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It would be a lie to say that this story is about how dreamsharing was born; even thought said theme does have a considerable importance to it. It would also be a lie to say that it's about the Trance, or what was left of it; or about the Truce, or the war, or any of those things that should matter history wise.

No. This is a story about a bunch of kids. And that's all there really is to it.

You see, whether this takes place before or after your current life hardly matters. But you need to know about it to understand this story. So, here we go.

As most things, this started with a war. A huge war. Be it for money, rights, food… it doesn't matter, the point is that it happened, and all that was left were a handful of broken lands and survivors.

With little to no useful ground were to settle, people started to get together and build a home, if you could actually call it that. Towns started to appear, far from each other, separated by whether frozen or dried lands. They could have done better. But they could also have done worst.

However, as in any kind of society, no matter how broken and small, rich people didn't take long to make an appearance.

When there's a war there are hardly ever any winners, but there are always the ones that loose little to nothing. These people needed a place to settle and thanks to the already arranged towns with good ground, they needn't wait.

Soon, these little towns became villages and cities. And after a few years there was little memory of the war that had created all this.

Cities grew wider and wealthier and soon it was as if nothing had ever happened.

This period, was called The Truce. Soon enough a market and communication system was developed between lands and a Leader Government was formed to unite them. And there was peace.

Of course, that's not even the half of it, now is it?

No. Of course not.

Whatever problems each land may have had are not really our problem, instead we're focusing on the Southern Lands. The poorest one.

See, after everything that had happened there were no intercontinental relationships, and with continents we mean islands. Huge islands, but islands nonetheless.

The continent where this story takes place is the Pacific Island. Here, there were four main Lands: Northern, Western… you know the drill.

Each of them had once been a somewhere, maybe a place you once knew even. But now… it depended on who you asked. For example, in this case. The Southern Land was the poorest of the Continent. It consisted on a main city -actually the only city- surrounded by kilometers of dead ground.

This big city was called Mirage. Call it funny, wicked, asshole-ishly ironic, whatever you want. This city hardly stood for the concept you may know. Well, maybe not. While it had no walls inside, it was separated in well defined districts. People with good life and means lived in the center of the city, with well designed roads and architecture. The further you got from the center, the further you got from a dream life. And for the wealthy people, those peripheral districts didn't even exist, nor the people living in them.

It was in one of those districts where out story begins. And it all started with a pickpocket, a cardsharp and a decoy…

But first, let's start from scratch.

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