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Warning/s: This is a Fem!Harry story, different to canon in that Voldermort returned at the end of first year.


Feels like I'm waking from the dead

And everyone's been waitin' on me

'Least now I'll never have to wonder

What it's like to sleep a year away

But were we indestructible?

I thought that we could brave it all (all)

I never thought that what would take me out

Was hiding down below

Lost the battle, win the war

Bringing my sinking ship back to the shore

Starting over, we'll head back in

There's a time and a place to die but this ain't it

Now - Paramore


We Won.


War had come and the Light was Victorious.

But even though we had defeated Voldemort's 'Dark Army', we had lost the battle.

Hundreds of adults, children and Magical creatures alike lay lifeless across the grounds of Hogwarts like puppets without strings, their faces frozen into macabre expressions. Dead only for the ideals of a Maniacal Wizard.

Looking around what was considered a home away from the Dursley's, Holly Potter knew She couldn't stay here, the very grounds She spent the last five years of her childhood was tainted by dark magic, it cloaked the air with a fine mist that clung onto skin like scum.

She knew it was to be expected that now that She had defeated the Dark Lord, being 'The Chosen One', She would lead the British Magical World into a new Era, hopefully one of tolerance like Dumbledore tried to before, but She found that She have no strength to do so.

Holly was exhausted, She felt the weariness in her bones. She had died today, but came back to complete what was made her duty by men in power.

As Holly stood in front of the rubble leading to the front entrance of Hogwarts, She surveyed the grounds, and heard the distinctive steps of Hermione coming up from behind to stand beside her,

"Hey", she said tiredly

"Hey", Holly replied.

"So Voldemorts finally dead" Hermione said as she clasped holly's hand in hers.

"I noticed" Holly answered sardonically, with a grimace.

Hermione noticed that holly's hand lay limp in hers, She looked down and squeezed Holly's fingers,

"I'm not going to ask how you are" she said, "cause I know your not fine"

"of course I'm not fine 'Mione" Holly sobbed. Now that the fighting had stopped Holly felt the emotions that had festered start to come, "I died today. I actually bloody died, and for what, for people who have done nothing but vilify me since I came into this 'world'" She clenched her eyes close to stop the tears that wanted to fall from coming and pursed her lips to stop sobbing,

"It has been a shitty couple of years, yeah" she joked,

Holly's crying turned to laughter "Merlin, Mione what would I do without you"

Hermoine unclasped her hand from holly's, turned to face her, and pulled Holly into a hug "Good thing now we don't have to find out".


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