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A different kind of Haven

Summary: As Buffy is standing on the bus terminal, she is looking at her future destinations. She sees a place that makes her think it will be a nice calm, peaceful place to settle in. None other than Haven, Maine.

Previously: At the front door, Buffy, Xander, and Cordy joined into a group hug between the 3 of them for one last goodbye.

"I promise that I will keep in touch with you guys. I want you 2 to do the same. Love you both." Buffy said, as she pulled away from her friends to allow them to leave the house.

As the last 2 friends pulled away in Cordy's car, Buffy finally let the pain of leaving her friends show and collapsed behind the closed front door and began to cry.

Buffy felt someone slide down right beside her in her spot by the door.

"Do not cry Elizabeth. I am fairly certain that you will see them and talk to them again. Those are the types of friends that you will have for life. Believe me I know from experience. Just ask Duke when we get back home." Nathan said, as he put his arm around her shoulders to pull her closer to him as he let her cry it out.

A/N: I am sorry about the delay in chapters. In the near future there will be more chapters coming soon, but I have had a case of writers block and I have been working. I promise to update as frequently as I possibly can. This is my first story and I am looking for any type of feedback. Please let me know with a review if you like the story. I would like to thank any reviewers that I have had. On with the show.

Chapter 44

Come on Elizabeth. We need to start getting ready to make it to the Airport soon." Nathan said, as she grabbed Buffy's hand to pull her up off the floor.

"I know Nathan, but I really do not want to. Are you sure that we just can not stay here?" Buffy asked of her big brother.

"I am sure. Now come on, because mom and Mr. Giles will be waiting for us at the airport. I thought that you wanted to get home so you could finish decorating your place with me. Do you still want to do that? I am sure that we can find a way to have Duke join us." Nathan asked back to his little sister.

"Alright, let's get a move on and stuff. Plus, I am more than certain that the main reason that you are in such a hurry to get back to Maine wouldn't have anything to do with a certain blonde F.B.I. Agent would it not?" Buffy shot back in a teasing manner.

"Just keep moving to the car squirt." Nathan said in reply.

"So you can dish it out, but not take it. How the tables have turned on the stoic Nathan Warnous." Buffy said with a laugh, as she began to walk down the pathway towards the rental car that the two siblings will take to head towards the airport.

As soon as the duo made it to the car, Nathan quickly but yet still safely began to make his way through the town of Sunnydale for Buffy's last time.

Buffy was extremely shocked at the amount of cloud cover that was actually above the town for the past couple days of her return.

Just as they had made it passed the downtown area, Buffy noticed that she was actually close enough to the Butcher's shop that she used to frequently go to when she wanted to deliver Angel's weekly supply of blood for him.

Just as Buffy looked out of her window, she had to do a double take to make sure of what she had just seen was real.

"Nathan! STOP THE DAMN CAR RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Buffy shouted in complete shock, causing Nathan to comply instantly.

"What is going on Elizabeth?" Nathan asked of his sister.

Nathan was not shocked at all at the only response of his question was Buffy jumping out of the car even before he had the gears in park.

The second that Buffy was out of the car, she began to sprint towards the alley way that was directly next to the corner of the Butcher's shop.

"STOP RIGHT THERE ANGEL!" Buffy shouted, causing the newly resurrected Vampire to halt in his tracks instantly with a defeated sigh gracing his lips at the unfortunate turn of advents.

"Hello Buffy." Was all that Angel had said, once he realized that his resistance was futile while dealing with Buffy's presence here at the moment. Knowing that Buffy would not give up until she got to the center of anything.

"Really Angel? "Hello Buffy" is that really all that you have to say to me. Really? How long have you actually been back? That was actually you that I had seen on the ride into town the other night wasn't it?" OMG! How could I have been so stupid to think that it was just a mirage? Does any of the other Scoobies know about this? About you being here? You do realize that there is another Slayer here right? Or is that your plan? You befriend a new Slayer, and then you mess with their minds and hearts." Buffy began to throw question after question towards the newly resurrected Vampire, not sure of which questions that she really wants to have answered.

"Calm down Buffy. This is not the place or the time for this conversation. I actually would prefer that we did not even have the conversation at all, but I know you and you won't give up. And yes, the other Scoobies are aware as is the new Slayer. I am only back to help out now. No physical attachments at all. If you remember right Buffy, it really did not work out well the last time around. I have learned my lesson from my past mistakes." Angel replied, causing Buffy's anger to rise to threatening levels just as her brother came to join Buffy at the middle of the alleyway.

"What is going on Elizabeth?" Nathan asked his sister, as he began to catch his breath from running to catch up.

"Calm down? Really, you want me to calm down? What in the hell is going on? So I am nothing but a past mistake? It is so good to know where I had been placed before hand." Buffy decided to take a small breath before continuing on with her previous rant. "Nathan, I would like you to meet my EX Angel. Angel, this is my brother Nathan. How long have you been back?" Buffy asked, hopefully at the very least the last question would be answered.

"I have actually been back for a bit. Actually, I came back the day after I was stabbed and sucked into Acathla. The Powers That Be had decided that I could do more good here, rather than being wasting away in whatever Hell-Dimension I was trapped in. I really thought that you wouldn't see me while you were here. I guess that I was wrong. I really do not want to go further into this Buffy. Just go back to your car with whomever this is and go home." Angel stated, as if there really was nothing wrong that he had done, before catching on to what Buffy had just said. "What brother?" Angel asked, trying to figure out if Buffy had spoke about him when he astrally visited Buffy.

"Fine! I will, but not until after you at least answer one more question for me. What was with the fake Spirit visit that you had pulled on me? How did you pull it off, by making me think that you were still dead?"

"That one is actually simple. Magic. I astrally projected myself to you. I actually got the spell from Xander, whom grabbed the spell from one of Giles's books that he had left with Willow." Was all the was said by Angel.

Angel could feel the hurt, anger, and an extreme amount of Power just rolling off the young Slayer and former love that was standing in front of him.

"I just figured that it would give you the closure that you needed to move on with your life. That way you would not be wallowing in whatever despair that you probably were. I just realized that we are not really that great together. If I had told you I was back, then you would have come back here and we would have probably got back together. Then the same thing would most likely be keeping us from actually being 100% together. You deserve a normal life away from whatever darkness I bring to the mix. You are still to young to make these decisions, so I did it for you." Angel ended his very own rant, not realizing exactly how angry the young Slayer was that was standing in front of him was.

"Why you sanctimonious little asshole." Buffy said in an eerie calm, causing the seasoned Vampire to actually take a step back fearing for pain that was sure to come. "Who in the hell gave you the right to make such decisions for me? NOONE DID! I may be younger than you, but I am more than capable of taking care of myself and making those kind of decisions too. I may not be some 240 some years old or anything, but I can make decisions about my love life by myself!" Buffy shouted, just as she darted forward and punched Angel in the face with an extremely hard right hook to the jaw. "Do you realize the pain and torment that I placed on myself concerning everything that went down here when I lost you to Acathla? I was heartbroken. I would have done anything for you to have been able to come back to me again. However, instead you proved yourself to be nothing more than a overprotective, domineering, dictatorial, high and mighty wanna be White Hat. Have a good un-life Angel." Buffy finished with one more well placed punch to Angel's stomach, just before turning to her brother Nathan. "Let's go brother. I want to get the hell out of Sunny-Hell as soon as possible. I really do not want to be here another minute." Buffy ended, just as Angel began to stand up.

"Buffy wait!" Angel shouted to Buffy, however, his pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears and a retreating backside of his former love.

"Let's go home Nathan. There are things that need to be done and people that need to be seen still before I begin my normal life. Plus, I really want to be ready for school tomorrow." Buffy said, as she kept looking forward instead of looking back on her former life. 'Good Luck Faith. You are so gonna need it.' Buffy thought to herself, as the car began to accelerate even more.

"Yes, Let's go home. I guess that I should warn you about Haven's troubles. Once we get home you will be shocked to see that there are two different parts to Haven, but I really think that you would like A Different Kind of Haven that only very few actually get to see." Nathan said with a laugh, as the duo made their way past the 'Now Leaving Sunnydale' sign.

'Hopefully this is the last time that I will ever see that damn sign.' Buffy thought to herself, as she began to think of what she will do with herself in her Different Kind of Haven once she arrives back in Maine.