The Road To Canada: THE REDUX:

Author's note: This chapter is a little boring save for a couple bits here and there, just so you know.

Chapter 2: Hershel's farm:

After a few hours of driving we arrived at the Greene family's farm. Chet told Shawn he would run home.

"Thank god you're okay!" The old man who I presumed was Shawn's dad thankfully said.

"I wouldn't have made it back without Chet." Shawn responded

"Well I'm glad you took him with you then." the presumably 60 year old man responded back.

"You've brought a couple guests." the old man noticed Lee, Clementine and I.

"Your boy's a lifesaver." Lee complimented Shawn and his dad.

"Glad he could be of help to somebody." the old man responded.

"So it's just you, your daughter and a friend then?" the old man asked Lee.

"Oh not his daughter he's… well… Just some guy who found her alone and the other guy, well he's pretty much a lone wolf." Shawn explained.

"Honey, do you know this man?" the old man asked Clementine if she knew Lee.

"Yes." Clementine answered.

"Okay then. Well it looks like you (referring to Lee) hurt your leg pretty bad there." The old man responded to Clementine's answer then noticing Lee's leg isn't doing so well.

"Yeah it's not doing so good." Lee acknowledged.

"I can help you out. Shawn, run on in and check on your sister. You (Talking to Lee), take a seat up on the porch and I'll go see what I have." the old man offered. Lee, Clementine, and I went up on the porch with Lee taking a seat.

"Let's have a look. Yeah this is swollen to hell." the old man noted.

"It HURTS like hell!" Lee responded.

"I bet it does." the old man responded.

"What did you say your name was" the old man asked Lee.

"It's Lee." Lee responded.

"Nice to meet you, Lee I'm Hershel Greene." Hershel introduced himself.

"Well, Hershel I'm Nick Nguyen, a detective for Atlanta PD." I introduced myself.

"My name's Clementine." Clementine introduced herself to Hershel.

"How did this happen?" Hershel asked Lee.

"Car accident." Lee responded.

"Where were you headed? Before the car accident?" Hershel asked Lee.

"I was getting out of Atlanta." Lee answered.

"The news says STAY." Hershel responded.

"Well staying is a mistake." Lee countered.

"Who were you with, the girl?" Hershel asked.

"I was with a police officer, he was giving me a ride." Lee answered. I asked myself in my head 'Is he lying'? After Shawn asked Hershel if we could build a fence to defend the farm, we got to go into the barn to sleep.

"It smells like…" Clementine tried to explain before trailing off.

"Manure." Lee finished her sentence.

"Manure? Like when a horse… plops?" Clementine asked Lee.

"Just like that." Lee answered.

"I miss my mom and dad." Clementine told Lee.

"I bet Clem." Lee assured her he understood. Then we all went to sleep, I had a flashback in my sleep.

FLASHBACK: I'm investigating a crime scene as I am the best detective for Atlanta PD, I was at war with the mob led by Roger Smith.

"This murder was the result of a fight between the killer and the victim, because the victim was sleeping with the killer's wife, the fight ended with the victim, the state senator dying." I told my superior officer. A few months later: The killer of that state senator was on trial for his crime:

"Lee Everett, you murdered a state senator who was sleeping with your wife, is that correct?" The judge asked Lee.

"Yes and to make this trial short, it was an accident, but I feel guilty nonetheless." Lee answered.

"Lee Everett, you will hereby be sentenced 5 years to life at the West Georgia state prison system with the possibility of early parol." I explained Lee's sentence.

END OF FLASHBACK: I woke up the next morning realizing that the Lee I "met" the previous day and the Lee I had arrested for the manslaughter of a state senator were one and the same. 'I should tell him I know who he is when the time is right' I decided. After a few minutes alone (so I could overcome the shocking realization that Lee is the convicted killer I arrested) I heard Shawn scream. I ran towards the scene and tried to save Shawn. I saw Lee and Kenny saving Duck.

"KENNY, LEE, HELP NICK!" Shawn cried out, Kenny ran off with Duck and Lee ran off with Clem.

"KENNY, LEE!" Shawn cried out again. My efforts were in vain as the walkers (Lee and I decided to call them that yesterday) broke through the fence and killed Shawn before Lee could attempt to help me. Hershel arrived and saw his son dying; Shawn explained how Lee and Kenny left him to die when I tried to save him.

"Get out, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Hershel yelled at us.

"God I'm so sorry." Kenny tried to sympathize with Hershel before he cut him off.


"You, you didn't even try to help." Hershel criticized Lee, Lee remained silent.

"As for you, you tried to help, but he's gone now." Hershel criticized me the least as I tried to save Shawn.

"Just go, GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK!" Hershel yelled.

"You 3 got that ride to Macon if you want it." Kenny told us. We got into Kenny's truck and started heading towards Macon. 'I should head to my house and get my detective gear, food, and other supplies' I think to myself.

"Hey Nick, sorry yelling like that back there, that's not like me, if things don't work out for you, your always welcome to come back here." Hershel told me.



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