Hi! I just realized that maybe you guys need the Allegiances thing for Warriors. So here it is. Please note that this is only the leaders, because I know how boring it is to read through a million names of cats and what they look like.

Water Tribe

Leader: Cascade- black, grey, white, and silver she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Shimmer- silvery grey she-cat

Healer: Sage- she-cate with shimmery grey fur

Apprentice: Juniper

Sun Kingdom

Leader: Dawn- red tabby she-cat

Deputy: Starfire- Pale yellow she-cat

Healer: Holly- Fluffy black and white she-cat

Earth Nation

Leader: Tierra- sunny yellow and light brown she-cat

Deputy: Lily- snow white she-cat with streaks of grey

Healer: Dewdrop- Pale brown she-cat

Apprentice: May

Air Nation

Leader: Storm- Dark grey tom

Deputy: Breeza- Grey and white she-cat

Healer: Jay- grey/blue tom