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Tsuruga Ren's on top for Himi no Hana!
by agent644

Literally. *smirks*

This recently released photo from the highly-anticipated drama stirred curiosity and intrigue from the fans, who are now eagerly waiting what kind of outlandish plot device landed the characters into such a compromising position.

[PHOTO: Kyouko sprawled on the gym floor, wearing normal workout clothes, with Tsuruga Ren – wearing shiny sequined jacket with matching sparkly racing stripes running down his pants legs - hovering above her, pinning her wrists on the floor, and staring at her intently.]

((But, as much as I want to enjoy the view, is it just me who's getting awfully distracted by what Tsuruga Ren-sama is wearing? What's up with that ridiculous looking tracksuit?))

The drama begins airing this weekend, and recently released a whole new batch of stills and the cast's script rehearsal photos via the show's official website to drum up interest. The drama has been attracting much attention for its A-list leading couple. Both Kyouko and Tsuruga Ren had been involved in different film and television work in recent years, and considering Tsuruga Ren's recent identity reveal, critics are anticipating how it would affect the drama.

The soul-swapping, fantasy rom-com who also stars Matsumoto Jin and Inoue Riko, and written by award-winning script writer Nakamura Midori and directed by the highly-respected Director Shingai Seiji, premieres its first episode out of twenty on Saturday, February 14th, at 9:50pm JST.

[PHOTOS] Himi no Hana releases new batch of stills!

[PHOTO: Tsuruga Ren (right) holding Kyouko's wrist while staring intently at her scar on her upper left arm. Kyouko (left), on the other hand, was staring at him looking confused.]

[PHOTO: Kyouko, wearing an all-black, leather ensemble –vest, with black strapless undershirt, gloves, shorts and knee-high boots – gun holsters, strapped on each of her thighs, and a samurai sword strapped on her back. Her wind-blown, short black hair was framing her face, slightly parted revealing the side of her face. She was sitting, her right leg was bent and her right arm was resting on her knee.]

[PHOTO: Tsuruga Ren, wearing a three-piece black suit, standing near a table, talking to someone cropped out of the picture. His hair was dyed black, bangs resting on his forehead.]

[PHOTO: Tsuruga Ren, slightly turned to the right, wearing a gray suit, with grayish-white dress shirt, looking dapper and handsome.]

[PHOTO: Tsuruga Ren, sitting on a slightly dark corner booth, lights glittering on the background. He was wearing a black suit jacket, gray shirt peeking out from underneath. His arms were crossed on his chest, his eyes, downcast.]

[PHOTO: Kyouko, wearing a dark green jacket, seriously talking to Kino Kura, who will be playing Kyouko's boss.]

[PHOTO: Kino Kura, dressed as a warrior in the era, talking to Kyouko, who was wearing a black jacket with gray hoodie, and matching pants, her hair was done up in a messy half-ponytail.]

[PHOTO: Kyouko, sitting on what seemed like a hospital bed, her legs covered by a green blanket, looking like she was being chastised, by Kino Kura, who has looking at her, standing approximately one and a-half arms' length away from her. Tsuruga Ren was standing between them, his hands on his sides, looking like he was observing the interaction between Kino Kura and Kyouko. Kyouko was wearing a gray, form-fitting workout sando, Kino Kura was wearing a washed-up denim button-down and pants, while Tsuruga Ren sports his signature sequined blue tracksuit.]

[PHOTO: Tsuruga Ren, assisting Kyouko from sitting up in the hospital bed. His right arm supporting her back, while his left held her hands. Kyouko was leaning on him, looking pained.]

[PHOTO: Kyouko, clad in her all-black, leather ensemble, her hair wind-blown. Her right arm was supporting her other arm. Her upper left arm was bleeding.]

[PREVIEW] Himitsu no Hanazono's official trailer revealed!

[VIDEO: The drama's official teaser trailer opened with two fluttering butterflies, one was blue, while the other was pink, perched in separate blades of grass. The blue one was on the right, while the other was on the left. There was a fountain statue of a maiden in the background. A melancholic instrumental piano song was playing in the background.

The butterflies flew toward the statue and the video blurred and transitioned into a nighttime view of Tokyo skyline. A woman, who was soon revealed as Kyoko, was sitting relaxed on top of the Tokyo tower, amidst the glittering lights of the city. The wind was gently blowing, parting her hair, revealing a portion of her face. She was wearing her usual black leather ensemble.

The video distorted once more and a cut of a clearing filled with wildflowers, trees and what seemed like a forest cabin appeared on screen, before slowly transitioning into a scene inside the hotel lobby, where Tsuruga Ren can be seen arriving, followed by the hotel's executives, and being greeted by the hotel employees who were all lined up and bowing as he passed and smoothly shifted to a scene where all the people inside the hotel, stopped and gawked at him, as he walked towards Kyouko, who was looking at her disbelievingly.

The scene once again changed and showed the fountain statue of the maiden and the title of the drama appeared, before changing once again to show Tsuruga Ren intently watching Kyouko, who was practicing her stunts, from afar. The scene alternates between a close-up of Kyouo slashing her opponent with a sword and a Ren watching her.

The video then transitioned to a cut where Kyouko is shown leaning in the side of a van, with her headphones on and singing, followed by a scene where Ren can be seen pacing outside, in his patio, thinking. The scene once again shifted to show Ren and Kyouko standing beside each other outside a building, with Ren's assistant on one side calling for Ren's car.

It once again changed into a cut of Ren pacing in his garden, with Kyoko alongside him, matching him step for step, then to a scene where Ren was sitting in a couch, reading a book, while Kyouko was sitting beside him, reading the book he was reading, then Ren turned to look at her. The video then transitioned to show Ren, sitting in the patio and talking with someone on the phone. He was looking curiously at Kyouko, who was sitting an arm's length beside him and staring out into the night. It changes back to the scene where Ren and Kyoko was standing outside a building, however, Kyouko slowly dissolved into dust which was carried by the wind, while Ren continued reading the magazine he was holding, apparently not noticing what was happening.

Once more, the video switched showing Tsuruga Ren, sitting beneath a tree, pulling off the petals of the flower in his hand and tossing them to the ground. When only one petal was left, he stopped, hands shaking, then pulled off the last petal and threw it, together with what was left with the flower on the ground, and then left.

The scene quickly shifted back to one of the first cuts, showing Ren walking towards Kyoko, who was in the middle of shooting a scene inside a posh hotel, but this time, the video continued to show that he grabbed one of her hands, in front of the movie director, and pulled her towards him.

The video once again switch and showed Ren pulling off Kyouko's jacket to inspect the wound in her arm, while Kyouko looked at him warily. When he was satisfied, he pulled the jacket back and made sure everything was in order.

A quick scene change showing both Ren and Kyouko brooding in their own way – Ren was pacing in his patio while Kyouko broods inside the bus, her head leaning in the window. Then another one, showing once again the scene where Kyouko dissolves into dust, but this time, the process was reversed. Kyouko's image who dissolved into dust slowly turned whole, with Ren, who was standing beside her, still not noticing anything.

The scene shifted once again, showing the discarded flower, its petals pulled off by Ren, lying on the ground. The flower twinkled, and then, slowly, one petal emerged. The trailer finished with the video of the fountain statue, the blue and pink butterflies flying around it, dancing around each other. It then flashed the drama's name and the days and time of showing.]


katsumi04: I have so much love for these two I'm willing to turn a blind eye over that horrible sparkly tracksuit. Can't wait for the drama!

chiefmate644: saw the trailer and it looks real good! Can't wait!

SecretShipCaptain644: What's up with the jacket? LOL.

kxkluvr: I'm very sure I'll love this drama – but, the soul-swap/body-swap or whatever it is will be source for good narcissism jokes. Hahaha.
2ndmate644: I agree. It feels weird and egotistical. Haha.
agent644: Well, both of them looks kind of the same to me now, except the height. XD

Can't wait to watch Kyouko-sama!

asdfghlk: Ren-sama!

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