Sasaki never fails to visit his new favourite coffee shop, not just because he looking forward to meet the gorgeous waitress to have a chat with her or enjoyed teasing her occasionally but everything about her or even the café itself feels relaxing and calmed him down. He won't afraid to admit that it does feel like home, his home.


"Ah sorry it is almost closing tim-"

"Hello touka-chan" he smile sweetly

"You…haven't seen you for a while"

"Yeah sorry about that, caught up with work lately"

"Mm but we're closing now" and she walked away

"Aww touka-chan, are you angry at me?"

"Hah? Why would i?" she turned

He really likes to see her gets angry somehow her expression is very endearing to him

"Well you should at least say that you miss me or something" he jokes

"No, such thing"

"Ah, but at least I do miss you" sasaki starts to follow her around the shop

"Idiot kaneki, don't he realised I miss him more?"

"Oni-san do something about him, he's following me like a lost puppy!"

"Not my job, you deal it yourself" yomo went to the back of the store

"Alright, say it"


"You must have something to say right? Now yomo is not here you can spill whatever you've been holding"

"Touka-chan is so good at this, well uh" he started to caress his own cheek and blushed lightly

"Spilled it!"

"Uh ok, urm do you…do you want to go out for a movie this weekend wit- with me?"

"Is it a date?"

"Eh? You could say that I guess? But urm you know just hang out, you must at least get some fresh air a little"

"Hmm not a bad idea"

"Is that a yes? Right?"

"Yeah why not" Touka smile sweetly at him that sasaki swear he could just die happily now

"No I cannot leave her again…eh what do I mean by again?"

"Alright see you this Sunday around 11.30am"

"See you at Shinjuku station and don't dare to be late or I will kill you"

"Eh urm ok" Sasaki sweat and thinks was it him or her who was asking out for a date

Sunday 11.35am

"She's not here yet?"



"Oh you're early today!" sasaki just can't help himself for smiling widely

Touka-chan just couldn't be bothered on how sasaki really mixing his old and new memory unconsciously

"What's the plan for today?"

"Well the movie only starts in the evening so we have plenty of time to kill, wanna play at the arcade? Then maybe we can grab some lunch and go to a bookstore or wherever you wanna go before the movie starts"

"Sounds good to me"

"Great and you look absolutely gorgeous by the way something different from you waitress uniform"

"Thanks you look *nice* too" she blushed

"Ah thank you" Sasaki blushed ever redder not used people to compliment on his looks

"So urm, let's go to the arcade! Do you want to grab anything before?"

"No, I'm good let's go"

They had a great time playing at the arcade, sasaki was shocked a little how aggressive whenever touka played, she might look very delicate goddess like but who knows she's actually a pretty tough woman, not that he mind of course somehow it makes him more interested in her and he thinks that touka just had the happiest smile he ever seen

They decided to grabbed something to eat before heading to the cinema, as they were looking out for a nice café sasaki saw a bookstore and decided to stopped by

"Are you looking for a particular book?"

"Hahah not really I just love books in general, do you love to read too? There's a lot of books in your café"


"You like classical literature?"

"No I hate it, I'm very bad at it"

"Really? Most of the books at your café was classical literature books if I recall correctly"

"You're right…..but I prefer biology books, humans anatomy or things like that"

"That's interesting too!"

"Yeah, I always wanted to become a teacher? A science teacher maybe?"

"Amazing! You must be great with kids too"

"Hurm I'm fine with them"

Sasaki chuckles

"Why? Are you imagining me surrounded with kids?"

"Yes I can't help myself, it must be so adorable"

"Stop imagining things!" touka lightly smacked his shoulder

"Oww" he pouted

"Are you done? Want to grab some coffee?"


The found a nice café at the corner of the street with not many customer in

"Do you attended school?"


"Which school?"

"Kamii" touka blushed lightly

"Oh! It is a though school to get in, wow you're amazing"

"Not really….someone just inspired me to go there"


"Yeah, he….went to the same school, I just feel like following his footsteps"

"He must be a good guy then"

"He was I mean he is…a gentle, kind and loving person but now i just don't know"

"You have lost contact with him?"

"He went missing, haven't see him for years…he just gone"

"I'm sorry to hear that but those books displayed in your café does it belongs to him?"


"Since you hate classical literature, buy you have a lot of classical literature books in the café I guess it must belongs to someone that you treasure the most"

"You…are not wrong"

"I have thought so, you must really love him"

"Wha-why do you say that?" touka blushed so hard, she didn't dare to look straight into sasaki's eyes

"Every single books at the early pages had tears stained, I guessed you tried to read it to remember him? But you can never finished it…right?"


"Plus the books had initial 'KK' written on the front page, is that his name? it can't be yours or maybe it's a combination name or something? Haha"

"Nothing like that! Yes all the books belongs to him" Touka just flushed

"Looking at someone who was deeply in love is just endearing you know" sasaki chuckles

"Wha-what? I never said I was in love with him!"

"Haha what's his name? I wonder if I can defeat him…If he gets you I will be so jealous you know"

"You…want to know his name?"

"Sure, I hope I'm better than him hahah what do you think?"

"I have no comment, well his name is Kan-"

"Yo Sassan!"

Both of them look at the person who called sasaki in the coffee shop

"Are you on a date with the pretty waitress? You lied to us sassan how sneaky!"

"Shirazu, lets sasaki take a break he worked so hard for us"

"Fine, fine"

"What are do you guys doing here? On a date too?" sasaki asked his two subordinates who works under him

"What? There's no way me and tooru are dating, we're both men"

"There's nothing wrong with that"

"I agree" touka smiled

"Let's go shirazu you can't disturb someone's date, I told you it's a bad idea to approached him"

"Sassan at least teach me how to get pretty ladies next time"

"Hahah sure"

"Your colleagues?"

"Yes I'm their mentor!"

"Isn't nice having someone looking up on you?"

"I'm not sure if they looked up on me but it was hard handling them! They're like 4 troublesome kids and I'm the single parents"

"You need to find a mother for them then"

"Well I already had a great candidate for them sitting right in front of me right now"

"Hurm not sure if I can handle 4 troublesome kids"

"Maybe we should just get rid of them and have our own?"



"Maybe you can give the extra movie ticket to someone else"

"NO no I'm just joking touka-chan I'm sorry!"

"You better be, and pay my drinks and I forgive you"

"Small matter" and he winks

"I think I really should go you know" she stands up

"Nooooooooo" Sasaki just throw random notes on the table and catching up with her

"I swear I will make today the happiest day of your life"


"What if you failed?"

"I will try again!"


"Until you can't stop smiling for the whole day"

"Well good luck then"

Both of the just smiled and walked to the cinema where they had the free movie tickets

They entered the room with fizzy drinks and a large popcorn in hand, Touka thought since the room is dark she can just pretend to eat and drink since she knew that sasaki doesn't know that she is a ghoul… well not yet

The movie is a chick flicks kind of movie, she doesn't really complain but she really has no idea if sasaki/kaneki had a good taste in movie or not, but what can she expect from a guy who loves classical literature

When the movies starts, their hands keep or brushing, intentionally and unintentionally and somehow they starts throwing popcorns on each other and they got a 1st warning from the staff

Touka just wished if she could just eat them

Half an hour later, sasaki tried to hold her hand but something unexpected happen, the moment he hold her hand he had a bad headache and he started to groan a little and they were kicked out

"Well we were kicked out from the cinema on our 1st date"

"At least I managed to make a memorable date for you" sasaki laughed

"What happened actually? Are you alright? Were you not feeling well?"

"That's a lot of questions in one sentence"

Touka starts to ignore him and walk faster

"I'm joking! My head just now felt heavy all of sudden and my vision went blank"

"You should go back and have a rest"

"I will walk you home"

"No I'm good, you need a break even your colleagues said you're worked so hard lately"

"I'm fine really, I will be worried if I didn't know if you walked back home safety or not"

"Fine, promise me you take some rest right after"

"Alright! I will keep my promise…."

"Promise?" He thought, did I break a promise before?

"Are you sure you're fine?"

"Yes, definitely!"

Touka just gave him a doubtful looked

They did managed to reached touka's house safely

"We're here"

"Alright, do you stay alone?"

"Yes but occasionally my brother will come and visit"

"Ah your tough looking brother? Well I won't be worried then if it was him"

Touka obviously meant ayato and she bet sasaki never met him yet and no way could he remember that he broke ayato's 103 bones

"Maybe we should exchange number? At least I need to know you safely arrived at your home too"


They both taking out their cell phones and the moment touka taking it out from her bag the rabbit keychain dangling at the corner of her phone

Sasaki's eyes grow wider when he saw the keychain, his hand trembling and tried to reached it before he could hold the keychain he fell to his knee unconscious

"Haise! Wake up! What's wrong? Haise?" Touka shake sasaki's body but there's no movement and tears started flowing

"Haise wake up! Please" she sobbed

"Kaneki? Kaneki?"

Sasaki's finger twitched and touka lift him up and dragged him into her house, she laid him down on her bed inside her room, sasaki fainted for unknown reason

Touka sat next to him caress his forehead and slowly goes down to his cheek and lightly brushed his 2 toned hair colour, she can't hold back her tears and it starts to dropped on his face

"Please remember who you were but… if it was too painful for you, I'm fine as who you're now even….even if you're a dove and worked for them…I'm fine with it, I will still love you"

Sasaki gained his conscious after fainted for nearly several hours after collapsing in front of touka's door, he tried to brushed off his eye and realised someone is holding his hand

Touka was sitting on the floor but her body hunched on the bed whilst both of her hands holding sasaki's left hand falls asleep, sasaki brushed off touka's bangs slowly and bend down kissing her forehead

He removed his hand from touka's gripped, touka hold his hand tightly that it was hard to get it off

"Sorry to caused you a lot of trouble touka-chan, I promised to make you happy" he whispered to her ears

He started to lift touka carefully bridal style and laid her slowly on her bed, the moment he hold touka's body in his arm the exact same pain appeared but this time it comes with a lot of flashed back flashing none stopped in his head

Sasaki saw himself with touka, it was his old memory that he shared together with her, he recalled when he wants to give a hand when touka was injured, touka saved him countless time when he discovered he was a ghoul she forcedly fed him, saved him from nishiki, saved him from eating hide!? Saved him from tsukiyama at the chapel, the rabbit keychain that he saw earlier was a gift from him on her 17th birthday, they trained together under anteiku, and he treated her wounds, working together at anteiku and when he saved her from his own brother he promised not to leave her alone whilst carrying her in bridal style….all these memories, how could he forgot? How could he?!

Touka's was screaming beneath him and a punched landed on his right face and he stumbled down from the bed

"What the hell are you doing haise!?"

Sasaki didn't dare to face her, he kept his head down and he speaks slowly


"Huh? What are you talking about? Explain to me, what are you trying to do just now?"

"I deserved the punched"

"What are you talking about haise? Are you losing your mind?"

Sasaki starts to sobs he murmured slowly

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry"

His sobs getting louder and he kept on apologising, he covered his face both with his hand

"" Touka walks slowly to him

"I'm sorry touka-chan, I'm really sorry…I broke my promise didn't i?

"What's wrong? I'm the one who should apologise…is it hurt haise?" Touka touched his hand

"No I'm not haise, its kaneki…ken" He looked up and face her

Touka eyes grow wider and she was too shocked that she couldn't speak

"Touka-chan it's me kaneki, I'm sorry for makes you wait far too long and thank you for having faith believing in me but…I'm here, I'm back" tears just couldn't stop flowing from his eyes

"Kane…ki" She reached his faced and wiped his tears

"Stop crying, and welcome back" she smiled

"Looks who's taking here, even you can't stop crying" he smiled back at her

"You idiot" and hugged him

'Your idiot" and he returned her hugged

"I broke my promised, I left you alone…so many times, I don't deserve-"

Before kaneki could finished his sentences his word were cut off by a soft lips pressing against his, when they broke apart from the sweet kiss that they shared touka started to whisper

"We suffered a lot, we deserved each other"

Kaneki doesn't know what to reply, this is the 1st time he can't mutter any words so he just kissed touka again and again until both of them out of breath

"I love you touka-chan, I really do"

Touka just smiled happily

"Took you long enough to realised, I have falling for you 1st"

They ended up lying on the bed and promised each other not to break any promised ever again

Author's note: Its ended guys! Hope you guys enjoy my fic, let me know what you guys think for the ending! I really have no idea how ishida-sensei going to play kaneki and touka's relationship and I'm so eager but scared to see chapter 10 spoilers! That probably will be out tomorrow :O

p/s: when I went to japan for exchanges student back in the days, I was asked if there's any *nice* guy in school by my host family, so I replied yes they were all nice guys and they ended up laughing so hard, later I figured out *nice* actually means *good looking*….it took me forever to realised that =.=