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Chapter 12: Kill the Mad Scientist

(Revolutionary Army Headquarters Meeting Room)

Ragna sat there with a bored expression on his face as he continued to watch some argument and debate between the leaders and commanders, including Najenda, of the Revolutionary Army.

The main topic?

Him of course.

After his actions of liberating the village of the Empire's hold and defending the village from waves of Danger Beast, he was brought back to headquarters by Najenda. From there, he was pretty much questioned by a lot of people.

Typical questions included "Are you with the Third Force?", "What is your purpose", and "Why have you shown up now of all time?"

Questions like that usually led to Ragna answering that he is the third force and it was all his doing. He decided to come clean about it and reveal this whole ordeal. He thought this could clear up a lot of things.

Their reactions to his answers? Disbelief and outright skepticism. Many of them had a lot of doubts about Ragna and his claims.

Some were doubting Ragna was that skilled in taking out outpost on his own and possibly thought he had help, but they left Ragna behind. Some were speculating that Ragna is lying and he is part of a third force, and he is their ace.

The doubts about Ragna lessened when multiple reports from their scouts told them that they only witnessed Ragna take down the outposts on his own. Even if they believe Ragna is capable of taking down outposts, they still have a feeling a third force exists.

Ragna couldn't help but inwardly groan upon this. It was only natural, as this world doesn't have that many people capable of taking down armies and outposts (except for a certain individual). Sure, there are a few teigus that can really turn the tides of battle, but there aren't many, if any, battles told where a single teigu user eliminated an army itself.

To have another superpower enter the fray is something mind boggling.

However, what was really getting annoying was the fact that he was forced to sit down and watch them pointlessly argue and debate whether or not he is legit. He honestly couldn't care less if they saw him that way or not. But the fact that they're wasting their time on all of this is really starting to piss him off.

"I keep telling you, Ragna is far from a liar! I can assure you that he is a man of his word and honest! If Ragna truly were part of this third force, he would come forth about it!" Najenda told them with serious tone as she stood up from her seat and banged her prosthetic limb on the table.

"Forgive me Najenda, but for for someone appears out of nowhere and suddenly take down the Empire's forces, which we are thankful for, we still do not know the true motives of him and this possible third force! We are in a tight situation, and we cannot allow to get caught off guard!" one of the commanders argued.

A few murmurs of agreement were made, some of which were agreeing with one of the commanders. Others believed in Najenda's words and quietly spoke to each other about the subject. Other men looked around in the room, trying to decide where to go from here.

It was at this point that Ragna's patience wore thin, and decided to move things along. So without even speaking, he stood up and raised his fist into the air. And without so much as a warning, he slammed his fist onto the table, making a large banging noise and a few cracked webs to travel through the table.

This resulted in startling everyone in the room, making them all produce sounds of surprise. They all turned to the source, and they all found Ragna standing there while giving them an annoyed look.

"Alright, I think I had enough of this bullshit! Because you know why? It's because we're sitting here debating whether or not I'm legit! And frankly, all of this is getting us nowhere!" Ragna told them with a loud tone, making some of them flinch upon his tone and voice.

Ragna gave each and every member, save for Najenda, a hard look.

"Look, instead of just arguing whether I'm the shit or not, how about we talk about how I can come into play here? Seriously, even a certain rabbit I know, who does nothing but sit on her ass and drink her tea, actually does something productive!" Ragna told them bluntly and harshly, making some of the members in the room flinch upon his tone, voice, language, and certainly the comparison.


Somewhere out in the rose gardens was a certain young looking woman, sipping her cup of tea with grace and elegance. But her eyebrow soon gave a slight twitch.

"...I do not know why, but for some reason, I blame him for making my tea time this unpleasant..." the young woman quietly said to herself.

Oh well. At least she is going to shock him when he returns, regardless if he didn't do anything wrong.

(Back with Ragna)

Ragna watched as their reactions range from doubtful to unsure as they all gave each other silent messages through eye contact. Seeing this, Ranga couldn't help but give a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Look...is there any point to this? I'll tell you here right here and right now what I intend to do." Ragna told them as he then folded his arms.

"I have the same reasons to fight as all of you. I am here to fight the Empire and wipe out its shit show of ruling the people. I want to get rid of the bastards as much as you do. I'm fighting to save the innocents from the corruption. So why the hell do I have to explain myself to you whether or not I'm trustworthy to your cause!? My actions have been pretty much benefitting you guys from the start!" Ragna told them as he gave each of them an annoyed glare.

His own words made the whole room fall into a, if not possible, deeper silence. It was so quiet that even a dropped pin could each throughout the room.

Everyone in the room then silently looked at each other, as if they were trying to decide on what to do from here.

"Oh my, I sense some unrest and unease in this room..." spoke a new voice from the entrance of the room.

Everyone turned their heads to the source of their voice, and many recognized who the man is as he entered the room.

"It's the Lord...!" one of the men spoke up in surprise.

The man who appeared before them is a a tall, slender man with the some sort of necklace around his forehead and long white hair. He wears priest-like clothing.

The man lets out a pleasant smile, while also looking sheepish, towards everyone in the room.

"Forgive me if I'm interrupting the meeting, but with all the shouting and shaking around, I was quite curious to know what is going on. And based on what is going on, it seems to be about him." the man said while turning towards Ragna.

Ragna, in response, just looked at the man with a raised eyebrow.

"And who the hell are you?" Ragna asked with a raised eyebrow.

This earned a lot of offended and shocked looks from many of the men in the room. He felt his head being wacked from the side, making him give a small curse while turning to the person in question who hit him. Surprisingly, Najenda was giving a small glare but soon turned to the person in question with a bow.

"My apologies. Ragna is not a man who doesn't hold back on his words, no matter who the person is." Najenda apologized to the man.

The man simply lets a chuckle while shaking his head.

"It is fine." the man simply waved off.

'Who the hell is this guy...?' Ragna thought, before he found the man looking at him.

"Ragna, is it?" the young man asked.

"Yeah, that's me." Ragna replied.

The young man nodded and cleared his throat.

"I understand that you are feeling rather impatient with the things are going on right now, but you have to understand that these commanders reaction are rather justifiable. They are rather stressed from the tight situation they are in, especially with recent events. With a loss of good men and resources, they are cautious about many things around them. For someone like you to suddenly show in the fray and take down an outpost is no easy feat." the Lord explained to Ragna, making Ragna cross his arms and huffed.

"I get that. But that still doesn't help why they're pointlessly arguing about me and this third force, when I'm the third force itself and helping these guys." Ragna said while jabbing his thumb towards the rest of the commanders in this room.

"Well, there is a saying that it is too good to be true. For a miracle like you to show up, many feel like you just shown up perfectly. Too perfect, might I add. So many of them are in doubt." the Lord told him, before looking around him.

"That being said, I can see that all the commanders are hoping to gain a strong ally such as yourself to the fight. And seeing the doubt and unease around here, I've decided to settle this matter peacefully." the man announced.

"All of you, please listen. I have received a message from our God, and he is telling me that this young man is indeed fighting for our cause. I can certainly see it." the young man told everyone.

Upon hearing this, a loud of voices were being traded around the room.

"For the Lord to tell us this..."

"That means he saw the..."

"Yeah...and he's never wrong with this sort of thing..."

"Does this mean Ragna is...

Many voices were traded around the room, and it grew louder as time went on. Ragna, on the other hand, just gave them a look of disbelief as they were apparently listening to some guy in some form of priest clothing.

"The hell...they're listening to a priest...?" Ragna muttered. He then felt Najenda's prosthetic arm grasp onto his shoulder.

"He's not just any priest Ragna. He is called The Lord, leader of The Path of Peace." Najenda explained to him.

"The what?" Ragna responded with a confused tone.

"The Path of Peace. It's a very large religious organization of the Empire. The Lord is the leader of said organization." Najenda further explained for the Grim Reaper.

"And they're listening to some guy who claims he is listening to God instead of me, the guy who gets shit done?" Ragna responded with an unamused tone. Najenda shook her head at him.

"There is something special about The Lord. He actually has the ability to see into the future." Najenda told him, making Ragna blink upon hearing this.

"Really now? And you're sure we're not listening to some guy prattling off about this so called future?" Ragna questioned with a skeptical tone.

"I can assure you, his predictions are always true. The reason why he is able to tell the future so accurately is because of his Danger Beast heritage." Najenda revealed, making Ragna blink at her.

"Wait...this guy is part Danger Beast!?" He asked her in surprise. Najenda nodded at him.

"While the idea itself may seem far-fetched, it is the truth." Najenda told him. Ragna frowned when he looked back to The Lord.

'Part Danger Beast? Reminds me of the Beastkin, except this guy has more subtle features.' Ragna thought, before he realized something about this.

"Wait, why the hell is a guy like this doing here at HQ? Does the Revolutionary Army need to rely on this guys predictions or something?" Ragna asked. Najenda sighed as she folded her arms.

"While that may be useful, he isn't actually part of the Revolutionary Army. Right now, he is currently under our protection. His life is actually in danger thanks to the Empire seeing him as a nuisance. They plan on taking over his organization after they killed him." Najenda explained.

"I see. You know, I should've expected that the Empire was going to extend its influence towards religion, but this kind of shit still pisses me off." Ragna said while narrowing his eyes.

"It is unfortunate, but it's a good thing we were able to bring him under our protection." Najenda told him.

It was then the two noticed the voices were starting to die down while The Lord looked at Ragna with a kind expression.

"It seems our little talk has cleared up a lot of things. Now then, do you believe Ragna to be a valuable ally?" The Lord asked everyone in the room.

Every single commander in the room looked at each other silently, before one of the members nodded his head.

"Given the evidence that we have on Ragna the Bloodedge, his recent actions, and a word from The Lord, it seems that Ragna is indeed on our side." one of the commanders said, confirming his trust in Ragna.

Ragna sighed tiredly, finally seeing how this mess is over and done with.

"Then it is confirmed. Now we have an important matter to discuss." another commander started.

"And what would that be?" Najenda asked.

"Considering the fact that Ragna the Bloodedge is on our side, we now have a major power that will considerably aid us in our fight against the Empire." a commander explained, making everyone quietly talk to each other upon hearing this subject.

"It is true. Depending on what we do with Ragna the Bloodedge could determine the very outcome of the battle against the Empire." another commander inputed. One of the commanders hummed before looking at Ragna.

"And with Ragna's strength, he could continuously take down outposts, and that would mean weakening the Empire's forces. Not to mention gathering more teigu for us to use..."

"That is true..."



Many mutters and voices were made around the room upon hearing the idea. Ragna, on the other hand, looked a bit conflicted.

He was completely fine with taking down outposts on his own for that matter, reducing the Empire's power. However, that would mean he would be away from Night Raid more often. And as much as he trusted those guys, the recent near death events like Sheele and Bulat made Ragna hesitate a bit. He knew the group was getting stronger as time passes by, but there are times when they can be caught off guard and be killed.

He knew it sounded rather arrogant, but he was pretty much Night Raid's safety net. But if it meant protecting his comrades from dying, then so be it.

"If I may interject..." a voice spoke up, making Ragna turn to Najenda.

The silver haired women looked to everyone in the room.

"What you are saying isn't a bad idea. However, there could be a problem." Najenda explained to everyone.

"What problem are you talking about?" one of the commanders questioned.

"Ragna here is still considered a third force to the Empire. His patterns of attacking outposts is completely random. In other words, Ragna is an unknown and unpredictable factor to the Empire. With that in mind, it keeps the Empire on its toes and focusing its resources into preparing for any appearance of the third force. They will send their military and resources to their outposts in efforts of stopping Ragna, which makes things more easier for us to attack the Empire itself." Najenda explained to everyone.

"But Najenda, how does this factor to Ragna fighting in the front lines?" one of the commanders asked.

"While it may sound promising that Ragna can take down many outposts, there still lies a major problem. If we were to have Ragna go out and take down outposts in coordination of us, then the Empire will eventually realize the change in pattern. They'll soon recognize Ragna's movements with ours, realize that the 'third force' has joined us." Najenda air quoted on the last part.

"If that were to happen, worst case scenario, they'll want to get rid of Ragna quickly, and might send out Esdeath to hunt us down. That would not only be a risk to Ragna's life, but also endanger the men we have." Najenda told everyone.

Everyone in the room grimaced upon hearing Esdeath's name, showing how fearful the Empire's Strong General is.

"Then what do you suggest we should do?" another commander questioned in the room. Najenda puts on a thoughtful look, before she narrowed her eyes.

"How about this? Ragna will continue to stay with Night Raid, helping us collect teigus to weaken the Empire and strengthen our forces, while also taking down corrupted figures. His identity will remain covert until they discover who he is. If he were to be discovered by the Empire, they still don't know that he is the third force. Still, Ragna will have a harder time moving around the Empire, so it is best to move him to the front lines and help you weaken the Empire's hold on the land." Najenda told everyone.

Everyone grew interested in Najenda's idea, and some were nodding in agreement upon hearing this.

"But if Ragna's identity wasn't discovered, what would happen?" one of them asked.

"I'm glad you asked. If things were to go smoothly on our end, then we can use Ragna's hidden identity as our trump card. When the times comes to finally take down the corruption controlling the Empire, we will use Ragna's full strength to catch them off guard." Najenda told them, before she folded her arms.

"Either way, this plan is a benefit for the both of us. If Ragna stayed with Night Raid and remained covert, then we can use it to our advantage. If Ragna were to be discovered, then we'll send him to the front lines and have him help you take down the outposts. It's certainly not a bad idea, right?" Najenda offered to everyone.

Everyone in the room stayed silent upon hearing this, before one of the commander nodded upon hearing this.

"That is not a bad idea. Either way, with Ragna on our side and an unknown to the Empire, this can certainly give us the edge we need. I support this plan of yours." the commander agreed.

"As do I. We need all the help we can get, and this is the best course of action." another commander agreed.

One by one, there was a string of agreements that resounded in the room. Once hearing this, Ragna just gave a small smirk while leaning back.

"Took you long enough." Ragna responded with a smirk.

Hearing everyone's agreement, the coordinator of the meeting stood up in front of everyone.

"Since we have come to our conclusion, I call this meeting to an end. Everyone dismissed."

(Nighttime - Outside)

After the meeting, everyone went their separate ways and attended to other important tasks for the Revolutionary Army. Ragna, on the other hand, had nothing better to do. So he just decided to go somewhere quiet.

Currently, he was on a hill outside of the Revolutionary Army's headquarters, having a view of the starry night sky and moon. In front of him was the illumination of the Revolutionary Army headquarters, watching the soldiers as they do their tasks or other nightly activities.

"No matter how many times I see it, the stars in the sky are completely different to the ones back in my world." Ragna muttered to himself.

He could still remember when he, Jin, and Saya come out at night to see the stars in the sky. He picked up a few constellations to entertain his sister Saya about the stars.

"Wonder how she's doing right now..." Ragna wondered, before his ears picked up footsteps. Turning his head towards the source, he found that it was Najenda walking towards him.

"So this is where you are." Najenda said as she made her way towards Ragna.

"Oh, Najenda. What's up?" Ragna greeted his boss. Najenda simply shook her head at him.

"Honestly, you greet me with a "What's up?" after what happened? You truly are a something, aren't you Ragna?" Najenda told him while shaking her head.

Ragna raised his eyebrow at her.

"Come again?" Ragna responded.

The young woman gave a sigh as she sat down on a large stone. She then lit up a cigarette and inhaled the contents of it, and then breathed it out.

"You've hid something like this from us for quite a while. Frankly, my mind is still trying to wrap around the fact that you of all people make up this 'third force'." Najenda said while emphasizing on the third force part.

"Really? Didn't sound or looked like it during the long ass meeting." Ragna retorted.

"That's because I had other priorities that came into mind. You are someone important to our battle against the Empire. I believe this personal problem came as a last priority." Najenda explained.


"So, care to explain why you hid such a thing from us?" Najenda questioned with a rather calm tone.

Ragna simply shrugged.

"Well, you never asked." Ragna simply answered, making Najenda's eyebrow twitch. It irked her more when she saw Ragna having a growing smirk on his face.

"Never took you to be a smartass." Najenda grunted.

"It's better than being a dumbass, that's for sure." Ragna answered with the same expression on his face, before he simply shrugged.

"Honestly, would you honestly believe me the first day we met? Would you believe a guy who walked up to you and said, "Hey, I'm the only person to make up this third force, and I can take down outposts on my own without any help! Mind if I join you guys?" Yeah, that certainly wouldn't bring up issues." Ragna explained with a sarcastic tone.

"You do bring up a point. Without the evidence, we would have a hard time believing you. But after what you've done, I have no choice but to believe you at this point." Najenda sighed after hearing that. Ragna just shrugged more.

"Eh, you were going to find out eventually. It was just a matter of time before I could come out with my proof. Hell, I had no problem showing it to you earlier if I were given the chance, but that didn't happen. That, and I didn't want to bring trouble to Night Raid."

Najenda chuckled as she inhaled the contents before breathing it out once more.

"Still, to think that this third force was right under our nose the entire time. Now that I think about it, this actually brings up another question." Najenda realized.

"And that is?" Ragna questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"You're clearly against the Empire and its corruption. It confuses me as to why you didn't join the Revolutionary Army earlier? With your strength, you could've easily turned the tables. But from what you told us, it seems like you've been working alone until you meet us." Najenda pointed out.

When Ragna heard this, his mind was working on how to answer her without giving too much information about his arrival in this world.

Truth be told, even since he arrived in this world, he had no knowledge on how this world functioned. It was entirely alien to Ragna, and he had to adapt to this world in order to blend in. Because of this, he needed some time to himself to learn. And despite the fact that he heard a few mentions of the Revolutionary Army, he fully learned about them in a couple weeks. During the time that was passed, he was already killing the corrupted people within the Empire while going out and taking down their outposts.

And even then by the time he learned about the Revolution Army...

"Before I met you guys, things were already working out for me when I got shit done alone. I didn't have anyone or anything to worry about when I mainly focused on taking down outposts. Plus, I don't think things would've worked between me and the Revolutionary Army. I don't play nice with too much regulations and chain of command and all that sort of crap." Ragna answered without sugarcoating it.

Najenda's facial expression didn't change upon hearing this. The only thing she did do was inhale the contents of her cigarette and exhale it out.

"...If you preferred to work alone, then why did you join us?" Najenda asked with a neutral tone. Ragna sighed as he leaned back a bit while looking at the stars in the sky.

"Well, the recruitment was practically forced when Leone told me I had no choice in the matter. I mean, I could've refused you guys and make you back off by force, but that'll practically have you guys be cautious of me, which will no doubt lead to some complicated events and drama. I'd rather not deal with that shit." Ragna replied while looking a bit annoyed upon the certain prospect in mind. His irked expression soon dropped as he gave a shrug.

"But honestly, you guys caught me at the right time. I was getting tired of constantly gathering information to see if they were worth killing. So I've decided to settle with you guys to take care of the complicated stuff." Ragna answered.

"So you joined us for your own benefit? I certainly didn't expect that from a person like you." Najenda remarked, all the while not looking upset or bothered upon hearing this information.

"I never said I was the best moral person." Ragna retorted. "You don't like to hear that?"

"Not particularly. Everyone has their own reasons for fighting against the Empire, some of which are just and others that seem personal. It's just that mostly everyone is fighting in the Revolutionary Army for just reasons. You just happen to be in the minor." Najenda answered.

"Is that so? Well, does it honestly matter at this point? We're all trying to take down the Empire, and that's good enough, right?" Ragna asked.

"I suppose." Najenda said, before a small smile formed on her lips. "Well, with an attitude and mindset like that, I guess there is a reason why you perfectly fit in with Night Raid."

"Ain't that the truth." Ragna chuckled. Najenda simply gave a light hum as she looked at Ragna with a curious look.

"So, any other secrets that you might be hiding from us? Or are we to expect another move from the 'third force'?" Najenda asked with a somewhat joking tone. Ragna scoffed with a light smirk.

"Not really. This 'third force' is coming to a close and joining the Revolutionary Army. Nothing else needs to be said." Ragna answered her.

"Glad to hear that. I'm getting kind of tired being shocked with the surprises you are coming with." Najenda said with relief in her tone. Ragna simply scoffed with a smirk and shook his head.

"Things never get boring around me Najenda. You better start getting used to it."

"I was afraid to hear that..."

(Next Morning)

The next morning, Ragna was making his way through the Revolutionary Army headquarters. He was told by Najenda to meet her at the teigu storage facility, as there a few things to discuss. As he did make his way though the Revolutionary Army headquarters, he can't help but notice the attention on him now.

Gazing to his side, he saw that many of the soldiers were either looking at him or subtly gazing at him. His ears could pick up their whispers, many of which involved him in it.

"That's...That's him, right?"

"No doubt about it. The white hair, red coat, and that large sword. He's the guy who took down outposts on his own."

"And they've told us that this third force only comprises of him...just him."

"To think the third force is a one man army. Kind of scary if you think about it..."

Ragna's eyebrow twitched when he heard those kinds of comments, but didn't really lash out on it. After all, he already considers himself an anomaly to this world with his powers of his.

Despite the fact that he heard those types of comments, not all of them were similar.

"Even if it is shocking, I'm glad we have that type of power on our side."

"Yeah. With the news of Esdeath returning to the Capital, we need someone like him to counter the Empire's ace."

"It honestly makes me wonder who would honestly come out of that battle. Him or Esdeath."

"That is something that cannot be easily determined. But for now, we should be glad that he is fighting to protect the innocent."

"Yeah. From what I remember, that outpost he took out was considered a blessing to the village, considering what the soldiers did to the villagers were heinous and unforgivable."


Hearing this, it seems that the Revolutionary Army also seems to be glad that they have a powerful warrior added to their ranks. Ragna considers that to be a good thing.

"Well well, if it isn't mister popular?" a familiar voice spoke up behind him, making Ragna turn his head to see Chelsea standing there while twiddling with her lollipop.

"Oh, it's you." Ragna simply greeted with a plain tone, making the young woman pout at him.

"What's with that sort of greeting?" Chelsea questioned playfully.

"Oh I don't know. Why are you calling me mister popular? I didn't exactly see the soldiers seeing and treating me like I'm their idol." Ragna retorted.

Chelsea lips curved into a sly smile while twirling around a strand of her hair.

"Oh, you'll be quite surprised. It is more in a subtle manner." Chelsea told him, making Ragna raise an eyebrow at her.

"What do you mean?" Ragna asked.

"Just look over there." Chelsea told him as she pointed her lollipop towards the right.

Looking at her direction, he saw the training grounds for the Revolutionary Army soldiers. Currently, many of the soldiers are in a row while doing push ups. Another group was doing sit ups, while others were sparring each other with training swords. And with each group, each had a training instructor yelling at them to pick up the pace.

"C'mon soldiers! Pick up the pace and don't let up! You don't want to be burdens to the Revolutionary Army, would you!?"

"No sir!" the soldiers in training shouted in unison.

"Then we'll deal with 100 more reps! Keep it up!"


Many of the soldiers were training with intensity that Ragna just blinked at their intense spirits.

"Just what made them so fired up?" Ragna asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh you'll see soon enough." Chelsea told him.

It was then one of the training officers noticed Ragna out of the corner of his eye and made his way towards him. He appeared to be older, probably a veteran from the looks of it.

"Are you Ragna the Bloodege?" the man asked.

"Yeah, that's me. Something I can help you with?" Ragna returned while folding his arms.

To Ragna's surprise, the man simply chuckled upon hearing that response.

"I believe you helped us quite enough if your activities say anything." the training officer said to Ragna.

"What do you mean?" Ragna questioned. The soldier before him cleared his throat.

"Thanks to you and your efforts, you have given the soldiers here hope that we can win this war against the corrupt empire. You see, the Revolutionary Army, while still building its forces and strength, still lacks some major firepower to fight against the Empire. Yes, we have teigus, but we never had a teigu soldier capable of taking on armies. It is because of that we have a chance in this war." the soldier explained to Ragna, making the white haired man look surprised upon hearing this.

It was then the training instructor gazed to the training soldiers behind him.

"And thanks to your recent activity, you managed to break everyone out of their stressed state and gave them motivation to get stronger. You have put the soldiers in quite a shock to see you have that type of power to take down the Empire's outposts. And because of that, they felt that they'll be left behind and leave you to do all the work. They didn't like that, so they're working hard to be useful." the training instructor explained to Ragna.

It was then the veteran saluted to Ragna, making Ragna blink in shock upon seeing this.

"On behalf of the Revolutionary Army, I thank you for giving everyone hope that we will win this war." the soldier said to Ragna.

"Um...no problem..." it was the only words Ragna could say. The man nodded at him before returning back to his position and continue to train his soldiers.

Chelsea giggled when she saw Ragna's taken aback expression. "Congrats Ragna. You ended up being a role model within the Revolutionary Army."

Her words caused Ragna to break out of his state. Hearing this, Ragna just gave an aggravated sigh while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Honestly, I never saw this coming. To think, a criminal ending up as a role model for the soldiers to bring justice. I can certainly feel the irony in that one." Ragna said with a sarcastic tone.

For him to suddenly have people look at him like he's a hero is a very foreign feeling. All his life, he was used to being labelled, treated, and seen as a criminal to the entire world. For him to suddenly have this positive feedback from others makes Ragna feel strange that he is seen that way.

He wondered how the hell Jin was able to handle that type of recognition since he was seen as the Hero of Ikaruga. From what he seen, either Jin got used to it or he just didn't give a damn on what people thought about him. Ragna is definitely gunning on the latter considering his brother's attitude.

"You know, most people consider that to be a good thing." Chelsea pointed out. Ragna simply shrugged.

"Eh, I was more used to living the life of a criminal to be honest. Seeing this sudden shift just feels weird." Ragna answered, making Chelsea hum at that.

"You'll get used to it eventually. In any case, where were you heading off to?" Chelsea asked as she decided to move away from the topic.

"I'm on my way to meet up with Najenda at the teigu storage facility." Ragna replied as he continued to walk towards his intended destination.

"Is that so? Then I hope you wouldn't mind if I tag along, because I'm quite curious to see what types of teigu you are taking back to your hideout." Chelsea said as she walked alongside Ragna. This made Ragna raise an eyebrow at her.

"How the hell do you know about that?"

Chelsea just gave a sly smile.

"You'll find out soon enough."

(Teigu Storage facility)

Reaching their intended destination, Ragna soon found Najenda standing in front of the storage facility. When the two spotted each other, Najenda gave a nod at him.

"Glad to see you're here Ragna. We have much to discuss about Bulat's teigu." Najenda said to the Grim Reaper.

"Oh right, that's part of the reason why we came here in the first place." Ragna said as he remembered that reason why they came here in the first place.

"Indeed. But before we do that, let's start off with someone who will be the latest addition to our team." Najenda informed him, before she turned around and gestured to someone to come to her.

When Ragna turned to the person who is coming to them, he could only blink at the sheer height of the person, and for once had to look up to make eye contact with him. Seriously, this guy is taller than Hakumen, yet shorter than Tager's height.

The person before him appears to be a man who looks like he is in his late-20's. He has distinctive bull-like horns coming out of the sides of his head, and he is currently wearing what resembles some Japanese white robe, which seems to be modified to be suited for combat.

'It is rather strange to see Japanese designs within this world. Katanas and cheongasm are one thing, but it makes me wonder if there are lands similar to Japan in this world.' Ragna thought while looking at man before him, who simply looked at Ragna with a neutral expression.

Najenda then gestured her arm to the man before her.

"Ragna, I would like for you to meet my teigu, Susanoo. He may appear human, but he is actually a biological teigu." Najenda introduced Susanoo. She then blinked when Ragna gave off a complexed expression.


Ragna broke out of his state and shook his head.

"It's nothing. His name reminded me of someone I know." Ragna told her, but his mind was just running with a lot of thoughts.

'Seriously, what the hell is up with this world!? I get that there are some resemblance and designs similar to Eastern designs, but for this guy to be called Susanoo of all things! Seriously, is there a Japan in this god damn world, because I'm seriously starting to think there is one!' Ragna mentally shouted.

He then noticed Susanno slowly approaching him while giving him an intense stare.

"There something you want?" Ragna asked while narrowing his eyes.

Susanoo didn't say anything, but his hands shot out towards Ragna. Ragna raised his arms to block the incoming attack, but wasn't met with an impact. Instead, he could only blink when Susanoo was rapidly working on his clothes. In a mere couple of seconds, Susanoo pulled back while looking at Ragna's state once more.

"What the hell!?" Ragna shouted as he stepped back from the humanoid teigu.

"It is fixed." Susanoo spoke for the first time.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Susanoo is a perfectionist and neat freak. He gets bothered by even the slightest of wrinkles on clothing." Najenda told him while proudly nodding at Susanoo.

Ragna didn't say anything but look down at his clothes. Now that Najenda mentioned it, Ragna's clothes didn't have a single wrinkle on it. He heard giggling behind him, and he turned around and shot Chelsea a glare, telling her to shut up. Much to his annoyance, Chelsea just gave him an innocent smile.

Ragna just grunted while looking back at Susanoo. 'Seriously, its like no matter which world I am in, the world's Susanoo is out to get me. Some way, somehow.' Ragna thought while comparing him and Hakumen.

"...Good to know. Hey, big guy, can you at least let me know when you're going to do this crap. I might accidentally punch you in the gut if you try to pull that off again." Ragna told Susanoo. He blocked on reflex. Ragna is certain that his reflexes might end up hitting Susanoo.

Susanoo's expression didn't change but gave a short nod towards Ragna.

"If that is how you feel about it, then I shall comply." Susanoo simply answered. Hearing that answer, Ragna just gave a small sigh while his shoulders dropped a bit.

'At least this one is reasonable. That's one hell of an upgrade compared to the Masked Freak, that's for sure.' Ragna thought.

Najenda then noticed Chelsea standing behind Ragna, and gave a nod at her.

"Ah, I see you've already been getting acquainted with our other newest member." Najenda told Ragna, making the white haired man blink at her.

"Other?" Ragna repeated with a raised eyebrow.

"You've been talking to her since you got here." Najena simply answered.

He blinked twice and looked behind him, and saw Chelsea simply waving at him with a smile. He turned back to Najenda with a surprised expression.

"Wait...she's going to be part of Night Raid!?" Ragna exclaimed, making his boss blink at him.

"Oh right, I haven't told you yet." Najenda said while sounding like she just remembered what she was supposed to say a while ago.

"Kind of too late to tell me this now!" Ragna told her. Najenda gave a small smirk in return.

"This is coming from the man who hid his exploits under our very noses?" Najenda retorted. Ragna's eyebrow twitched while narrowing his eyes at her. He huffed while crossing his arms.

"...Tch, you have a point there." Ragna muttered. Najenda chuckled and Chelsea simply giggled at their antics.

"If this is how two of Night Raid's members interact with each other, I'd love to see your interactions with everyone else." Chelsea noted. Ragna grunted while Najenda just shook her head while smiling.

"In any case, now that we've become acquainted with out latest recruits, let's focus on the real task at hand. Picking Bulat's teigu is crucial to our operations, so we need to choose carefully." Najenda informed the group.

"Right. I'd suggest selecting a teigu that suits Bulat's fighting style. He has a rather straightforward in fighting, as he's always fighting in the front lines." Ragna told Najenda, making her nod.

"Agreed. This narrows down our teigu selection quite a lot. But I think it is better if we take a look at the teigus ourselves. Follow me." Najenda told the group as she turned and head inside the teigu storage facility. The rest of Night Raid members followed her inside.


After spending a considerable amount of time within the teigu storage facility, they finally found the teigu that they are looking for. With that matter settled, Night Raid has accomplished their three goals: delivering the teigus they got from the Three Beasts, recruit new Night Raid members, and finding a teigu suitable for Bulat.

The four were currently at the Air Manta nest, preparing to set off and head back to their hideout. Chelsea was simply looking around while twiddling with her lollipop, Susanoo was doing some heavy lifting and some clean up around the Air Manta nest, and Najenda was simply checking everything to make sure that they have everything ready before they set off.

Ragna just stayed silent while standing on the Air Manta's back, while silently looking at the creature itself.

'It's hard to believe that we use Danger Beasts as means of transportation. If this world was covered in seither and magic ships didn't exist, then this guy is pretty much the only safe way to travel around the world.' Ragna thought, before he noticed Najenda walking towards him.

"Done checking up on everything Najenda?" Ragna asked. Najenda nodded at him.

"I have. The only thing that is left is for the tamers to check on the Air Manta's conditions and we're ready to head off." Najenda informed Ragna.

"Great. I've been itching to go back to the capital and take down some bastards." Ragna said while cracking his knuckles. Najenda sighed while placing a hand on her hip.

"You single handedly took down an outpost with a teigu user, and then fended off waves of Danger Beasts coming to a village just a few days ago. And now you're eager to kill more of the scum of the Empire? Honestly Ragna, it feels like you can just win this war just on your own." Najenda told him. Ragna scoffed at that.

"I'm not that all invincible Najenda. Even if I am this strong, there still too much about the Empire that is unpredictable. My past experiences with the past teigus prove otherwise. I'm only weakening their forces before I go in for the kill." Ragna answered, making Najenda give a small approving smile.

"Well said. Aside from that..." Najenda said before she gazed behind her.

Ragna followed her gaze, only to blink upon what he saw.

There were a large group of Revolutionary Army soldiers gathering up near the Air Manta. As soon as they all saw Ragna in their sights, they all waved their arms at him.

"There he is!"

"Ragna the Bloodedge! Thanks for what you've done for us! Keep up the good work!"

"Be sure to return back to headquarters! We need you on the front lines!"

"We'll train our hardest to prove that we can help liberate the Empire!"

"Give us a few pointers on how to fight well when you come back!"

"Good luck out there!"

Ragna gave the crowd of soldiers before him an incredulous look. Najenda just chuckled while shaking her head.

"Well this was certainly unexpected. Just in a few days, and you've already gained fame and admiration from our soldiers." Najenda remarked. Ragna didn't say anything to retort to that but just look at the group of soldiers before him an unsure look. Chelsea simply giggled as she patted him on the back.

"Well Ragna, the soldiers are nice enough to see you off. Better gives some words of encouragement Ragna." Chelsea told him, making Ragna give her a glare.

"Shut it." Ragna told her, before turning back to the small crowd of soldiers before him. He honestly didn't know what to say, so the only thing he could do was just give them a wave in a bit of an awkward manner.

"Please tell me we're going to take off soon." Ragna quietly said to Najenda. The leader of Night Raid simply nodded at him.

"We're good to go. We can stay a bit longer if you want to say goodbye to your admirers." Najenda told him.

"Make this manta fly god damn it!" Ragna snapped, making Najenda chuckle as a result. He groaned as he palmed his face.

He should've never revealed himself to the Revolutionary Army. All of this is such a pain.


After taking off from headquarters, much to Ragna's relief, the group made their way back to Night Raid's hideout. It was pretty much a smooth and silent trip back to their hideout, save for small talk among the group. Sometimes, Susanoo would triple check the condition of pretty much everything as they made their way back.

And for some reason, Susanoo kept commenting how he is bothered by Ragna's spiky hair style, saying how it isn't smooth or evened out. He sometimes asked if he could comb it out. Even if Ragna did give permission for Susanoo to comb his hair, it would be impossible to do so, since his hair is naturally spiky in the first place. Unfortunately, Susanoo wouldn't back down from that sort of matter.

'I swear if he asks one more time if he could comb my hair, I'm going to break something...' Ragna thought while his eyebrow kept constantly twitching.

He at first thought this world's Susanoo was tolerable as he could be reasoned with and the fact that he isn't trying to constantly kill him. While that is a given, this world's Susanoo can be a major pain in the ass to Ragna in a different way. Mainly due to Susanoo being a perfectionist and neat freak.

'I can't believe I'm saying this...but I wish the Masked Freak was here...' Ragna mentally groaned, and then groaned further when he noticed someone familiar standing behind him.


"For the last time Susanoo, I do not need you to comb my hair. It's just the way it is!" Ragna said with an irritated tone.

"No, it's not about that." Susanoo replied, making Ragna blink at this and turn to Susanoo with a raised eyebrow.

"It's not? Then what is it about?" Ragna questioned.

Susanoo then gave a serous and gaze towards Ragna's hakama.

"Take off your pants." Susanoo told him with a straight face.

Silence passed between the two. Ragna could only blankly stare at Susanoo for a short moment, before an incredulous look appeared on his face.


"Take off your pants Ragna. There is a small hole on it, and I intend to fix it." Susanoo told him with a serious tone while holding up a spool and a sowing needle.

It was upon the sight and gesture that made Ragna stand up and take a few steps backwards from Susanoo.

"...How about no?" Ragna answered. However, this didn't deter Susanoo as he stepped forward.

"Please Ragna. It's important to keep your clothing in stable shape in the battlefield. You could end up tripping yourself if you're not careful with those type of pants." Susanoo told Ragna, making Ragna give an annoyed look.

"You can fix it up when we get back to the hideout! Why the hell do you want to do this now!?" Ragna indigently responded.

"Because this is an important issue to deal with right now. Please Ragna, just take off your pants and this will be over before you know it." Susanoo told him.

It was at this point that Ragna's patience with Susanoo has reached its limit, as the Grim Reaper started cracking his knuckles.

"...I'm sure Najenda won't mind if I just "spar" with Susanoo. He's a biological teigu, so as long as I don't hit his core, I'm good to go...!" Ragna muttered to himself while giving a dark look while slowly making his way towards Susanoo.

Upon seeing this, Susanoo suddenly gained a bit of a nervous expression while taking a few steps backwards.

"Woah woah woah, no need to get physical!" Susanoo said with a hurried tone while waving his hands as a gesture for Ragna to stop.

This actually made Ragna stop in his tracks. The red coated rebel gained a confused look towards the person in question.

'...Something is off here...' Ragna thought as he took note of Susanoo's recent actions.

Susanoo never shows any signs of nervousness. He wouldn't speak in a panicked and hurried tone. That isn't like him at all. Susanoo is always calm and cool, no matter what. For him to suddenly show these signs...

It was at that moment that something clicked in Ragna's mind as he immediately recognized what is exactly going on in this situation.

Ragna then decided to move towards Susanoo once more, this time without any intention on stopping.

"W-Wait, you wouldn't hit a girl, would you Ragna? I mean we're on an Air Manta and there is the possibility of falling off..." the 'Susanoo' told him, before a puff of smoke erupted from him. The smoke cleared up and revealed Chelsea who was standing there with a sheepish expression while raising her hand in a placating gesture.

Out of all the teigus Ragna came across, this particular teigu was a very cunning teigu when used right. Chelsea's teigu, Gaea Foundation, came in the form of a cosmetic box. While it appeared to be non-lethal, it excels in other uses. Mainly in changing Chelsea appearance to any living life form she desires. She can change her appearance to be a dog or cat, or disguise herself to be anyone down the exact detail.

Ragna inwardly shuddered upon the kind of trouble Terumi managed to get his hands on that kind of teigu. The man will use it to his full advantage to get into Sector Seven and practically destroy them from the inside without them being aware of it. Then again, he did manage to accomplish that in his own way.

Unfortunately, Ragna is finding himself a victim to this teigu despite the fact that they're on the same side.

"That's exactly what I'm hoping for..." Ragna said with a serous tone.

"Ragna, we just received two new recruits. I'd prefer if we actually come back to the hideout with them alive." Najenda spoke up with an amused tone.

Ragna's eyebrow twitched as he turned his head to give gaze at Najenda. The silver haired woman was struggling not to burst out laughing while Susanoo was standing next to her with an indifferent expression.

"Don't worry. She'll come back to the base alive. Just not in prime condition." Ragna simply answered before turning back to face Chelsea, who simply gave a mischievous smile.

"Come on Ragna, it's just a harmless joke. You shouldn't take it too seriously." Chelsea told him.

"Let's see how you feel like when someone comes up to you and demands you to strip." Ragna retorted, making Chelsea simply shrug upon that.

"Well, I did have to disguise myself as a prostitute in order get close to a corrupted political figure I needed to kill. So I kind of know how that feels." Chelsea simply answered, making Ragna's eyebrow twitch.

"...I'm still going to hit you." Ragna told her with a deadpanned tone.

"Alright alright, that's enough you two. It's best not to roughhouse on the Air Manta." Najenda told the two as she decided to break it up.

Ragna gave an annoyed "tch" and turned away from Chelsea, while Chelsea simply giggled while fiddling with her lollipop. Looking forward, he finally saw Night Raid's hideout in sight.

"Finally, I can finally get off this god damn Air Manta..." Ragna muttered to himself, starting to get a good look at the hideout that he considers a second home...

Ragna's relieved thoughts came to a halt as soon as he was able to get a clear view of the hideout.

Everyone from Night Raid were currently out standing together with their weapons and teigus out. Some of the members were in their battle attire while some still had their sleepwear.

But what troubled Ragna was how some of them were struggling to stand up while some were down on the ground.

Tatsumi was currently using his Incursio's armor, but Ragna couldn't see Incursio's Neuntote. Seems like Tatsumi still doesn't have enough practice to bring the weapon out and resorts to using his fist. Akame looked like she was having a hard time standing up, which made Ragna troubled to see how the young assassin was struggling of all things. Leone and Bulat were in a similar state with Akame, as Bulat was panting quite a bit while holding up a spear while Leone was in her Lionelle form.

The downed members consisted of Sheele, Mine, and Lubbock. They didn't look like they have any serious injuries, but it looks like they are paralyzed.

Surrounding the group appeared to be people that just greatly disturbed Ragna on all levels. All of the people that surrounded Night Raid currently wore one piece stockings, completed with panties and some sort of thin bra, and all wore identical masks. To make matters worst for Ragna's eyes, all of them are male. So he can practically see the bulges from their underwear.

He was going to need some mind bleach from that sight.

It's like they tried to imitate Amane's natural looks when it comes to looking androgynous, but epically failed in doing so.

Overall, this was not the welcoming scene that Ragna expected when he is returning back to Night Raid. And there is only one line that comes to mind on his overall thoughts about this.

"...Son of a bitch." Ragna cursed while palming his face.

"From the looks of it, it seems the enemy has managed to paralyze some of our members. Perhaps a gas..." Najenda noted, before she narrowed her eyes and turned to Susanoo.


"On it." Susanoo acknowledged, as he jumped off of the Air Manta and dropped to the ground. Ragna was about to follow suit, but Najenda held up her hand to stop Ragna.

"Don't. The poison is possibly a gas and could affect you too. It's best not to risk it, even if you have a strong body." Najenda told him, making Ragna click his tongue while taking a step back.

"Great. And here I thought I could release some stress..." Ragna said with an irked tone while looking down to see how Susanoo will fare in combat.

The group watched as Susanoo landed on the ground with quite the impact, leaving a small crater upon landing. And unfortunately, one of them happened to be in Susanoo's landing spot, and were utterly crushed by the incoming force. Susanoo then raised his weapon called the Wolf Fang Mace , which is a stave-like weapon, and blades protruded from it. The blades began to spin in a rapid fashion akin to a power saw.

The strangely dressed enemies swarmed in on Susanoo in hopes of taking him down in numbers. But it all proved futile as they were sliced to pieces by Susanoo's weapon mastery and strength. Soon, it became a whirlwind of blood and dismembered body parts flying everywhere while Susanoo simply stood there in one spot.

"Not bad..." Ragna commented while a bit impressed by Susanoo's abilities.

While this world's Susanoo couldn't compare to Hakumen, he was certainly a cut above the warriors here in this world. And with him being a humanoid teigu for Najenda, it made Ragna wonder how Najenda and Susanoo will fare in a tag team battle against Carl Clover and his Nox Nyctores Nirvana.

He broke out of his thoughts when he noticed the corpses began to distort in shape, and soon exploded like bombs. The series of explosions engulfed Susanoo and flooded the area with hot wind and smoke.

Ragna didn't look the least concerned about this and simply folded his arms.

"Exploding minions? What will they think of next?" Ragna commented with a sarcastic tone. It honestly disgusted him that even if they are his enemies, to see them having bombs planted into them just speaks of the horror done to their bodies.

"Whoever they are, to be modified like that speaks the lengths the Empire will go for if they want to eliminate their enemies. A rather morbid, but effective plan to take down your opponent. Unfortunately, that is wasted on Susanoo" Najenda remarked.

And Najenda was indeed right. The smoke cleared up and revealed Susanoo having multiple wounds and burns on his body, as well as missing appendages. But that didn't matter as Susanoo's body began to regenerate itself and heal from his wounds.

"From the looks of it, I only see the grunts here. So the leader must be hiding somewhere." Ragna said while looking around him. Najenda nodded at this and took out her binoculars.

'Whoever did this must be in a spot where he could easily spy on everyone. He's probably hiding somewhere high so the poison can't get to him. If that is the case...' Najenda thought as she looked at the elevated areas of the forest.

Her intuition proved correct as she spotted a group of people watching from afar.

"Susanoo, the enemies are hiding to the southwest of the forest! Eliminate them, and leave no survivors!" Najenda ordered.


(With Dr. Stylish)

"We've been spotted!" a girl, named Mimi, with abnormally large ears warned the group.

"There's no choice then! We're retreating! No need to try the impossible here!" Dr. Stylish told his minions as he begun to run away from the scene.

Dr. Stylish, while eccentric, was smart enough to know the battles he can win and lose in. And in this one, he knew he is in deep trouble if he stayed any longer. After all, his poison served as the trump card to taking down Night Raid. But for his poison to be ineffective against Susanoo made his plans pretty much null.

He didn't get much distance as the Air Manta flew overhead of the group, bringing in a large gust of wind with it, blowing away the group off their feet.

'It seems she won't let me run...what a persistent bunch!' Dr. Stylish thought to himself before he landed on the ground.

The group then saw two figures drop to the ground, one of them impacting the ground rather hard due to his weight while the other landed quite lightly.

"And where the hell do you think you're going?" Ragna asked them while raising his Blood Scythe, ready to cut them down. Susanoo didn't say anything but silently raise his weapon as well.

"Don't worry Dr. Stylish! If it were chess, we could be the bishop and rook! We will protect you, no matter what!" one of the minions proclaimed. The other two followed suit as well.

'No, this situation is impossible. You guys were made for reconaissance, not combat. The enemy is a organic teigu and the other is an unknown factor. If that is what come to this...' Dr. Stylish thought before an annoyed look appeared on his face.

"I guess it's come to this! Prepare yourself for the worst! Trump Card #2, Danger Beast Dose!" Dr. Stylish exclaimed as he brought out a syringe and stabbed himself with it, injecting the contents into himself.

Everyone watched as Dr. Stylish began to distort and grow in an inhuman manner. Ragna just lets out a disgusted expression upon seeing the new form of Dr. Stylish. Imagine a very gigantic humanoid body, completely with muscles and bulging veins. And rather than a gigantic head to follow along with it, there was instead just another smaller body sticking out of it. And that smaller body is Dr. Stylish himself.

"...I'm getting some weird mix of Arakune and Takemikazuchi vibes from this guy..." Ragna muttered in utter disgust.

It proved even weirder as Dr. Stylish proceeded to grow a mouth from his abdomen, grabbed two of his minions, and proceeded to devour them. One tried to escape, but Dr. Stylish wasn't letting her get away and proceeded to devour her as well, which gave him more power to grow in size and shape.

In hindsight, Ragna should've done something during that time, but he was taken in by the grotesque transformation taking place. That, and his mind is trying to compare who is more disturbing and disgusting.

This guy or Arakune.

Oh who was he kidding. Arakune's body was all levels of creepiness and that liquid-like body always hatching out mutant bugs that are an entomophobia's worst nightmare. This guy, at the very least, looked humanoid and wasn't leaking bugs.

"That's one definition of ugly right there..." Ragna commented while narrowing his eyes.

"Looking at my size, it isn't enough! In order to reach another level, I'll just eat you as well!" the monster known as Dr. Stylish yelled happily as his mechanical hand extended towards the two.

The two jumped backwards to avoid the incoming attack, making the enlarged hand slam into the ground. The two then sprinted forth and attacked the hand with their weapons. However, Susanoo's weapon didn't leave any impact at all when he slammed his polearm onto it, while Ragna's weapon, even with all of his strength, only left a small cut on it.

"Tch, that it ain't going to cut it...whatever it is, it's tough..." Ragna muttered, before activating his barrier to shield himself from the incoming fist that hit both him and Susanoo, sending the two back.

Ragna's feet grinded against the ground, before he made a complete stop. Seeing how tough the metal arm is, this didn't deter Ragna in the least. In fact, this made Ragna interested that he actually has a challenge when it comes to cutting something. And it made him want to perform a move he hasn't used in a while.

"Let's try this again!" Ragna sprinted forth towards the giant monster before him. Dr. Stylish, seeing Ragna coming, decided to punch him away with his metal arm once more. Ragna jumped to the side once more to avoid the incoming gigantic fist, having it impact against the ground. Seeing the opening, his Azure Grimoire began to activate.

"Seed...!" Ragna slammed down his sword on the wrist of the metal arm, which had more impact this time as it left quite a cut on the wrist, but Ragna wasn't done yet as he turns draw his sword and making it shift into scythe form. and spun around to swing his scythe.

"...of Tartarus!" Following Ragna's swing unleashed a wave a sharp dark energy that slammed into the metal arm, completely decimating the wrist and the hand along with it.

"That's impossible...!" Dr. Stylish exclaimed in shock as he lifted his metal arm, now missing its hand, away from Ragna. With his attention now onto Ragna, he failed to notice two people coming into the scene.

Tatsumi was currently carrying Akame in a piggy back ride, while Akame was holding onto Tatsumi with one arm while her other arm held her Murasame. The two closed in on Dr. Stylish and Akame raised her sword to deliver a cut on Dr. Stylish's flesh. Much to her surprise, however, the blade completely bounced off of the skin as well.

Dr. Stylish having felt the impact on his hardened skin, turned to see the two.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but Murasame won't be able to cut my hardened skin!" Dr. Stylish told them as he attempted to use his feet to kick them away. Before he could, however, a large blast came to the side of the enlarged head, stopping Dr. Stylish in his tracks. He turned around, only to see Mine on the Air Manta while holding her Pumpkin.


Before he could say anything else, Mine shot another beam of laser to her target, this time knocking the gigantic monstrosity off its feet and falling on the ground.

Tatsumi decided to use this chance as he began to run along the gigantic body.

"End of the line, Dr. Stylish!" Tatsumi exclaimed as he closed in on Dr. Stylish's real body.

Dr. Stylish attempted to stop them with his left arm, but Susanoo interfered as he stopped it with his polearm weapon. His attempted to use his other arm, before he noticed that his right arm was also destroyed by Ragna's attack. Seeing how he is wide open for them, he gritted his teeth.

"Not yet!" Dr. Stylish desperately tried to defend himself as multiple cables with needs attached to the end of them extended from the back of the gigantic head All of the cables honed in on the two, but Tatsumi grabbed Akame.

"Looks like you can cut him from here! Got for it!" Tatsumi threw Akame towards Dr. Stylish's real body, making her fly right through the attack while Tatsumi took the full brunt of the cables. Thankfully, Tatsumi's Incursio was strong enough to protect his body from taking any damage.

"...Eliminate!" Akame cleanly delivered a clean cut across Dr. Stylish's body as she flew past him, which marked the end of this battle. The teigu's poison began to do its work as black markings were crawling all over his body while making its way towards his heart and killing it.

Dr. Stylish's life perished in a short moment, causing the rest of the larger body to collapse towards the ground. Akame fell towards the ground, but Tatsumi showed up in time to catch her.

Seeing that the battle is over, Ragna huffed as he hefted his sword onto his shoulder.

"Seriously, I come home and its already in a shitfest..." Ragna muttered, before he decided to make his way towards the two. Both of the teens noticed Ragna approaching them, and their expressions brightened when they saw a familiar comrade finally returning to them.

"Seriously, what the hell did I miss while I was gone?" Ragna asked the two with a raised eyebrow. Tatsumi, in particular, gave a very exhausted smile and expression towards Ragna.

"...It's a long story."


Faraway from the scene stood another figure hiding within the shadows. When he finished witnessing the whole scene, he was completely shocked by the end of it.

"Do my eyes deceive me...? Is it really him?" he quietly said to himself with astonishment. He stared on a bit longer, a small smile curved on his lips.

"Is really is him...to think he ended up in this world just like me...!" he said to himself with an elated tone. He begun to quietly laugh while clutching onto his sides.

"Ha ha ha ha...! My my, things are really taking a turn here!" he said to himself with excitement.

A snakelike grin soon grew on his face, and his green eyes flashed brightly.

"Well then Rags, I certainly hope you can liven things up! Things were honestly starting to get a bit stale around here!"

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(One of the reasons why it took so long)

You know what took a VERY long time to make this chapter? It is the segment of how the Revolutionary Army accepts Ragna! Seriously! I've gone through practically 10 fricken REWRITES of this chapter, debating whether I should add or remove some certain scenes! I especially worked on this very big scene for this chapter that was 3,500+ words long, but the thing is, it didn't make ANY lick of sense at all! It was at this point I said fu** it and took out that scene, making me realize I wasted MONTHS of working on it.

And forgive me if this chapter is bad to you guys. I've practically forced myself to write this and wanted this chapter done with. Writing fanfics are not as easy you think.

(The Beginning Scene)

Honestly, this scene honestly stumped me on how I'm supposed to write the Revolutionary Army's reaction to Ragna being the third force.

Because I can't just make it really short where I'm just going to write, "Hey, you're the third force helping us? Glad to have you on board!" and accept him no questions asked. I felt that was full of cringe.

And I can't go full on paranoia, because that would be as full of cringe as I mentioned earlier. So I've decided to go with the middle road and have them be skeptical at first, but then accept Ragna afterwards.

As for why the leaders of the Revolutionary Army were skeptical about Ragna, it is mainly due to the fact that they are under stress, especially after with recent events. And fighters like Ragna rarely come around (with the exception of Esdeath). They are, however, realistic and need all the help that they can get. To see Ragna come into play is a huge benefit for them, and they are using it to their full advantage.

(Ragna's reaction)

I know it seems a bit OOC for Ragna to be uncomfortable upon receiving positive feedback from the Revolutionary Army soldiers, but you have to remember that Ragna has been treated as a criminal or like shit most of his time. Even if he has been treated civilly or friendly by his friends and comrades, Ragna is at the very least familiar with them.

To suddenly receive praise and admiration from a large group of people that Ragna barely knows, I'm just assuming its just a very sudden shift on Ragna and he doesn't know how to deal with it. That's my take on Ragna's reaction to this.

(A minor character's time to shine)

So I felt the The Lord (an actual canon character, go look him up on Wikia) is a very important figure in the Akame Ga Kill world. Unfortunately, we never really expanded upon his character or his impact to the story. I felt like he was just there just to move the plot along.

So I've decided to make use of him within this chapter. Congrats minor character, you've managed to help me write the meeting scene.

(A New Particular Idea)

So who else is hyped for the upcoming game of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle? Cause I am!

And EVER since I saw this, I felt like I want to celebrate this momentous announcement and upcoming game with something. And that's when it hit me?

Why not create a fanfic crossover of Ragna and RWBY?

I would've gone with Under Night In Birth or Persona 4, but I feel like they don't connect at all. UNIB, while they have a interesting set of characters and setting, honestly isn't known for their story. So that's an out.

As for Persona 4, I just feel nothing but cringe at the idea. I mean, what is Ragna going to do in a literal town in the middle of nowhere? I mean sure, there is the TV world, but I don't think Ragna is going to enjoy his time in there. Ragna and Persona 4 setting do NOT mix. And I'm not having Ragna just born in the universe. It's basically just slapping an OC there with Ragna's look, personality, and powers.

Anyways, I'm assuming that you guys read other BlazBlue crossover fics, particularly RWBY, since it has the most crossover fics compared to other animes/games/etc, and I tried to think up of something original that will make my fanfic stand out among the rest.

And this is what I thought up of: Ragna (after Central Fiction), ends up in the world of RWBY, and becomes recruited by Ozpin to be a combat instructor at Beacon Academy.

What do you guys think?

A Quick and Curious Question

Even though I said I don't like the idea of a crossover of BlazBlue and Persona, I'm quite curious to see what is Ragna's Arcana and Persona would be? What are your thoughts?

Trivia: BlazBlue's Es special attacks are named after members of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

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