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A different kind of Haven

Summary: As Buffy is standing on the bus terminal, she is looking at her future destinations. She sees a place that makes her think it will be a nice calm, peaceful place to settle in. None other than Haven, Maine.

Chapter 1

As Buffy walks away from her former High School and old friends, she realizes she can't go home and she needs to leave Sunnydale.

As she walks into the bus station she knows she has no idea of where to go. At this point Buffy walks over to the departure lists to see what pops out. After going over them all one place sticks out, Haven Maine. Buffy thinks out loud, "How bad can that place be with the name Haven in it?"

Little does she know it can be really bad.

As Buffy has made her choice, she walks up to the ticket counter. The attendant at the counter looks up and asks. "How can I help you today?".

Buffy replies, "I would like a ticket on the next bus that is going to Haven, Maine please.".

The man then asks, "Would you like that one way or round trip?"

"One way would be great thank you." Buffy soon responded.

As she is waiting on the attendant she keeps thinking how happy she was for all the money she has saved up from previous birthdays and payoffs for her love from her father. With all the money her father gave her she will be set for quite some time. "Thank you Hank." she breathes out when the attendant returned with the ticket and the total.

"That will be $136.50 miss. Will that be cash, check, or charge?".

"I will be paying with cash. Do you know how long it will take to get there and how many stops there will be by chance?" Buffy asks.

"I'm not sure on how many stops there will be, however I do know the trip should be about four days I believe." the attendant replies.

So Buffy got her ticket and picked up her two bags that carried all of the items she was able to grab on such short notice and headed for the bus that would take her to her maybe not so temporary new home.

The best thing about the bus ride was that the bus was not that full. There was a nice little old lady that would be getting off before they hit Maine, a mother and child that were going to be getting off in Bangor, and a man that was starring a little to much at Buffy that made her a lot uncomfortable.

Now starting the second day of the trip, the bus is going to make a stop at the Indianapolis bus station where they may pick up more passengers. There is a six hour layover in Indianapolis and Buffy has no idea what to do with herself.

As she is stepping off the bus the little boy was very eager and ran into her and made her trip. Buffy began to fall off the bus, but at the last second before she hit the pavement a pair of strong arms wrapped around her and caught her.

"Are you OK miss.?" the man asked.

"Yes thanks to you that is. That would have been quite embarrassing. Thank you very much." Buffy said.

"I feel since we are so close right now I should introduce myself. My name is Duke Crocker and this is my buddy Nathan Warnous." Duke said.

"Well thanks again Duke. My name is Elizabeth Merrick, and I should be getting going. We only have so much time before we get going, and I want to get a real bite to eat before we take off again. Are you guys going to Maine too?" Buffy asks.

"Yeah, we are headed back to Haven from going on vacation. We did start out on a road trip, but our car had other plans. Now we have to head back now since we have to use the bus." Duke said.

"Well that sucks. I am actually headed to the Haven stop also. Do you or Nathan want to join me for some food and fill me in on the ins and outs of the town? My treat of course, but only if you want to. I don't want to pressure you into it." Buffy said.

As they were talking between themselves Buffy couldn't help but notice how cute they were, but then she had to hit herself when she realized why she was here in the first place. That shot Buffy's better mood straight out of the water.

All the while Buffy was fighting with her inner self, Duke comes back over and pulls her out of her inner thoughts. "Nathan wants to stay here and load our luggage on the bus and try to catch some sleep, but I know of a good restaurant near here and we will make it back in plenty of time before they leave." Duke said.

"That sounds good. I have everything I need. What about you? Good to go?" Buffy asks.

It was a good thing that Buffy had all of her fake identification and documents in that name already. It made it a lot easier to play the role. It's not like it is a stretch, because her real name is Elizabeth, and she didn't think Merrick would mind the borrowed name.

As they were walking down the road, they were both in a comfortable silence walking to the restaurant.

"Is this OK?" Duke asked.

"Looks good to me. I love all things pizza. Pizza is totally of the good." Buffy said.

As they walked in Buffy did a quick check of the different entrances and exits getting a lay of the land. They were seated at nice table near the middle of the dining room.

"At least we came at a time it's not that busy." Duke said.

"I know right, and now I feel better knowing we won't miss the bus due to wanting real food." Buffy laughed at her own joke when Duke did.

Once they were seated the waitress came over to get their drink orders. "What can I get for you two to drink today?" She asked.

"I'll just have coke please. What about you Elizabeth?" Duke asked.

"A coke sounds good." She replied.

After the waitress came back with the drinks and took their food order Duke began the next round of questions.

"Where are you from Elizabeth?"

"I'm actually from LA. What about you? Are you guys actually from Haven?" Buffy asked back.

"Yeah me and Nathan were both born and raised there. I actually left for a little while on my boat. That's what I do. I charter out rides or go out fishing on it. I find the sea really peaceful." Duke responds.

"I have always wanted to go out fishing with my father, but he never had the time to take me with him. He always took his work buddies. That was when I started taking up skating. I got pretty good won a few contests and everything." Buffy didn't know why, but for some reason she found it really hard to lie to him. Buffy decided she will have to watch what she says, and change most of the truths as much as she could. She didn't want to pull him into her world and risk getting him hurt.

"Why in the world would you give up the land of plastics and sun and go all the way across the country to Haven, Maine where it is the majority of the time constant cloud cover or raining or snowing?" Duke brings up.

"You want the truth?" Duke nods "I actually just made my mind up that I wanted a change and went to the bus station in town. Once I got there I looked at the departure boards and just looked until one jumped out at me, and it just happened to be Haven. I thought to my self that it sounded nice and peaceful and that is what I was looking for at the time. So here I am." Buffy finished.

"Aren't you a little young to be travelling by yourself though?' Duke asked.

"No not really. I am twenty-one" at least by her fakes she is "and believe me when I say I am a lot stronger than I look and can take care of myself. I have always looked smaller and younger than I really am." not she thought inside. "Well I think we should be heading back. I don't really feel like missing the bus. Especially since most of my things are still loaded on there." Buffy chuckled as she stood up.

She was going to grab the check when Duke beat her to it.

"Hey I said I would pay since you were the one who saved me from epic embarrassment." Buffy said.

"Can't let you do that since you just admitted to me that you were practically starting over when you get to Maine. Besides I don't want to be the reason you are even twenty dollars short of needing something there. So this is my treat." Duke said.

"Thanks that is very nice of you. I can't believe I just went out to eat with a total stranger in a big city I am not familiar with. My mom would tan my hide for breaking several of her rules. And we never got to talking about the town at all. Very productive don't you think?" Buffy said between giggles.

By the end of her rant they mad it back to the terminal and easily found their bus. He followed behind her just to make sure she didn't fall.

"I know why you insisted I go first." She giggled out.

"Of course, I am a gentlemen." He laughed out just as bad.

"No you just wanted to make sure I don't fall again. Well damn, that is gentlemanly behavior too." She got that out straight faced and then they both cracked up laughing.