Author's Note: Originally this fic length supposed to be only 2 chapters, and its unintentionally to be cute/fluff but angst :O


"Why are you fidgeting touka?" yomo asked

"Eh oh nothing really" Touka's glance at clock displayed on the wall its 5 to half past 9 in the evening

"Are you worried that he's not going to show up?"

"Urm, not really I just don't know what to talk with him if he did show up….he really don't remember us doesn't he?" Her face looking down tapping the floor lightly

"It's alright, why don't you make a new memory with him?"


"Hello! Uh did I disturb or anything? Should I leave? It does look like it's going to close anytime soon"

Touka's sigh

"It's fine, you can stay"

Sasaki smiled happily and walked to his favourite spot next to the book shelves, and grab one of the books

Touka came after with his favourite black coffee by yomo

"Oh that was quick"

"No customer right now, only you"

"Well it doesn't really give an answer why it can be done quickly"

"Have you tried brew a coffee before?"

"Hurm does instant coffee counts?" his smile grew wider

For some reason touka really feel like slapping his face so hard and hug him tightly, she really missed his smile…so badly that she just stood there and not knowing what to do

Him kaneki ken sitting right in front of her smiling as if everything goes well accordingly

"Miss toukaaaa, hello?" sasaki waved his hand right in front of her face

Touka snapped


"Eh nothing really, you just stood here and not moving, how could you accusing me for being weird when you're just as weird as me" he chuckle

"Shut up, want to learn how to brew coffee?" she asked

"Are you going to teach me?"


"Is this some kind of exclusive treatment?"

"Who said it's going to be free?"

"Ah I thought I'm going to be a special customer" he pouted

"It can be considered if you become our regulars"


"But you still need to pay for it"

"Aww come on touka-chan"

"Why are you calling me touka-chan? And get up let's go behind the bar" touka starts walking towards the bar

"You don't like it touka-chan?" he followed her closely like a puppy following his master and waiting to be pat

"…..Not that I mind, look here…"

"Sasaki haise"

The brewing machine was too loud that touka can't hear what sasaki said

"You do it like this, and what did you say just now?"

"Sasaki haise, my name"

"Then you pour it like this sasaki"

"Its Sasaki oh I see"

"Did you just make a fun of your own name?"

"Yes, and you should laugh"



"I think you should leave"

"NO no I mean no more pun I swear!" sasaki laugh nervously

"Alright let's see if you pay attention what I just showed you"

"Do I need to demonstrate? Like now?"

"Yeah, why not"

"Urm alright" he sweat

"Damn it I shouldn't make fun of myself in front of her, now I look so stupid and wait how to brew this coffee again?"

Surprisingly sasaki can managed to brew coffee perfectly and he surprised himself

"Oh that wasn't bad right touka-chan?"

"You're right, it's perfect"

Sasaki smile happily and touka continued

"I thought of keeping you here if you can't make it perfectly"

"Touka-chan, I guess you over looked what I did, I didn't do it the right way, right manager?"

Yomo just shrugged

"We're closing now"

"So soon?"

"What do you mean soon? It's almost 10 o'clock"

"I can only be here for 30minutes?"

"You can stay longer if you work with us"

"Hah with my excellent brewing the coffee just now I can ace it"

"Sure, work for free be our labour we're short of staff at the moment"

"Touka-chan why are you so mean?" He whine

Touka pushing him out lightly as if he were being kicked out of the coffee shop

"And now you're kicking me out" Sasaki struggle not to be kicked out

"I will see you tomorrow, good night sasaki"

"It is Haise"

Sasaki was sent out of the shop

"Hai I see" and touka closing the door preparing to close the café

Despite being kicked out of the shop his smile grow wider as he started walking back home