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"Well, Arthur" Eames said "What did you do back there? We had everything under control"

"Right" Arthur crossed his arms. Cobb was still shaken from what had just happened. Truth be told, that kid had saved their asses.

"Hey!" Eames frowned, although Dom could see a hint of amusement, the hint that would usually make company to any sort of emotion visiting Eames' mind.

"Eames" he tried to stop him. He was too tired for this and they needed to go.

"No, no" Eames said keeping his eyes on the smaller kid "How old are you anyway, kid?" but the boy wasn't provoked.

"Six" he said. And if Cobb wasn't who he was, he would have cracked up at Eames expression.

"You're kidding boy, there's absolutely no way you pulled that stunt together all by yourself, least of all at bloody six"

"You do what you have to, right?" he said "I don't think you were different at my age" and the other two had to look at each other at that, Eames looking suspiciously at the kid the second after.

"What do you want?" he asked. Not that they would ever act as they owed him. Poor people couldn't afford to be noble.

"Take me with you"

"What?" Dom asked. Now he was actually curious about the smaller kid. The six-year-old kid. This was already feeling like a complicated thing.

"You've got to be kidding me" Eames snorted "There's absolutely no way we're any sort of kipping you, what you want us to play babysitter?"

"No" Arthur said, not minding the attitude "I know you're from another district, I've seen you looking around the area, I just need a lift" he shrugged.

Cobb was really curious now. First of all, if he hadn't been the first to say it, Eames would certainly have already told him to go and leave the crazy kid behind. But not only had they listened to him, they hadn't left yet either. Normally they would already be running away but for some reason he just knew that the Guards wouldn't find them now. And that was a first.

Second, the kid was only six. Six, and he had made the perfect get away. And not only that, he had noticed them from the start. So why-

"Why wouldn't you just leave?" Eames asked for him. And for the first time, the kid reacted by looking weary and looking over his shoulder.

"Those people saw you, the Guards too" he suddenly said "That means you'll have to be careful to leave, I just need to leave the district with you"

"Ah, so you wouldn't be able to just leave on your own?" Eames nodded with a smirk "You rich or something? Trying to run away from home"



Eames gave a side glance to Cobb. They both understood now.

"Well, first, you should know that we're not about to act like we owe you!" he snorted "And if what you're saying is true, taking you with us could turn into a real mess for us"

"I'll pay you" he said seriously. That had them both with wider eyes.

"And what makes you think that we wouldn't just rob you before leaving, or give you back to whoever owns you?" and neither of them ignored the way the kid micro-flinched at the word.

"I don't have the money here. You have to go soon and not be seen, that means during night time" the kid said "and that means that you wouldn't be able to afford robbing me because I would scream and make a scene. And you like money"

Surprisingly, Eames was the one looking smug, not the kid, who had merely stated random facts according to his tone.

"If you want to leave so much, I don't think you can afford making a scene either" Cobb said this time while glaring at the kid.

"I can" the kid confirmed with what almost seemed like a peaceful expression. The two older kids looked at each other again before Eames threw his head backwards with a sigh and Cobb looked at the kid.

"Alright" he said "We gotta wait until it's dark"

"So what? We just sit here until then?" Eames asked with sarcasm. Cobb was about to say something when Arthur answered.

"I know a place"

"No, it's alright" Cobb said "We can stay here as long as no one is coming" he said with raised eyebrows to which Arthur shook his head.

"No one ever comes here, it's like a blind spot" he shrugged.

"Huh" Eames nodded "Well, dear Arthur, you see, I don't really care but as I'm bored and curious, which doesn't usually happen" Yeah right, Cobb thought "I'll ask, how did you pull that escape?"

"I don't tend to tell that to anyone, Mr… Eames, isn't it?" and Cobb almost laughed at Eames' expression.

"He's Eames, yeah" he was starting to like the kid, or at least he didn't dislike him so far "I'm Cobb"


"Dom" Eames corrected with a shrug. What was people's problem with his last name?

"Mmm" Arthur nodded, apparently satisfied with the name "well, it doesn't matter how I did it, but that I'm able to do it" he shrugged "I don't think you'd tell me how you do those card tricks or how you" he looked at Cobb "pick people's pockets"

"Touché" Eames smiled "Do you usually pull stunts like that?"

"I don't usually have to" he stated and Dom had to gulp. Te kid's stare was so blank that he didn't know if he had just answered honestly or if he was making a point about how he didn't usually got caught as to use a distraction tactic. Be it as it may, the kid had balls. Eames was now squinting at him with a mix of amusement and indignity, as if trying to decide whether to laugh or punch the him.

"What were you doing there then?" Dom asked before Eames could make up his mind "I didn't see you taking any money" Eames and he looked at each other. Yes, neither of them had noticed the kid.

"I don't take money. I take stuff" and he pulled a coppery looking pocket watch. A very familiar coppery looking pocket watch. Cobb could feel his eyes going wide as Eames swore.

"Is that a freaking Guard's?!" he strode over to Arthur, the kid looking weary and holding the watch tighter to himself. Eames didn't seem to notice "How-?! Did you- Did you just took this?!"

"Yeah" the kid said "They're not that bright" and that seemed to do it. Eames looked at Dom with a mischievous grin, as if about to ask whether he could keep the lonely dog as a pet (as he had already done a few times before).

"Alright kid, you've convinced me" Eames laughed "How did you get yer hands on this?"

"I try to take one every time they make a scene" Arthur shrugged, making Eames laugh louder.

"What for?" Cobb asked curiously.

"You never know when it might come in handy" was the kid's blank response.

Eames kept talking about food (it was after lunch when the whole thing had happened) and liked to eat after almost being caught. If you get to eat another meal, then you must go and eat one, he would say.

Arthur guided them through some roofs and lost alleys, before announcing that they were now at the other end of town, so the Guards wouldn't be a problem. There was a market set in a small road and they followed Arthur through it. Once at the other side of it, Eames was eating some bread and a green apple, Dom had a bag of grapes in his hand and a bunch of coins in his pocket, and they were both surprised to see Arthur with a little bag of blue berries in his hand.

Arthur then led them through some other maze of alleyways until they were in a little space behind some poor houses where some light still managed to enlighten it. They sat there then and ate.

"Alright" Eames began while eating the last piece of bread "Let's make something clear. We don't owe you anything. We're only helping you cause yer gonna pay us. And you better pay us" he deadpanned. Arthur nodded while eating a blue berry "Where do you have it anyway?"

"You really just asked that?" the boy asked confused, making Cobb smirk around a mouthful of grapes. Eames just raised his eyebrows with a shrug.

"We don't know of you really have the money at all" he said "You could just be lying"

"And you could just be lying about taking me with you"

"Well, yeah" Eames smiled "But that's your loss, not ours. We don't have money now, so it's not like we would be losing anything more than some hypothetical gain" and he gave a piece of bread to Cobb, the later handing him some grapes "And, like I said, we don't owe you, so we could just leave right now"

"He is right" Dom said "All in all, you're doing some really bad bet here. So either you're not that bright" a scoff from Eames right there "Or you're dumb and desperate"

"I know" Arthur said blankly, making Dom and Eames glance at each other "I could tell you I'm desperate, but that would be dumb. I could tell you I know what I'm doing, which could or could not be a lie. I could go stay with you until night time and not have any money or do have some. No matter which, you could just take it or not and hit me senseless and/or kill me and leave me in front of a station" he stated simply.

Dom and Eames looked at each other seriously. Everything the dark haired boy had said, whist true, was way more than what they'd do. They could leave him, yes. But hit the crap out of him was another topic entirely. It was not necessary what so ever, not that they'd tell him that. In this world, people better believe you are capable of anything they might imagine.

"Either way" the kid interrupted their thoughts "the point is, I would be losing no more than a hypothetical gain either" he shrugged.

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