Shadow Dragon: After The War - Introduction

Author's Note: Hi guys, it's Adz 99. This fanfiction is for "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon" and it's about what happened to each character after the war. Some chapters will be for more than one character for example Marth and Shiida. I'll do a story for each available character, even though you can't get all of them, so if someone's favourite character is Arran and someone else's is Samson you can read about them both and everyone is happy! I'll be using the English names (E.G. I'll use "Shiida" instead of "Caeda" ,"Nabarl" instead of "Navarre" and "Akaenia" instead of "Archanea"). I'll probably do them in the order you get them in the game but if you're dying t read about Ymir for example you can request it and maybe I'll do them next. These stories are based on the epilogue you get in-game but I create the actual story (the epilogue stories in the game are just the outlines for the stories here. If you want to think of this as an extended version of the epilogue that's fine). A list of characters will be in the next chapter to show which characters have and haven't been done. This will be updated with every chapter I write.

I don't own Fire Emblem or any characters or games from the series.