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Max povFang decided to carry me back from the opera, as he did he did so he said, "whoa! What do you eat, bricks?" I just giggled but in my head I thought, maybe I do eat to much, maybe i should be on a diet, plus I don't know how I feel about Jinx or Fang anymore. This is depressing I thought. Immediately my fun bubbly attitude was gone. In the cab is was awkwardly silent between Jinx and Fang they were glaring at each other but honestly I don't care anymore, all I care about is being nice and skinny.

The cab pulled in front of our apartment. I trudged to the door, unlocked it and went straight to my own individual room. Fang went to his room and shut the door with great force. Jinx looked confused that I wasn't sleeping with him, but he just shrugged it off and went to his room.

Jinx's pov

Max went to her own room after the opera. I was confused but I figured that she was just tired so I just let her be. The next day we all met up at our cafe. We had some donuts to eat but Max only took a nibble out of her one donut. After breakfast Max said she was going to the restroom. Brianna volunteered to manage the cash register while Max was gone. I was setting things up when Iggy called Fang,Gazzy, and I over to his table. Iggy whispered so Brianna couldn't hear," so guys how should I propose to Brianna?" Gazzy said that It should be something extravagant, Fang said something simple, but memorable. I shrugged and thought " what was taking Max so long in the restroom?".

Max pov

I walked into the restroom briskly and locked a stall. I bent down to my knees stuck a finger down my throat and started to puke. When I was done I washed up. I felt somewhat skinners, but it wasn't enough I would have to puke at lunch. I sashayed out of the restroom back into the café to take over the cash register. Brianna glanced at me and asked me if I was ok. She said I looked pale. I said yes and prayed that she didn't suspect what I had been doing.

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