The Road to Canada: THE REDUX:

Author's note: This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fan fiction that is basically the walking dead video game series but with my OC Nick, you don't need to be reading the walking dead: TLOZ to read this as this is even a different universe from that. Nick is 25 in this.

Chapter 1: A New Day: On a perfectly normal summer day I had just came back from visiting my brother in Vancouver, I arrived at an airport in Atlanta. I was on my way to Macon when the dead started walking. My Ford mustang eventually ran out of gas and I decide to walk the rest of the way. I search a house for gas when I come across a zombie. I end up killing it by pushing it into the basement head first. I come across a couple of teenagers some time later.

"WHOA MAN" The presumably 17 year old yells.

"Seriously guys, all I want Is a ride to Macon" I respond.

"All right, I can't get you to Macon but I can take you over to my family's farm where it should be safe" He offers.

"Sure I'll go with you, names Nick" I responded while introducing myself.

"Shawn Greene and this is Chet" the teen called Shawn introduced himself and his fat friend.

"SHIT, ZOMBIES INCOMING, WE HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE" I yelled! We got in the truck and drove off.

"Shit abandoned cars" I ranted. After a few minutes of trying to push cars out of the way, a couple people show up.


"We're not going to hurt you" The black 37 year old man responded.

"Good, for a minute there we thought you and the little one both were going to give us the chomp. I'm Shawn, Shawn Greene" Shawn introduced himself.

"Lee, this is Clementine" Lee introduced himself and his daughter.

"I'm Chet" Chet introduced himself.

"Names Nick, these two are taking me down to his (referring to Shawn) family's farm" I introduced myself.

"It ain't safe out here, how about we take you and your daughter down to my family's farm, it should be safe there" Shawn offered to them in a similar fashion that they did for me.

"I'm not her dad I'm… Just some guy" Lee told us Clementine is not his daughter, I noted how Lee stuttered.

"Some guy" Shawn asked.

"She's alone, how the fuck" I asked Lee.

"Swear" Clementine called me out for dropping an F bomb.

"Them monsters 'coming, we gotta go" Chet told us the zombies are coming. We pushed cars out of the way like crazy and we got out of there.

"For just some guy, seems like you saved some lives today" Shawn complimented Lee.