Aaliyah's POV

"Wow, its pink!" I exclaimed.

"I know! Isn't it cool!" said Jade.

"Are you sure this is an co-ed school?" I asked looking at Jade.

"Pretty sure it is," said Jade, "Don't judge a book by its cover. You know that better than anyone."

"Well, I won't judge it too much, but I can't say the same for Piper," I said holding back a giggle.

"Oh, she will learn to love it. Give her time," Jade said. "Anyway, Ouran Academy doesn't sound that bad of a school. It does have a hard test to get in which you passed." Jade made it sound like it was a miracle I passed. I smacked her for that, she laughed afterwards.

"Wait? What do the uniforms look like? That fancy of a school has to have uniforms," I asked suddenly wishing that the uniforms at least looked good.

"I don't know how they look. Give me a few seconds to find out. Even if they don't have them on their website, there has to be a picture online somewhere." Said Jade, "But you may have to ask D for help if I can't find them. She is better at the computer than I am."

"Oh, never mind. I found them! Want to see?" she asked while turning the screen for me to see.

I stopped packing long enough to look at the picture on the screen, confirming my fears. "Tell me you are joking? Please say you are joking!" I begged. I was looking at a rainbow colored two-piece. The skirt went down to the knees. The top of the shirt was frilly and the sleeves were short and frilly. It looked like the frilly part of the top was connected to the sleeves. There white stockings that stopped at the knees with a colorful strap on the top. It belt was black with a huge buckle I couldn't make out. The shoes were the best part, simple black dress shoes. It looked like the 70's threw up on it.

Jade started laughing so hard she fell out of her chair. "Sorry, I am not laughing at the dress; just the look on your face. This is a picture of the real uniform!" she said in between the giggles. She clicked on the real picture.

"Well, that one is better even if it is yellow." I said quite relieved. I went back to packing after I hit Jade again for the near heart attack I had.

"I knew you were going to say that," said Jade. She got off the floor, still in giggles, and started to help me pack. "I don't know why you don't get the maids to pack for you?" Jade asked, even thou I am sure she knew the answer.

"Nobody, but me touches my stuff," I joked, "you know I have a thing about people touching my things"

"Yeah, the 'I hate it when people invade my privacy' thing you got. But why do I get to help?" asked Jade. "I am 'technically' touching your stuff," she said with air quotes and sarcasm.

"I don't have an issue with you thou. I know you won't look threw my things and dig around for secrets," I said, "I am going to miss you. I can't believe I am moving to Japan and thousands of miles away from everything I know and the people I love." I pouted looking at the rest of the things that needed packed still. My heart started sinking when I released there wasn't much left to pack.

"I will miss you too. But we get to see each other on holidays and school breaks. We are still family after all. Nobody gets left behind or forgotten." Jade said with a smile on her face that had a hint of sadness in it. She is trying to stay strong for me, for us. This move broke her heart as it did mine.

Trying to change to subject "After we pack the rest of this stuff up, why don't we go and see if Piper and Rory need help packing?" Jade asked. "Then we can go see the surprise D has for you guys!" she said excitedly.

"Alright, let's get this done and see how far they got," I said while I picked up books that still needed to be packed.

Piper POV

"Oh my god, Rory! What are you doing? I leave the room to go to the bathroom and come back to find you screwing around. You are supposed to be helping me pack, NOT messing around!" I yelled. I was already on edge about moving; I don't need the stress of Rory.

"I was just having a bit of fun! Relax Piper. The only things left to pack is books and the clothes you are not wearing tomorrow. Have some fun while you can with me. I won't see you till the holidays after all." Rory stated as she continued to balance books on her head with a big smile on her face. The book fell off; just like the first three times she did it, landing in a messy pile of books on the floor.

I sighed and pick up a shirt to fold and pack. I might as well continue packing my clothes, I didn't have many books to pack and once Rory starts something, it is hard to stop her. To pass the time more, I asked her why she was doing that.

"I want to be a princess. That's what princess's do. Balance books on their head to improve their balance." She said while the books fell off again.

"Well, you do need all the help with that," I joked " your as clumsy as drunk cat trying to walk on two legs down hill." I was laughing imagining that scene I just said. "Where did you learn they do that?" I managed to ask in between the laughs.

"Rude! They do it in the movies." She said between laughs. I guess she was imagining that scene too. "It was to make you laugh anyway. I am glad it worked. I was beginning to think I wasn't going to hear your laugh before you leave. You know I would make a horrible princess anyway." She joked.

"That's not true. You would make an awesome princess. Your kind, gentle nature would make you a pretty good princess in my book." I said in a serious tone.

"Yea, you are just like a Disney princess. You are nice to everyone." Said Jade walking in.

"And you care for people and animals alike. You hate violence unless it is necessary." Said Aaliyah following Jade into the room. "To quote Piper, you would make an awesome princess."

"Rory quit goofing off and finish packing the books. They are the last things to pack." I said to my princess cousin.

"Remember that D has a surprise for us." Reminded Aaliyah with a grin on her face.

"Oh, I forgot!" screamed Rory. She rushed to pick up the books on the ground and packing them up gently in the box. "Alright, lets go!" she said taping the box shut.


"Cool" said Aaliyah "Let's get going then."

Rory and Jade then grabbed the other two girls and blindfolded them.

"What is going on?" said both Piper and Aaliyah.

"It's for the surprise and we are just following orders." Said Jade.

"Fine, lead the way," said Aaliyah.

"But if I get walked into a poll or wall, I will kill you guys." Joked Piper.

"Yep, love you too" said Rory.

"We won't let that happen," said Jade.

After nervously walking down stairs, threw doors, down more stairs, being guided into a car, and then walked yet again threw another set of doors; they arrived at the surprise spot.

Jade and Rory removed the blindfolds to reveal a (surprise) going away party at their favorite club, with all their friends and family.


Piper and Aaliyah were waiting for the plane to take off to Japan.

"Here we go," said Piper.

"Bye America. Next stop Japan" Said Aaliyah.

Author's Note

Hi! Don't worry I have a flashback for the party later on. I didn't want the prologue to be too long. Prologues can be so boring sometimes and I wanted you guys to get to know my OC's a little bit more before they went to Ouran. Some of it ties in later on. I am not really going to follow the anime or manga. Some scenes will be in it or mentioned thou I will follow the manga more than the anime. I don't own Ouran High school Host Club. (You guys should know that) only things I own are my OC's and the plot.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Jade and Aaliyah are best friends and Rory and Piper are best friends. They still hang out in a group (of five) and are close to each other, but Jade and Aaliyah are closer. So are Rory and Piper. You will see why later on. (I hope that makes sense) That's it for now on the hints. Hope you guys enjoyed it at least.

Chapter one

Aaliyah's POV

"Oh, hell no!" screamed Piper.

I was getting ready for school when I heard Piper yelling.

'Oh yeah. I forgot to show her the uniforms the other day' I thought smiling to myself. I knew she would throw a fit. She hates dresses and the color yellow. She likes to wear the clothes she picks out. She is very stubborn that way.

"Did you know about this?" she asked running into my room.

"Yes, I did. I didn't want to tell you cause you are a flight risk and I also forgot. I only learned about it the other day; Jade looked everything up. Guess she forgot to tell you too." I said with a grin on my face. "Just get dressed and lets go to school. If we don't like the school, we can beg to transfer out. It doesn't look like that bad of a school anyway. We have to hurry because Sam wants to take us to school." I said while I was braiding my hair.

"Fine, I will get ready. I swear if I don't like this school, I am transferring out as fast as possible." Said Piper leaving with the dress.

I sighed and picked up my bag and cellphone. I walked to the front door and waited for Piper. It's a good thing we ate before getting ready for school. We most likely would have been late if she found out about the uniform on an empty stomach. (She is more of a beast on an empty stomach and would have argued more)

"Hurry up!" I yelled up the stairs.

"I am ready. Lets get this over with," said Piper walking in wearing the dreaded uniform. Her hair was in a simple ponytail.

We looked at each other then turned and walked out the door.

Piper's POV

Once we got in the limo, we were met with Sam seating on the other side of us.

"Hello girls! How was your morning?" she asked as the limo started rolling down the street.

"Eventful." Said Aaliyah.

"Boring" I said.

"Good" said Sam. She started talking about stuff, but all I heard was blah, blah, blah, blah, and blah.

I just nodded my head along, agreeing with her the whole time. I was thinking about this new school and all the surprises it could have for us. I just hoped I wouldn't be bored the whole time.

When we finally pulled up to the school, Sam gave us a quick hug and a kiss each, pushed us out the door of the limo, and said "Have a good day at school. Behave! Call Rachael when you want to be picked up. Love ya, bye!"

We said our goodbyes as the limo drove away, abandoning us at the prison. We turned around and the first thing that comes out of my mouth "its PINK."

"Yeah, I forgot to mention that as well. Sorry." Said Aaliyah. "I saw the pictures online and I said the same thing"

I glared at her. "You saw the pictures and didn't think I should see. I bet you 'forgot' on purpose" I said annoyed with her.

"Like I said earlier, you are a flight risk and I didn't want to freak you out with the pictures" she stated while grabbing my hand and dragging me inside the building. "Give it a shot at least. It may be fun!" she said.

"I am still mad at you." I pouted.

Walking behind her I heard her laugh. "Oh, you know you love me" she said.

"Yea, of course I do. You are my sister after all," I said walking into the pink prison of doom.

Kaoru's POV

I am sitting in class planning with Hikaru about what pranks to pull on Tamaki. We were waiting on our teacher to come into class. The teacher walks in a few minutes after the bell followed by two girls.

The girls were almost identical twins. Their eyes were the only things different from each other besides their hairstyles. One girl had dark blue eyes and a braided bun. The other had brownish red eyes and a simple, curly ponytail. They had black hair, a round face. They were probably a foot or two shorter than myself. The girl with the ponytail had long hair that went down to the middle of her back at least. I wasn't sure about the other one since her hair was in a bun.

The teacher got the class quieted down and said we had new students and told the girls to introduce themselves.

The braided one went first. "Hi, my name is Aaliyah Blake. One of our parents is a party designer and the other is an architect. I have two older brothers and five younger siblings. I moved here from America because our parents don't want to be away from us too long. My hobbies are shopping, laser tag, web design, and dancing. Please take care of me."

The ponytail girl said, "Hi, my name is Piper Blake. I am not wasting my time repeating the family part my sister just said. My hobbies are paint balling, video games, digital arts, jewelry making, and blogging. Please take care of me."

The teacher then asked if anyone had any questions for them.

Aaliyah's POV

A few people in the class raised their hands.

One guy asked us from what city did we move from. "New York City, New York." I answered. "Don't ask us any sports related stuff cause we are not into sports."

A girl asked us if we could speak fluent Japanese. "Yes, we can speak and read it. We know English, Japanese, Spanish, and French." I said.

The last guy asked if we were twins. "Yes, we are twins. We wear colored contacts." Said Piper.

"Idiot" she whispered under her breath. "Piper, be nice," I whispered back.

Another girl asked us how old our older brothers were. "They are both twenty." I said.

The last person asked us if we had boyfriends. "Ok, first off isn't that kind of rude. Secondly, no we do NOT have boyfriends." Stated Piper. I didn't stop her on that one and she could have said a lot worse. She made the guy blush thou.

The teacher stopped the questions there and told us to sit down. He told me to sit by a Hikaru Hitachiin and Piper to sit next to a Kaoru Hitachiin. They raised their hands when the teacher said their individual names.

Of course, they were cute, red headed twins.

As soon as we sat down, they gave each other a Cheshire cat smiles. Silent commutation I see. I don't like the looks of it.

Hikaru turned to me and introduced himself. He told me to go to music room #3 for some fun after school today before the teacher told him and his brother to be quiet.

Class was boring like usual. After class, I talked to Piper and she told me Kaoru told her the same thing. Weird, I thought.

We went to the remainder of our classes and decided to go to music room #3 to check it out.

We were in for a surprise!

Author's note

Hi again! I had a hard time with this chapter. This is the first fan fiction story I have written so far, so I am not used to using other people's characters. (Since I don't own the Host Club) I want to reread the manga so I can do a better job at writing the hosts. I also combined the prologue and Chapter 1 because the website was bugging me with the out of order chapters and page numbers.

Anyway, later on you will find out why Piper used Sam's name in her POV. There is a reason for it. I am hinting it in some chapters till you, and the hosts, meet their parents. Some of you may have already thought of or realized it. Good for you; don't spoil it for others. Oh, before I forget the time Piper said idiot in this chapter she said it in English. That's why it looked different. Again, all I own are my OC's and the plot. Hope you enjoyed it. Please review and follow!