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The red head's eyes narrowed at the presence of the purplenette standing between him and his prize.

They were both ready to bolt, standing side by side, daring each other to make the first move.

When the Void Princess' magic suddenly flared, he rushed off. Lightning cackled around his legs as he sprinted towards the target.

The dark mage, however, wasn't to be trifled with. Releasing some of her stored magic, she bent the space around her, appearing ahead of him. She did this 3 times, gaining a huge lead. This advantage however, would not last.

Warping takes a considerable amount of mana, you see, and she was running on near empty (the poor mage had skipped breakfast). After her third teleport, she started skated just above the ground, levitating using her remaining power.

The Infinity Sword recognized the disadvantages of using up your energy in the beginning, and was steadily gaining in speed. His lightning aura growing larger and larger every second.

As he passed the magician, she let out an irritated "Tch"; with a flick of her wrist, she created a dark sphere of magic that ensnared her rival's foot. Laughing as he tripped, she turned her back on him and attempted to speed off, unaware of the sword that materialized in his hand.

"Oh no you don't!" He bellowed as he threw Conwell as hard as he could, in that position. The sword hissed through the air and found its mark on the purplenette's back; it reeled her in. Now he was the one laughing as she was dragged behind.

Sparks once again flew around his body as he whizzed off. Smirking wickedly, he stared ahead, confident in his victory. Not only was the gateway only a few meters away, but that annoying grape was sprawled starfish style on the cold hard ground. Or so he thought.

That annoying grape used her remaining energy to warp to the flame haired idiot and slam her staff on his head right as he reached the door. His face said a nice hello to the floor, but not before closing his hand around her ankle.

They both frantically crawled over each other in an attempt to break through the barrier between them and their treasure. The pristine hinges that were just replaced after their last excursion gave way as the Kirit- I mean dual wielder slammed his head on the poor wooden surface.

An aura of despair manifested around the duo as they saw the scene before them.

"Elsword, Aisha, what are you doing? I thought I told you guys not to do anything inappropriate in Eve's house." The flame hearted woman asked in between bites.

Flushing wildly, the both shoved each other away, only succeeding in entangling themselves further. "IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" They both denied desperately.

"There is a more pressing matter here," Aisha started

"That, in your hand," Elsword continued.

"That c-cake,"








"CALM DOWN THE BOTH OF YOU!" Scolded the Blazing Heart as she scraped the few remaining crumbs of Eve's delectable leftover birthday cake off of her plate, "You are both acting extremely immature. Act more your age!"

Those words fell on deaf ears, for the addressed coupl- I mean friends could only stare helplessly at the empty plate resting in Elesis' hand.


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