Author's Note: Wow thank you so much for reading my fic, I was really surprised for the favourites and follows at the same time felt embarrassed how crappy it was and it contain a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, sorry! I really having busy schedule for this particular week but I must write to get rid of this touken feeling that I'm having or I can't do my work at ease, so if anyone willingly to be my beta reader I really appreciate it.


Despite knowing how the :RE café going to be very busy during the lunch hour sasaki can't help himself to go and visit, even for few seconds to stare at the gorgeous waitress is good enough for him

She's like an addiction for him and worse than liking books, if books he can sit down anywhere he likes and started to sniff the book and the smell really calms him down then he can trace the words one by one slowly and appreciate every single character in the books how meaningful and the beauty of each words is so meaningful to him

If it was her than he probably can spend hours and hours just stare at her eyes, appreciate her beauty by tracing her milky white skin, brushing every single strands of hair she has, he bet her hair must be feel very soft on how silky and shiny it looks, smelling her at the crock of her neck and gently placing his hand on her wais- wait… what?

He snapped as he was just drooling over the waitress when he's on the way to the coffee shop, he must looks so perverted and no wonder people gave him an odd look while passing him on the pavement

Sasaki walked in the café and he was right, the tables and chairs were almost occupied and today he really lucky because the waitress was there, working and smiling none stop to her customers, how he wish that her smile be directed only to him

His stare must be too obvious that the waitress felt it and glance over after she jotted down the customers' orders

She walked to him and for some reason he backing off a little…that's weird he thinks, he felt the waitress smacked his chest lightly and he flinch

"Why do I feel a little scared of her? As if she's going to punch me or something" he thoughts

"I knew you gonna come today, there's no room for you right now unfortunately but here's the schedule for you"

"Schedule? For me?"

"My schedule shift, idiot"

"Hah what makes you think I came here for you?" he smirk

"Since my coffee makes you feel like home, as in sense of belongings? I really have no idea why are you here either"

"I really like you" wait that's too fast for a confession, Sasaki Haise you such an idiot! What if she rejected you? Wait wait


"Took you long enough to realised that? Pudding head"

"Hurm, I must look too tasty for you to call me that, well not that I mind" he winks

"Oh dear lord since when did this innocent kaneki became so flirtatious!? What the heck did he actually learnt at CCG!?" touka could feel a heat rising up and her face might change colour by now

"Maybe we could talk more about your tasty looking when I finished my shift" Touka walked away towards the bar to make some of the customer's orders

"You did taste delicious anyway" Touka thought

She look at him from the counter bar and he was still there with a piece of paper in his hand, maybe I should try to flirt too?

Touka purposely spill a little of whip cream on her finger and lick it seductively while her eyes still engaging with his

Sasaki's eyes grow wider and he turns around leaving the café

"Shit did I do wrong? And why the heck am I thinking licking this gross white thing will makes him turns on? Yucks"

Sasaki's right hand clenching the piece of paper tightly and his other hand covering his left face, he thought that he could never hear his heart beat again but he was so wrong that his pulse raising rapidly and he can feel that he accidently activated his kakugan

His body felt so hot that he started to untie his tie a little, he clear his throat and hoping he won't get any boner right now, not in the middle of the street on a sunny afternoon

"Damnit that was superhot, I could lose my mind if I keep on staring at her for another few seconds"

Sasaki trying to calm himself a little and taking a deep breath and starts to walk back to the headquarters, but why did she say that I took a long time to realised? Did we really know each other? If yes then what was our relationship back then? If no why she didn't even bother to ask my name? Do girls don't ask guy's name in return?

He looks at the piece of paper in his hand, her time schedule huh? He thought

More like her free time schedule as she wrote to come every day at half past 9 in the evening, he smile to himself