Hey everyone this is NinjaFang1331 speak and this is just an update and changes to the characters that Naruto will find and add to his Namikaze branch family.

Peerage: King is obviously Naruto, leader of the group.

Queen: Thalia(Percy Jackson) 'Uchiha' with very high lightning release(can turn herself into lightning to fight) and can open 7 gates if needed, second in command. She is also a former Uchiha that is an outcast because of what her father did by getting her mother pregnant who was outside the clan twice and her little brother being killed for it.

Rook: 'Young' Yoruichi(Bleach) is a stealth expert that shows a lot of power when she fights hand- to-hand, and has impressive speed when involving all the strength she has in her legs.

Rook: Kirito(SAO) is a boy that uses a duel kenjutsu style. He is a great hunter and is always training when he is not napping or following orders. He doesn't focus on speed, but relies on his reaction time and powerful strikes to end his opponents.

Knight: Asuna(SAO) is a girl that wanted to make her family proud, but lost them when a bandit raid set her home on fire and she was the only one to escape. She is a quick style kenjutsu uses that strikes fast and uses most stabbing to kill her enemies. She is the cookinthe group with the assisants of Akame.

Knight: Akame(akame ga kill) 'Yuhi' is a girl that was trained to be an assassin at a you age along with her sister until they were force to fight until one was dead. Is a bounty hunter. She is also the little sister of Kurenai Yuhi, but she left with Naruto and Thalia because they were the only two friends she had.

Bishop: Sinon(SAO) she is a light blue haired girl that was traumatized when she killed a man that was going to kill her. She is a long specialist that different kinds of long range equipment, but mostly a bow and arm that either kills the old faction way or makes the arrows blow up or shocks on impact. She is a hunter.

Bishop: Kairi(Kingdom) has light release that can many things that can making a bow and arrow to angel wings, does chores such as cooking and cleaning. She has some skill in kenjutsu with making light release swords.

Pawn: Ty Lee(The Last Air Bender) has amazing Taijutsu and a few fire jutsu. Entertainer. Took 1 pawn piece.

Pawn: Toph(The Last Air Bender) blind but has amazing earth release and is a sensor. Hunter. Took 2 pawn pieces.

Pawn: Yuffie(Final Fantasy) is amazing a long range weaponary and is a hunter. Took 2 pawn pieces.

Pawn: Black Star(Soul Eater) he is a swordsmen and uses kenjutsu and taijutsu and his dream is to win against every kage with just that; he is also a hunter. Took 3 pawn pieces.

Now, I know I made a lot of changes, but let me explain why. Some of the reason's why I changed some of the characters is because some of them just didn't fit in the story challenge that made. Like Fang from Maximum Ride, I liked his character, but I had to think about what he could do in the story and who his character was. I know that I said that some of these character's personalities would change depending on the author that accepts the story. I needed to make the challenge story easier on the author who accepts that story, so he/she didn't have to do so much research went writing the story.

P.S. - I am still looking for someone to adopt this story from me. I am willing to help them along with it to make it easier on them.