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The next day they were waking up. Lexi was rubbing her eyes as she was waken up.

"Morning little one." Dean said to his sister when he saw waking up.

"Hey Dean. Where's Sammy?" She asked her brother when she was then looking around.

"Went to get some coffee." He told her.

"Were heading out, Dad called and were gonna meet up with him." He said to her when she was then scooted off the bed to get dress.

When Sam came back they were heading out to meet up with their dad. There was a diner up the road from where they were staying. Dean was pulling into the parking lot. Sam was waiting for his sister to get out of the car. Just then John too had pulled up. He saw Sam waiting for his sister.

"Boys. Alexandrea." John said to his kids.

"Hey Daddy." She told her father when she was giving him a hug hello.

They were then heading inside. John saw a booth for them to sit in.

"Sit in with your brother." John told her when she was slid into the seat with Dean.

Dean gave his sister a look, he she wanted to sit with Sam.

"So everything ok?" John asked Dean and Sam.

"Yeah fine." Sam said to him.

"She being good too?" John asked.

"Dad you were only gone over night." She told him confusingly.

Lexi looked at her brothers wondering what they would say.

"No yeah, she's been good. No problem." Dean told his father.

"Good. Stay that way." John told his daughter.

"Yes sir." She told him.

A young waitress was coming by to take their order.

"What can I get you folks?" She was then asking them.

"I'll have pancakes with a coffee." John told her.

"I'll have 2 egg whites, wheat toast and a bowl of fresh fruit, with coffee." Sam said next.

"I'll have a bagel with a Dr Pepper." Lexi told her.

"Sir and for you?" She was then asking Dean.

"I'll take the Hungry special with coffee… black." Dean said to her.

She had then walked away.

"So what next for us?" Sam asked his father.

"There's a job in Ohio. I think we need to look into it." John said when he told them.

"Us. Meaning were gonna work together on this?" Dean asked his father.

"Yes. A family job." He told them when their food was then coming.

When Lexi saw Dean's plate she was shocked to see all that food.

"You're gonna eat ALL that?" She asked her brother.

"Oh yeah." He said to her with a big smile.

"So what's the case of?" Sam asked.

"Not here. Follow me and well stop a Motel." John told them.

"Can I still go with Dean?" She asked her father.

"Yeah you can." He told her when he smiled at her.

"Cool." She told herself but they all saw.

After a while they were almost ready to leave.

"Daddy I have to use the bathroom." She told her father.

Sam take your sister and we'll meet you two at the car." John said.

"Yes sir." Sam said to his father when he was then taking her to the bathroom.

"You know she has been great with us." Dean told his dad.

"I see she likes being with ya." John said.

"Yes Sir." Dean said with a smile.

They were then headed out to wait for Sam and Lexi. When they were done they were going out by John and Dean.

"Ok we ready?" John asked his kids.

"Yup." She told her father when she slid into the back seat of the Impala.

"Follow me." John was telling Dean.

Dean was following John for a few hours. They were driving right through just stopping for gas. When they reached Ohio, John was looking for a Motel closer to where they were going to be. They pulled into the parking lot.

"I'll be right out." John said to them.

"How you doin' back there?" Sam asked his sister.

"Ok." She told her brother.

John was then taking them to their room. When they were settled in John was going over the case.

"Ok so what's the case?" Sam asked his dad.

"Vampires." John said.

Dean was shocked that Lexi will be hunting her first vampire.

"Uh dad Lexi too?" Dean asked his father.

"Yes son, her too." John said.

"All due to respect but you think its ok for her to hunt that?" Dean asked him.

"If she had the proper training from you both then she's ready." John said to his sons.

"Yes Sir." The boys told their father.

"Alexandrea, we will be hunting Vampires. You stay close to your brothers. Do you hear me?" He asked her.

"Yes sir." She said with a scared look on her face.

"Don't worry, Sammy and I will be with ya." Dean whispered to her.

"Thanks." She told him.

They were waiting til it was dark. When they arrived by the nest, John was handing everyone a machete. He was also getting what he was going to need. Dead man's blood.

"Just slice their necks off." John said to her.

She held onto it tightly. John was going one way and Dean, Sam and Lexi were heading another way. They were too meet back by the cars when the job was done.

"Ready?" Dean asked his sister.

"I guess." She told him.

When they were entering the nest, the Vampires were sleeping. Just then they woke up and the Winchesters were fighting with the Vamps. One of them threw Lexi and she hit the wall. When she did, she let a cry out. But she was able to cut one of the Vamps heads off. Another came at her.

"LEXI!" Dean cried out to his sister.

When he took care of the Vampire that he was struggling with he managed to take care of the one who almost bit into his sister. Dean then ran over to her and scooped her up while headed back to the car. John saw Dean carrying his sister.

"What happened?" John asked.

"She was thrown and she hit the wall." Dean explained.

"Dam." John said when they placed her in the car.

They were headed back to the Motel room. When they arrived John carried her inside.

"Dam maybe she's not ready." John was saying while wondering.

"Are ya kidding? She did some good slicing back there." Dean told his father.

"Really." John said proudly.

He was then cleaning her up. He let her rest on the bed.

"Daddy." She mumbled.

"Hey baby girl. Get some 'll talk in the morning." He said to her when they were all getting some sleep.

The next day John was gone. Dean and Sam weren't surprised. John was known for doing things like that.