty space.

This man was none other than Ragna the Bloodedge. He is a wanted criminal with the most highest bounty that humanity could ever count. His crimes? Taking a stance against the Novus Orbis Librarium, or NOL, a government the governs the Earth. And he did it quite well. Alone and single handedly.

One would think that this might be ridiculous, for one man to gain the attention, and easily take on the NOL. But tell that to the incident where he easily wiped out a the headquarter's branch post, where he utterly destroyed the place. And because of his actions, he received a well known title that was perfect for him.

The Grim Reaper

Ragna the Bloodedge had a lot of shit cut out for him throughout his life. He first had two siblings. Two that he cared deeply for, but one his brother, Jin, harbored harsh feelings towards Ragna, since he tended to Saya, his sister. He tended to Saya because she was sick and frail. Taking care of two siblings, Ragna knew that as an older brother, he had to take care of them.

That is, until that day came. That day that forever changed his life, as well as hating a certain bastard for starting it all. It was the day when a man invaded their home, killed their foster mother, had his own brother cut off his damn arm, and an insane green-headed man that was highly sadistic. And to top it all off, he kidnapped his sister.

In short, Ragna's childhood suffered a great amount of trauma, both physically and mentally. He had his arm cut off, as well as having an intense hatred for both the bastard name Terumi, and ghost for some odd reason.

Continuing on, Ragna thought he was done for, but a certain vampire came into his life, for better and worst. When he woke up from his injuries, he found himself in front of a cat. But not just any cat. It was a huge cat that wore a huge yellow coat, as well as being able to stand on his own hind legs. And he called himself Jubei, one of the Six Heros, as in...Six Heros that stopped the Black Beast from destroying the earth.

Jubei explained everything to him about the situation. About Terumi, the current situation of the world, as well as the unknown status of his siblings. And after hearing all the shit that Jubei told him, Jubei took him in, and trained him. Ragna needed this, since he wanted revenge against the green haired bastard the ruined his peaceful life, as well as taking his siblings away.

At the very least, Ragna was given a few things to make up for his early losses. One example is that he is given a new arm. But not just any arm. This arm was made from the Azure Grimoire, or the Blazblue. This supposed material was used to give Ragna a new arm, as well as giving him a power unlike any power. It is supposed to be the strongest grimoire, despite it not being a book. It has the power to tap into the Azure, or the boundary, and give him a lot of power.

After training under the legendary cat, Ragna grew old and powerful enough to move on his own, and decided to have two goals in mind. The first is to have revenge against Terumi, clearly. The second is to destroy the NOL's Cauldrons. The Cauldrons are devices that are able to go into the Boundary, and tap into its power. The problem is, however, is that the Boundary is a dangerous thing to tamper with. One might say that it might destroy the world, or the very existence of reality. And that is something that Ragna doesn't want.

So he took a stance against the NOL, and destroyed a few of their Cauldrons. Single-Handedly.

But during his quest to destroy these supposed cauldrons, he ran into many things. Like the time he reunited with his brother, and both tried to kill each other. Or the time where a legendary hero wanted to kill him for no apparent reason, other than justice. Or the time where he has been shanked by an artificial life form that took form in a girl who had the yandere for him. Or the time where he found out that his sister is being possessed by a goddess who wants nothing but death in this world.

Ragna has endured a lot of events in his life, and it isn't stopping there.

A lot has happened, but Ragna knew what happened after what happened when his Azure Grimoire went out of control, making him go on a rampage. This rampage has also led him to injuring Jin and Noel, but he had enough control to make himself flee from the two and rampage somewhere else. Luckily, it was in the middle of nowhere, where he can rampage to his heart's content (unintentionally). So after ending his rampage, he found himself lying on the ground, staring at the starry night sky.

He lied there and stared at the night sky, as his body was just too tired from expending all that energy. He just wanted to lie on the ground, until he was able to move again. That is, until a certain rabbit appeared before him, and teleported him back to her mansion.

As he recovered at Rachel's mansion, as was able to get up and move again, he thanked Rachel, and made his way out of the castle. That is, until Rachel stepped in front of him, asking him where he is going, to which he answered to finding Saya and kill her. His answer led him to becoming electrocuted by Rachel's lightning, to which he screamed "what the hell!?" to her.

Rachel then told him that he didn't have the strength or even the will to even bring his blade against Saya, or Izanami. Ragna told her he was determined to do it, but Rachel has told him that couldn't, since he couldn't hit Saya on the previous confrontation. Ragna grew frustrated at this reasoning, but soon realized that she was right. No matter how hard he tried, his arm always stops him from just hurting Saya. Instead, he is hesitant.

But that didn't stop Ragna. No, he wasn't about to give up and let Saya be possessed by that damn goddess. No, what he did was something else.

As many events passed by, Ragna finally able to reach to Saya at last, though this time, he didn't raise his fist or blade against her. Instead, he tried to call out to Saya, telling her to not give up and come back to him. His calls were laughed off and scoffed by Izanami, saying that it is futile to reach her. But no matter how many times she told him that it was useless, no matter how many times she blasted energy at him, Ragna never gave up. He never gave up on trying to reach out to his sister, and bring her back to him.

And surprisingly, Jin, his own brother, helped as well. Jin reasoned that he will kill his brother, and he won't allow his sister to kill his brother. So he grudgingly helped as well, trying to reach out to Saya.

As the two brothers relentlessly tried to reached to Saya, it finally worked. Their words, feelings, and resolve soon reached out to Saya. It was their love for Saya that was able to reach out to her, and finally pull her out of her possession of Izanami.

But before Ragna could be elated on having his sister being reunited, Izanami wasn't exactly done yet. No. What she did was something else to curse and retaliate against Ragna for running her desires for world destruction was something else.

Using the last bit of her strength, she was able to push Ragna into nearby gate to the Azure, and forever attempted to trap him in there.

And that is the current situation of Ragna. He just floated through the black void, with him being unconscious, as he wasn't aware of what was happening to him.

It seems like this was it for Ragna the Bloodedge, for he will succumb to the void, and forever have his body and mind detoriated...


No, that wouldn't be it for Ragna. Because his own adventure wasn't over yet by a long shot. Instead...

An intervention has occurred.

A rather large object or entity floated up to Ragna's body, as the moved through the endless abyss known as the Boundary. It soon slowed down, and stopped in front of Ragna. A moment of silence was made between the two, until the object started to glow, brighter and brighter until a blinding light flooded the area between Ragna and this entity.

It was starting something new.

(The Forest)

Within the clearing of the forest, lied a figure. The sunlight shined upon the field, radiating the field with its brightness. The soft breeze blew through the clearing of the field, and the plants swayed with the wind.

"Urgh..." groaned out a voice, as if sounding like he is just waking up from something intense. He groaned, as he managed to find himself sitting up from the grass. He slowly sat up, and stretched, with a few bones cracking here and there, as well as popping noises. The silver-headed man shook his head from his long sleep, and clutched his head.

"Man...how long was I out...?" Ragna said, as he shook his head to recover himself. He soon opened his eyes, though slowly. He slightly winced as the sunlight flooded into his eyes, and had to adjust the brightness.

"What happened? And where...am I?" Ragna asked himself, as he soon gained clear vision of his surroundings. He looked around, trying to see if he recognizes it. Sadly, he didn't. The land was all too new to him.

"Well, asking myself questions won't get me anywhere, so..." Ragna said, as he made himself stand up from his sitting position. He stretched a bit more and took in breath of air, and exhaled. He then looked down at his body, and he looked completely fine. It was then he realized something.

"It sure damn well feels like I'm alive. But how? All I do remember is floating through the boundary, after Izanami..." Ragna said, as he dragged off on what he remembered.

"...That's right. After I fought Saya, I've managed to free her from the possession of Izanami. However, she was a sore loser, and decided to send me into the Boundary." Ragna said, as he remembered what happened. He looked down, and clenched his fist.

"But somehow...I'm out? And I'm alive?" Ragna said, sounding highly confused. And he had the right to be. He though he was a good as dead, since the Boundary was going to destroy his physical body, as well as his mind. But no. Here was out here, alive and breathing in the real world. But then again, he supposes that he couldn't complain. He is alive, and that is something that he should be glad of.

He then gave a sigh, after reflecting upon this.

"Well, standing here and twittiling my thumbs isn't going to accomplish anything, so I guess that I should go and find out what happened since then. Who knows? I might welcome Jin's appearance for once." Ragna said to himself with a smirk growing on his face, as he set forth and walked forward, leaving the clearing of the forest behind him. He then shuddered when he realized on what he said.

"Actually, never mind. I prefer Bang's loud obnoxious yelling any day. At least that doesn't kill me...probably." Ragna muttered.

(The Path)

After walking out of the forest, he finally found a road that can actually lead somewhere. But as he kept walking he realized something on the way to the path.

There was absolutely no seither around. The air was completely clean. No poisonous air to float around, nor is there any deformity of life due to the fog. Instead, this place was pure clean, and full of life.

Ragna was highly surprised to see this, with no seither to be seen. He tested out his Ars Armagus to see if seither was truly gone. Much to his surprise, his Ars worked perfectly fine, like it should be. But how? How could it function, when absolutely no seither is there.

But then he remembered that Kokonoe installed the Noise Canceller on him, which is an upgrade for his Azure Grimoire. His Azure Grimoire can now function with or without seither now, but instead build up its own energy. So he is still able to use the Azure Grimoire, which was a bit of a relief to Ragna.

Ragna just gave a tired sigh, and walked forwards onto the path. As he did, he felt a rumble in the ground.


The earth around him shook a bit, and then he heard screams that was nearby.

"E-EARTH DRAGON!" shouted a man.

"R-RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" shouted another man.

Ragna immediately became alarmed by this, and rushed to to the source of the noise. As he ran fast towards the source, the answer began to show itself.

In front of Ragna was a large wagon, lead by two men riding it. And in front of them was a large beast. It had a large reptilian body, and had rather large arms. The head looked like a combination of a lizard and lobster, along with red looking eyes. Overall, this thing was a beast.

When Ragna saw this, he soon saw the men sitting there in fear, as the beast rush towards them. Seeing that they were in danger, Ragna decided to help out.

"Tch. There's already trouble. Why am I not surprised?" Ragna said under his breath, as he brought out his rather large sword, or Blood-Scythe, and intercepted the beast's claws. Or rather, he sliced off the claw.

"ROOOAAAARRRR!" The beast roared out in pain, as blood sprayed from its cut limb. As it was writhing in pain, Ragna turned towards them.

"Hey! What are you doing! Stop sitting there and get out of here!" Ragna yelled to the man. The men snapped out their surprised state, and shakily nodded at Ragna. They soon scrambled for safety.

Seeing that they're now gone, Ragna turned towards the beast in front of him. He soon cracked his knuckles, and slowly walked towards the beast that was now glaring down on Ragna.

"Alright you giant lizard bastard. Let's get this over with!" Ragna shouted out to the giant beast, as he charged in on it.

The beast roared out, as it send another claw towards Ragna. However, Ragna easily saw that coming, and managed to evade the attack by jumping to the side.

"Here! Let's make your arms a matching set!" Ragna shouted to the beast, and went to slash the arm that was still on the ground. Like butter, he easily slashed through the beast. The limb came off, leaving a bloody stump of the beast.

"ROOOOOOAAAARRRRR!" The beast roared out in pain. Seeing that the beast was now defenseless and now open, he jumped in for the attack.

"Inferno Divider!" Ragna roared out, as he jumped up and slashed upwards through the beast, slicing the body in half from bottom to top. As soon as he was in the air, he positioned for the finishing blow.

"Belial Edge!" Ragna shouted out, as he rammed the sword right into the beast's face, and easily went through the beast's skull.

Ragna soon landed on the ground, and the beast collapsed. He then gave his gigantic sword a flick to get off the blood.

"And there's my service as pest control." Ragna said, as he sheathed the sword. He soon turned to the people hiding away from the battle.

"Hey! It's all clear. You can come out now." Ragna said to them. The men warily came out of their hiding spots, and soon walk towards Ragna, and to the beast. They then smiled in admiration and gratitude, something of which made Ragna surprised.

"Amazing! You just took out that Earth Dragon like it was nothing!"

"Thank you, sir! We wouldn't have made it out alive if you weren't here!" the man thanked him. Ragna simply blinked at them, being highy confused be this. Don't they recognize on who he is? Or did bounties didn't reach an area this far yet?

Questions can be thought later, Ragna thought, as he decided to go with the flow of this situation.

"Huh? Oh, don't mention it." Ragna said to the man. The man nodded in gratitude.

"Thanks. How can we ever repay you for your services?" the man asked. Ragna was about to decline the man's thanks, but soon realized that he could ask for something else.

"Actually, can you point me in where the nearest direction of the hierarchal city? I'm sort of lost." Ragna asked. As soon as he asked that question, the two men in front of him grew confused looks on their faces

"Hier-what? What this hierarchal city you're talking about? If you're asking about cities and empires, then we can certainly point you in the right direction." the man said to Ragna. Ragna's eye widened in surprise to hear this.

"Wait, how could you not know about a hierarchal city? That's the place that is hospitable to live in, otherwise the seither will get to you guys." Ragna said to them. His words only served to confuse the men even more, as they gave Ragna a now strange looks. One of the two men spoke up.

"...Sir, do you have amnesia, cause your knowledge of you surroundings seem to be out of place, not to mention inaccurate. What is this seither anyway?" the man said to him.

Ragna's eyes widened in surprise once more, as he heard this sort of thing from the two men. Ragna could tell that these men weren't the type to lie (in this current situation, anyway), and the looks on their faces proved that. He realized that he might be in some place different.

Ragna decided that he should get information. And what better way is to hear it from the common people.

"...Urm...Yeah. That's it. I must've forgot to mention that I have amnesia. My memories are a bit jumbled, and things are rather confusing to me. Maybe you could explain to me about this, and help me regain my memory?" Ragna asked. The two men looked at each other, and then nodded at Ragna.

"Sure. I'll explain to you as I take you to the capital. It's the least we could do for saving us." the man said to Ragna. The red-coat bearer nodded in thanks.

"Thanks. I appreciate it." Ragna thanks the man.

(The Empire's Capital)

Ragna learned a lot of new things as he rode inside the carriage as it rode from the entrance of the Empire's Capital.

First, this reality was completely different. There was never Black Beast, NOL, Ars Magus, Seither, or even Sector 7. Everything that he was familiar with was completely didn't exist in this world. Rather, this was a world where cities were considered semi-medival. This whole world lacked little to no futuristic technology. Sure, there were firearms, such as guns and possibly robots. But overall, there isn't much to offer.

He first thought that he might've been sent back in time thanks to the boundary, but what he found was completely surprising. Japan or any countries he knew didn't exist in this world. Instead, the whole map of the world is entirely different.

It took Ragna a while to take in the truth. He was in a place that is completely new and different. The world he was familiar with was gone from him. It was a bitter pill for Ragna to accept, yet he had to face the truth. Everything that he knew and familiar with was gone.

But more importantly...

'...I can't believe that I'm separated from everybody...' Ragna thought, as he thought back to his, dare he say, friends. He was even surprised himself. He thought that he wasn't going to have anyone close to him, and most of the people were kept at arm's length. But some people managed to worm his way into his life, and for once...he actually made friends, if he can consider them more or less.

Ragna just gave a tired sigh as he leaned against the wagon's walls, and looked outside.

"I can't believe that the Boundary could link to different realities and dimensions..." Ragna asked himself. "And here I thought the boundary was nothing more than a space where all timelines intersect. But much to my surprise, it could apparently link to other realities." Ragna muttered. He sighed in annoyance.

"Just when my life couldn't gone to more shit..." Ragna muttered to himself. He soon felt the wagon come to a stop, and heard one of the men speak up.

"Alright! We're here!" the man said in the front. Ragna nodded at the man, and hopped off the wagon. He nodded at the man.

"Thanks for the ride. I appreciate it." Ragna said to it. The man nodded at him.

"Think nothing of it. It was our way to show our thanks." the man said to him. Ragna simply nodded, and walked away from the two men. He looked around, seeing his surroundings.

"This whole place lacks electronic technology..." Ragna muttered, as he kept walking through the crowd of people. As he did, he noticed that none of the people were giving him wary gazes, nor were the panicking upon his sight.

'So I'm in a completely new dimension...' Ragna thought to himself. 'It explains why none of the cities guards or locals aren't panicking at me. I didn't even notice any bounty on me...'

He then realized on what he thought. A completely different dimension. Meaning different people, different places, different everything.

Different was one word he would describe the situation he is in right now.

And in this reality, he wasn't a criminal. Instead, he is a nothing more than a man who is stronger than most men.

It was then he asked himself this.

Was this a new start?


After going around the city, he soon found a rather familiar building structure. Something that he grew up with. He was standing in front of a church, one where he was raised along with Jin and Saya. But unlike the small church that was near town and the forest, it was rather grand and big.

Ragna took a look at the church in front of him, and then decided to walk inside. Going through the door and into its sanctuary. He walked past a few pews, and then sat on one of them. He soon sat down, and closed his eyes, as he went into thought.

'I never thought that I would come to a church.' Ragna thought. 'But...it helps me give a connection to my world, as well as everybody. Even the Sister that took care of me, Jin, and Saya back in those days...' Ragna thought. He took in a deep breath, and then breathed out.

'...For once...I feel at peace.' Ragna thought.

But peace was something Ragna couldn't have for a long time. Because it came in the form of a loud noise.


A loud crashing and smashing noises were made and reverberated throughout the church. Ragna immediately opened his eyes, and turned to the source. As he did turn his head, he saw a group of people standing there.

In the middle stood a man in a business suit, wearing a cocky smirk on his face, while he was surrounded by his goons. His goons were laughing, while rough housing and dirtying the sanctity of the church.

"Ha ha ha ha!" laughed the man in the business suit. "This is a rather nice church! It sure would be a shame if this whole place was ruined!" the man shouted out, as he stepped on one of the vases, and rubbed it into the ground. The men laughed, as they continued to trash the of the Sisters of the Church, who had blonde hair, stepped forward to the group with a wary expression on her.

"P-Please! Stop this at once! This is no place to rough house!" the sister said to the group. The leader smirked as he looked at the women.

"Oh? And what are you going to do about it?" the leader said to the sister, which caused her to flinch in fear. The man smirked at her, and presented himself in a haughty manner.

"I thought so! Don't you know who I am? I am the son of the president of a rather rich company! I could do whatever I want, and my money will simply cover the expenses! I can even trash this church and burn it to the ground! I think my father will be happy to know that a new location for a new building will be built! All for his company! Aren't I a good boy?" the man said with glee. The sister stepped back, with panic and fear in her eyes.

The man smirked, seeing that this whole situation is in his hands.

"Alright boys! Let's have some fun!" the man shouted to the group.

"Yeah!" shouted the rest, as they proceeded to mess with the church. They knocked done the pews, trashed religious looking items, and dirtied the sanctity in every corner.

As they continued to vandalize the church, one of the goons was walking around with a club in his hand. He soon spotted Ragna, who was surprisingly sitting down in a calm manner while his eyes were closed. The goon smirked at Ragna, as he walked towards him.

"Oi oi oi! You're sitting on the property of our boss! I suggest you get out! Better yet, pay the fee if you want to walk out of here alive!" the man threatened Ragna.

Ragna didn't say anything, but just sat there calmly with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. The goon growled at man.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me, you bitch!? I said pay up, or face the consequences!" the man shouted, as he raised his club, and tried to hit Ragna.

Keyword: Tried.

His attack was stopped when Ragna's arm moved forward and stopped the club in its tracks. Ragna sat there perfectly fine, and slowly opened up his eyes. He gave a look at the goon, and gave him a dead panned stare.

"Hey asshole. I'm trying to reflect over here. So why won't you and your friends leave this place. Before I make you..." Ragna threatened. Before the goon could respond, a fist was met with his face, and he was sent flying. He flew through the air, and crashed into the pews of the church.

The goons saw one of their comrades get beaten up, and turned to Ragna. The leader also turned to Ragna, and had a sneer on his face.

"Oh? And who is this? Someone who is playing the hero?" the leader said in a mocking tone. Ragna just gave the leader narrow eyes.

"Oh look. An asshole who is waiting for him to get himself screwed. I would more than happy to oblige." Ragna said, as he stepped forward towards him. The man immediately glared at Ragna.

"Shut up, you lowly scum! Boys! Take care of him!" the man ordered his men. The men charged forward, with multiple weapons in their hands, and closed in on Ragna.

Ragna simply cracked his knuckles as the men closed in on him.


As people were walking about their business, the door of the church suddenly flew off their hinges, as were multiple bodies. The people stopped, and looked at the bodies with surprise and horror.

The bodies were completely wrecked and bloodied. They all groaned in pain, as they lied on the ground. It was then they heard a few pounding noises, and another body flew out and on top of the pile. As soon as it did, they heard a man's voice.

"It was a pleasure dealing with you, asshole! Now get out!" Ragna shouted out to the pile of men and the boss laying on top. They all stood up, and picked up there boss's body, and soon ran away with fear evident on them.

Ragna watched them was as they ran off, and gave an irritated sigh.

"*Sigh*...so much for peace and quiet..." Ragna muttered. Before he could walk out, one of the sisters he was ran up to him.

"W-Wait!" spoke one of the sisters. Ragna turned to the girl with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah? What is it?" Ragna asked. The sister stopped in front of him, and then bowed to him in thanks.

"T-Thank you for what you've done for us." the sister said to him. Ragna stared at the girl for a few moments, before he turned and walked away.

"I didn't help you. Those pricks just disturbed my peace and quiet." Ragna said to the girl, which surprised her. Before she could respond, she soon saw Ragna disappear in the crowds.


Ragna sat down alone on the bar, as he sat down in thought. He didn't order any drink, since he couldn't afford any, with his lack of money. But there was a free table and chair for him to sit on, so he couldn't complain. As he did sit down alone in his thoughts, he heard a few men by speak up in hushed tones. They kind of sucked since he could hear them.

"This damn corrupted capital...it's so dirty, I'm considered moving out." the man spoke. His friend nodded in agreement.

"Yeah. This whole place has gone to hell. The government is corrupted, and higher class are picking off the weak. And many crimes aren't being dealt with."

"This whole place is corrupted in every corner. In fact, I think its around and near us as we speak..."

"No kidding..."

"I heard that a young girl was taken in as a slave. And then she was killed when she lost her "usefulness"."


"Yeah. This whole place is that bad..."

"Tch. I'm thinking on leaving this place as soon as possible. This whole place just spells trouble."

"I agree."

Ragna gave a raised eyebrow at the men's conversation, as he continued to listen more on the corruption of this entire empire. He heard of every crime that was secretly dealt within this empire. Framing an innocent person, murder out of glee, sadistic torture, rape. You name it, and it is presented to you in the most gruesome way.

He simply narrowed his eyes at this. Even though the NOL was considered a bad thing to be controlled by, well more specifically, the Imperator, the NOL was corrupt. But at least the NOL had the decency to have this so called order and justice within its system, no matter how messed up it may be. Here in this dimension? This whole place has gone straight to hell.

"So. This place is basically hell itself to people.." Ragna muttered, and narrowed his eyes. He continued to listen on their conversation.

"Well, I hear that the Revolutionary Army is working hard against the Empire. I heard that they were fighting against the filth of this Empire."

"Really? I might sign up for that army."

"Sh! Keep your voice down. If you say things like that, you will be killed on the spot!"

"O-Oh yeah. Right. Better be careful on what I'm saying..." the man said, and went back into hushed tones. Something that Ragna couldn't hear from this distance. Seeing that he didn't have any reason to be here, he just stood up and walked out of the bar and into the street of night.

He was going to walk off and probably find some place to rest, but something was caught in the corner of his eye. There was smoke. There was a lot of smoke coming from one particular spot, as well as fire there. Normaly, Ragna would just mind his own business and leave it up to the firemen to put it out. But this time, he recognized on where that spot was coming from.

"No..." Ragna said, and immediately turned and ran. "They didn't...!"


As soon as Ragna reached the scene, his eyes widened at what he saw. The church before him was in flames. Everything was set ablaze. Everywhere was a sea of fire within the church. It was such a horrifying scene to behold...

And worst of all...this isn't the first time Ragna witnessed this scene. No. He experienced this in his childhood. One where he lost his sister and Jin to that bastard Terumi. It was a scene that would forever scar his soul.

And to witness a scene like this...

"HAHAHAHA!" laughed out a man. Ragna recognized that voice, and stiffly turned to the source of that voice. What he saw made his blood boil in rage and anger.

It was the same man that he beat the shit out of. He stood there, sneering at him and the scene before him. He was still bandaged, but this time...

A large group of thugs and hired men were there, throwing bombs and torches at the Church. All the while, they were pinning down Sisters and other members of the Church, striping of their clothes, and even molesting them.

"You...!" Ragna seethed, glaring intensely at this. The man noticed Ragna, and gave him a disgusting smile.

"Why hello there!" the man said to him. "Have you come to witness my work? Isn't it satisfying? I'm doing this city a favor, and getting rid of this stupid and good for nothing building? Why would they pray to God, if he couldn't bring miracles and wishes to us? I wish for many things from God, but He never gave it to me! So it turns out, this is nothing more than an illusion, for these people to gain money and spread moral and love! What a load of bullshit!" the man shouted out, and laughed maniacally.

"Soon, I'll do this city a favor and build an office over it! At least that will bring usefulness to me and this city!" laughed the man in front of Ragna.

"You bastard...!" Ragna said, shaking so badly from the anger and rage he was feeling. However, this man took Ragna's shaking as a sign of fear.

"Hahaha! And now you're shaking in fear? Hah! Serves you right! After seeing your precious Church burn in front of you, what are you going to do about it!?" the man laughed and sneered at Ragna.

No longer able to contain himself, Ragna soon sprinted towards towards the man, while taking out his Blood-Scythe out.

"I'm going to kill you!" Ragna roared out in rage, running towards the man. The man laughed at him, and gestured his men to stop him.

"Hah! So you're still going to fight us, despite being greatly outnumbered! Hah, you must be stupid!" the leader shouted, and pointed his sword at Ragna. "Get him boys, slowly and painfully!"

"YEAH!" were the rest of the men, and charged in on Ragna.

"OUT OF MY WAY!" Ragna roared out, and swung his sword horizontally, easily cleaving through the men in front of him. All the men screamed, while red orbs of energy flew out of them and into Ragna. He then channeled energy into his Blood-Scythe, and caused it to change into scythe form.

He then spanned, making himself into a deadly cleaving tornado that cleaved through anything in its path. Blood splattered everywhere, and body parts were sent flying. The men never stood a chance, as they all fell to Ragna's blade.

One by one, they easily fell though Ragna's blade, or his crushing fist and feet. No matter how much they surrounded him, they all fell.

And to Ragna, this was all child play to him. He faced more threatening people than them, and he still had an easier time. He faced an entire branch of NOL soldiers, armed with weapons and Ars Magus. And he still easily cleaved through them. So a large group with little power but petty weapons were nothing to Ragna.

The man was no longer sneering and smiling, as his fear grew fearful once more as he witnessed Ragna brutally killing all his men while he made a straight line towards him.

"AH!" the man screamed in fear, as he turned tail in run. However, no one can escape from impending death. Not even from Ragna in the long shot.

"Get back here, you shit!" Ragna exclaimed, as he jumped high into the air and pass the remaining men (who were paralyzed in fear) and directed his scythe to the men.

"Blood Scythe!" Ragna roared out, as he slashed the man's legs off, causing him to fall forward onto the cold pavement.

"AHHH!" the man screamed out in pain, while tears of pain leaked through his eyes. He tried to get away once more, this time trying to crawl away, though slowly and pathetically. However, Ragna grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up and made him face towards him. The man's expression grew fearful, as his eyes was given fear and despair etched upon it. Ragna gave a cold look at him.

"What's the matter? Scared of death?" Ragna asked, as he directed his sword in front of the man's face. The man's eyes widened in fear.

"No! Wait! Please! Spare me! I'll give you anything you want! Money! Women! Power! I'll give you anything that you desire!" the man desperately said to him. Ragna just narrowed his eyes at him, as he prepared his gigantic blade. He then uttered these very words.

"I just want...your life." Ragna said coldly to him.

"!" was the man's surprised response, before he was silence as the blade was rammed through his face and through his skull. The body fell limp, and blood dripped onto the floor once more. The red coated man then dropped the body onto the floor, and looked at the rest of the remaining men.

"Anyone next?" Ragna asked. All the men shook in fear, and began running for their lives. Ragna gave a "tch" at them, and began walking to the Sisters and Priest that were tied up.

"Hey. You okay?" Ragna asked. However, as he approached them, they all looked at him with a bit of fear. They all flinched when he closed in on them, but their eyes winded in surprise when he cut their ropes and shackles. One of the Sister that he recognized on his first visit here looked at him with surprise.

"You..." the Sister uttered at him. Ragna didn't say anything to her as he freed her from her ropes, as she was the last one to be freed. He then walked away, from the group and the scene.

"Wait!" the Sister tried to call out to him, but Ragna didn't stop. Instead, he just turned to her, and said this to her.

"It's best for you not to get involved with me. Believe me, its for your own good." Ragna told her, as he walked away from the group.

(Hidden Alley)

"Damn it..." Ragna said, as his fist impacted with the wall in anger. He was seething in anger of what happened on that time.

"I can't believe this place is more corrupted than I thought." Ragna said. His eyes hardened at this.

"I thought this place was bad. But no...this has gone to hell and shit. Just like they said." Ragna said. "This whole place is corrupted and dirtied. I underestimated the crimes of this city, and I witnessed something horrible..." Ragna muttered, he then turned to the night sky, which had the full moon.

"A new start in a new place..." Ragna muttered, and then looked at his blood-scythe that was sheathed behind him. He gazed at the sword for a few moments, and then turned to the full moon in the sky once more. He then closed his eyes in thought.

"*Sigh*...I still don't have a reason to help these people here. But..." Ragna said, as he opened his eyes and had a hardened look.

"...It still pisses me off that people like that guy are still lurking around and doing these things to innocent people. Honestly, they just act like that bastard Terumi. Taking pleasure in the pain the cause around them." Ragna said, clenching his fist as he uttered the name in hatred and anger.

"You know...the NOL itself was a corrupted form of government, and I myself took a stand against it." Ragna muttered, "and the government in this world itself is more worst the the NOL..." Ragna muttered. He then grew a hard look on his face.

"...I think I found a new occupation here within this world. One where it best suits my abilities." Ragna said to himself, as he walked into the darkness of the alley.

"I'll kill the corruption here. And that's a promise." Ragna finally said, as he disappeared into the darkness.

It seems that a Grim Reaper started to make its move within this world. And its for the better.

And that is a wrap.

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