"How it All began, The Winchesters"

**This story is how it all began, the early yrs. I would like to say Thank you to Jenmm31 who really helped me be a better writer. Always give credit where credit is due.**

John Winchester has tried to figure out which demon killed his wife, when his youngest child Lexi, was only 6 months old. John, who ]has been raising his three kids, Dean 17 Sam 14 and Lexi 10. He was teaching his kids to be hunters. They would live on the road going from Motel to Motel, while killing every demon they found.

John was out in a field trying to teach his ten year old how to be a hunter.

"C'mon sweetheart show dad how hard you can hit." John was telling his daughter who was training with Sam.

"I don't want to hurt him." Lexi was telling her father.

"C'mon Lexi just hit me." Sam told his sister.

Lexi stood there and given a real good right hook to Sam's jaw. Sam fell backwards not realizing how hard she hit him.

"Sammy, Sammy, I am so sorry." She told her brother when she bent down beside him.

She felt so bad that she had to hit her brother.

"Its ok." Sam said to her rubbing his jaw.

Dean was watching nearby when he thought it was funny.

"Not funny Dean." Sam said to his brother, when he looked over to him.

"It is when you get hit by a girl who just happened to be only ten. " Dean told his brother.

"Dean!" John yelled out for his son.

Dean knew better not to hold up his father. So he was running over to him quickly.

"Yes Sir?" Dean asked his father, when he came up next to him.

"Your turn." John said to his when John turned around and laughed.

"Mine?" Dean shockingly asked his father.

"C'mon sis sock it to him." Sam told his sister.

"Daddy do I have to? I already hurt one brother I don't wanna hurt another." She told her father sadly.

"YES!" John demanded to his daughter.

Lexi closed her eyes and threw a punch to Dean which made him too fall back.

"Wow she has some hard punch." Dean told his father, as he was getting up off the ground.

"Dean, I am so sorry." Lexi again apologized to her oldest brother.

"Hey its ok." Dean told her shaking his head.

"Hey you boys keep training with her I have work to do." John told his sons when he was heading inside.

"How much more training do we? We have been out here for hours?" Lexi asked her brothers.

"Just a few minutes more." Dean told her when she was huffing away from him.

Dean was then helping his sister train to be the best hunter there is. After a few hours, John was making the kids come in.

"Go get cleaned up, so we can get dinner." John told them all.

Lexi was heading into the bathroom for a quick shower since she was all sweaty. When she was done she threw her hair in a pony-tail.

"Ok we ready?" John asked his kids.

"Daddy, can I go with Dean and Sam please?" She begged her father.

John gave Dean a look when Dean nodded to his father that it was ok.

"Yeah sure sweetheart." He told his daughter when he saw her smile.

John watched his daughter go with her brothers, he then climbed into his truck and they both drove off to the diner.

"Hey Lexi, how come you wanted to come with us?" Dean was asking his sister while he was wondering.

"Um- I just wanted to." She told him shyly.

They then pulled up to a diner that was up the road from the Motel of where they were staying. When Lexi was getting out she saw a bunch of truck drivers standing around.

"Slide in next to Dean." John told his daughter when she did what she was told.

"Yes Sir." She told her father.

"Whatcha getting?" He was then asking her.

"I guess a burger and fries." She told her brother just when the waitress was coming to take their order.

"Hi." The girl said in a flirting way to John.

John sat there with a big smile. "Three burgers and fries." He said to her.

"I'll have a chicken sandwich." Sam told her when he was giving his order.

"I'll be back." She said when she winked at John.

John sat there blushing while the waitress was flirting. Dean was not happy that his dad was flirting. After they don eating they were headed back to the Motel. It was then getting late.

"Ok I am going out for a while." John was telling his kids.

"Daddy wont you tuck me in?" Lexi asked her father.

"No sweetie. Dean and Sam are here. Sam will tuck you in when you get into bed." He told her giving her a kiss on her head before heading out.

"Where's he going?" Lexi asked her brother when she watched her father pull out of the Motel parking lot.

"Who knows, probably a bar." Dean told his sister which he hated his father for always leaving them.

Lexi was then getting ready for bed. She climbed onto the bed where Sam was watching tv.

"Nite Sammy." She told her brother.

"Nite." Sam said to her when he was tucking her in.

"Nite punk butt." Dean told his sister with a smile.

Lexi laid there with a smile. She didn't mind the nick name Dean gave her. She had then fallen asleep. The next day they were getting up early, John need to bring Lexi somewhere it was safe.

"Lexi honey, we are gonna go for a ride." John was saying when he was trying to wake his daughter up.

"Dad, where ya going with Lexi? " Dean then asked his father.

"You don't need to know that." John told his son.

"Dad, where are you taking my sister?" Seventeen yr old Dean kept asking his father.

"She needs to go where its safe." John said to his son.

"She will be safe with me." Dean yelled at his father.

"Excuse me." He told Dean when he surprised of Dean's attitude.

"Dad look, I can take care of her, like I did with Sammy." Dean was saying when John picked up lexi and brought her to his truck.

Lexi was in the truck upset knowing that she wasn't going to see her two older brother's for a while. John had then driven off to another hunter's house of where she would be staying.

"Sam this is wrong. She should be with us, her family." Dean told his fourteen yr old brother Sam.

"How long did he say she was going to be gone for?" Sam asked his older brother when he sat there wondering.

"That was it, he didn't." Dean told Sam giving him a sad but worried look.

When John got to where he needed to be, he was dropping Lexi off.

"Don't worry John, she will be safe here." Alex was telling John.

John was giving his daughter a kiss good-bye.

"You be good." He told his daughter when a tear was coming down Lexi's face.

"Daddy please don't leave me. I'll be good." She begged her father, as John hurried up and left so he didn't have to hear her sobbing.

He was feeling bad but he knew he had to protect her from all kinds of evil. He didn't want to lose her like he with his wife, Mary.

"Love you baby girl." John said to himself as a tear fell down his face as well.

Lexi stood at the end of the driveway watching her father's truck leave until it no long was seen.

"Come on, lets get you settled in." Alex was telling her.

He was bringing her up to her new room. In the house were three young guys about Dean's age.

"Boys this is Lexi. Lexi this is Tom, Pete and Lou." Alex was telling her.

Looking at these three she was thinking of her own two brothers, Dean and Sam. While up in her room, she took out from her bag a photo of her sitting on Dean's lap with Sam. She was trying to get settled in, since she was going to be staying for a while. She couldn't believe that her father would drop her off at some strangers home. She sat on her bed and cried her eyes out.
It was days and Lexi was still moping around the house, missing her dad, brothers and even her Uncle Bobby. She knew she needed to leave this place. She didn't want to be there. She was thinking of an escape plan. She was going to put her plan into motion after dinner.

"Hey dinner time, kid." Tom said to her when he came up to her room.

"My name is Lexi, not kid." She told him when she walked past him and was heading downstairs.

"This one here has an attitude I see." Tom was telling his father.

"Oh really. Hmm. Might have to straighten that." Alex was saying when Lexi was wondering what that meant.

At dinner she was sitting next to Lou and Pete. Lou was giving her smiles which were making her uncomfortable at the table.

"Can I call my daddy to say good-night?" Lexi was asking nicely.

"Sorry, no can do." Alex told her when she looked sad.

She quickly ate her dinner, so she can get her plan into action. She was not going to stay in this house for another minute.

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