This story will be mainly about Tsuna, and as the title says, Tsuna have some personality problems. But do not worry! :D Our lovely shy, Tsuna is still there!

With Insanity to Love


Sawada Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna as many calls him, was a very shy boy that never really likes socializing with people, and he was always clumsy. However, his mother loves him like a mother should, but the bullying at school became a problem…

Tsuna stood at the entrance of Namimori Elementary with a big frown. He knew that those big kids who would insult him would be waiting for him inside. He also knew that his mother disapproves of skipping school.

So it was either go in and get bullied, or skip school and get a light scolding from his mother.

Tsuna didn't do any of those.

Instead, he went inside the building and walked to the cafeteria, asking the lady for a plastic fork, and walked back to his classroom with a renewed confidence. He had an idea that would hopefully stop those mean people that would bully him.

When he entered the room, his bullies immediately cornered him and made fun of him. While they were laughing, Tsuna quietly brought out the fork the lady had kindly given him and poked one of the bully's arms.

Tsuna blinked and smiled to himself when the bully let out a cry of pain. If he poked them some more, they would surely leave him alone!

So everyday whenever he goes to school, he would bring something sharp, like a pencil or a plastic knife, and poked his bullies. After a few days, they know enough that they would stop getting red marks on their arms if they avoid Tsuna. And they did.

Tsuna was really happy that they stopped bothering him, and he'd come home perfectly fine with a few scratches that he made himself here and there.

But the bulling started again after he entered middle school, and Tsuna's insane and weird ideas to stop the bullies came back.

Oh how the bullies were not happy.

So do you like the idea of Tsuna being all insane and sadistic? :D Just wait until Reborn comes, then let's see if our beloved Tsuna is just there.

And I am really not descriptive when it comes to 3rd P.O.V. So I will write in Tsuna's point of view, which will be quite awkward.

So I have another story I want to make, and it's about a new OC that is blind due to some injuries when she was five and the title will be called 'For Blindness to Die.'

It's going to be an OCxAll, and my poor OC is going to be a 2nd Boss of her Famiglia because she is the only daughter of that family. Her parents were killed for a reason that I won't say because I'm going to spoil it. :D

So yes, if you're interested in this story, I'll continue it.