Second Daddy

Sequel to "Gibbs' New Girl", "Switching Places" & "Now it's My Turn"

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 16

By December 24 D.C, was covered in a heavy snowfall bring the city to an almost complete halt except for the experienced D. . Gibbs' team had caught another case and was working feverishly to finish up so he and his team could make their holiday tradition of watching of "It's a Wonderful Life" at Ali's house.

Ali had ended up taken a few days off because her headache had turned into a sinus infection and Tobias and Gibbs hadn't wanted her to take any chances. But in the remaining days before Christmas Ali and her staff had managed to finish up all their cases so she was free for a while to rest and enjoy the holiday.

As Gibbs looked around the bullpen he could tell that everyone was working feverishly to finish their case before tonight. They all knew that Ali had been sick but had gotten better so they were hoping that their holiday tradition was still on. As Tony signed the last paper page of his report he closed the folder, then stood walking over to Gibbs' desk

"How's Ali feeling Boss, are we still on for tonight's movie?" asked Tony as dropped it in front of his boss.

"Ali's doing fine Tony, she's home now doing her usual house cleaning before our Christmas weekend. She told me to tell remind everyone to be at our house by seven thirty to watch the movie." reminded Gibbs loud enough for the rest of the team to hear.

"Tell the squirt that we'll be there with bells on, and she'd better have made plenty of popcorn." said Tony as he smiled turning to return to his desk. As he grabbed his gun, keys and gear he headed towards the elevator. He knew that they usually didn't exchange gifts until Christmas Day morning after church but he'd found the perfect little gift for Ali a few weeks ago and he was dying to give it to her. He needed to go home and pick it up before heading to Ali's for tonight's festivities.

"I'll let her Tony, and as soon as each of you have finished your reports you can leave, just don't be late. You know how Ali gets when she's upset and she's just gotten over her sinus infection so we want her to have a good time this holiday." said Gibbs firmly. Ali had recently had a particularly hard time with this sinus infection and she still got a little fussy when she was tired or got upset. So he and Tobias had agreed to try and make her Christmas especially happy.

Within the next twenty minutes the other two members of the team had dropped their reports on his desk and grabbing their gear headed towards the elevator. As he quickly looked through them he smiled, filing them away to read later. Ali would be upset if the others were late but she would go into a panic if he or Tobias were late. So they'd both planned to leave their offices no later than six o' clock so they even with the weather and traffic they could be home in time.

As he grabbed his keys and gun he smiled as he saw Ducky, Abby and Palmer exiting the elevator and walking into the bullpen.

"Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs. It's nearly six o' clock and the weather is getting worse. We need to start heading home if we're going to make it Ali's on time" yelled Abby as she came running into the bullpen throwing her arms around Gibbs' neck.

"I'm on my way out now Abs does anyone need a ride?" asked Gibbs as he looked at the three last remaining members of his team.

"No thanks Gibbs, Abby is giving us both a lift so we'll meet you at your house" replied Palmer as he looked at the older man.

"Good see you all there, and be careful" answered Gibbs as he headed towards the elevator then held the door open as the other three people came running into the elevator. As the elevator doors closed he smiled thinking of the upcoming evenings events.


As predicted it took almost the whole hour and a half for Gibbs and Tobias to get home arriving home twenty minutes before everyone started arriving. They were both upstairs with Ali when the first of their teammates started arriving so when Tony and Ziva arrived Tobias just called down for them to come in then buzzed them in. As Gibbs finished getting Ali dressed Tobias went downstairs and started putting out the popcorn and drinks.

Since Ali had been recently sick they talked her into serving hot apple cider or hot coco with the popcorn this year. They also talked her into wearing some heavier sleep pants and a tee-shirt instead of just her usual tank sleep top. So when she bounced downstairs followed by Gibbs she was wearing one of her new Christmas flannel sleep set with a spaghetti strap tank top with a scooped neck short sleeved tee-shirt over it. Abby and Ziva had gone shopping for Ali just after she'd gotten sick and gotten her several cute flannel sleep sets.

As she cleared the last step and entered the living room she ran into Ziva's arms yelling "Ziva…Ziva, Look….look. Daddy said I could wear this tonight." Then pulled out of the young woman's arms and did a little turn showing off her new clothes.

"You look beautiful Ktantonet, I'm glad we found some sets that you liked." answered Ziva as put her arms around Ali's shoulders and lead her into the living room.

"Uh boss, Tobias. I know that we normally wait to exchange gifts Christmas morning after Christmas Mass but I found the perfect gift for Ali and we all chipped in to get it for her. Would it be alright to give it to her tonight before we start the movie?" asked Tony as he went over to the two men and handed them a small silver box.

Since it had been Tony's idea for the gift everyone had left him in charge of picking the gift up from the jewelry store and bringing it to the Christmas festivities. Ever since he had seen Ali's Angel Open Heart Necklace with her Gibbs and Fornell's names engraved on it he'd wanted to give Ali something that represented her extended family as well, so after he'd seen a commercial for those beaded bracelets he's talked to the other members of their team and together they had created a special Pandora bracelet for Ali. Each member chosen a charm to represent their favorite thing they did with Ali and a bead of their birth month, with a special charm being made for NCIS and the FBI to represent Tobias and Gibbs.

As Gibbs opened the box he looked at the necklace, then handed the box to Tobias and quickly engulfed Tony in a big Gibbs' bear hug. When Jethro let Tony go he was once again pulled into another set of arms and given an equally tight hug from Tobias.

"Thank you Tony. Ali will love this, and it means a lot coming from all of you." said Tobias as he once again looked at the bracelet in the box.

"Well we know she's your little girl but she's special to all of us and we want her to know how much she means to all of us." said Tony as he looked at the men before him.

"I think we can make an exception this once, but don't make it a habit" responded Gibbs, and then with a playful head slap he led Tony into the living room.

Ali and Ziva had already taken their place on the "play" comforter and were talking happily about the upcoming holiday when Tony flopped down the other side of Ziva. As soon as the other's arrived Tobias hand Tony the box and sat back as he watched their little ones reaction. She lasted about two seconds before she let out an ear piercing scream throwing herself into his arms literally knocking him flat on his back on the comforter.

"Oh thank you….thank you guys! This is so beautiful!" called Ali as she made the circle between each member of her extended family giving them a bone crushing hug then moving onto the next.

At last she settled beside Ducky in one of the side chairs, holding it out to him, silently asking him to put it on then held out her wrist as he gently fastened it to her wrist.

"I know that the charms are our favorite things we do together but what are the beads?" asked Ali as she looked at the bracelet on her wrist gently fingering each charm and then bead.

"Those are our birthstone Ali, that way you know which charm goes with each of us" responded Tim as he looked at the woman sitting beside Ducky.

Ali was sitting beside Ducky, curled up against his side looked at each charm and bead with a little mist in her eyes. Tony's charm was a movie projector along with his birthstone, Ziva's charm was a couple of crossed kitchen utensils along with her birthstone, Tim's charm was the Smithsonian museum along with his birthstone, Abby's charm was a puzzle piece along with her birthstone, Palmer's charm was a book along with his birthstone, Ducky's was Medical Caduceus along with his birthstone, Gibbs' and Tobias' charms had been specially made of the NCIS and FBI seal's along with each man's birthstone between them.

As Gibbs and Tobias watched their little girl admire her gift they noticed that she wasn't the only teary eyed adult in the room. With a little clearing of his throat he moved off the couch and knelt before the chair where Ali and Ducky sat. As he placed his hand on her knee Ali looked up at him then threw her arms around his neck.

"I love you Daddy" whispered Ali as she rubbed her face against his neck.

"We love you too baby girl, now are you ready to start our movie or do you want to wait a little while?" asked Gibbs as he gently rubbed her back.

"I want the movie now Daddy, but can I stay but here with you and Papa this time?" asked Ali shyly.

"Of course little one, you know we never pass up a chance at a cuddle. As long as it's alright with everyone else?" answered Tobias as he looked at the other team members. Usually Ali spent movie night on the "play" comforter with them and he didn't want to upset their holiday traditions.

"It's you're night squirt, so where ever you want to watch the movie is fine by us, right guys?" said Tony.

"Yeah….of course….right" answered everyone almost at the same time.

"Then it's settled, everyone settle down the movie is about to begin" called Tony as he grabbed the remote control off the coffee table and pushed the play button for the movie to begin.

As the opening music and credits started Ali settled between Gibbs and Tobias to enjoy their holiday tradition with her new Papa and her extended family. Two and a half hours later the movie ended and everyone turned to find Ali fast asleep curled against Gibbs chest with her pacifier in her mouth and her "Puffalump" duck in her arms.

"Awww…is Ali ok Gibbs?" asked Abby as she came over and gently stroke the hair off Ali's forehead.

"She's fine Abs, she's just asleep. Remember she stayed home today and cleaned the house before everyone came over so she's probably tired. You guys are welcome to stay up if you like but don't get to loud with the festivities." said Gibbs as he stood taking Ali into his arms and heading towards the stairs.

"Thanks Boss, Night Tobias" called Tony as he and Tim started picking up the bowls and glasses from the comforter.

"Night Tony, guys and thanks again for everything" said Tobias then he followed Gibbs and Ali up the stairs.

"Well I think I will retire as well, goodnight everyone and Anthony. Good job" said Ducky as he stood.

"Thanks Ducky, goodnight" called Tony.

"Night Ducky…night duck man…goodnight Ducky…goodnight Dr. Mallard" called the rest of the team as they settled themselves on the couch and chairs to watch a second movie.

Gibbs gently laid Ali down, quickly removed her outer tee-shirt and sleep pants, then moving out of the way as Tobias came over to change Ali's diaper. Earlier in the evening they'd fixed Ali's night time bottle and placed it in the small refrigerator they now had beside her bed.

While Ali was sick with her recent sinus infection she had a difficult time staying hydrated so Tobias had bought a small refrigerator placing it beside Ali's bed so they could keep extra bottles handy if she needed them. So now they just fixed her night time bottle early and placed it in the refrigerator saving one of them from going back to the kitchen to fix it. As Gibbs removed Ali's pacifier replacing it with the nipple of her bottle Ali opened her eyes and smiled.

"Love you Daddy, Papa. Merry Christmas" mumbled Ali around the nipple then turned over and went back to sleep.

"Love you to baby girl, Merry Christmas" whispered Gibbs as he leaned down and gently kissed the side of her head.

"Merry Christmas little one, love you too" said Tobias softly as he too leaned over and kissed Ali's head then gently stroked her head for a minute then raised up to see his partner looking at him.

Gibbs was standing there staring at him like an excited child itching to get his hands on his Christmas presents. As Tobias careful raised Ali's bedrail, Gibbs' grabbed his hand, turning on Ali's sleep music as they passed then exited her room quickly walking to their bedroom.

After closing and locking the door Tobias started to unbutton his shirt but was stopped as Gibbs placed his hands over Tobias.

"Nope, this is all mine" growled Gibbs as he brushed his partners hands away, then with slow determination began to unbutton the remove Tobias' shirt. As Tobias's shirt fell to the floor Gibbs' hands slowly made their way down his sides to rest briefly on his waist before slowly making their way to his waistband and unbuckle then unbutton his pants.

"Jethro!" growled Tobias as he slowly started to sway as Gibbs hands dipped into the waistband of his boxers.

"Hush Tobias, you're turn is next" replied Gibbs as his hands slowly pushed both his pants and boxers down his legs to pool at his feet.

Tobias quickly kicked off his shoes, stepping out of them as he felt Jethro gently push him towards their bed. When the back of his legs hit the edge of the bed, his eyes glinted with trained expertise Tobias flipped his partner placing Jethro on his back with Tobias covering him full body.

"Now it's my turn" growled Tobias as he straddled Jethro's waist returning the slow sensual undressing that his partner had given him.

As Tobias tossed the last piece of Gibbs' clothing off the bed Gibbs re flipped Tobias so that both men were lying side by side facing each other.

"Merry Christmas Tobias" whispered Jethro softly.

"Merry Christmas Jethro" answered Tobias equally as soft.

After that all talking ceased and both men showed the other the extent of their love.