After one day of no activity on this story, I decided to quickly get the next chapter up. In this chapter, Ultraprison makes a brief appearance while also introducing a new character. This chapter also shows how sneaky the Warden is, and how he loves Alice. A lot. Anyways, enjoy this chapter! The next one will be coming really soon! Don't forget to give me reviews, please. I still need some feedback about how this story is progressing so far.

A few days passed, and it was finally time for the ball! Jared had ordered a shipment of fancy fancy clothing for the staff a couple days ago. The clothing had arrived today, and Jailbot delivered the outfits to their respective people. Warden got an outfit that looked exactly like his current one. Jared got an outfit for the perfect big head. Alice got a nice dress, and so did Jessica.

Warden was getting dressed in the fancy fancy version of his clothing, talking to himself. "I bet Alice will look marvelous! Maybe that could be a good chance to step in and make my move." He tried talking to himself in the mirror, practicing different pick-up lines that would be appropriate for a Superjail ball.

Jessica listened from the next room, then she went out of the room, finding a different place to look at how she looked in the dress. She ended up walking into the room Alice was in. She quickly walked out though, and ended up just going into the room where Alex was, since it had a mirror in there.

He got a glimpse of her and he smiled widely, "Well, don't you look pretty?" She shot a glare at him, getting him to quiet himself. She looked in the mirror and she looked at herself. Her hair was down, which it wasn't always. Usually it was up in a ponytail or pony tails, but today, it was just down. She forgot how long her hair was, it was passed her rear end. She sighed a bit, twirling around. "Do I really look good..." She asked the prisoner, looking at him curiously. He smiled a bit and nodded, "Absolutely beautiful." She smiled a bit, "I would have asked you to go if you were going to be this nice to me... But I'm already going with Warden..."

He frowned as soon as he heard his name, "Ew... Why do you even like that bucktooth loser?" She shot a fiery glare at him, "He's not a loser. You need to shut your mouth..." She turned on her heel and walked out, ignoring him calling out to her and telling her to come back.

A few hours had passed, and it was almost time for the ball, when suddenly, there was a crash from somewhere in the jail. Jessica picked up her dress skirt and started dashing to the place where it happened. It was a large pink ship, which opened up and some ladies came out. Then a smaller, egg shaped ship came down next to it, which it opened up and a tall haired lady, a transgender he-she, and another tall woman that looked similar to the Warden in a sense.

Wait, one more came out of the ship. He was a tall, light blonde boy with blue eyes, and he was wearing a tux with a tie, he was adjusting it as he walked out. "Mistress, where are we?" The boy asked.

She looked around then scowled a little bit, "Oh good lord, not this place again..." She looked around, knowing that "he" and the rest of his whacko crew would come soon. She looked down to see the small blonde girl, and she looked at her curiously, "And who are you?" She asked.

She blinked, turning her head, feeling pressured since she was the only one here at this moment. "Um... My name is Jessica..." She said, turning her head back around to face her. "I-I'm the Warden's assistant... He had me join about a year ago." She glanced back over her shoulder then she turned back again, looking at the Mistress. She looked down at her and nodded, "Well then..."

Meanwhile, in the lounge, Jared and Alice were getting some coffee. Warden was getting some as well. The fact they were all there made it convenient for the boss, because he was about to hold a meeting, and, what better place to do it then a coffee-filled wonderland?

While Warden was taking a drink of coffee, he started speaking to both of his staff about the events they'll hold at the ball, all while he had hot coffee in his mouth.

Jared nodded a little bit with a smile, "These plans sound wonderful for tonight, Sir!" He then took a sip of his own coffee, feeling a bit refreshed and energized. He then noticed what the Warden was doing and he said this, trying to be funny, "I didn't know you were a ventriloquist, Sir."

Warden crossed his arms, swallowing his coffee. "Are you trying to be funny or are you trying to make me puke?" He leaned closer to Jared. "'Cause, you're not funny, you know."

He looked down, "Oh, um, sorry about that, Sir..." He then had something in his mind click, "Where's Jessica at? Shouldn't she know what the festivities will be tonight as well?" The top-hatted man thought for a moment. "She knows about the ball, but I don't recall knowing where she is." He hatched an idea. "I'll just call Jailbot to find her!"

Just then, that's when the crash happened, in the same sector as before. Jared spilled his coffee all over himself in his fright. "Wh-wh-what was that!?" He said, shocked and flailing his arms a bit.

"There hasn't been a crash at the particular sector since..." The Warden counted on his fingers. "Err... A few years ago, I think." Jared thought again and then, his eyes widened with a smile, "OH JOY!" He got up, "It's the people of Ultraprison, I bet!"

"Ultraprison!?" The Warden sounded disgusted. "Eeww... We don't need anymore girls here. Alice is en- Alice and Jessica are enough ladies." He really didn't like the Mistress.

Jared looked at him a bit oddly but then he scurried out of the room, "Well we might as well help them get out sooner!" He called back, eager to see Cherice.

Meanwhile, back with Jessica, she was startled to see that the tall boy had walked up to her, towering over her a little bit. He still had a friendly, kind smile however. "Um... Hi, I'm Jessy..." He greeted her, holding out his hand. His hand was still big compared to her tiny child-like hands, "I-I'm Jessica..." She said, wondering if it was just a coincidence that they looked similar and had almost identical names.

She quickly backed away and she turned around, seeing that Jared had finally made his way down here. He ran straight past her and ran to Cherice, hugging her. Jessica blinked and shrugged, also looking back again to see if the Warden was going to come down to see what the crash was all about.

The Warden was slowly heading there, not wanting to see the Mistress, but, wanting to get them out as quickly as possible, but, the only way to do that was to find out why they're here in the first place.

Once Jessica seen him come down, she smiled, 'Good, he did come down here...' The Mistress shivered at the sight of him, wanting to get out of here ASAP. "Nova please hurry up and get this fixed..." She said, shivering. She walked back towards the egg shaped ship and told Jessy to come with them. He nodded back to her and he turned his head back, waving to the smaller girl.

She waved back slowly, turning back around and let out a soft sigh. 'Why did I get butterflies in my stomach when I first saw him...?' She looked down at her hands then she looked back up at the Warden, 'That's the feeling that I get when I look at him... but... Why not this time?' She was surprised, seeing how that she didn't get that same flutter of her heart when she caught a glimpse of him this specific time.

The Warden noticed her looking at him. He looked right back at her. "Why are you looking at me like that, Jessica?"

As soon as he had asked her the question, she shot her gaze down at her feet, shaking a bit with nervousness plus, it was getting cold outside, and now that the jail had been opened up to the outside air... Well, it was starting to come in through there, which she shivered then vigorously. "Ooooooooh cold..." She muttered, her teeth shattering and she raised her hands to rub her arms.

"You look cold, Jessica." her boss said, pulling a blanket out of his hat. He put it around her to hopefully warm her up. He secretly put a small little spy bug on the blanket without her noticing. 'I'll get to see what secrets she may be hiding. If this little bug works, then I can sneak one on Jared and Alice, too, so no one's secrets will be safe from me.'

The bug secretly crawled into Jessica's clothes, hiding there, recording everything she says and does. She smiled a bit and nodded, "Thanks, Sir..." She grabbed the blanket and stalked away to the stairs which then she bolted up them, zooming to her chair and quickly writing down another diary entry.

Dear Diary,

I've seen that the Warden has a crazy interest for Alice, but I still don't understand, why he doesn't realize that I'm here and waiting for him to notice me? It's like I'm not even a person to him at all... I bet he just thinks of me as a playmate... Nothing more, nothing less... It kind of makes me wonder why... Is it just because I'm not good enough? What's the deal here...? I still don't understand him enough I guess... ... But I wish that I was at least up in that range of his interest so I at least gave Alice some sort of competition for his... Um... Attention I guess...

Something felt like it was crawling on her skin and she twitched around uncomfortably. "Ehgh... It feels like I have a bug on me...!" She reached down her back and felt around, but she couldn't find anything. "... Nope, I guess I'm just feeling things..." She murmured, then went back and numbered what entry this was of her diary keepings. So far it was her second one.

She went ahead and read it aloud to herself, making sure she had written down everything she had wanted to get off her chest.