This is my first collaboration fan-fiction, and, whadd'ya know? It's another Superjail fic! We've already typed up a majority of the story, but, I don't want to pressure any of my readers to have to read the entire story just to make sure they can get to the new content. I feel a bit awkward about this story, but it's not too bad!

Jessica was walking along, glancing around at the scene around her. It was all too familiar. She heard a noise behind her and was grabbed from behind and lifted, making her squeal a bit in surprise. She turned her head and Rex was holding onto her, his breath panting heavily. "Rex, what's wrong?" She asked, looking at her friend. He hissed and lifted her over his shoulder, starting to run again. She looked over at what he was running from and she saw a huge, coffin-shaped, white robot with a green digital matrix face. Her eyes widened, "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" She yelped.

Rex looked over his shoulder and saw it was starting to gain on them. He strained his face and he started sprinting, trying to get away. His breath was running out and he couldn't breathe, but he couldn't stop running. He finally tripped up and fell forward, quickly turning so he was facing upwards, saving Jessica from having her face hit the hard pavement. She opened her eyes slowly and her eyes widened a bit as the robot was towering over them. "EEP!" She squeaked, gripping onto her friend's arms. He looked up and scowled, "Shoot..." He slowly got up with her, still holding her in his arms. He was wanting to back away but he knew the robot was going to make it's move.

The sides of the robot opened up, revealing two metal claws. They stretched out and reached for Jessica and Rex, grabbing them both by their throats to make sure they couldn't escape. When he made sure they were in his grasp, he flew up into the air and started to fly away. They were flying over really crazy things, such as a Taco eating a Hamburger, or a land where Dogs were the dominant species, and Humans were the lesser species.

They eventually flew up to a large cluster of mauve-coloured clouds. As they came closer to the large cluster, it seemed like they formed into the shape of a head. The "mouth" of the clouds opened up wide, letting out a large blinding glow. The robot flew through it, still having its two new captures in its claws. Both of the two covered their eyes on instinct, not wanting to grow blind. As soon as the light died down, both of them uncovered their eyes, gasping in awe. Right in the near distance was a large volcano on a large island. It seemed like it was only a tower above the volcano, but, they what they were in for was more than just a mere tower on a volcano.

Jessica blinked and she reached up to the claw around her neck, her neck starting to get irritated by the metal. Her ponytails were flowing a bit behind her in the breeze, the bells on her hair-ties jingled a little bit as she struggled a little bit. She wiggled her legs around as she tried to get the robot to loosen it's grip a little bit, and Rex just stared out before them in shock, his breath still taken away from this amazing sight. He turned his head the best he could and saw that Jessica was struggling, and he growled a bit, "Hey, leave her out of this, I'm the one that's in trouble, why'd you grab her?" He said to the robot, knowing he most likely wouldn't get a response.

The robot, as Rex assumed, didn't give a response. The robot just ignored him and flew them just outside the large tower, which turned out to be something that looked like a whole world crammed into a large utopia just atop a volcano. The robot squeezed tight on the man's windpipe, flying over to a large metal tube. It dropped him into it, having him slide down it at a rapid speed, just for him to forcibly be slid into a prisoner's outfit, his possessions being taken from him from some metal hands with white, cartoony gloves on them.

The white robot just flew into an entrance to the large utopia, landing at a pretty-looking meadow. It set Jessica down next to a garden of vegetables then flew off. The vegetables saw her and started yelling at her, demanding her to pick them from the garden, but she didn't listen, and just stared. At least her throat wasn't being clamped shut by an uncomfortable metal grasp.
She blinked and looked around, seeing the vegetables and she looked really confused, "Um... No..." She slowly walked away from them, wandering farther into the meadow. She blinked and she looked around, What is this place!? She thought, her eyes glancing around wildly, in confusion. She then realized something, "Rex...!?" She looked around her, running around in circles for a little bit, then she lowered herself to the ground, covering her face and her breath shaking wildly as she tried to breathe.

"Well, hello there. You're quite ravishing today, aren't you?" said a very welcoming yet charming voice from behind her. She quickly turned her head around, seeing a very... Interesting... Looking man. The man who had spoken to her was a tall, skinny man. He had purple coattail jacket, also having a pair of purple work pants and a purple top hat. He had a light yellow dress-shirt, black, shiny dress shoes, a vermillion cummerbund and bow, with the top-hat's base belted with vermillion, similar to his cummerbund. He had grey gloves and yellow-orange tinted sun-glasses, hiding his eye colour. The intrigued smile he gave off to her revealed he had a gap within the center of his top teeth. He bore a black cane with a golden bulb at the top, and black hair peeked out from his hat to his ears. He tipped his hat like a gentleman, telling her, "I had Jailbot bring you here. After finding out who you were, I thought you might be of good use to..." He waved his arms in the air, his voice full of enthusiasm, "Superjail!"

Her head tilted a little bit, interested a bit, "Superjail...?" She looked around at the place and turned her gaze back to him, picking herself up off the ground, "But, this place doesn't really look like a jail..."
He seemed to take offense to that. "It's not supposed to look like a jail. It's Superjail, not just any 'ol jail." He crossed his arms. "This is my Superjail. I don't care what you think about it's looks, it's staying like this!"
She raised her hands and looked a bit startled, "I didn't mean it in a bad way! I'm sorry!" She lowered her head a bit, "I was going to say I actually really like it, and it's really pretty..." She slowly looked up then quickly looked back down, thinking she was going to be in trouble for what she had said.

Meanwhile, with Rex, he landed face first onto some concrete. He pushed himself up and started rubbing his face, growling, "Ow... My face... That hurt..." He opened his eyes and shot his angered glance around him. His eyes went wide for a moment as he was picked up by a man a lot bigger than him, "Welcome to the jail, Fresh meat..." He looked at him and kicked at him, knocking him down and landing on his feet, brushing himself off. "Don't touch me, you freak..." He said sourly. He was full of sass and anger right now. A lot of other men surrounded him as he had done that and they all glared down at him, starting to maul him. He kicked them all away though, fighting for his own sake. He threw one guy into a bunch of others who were approaching him and knocked them all down. "LEAVE. ME. ALONE!" He barked, baring his teeth at the rest of them as his eye went twitchy.

Some of them had been splattered into a bloody mess, while the survivors quickly recovered. They were all wearing the same orange attire as Rex was. He was one of them. He was one of the inmates. When he realized this was when he became more angry, and to let out his anger, he went and killed the remainder of surviving inmates.