Chapter 2

Piper's POV

We are standing in front of the door to music room #3, unsure as to go in or not. Aaliyah had a weird feeling about it and I guess I did too. We barely knew those boys and we were about to walk into a room, having no idea what was inside.

"Do you get the feeling they were going to prank us or something?" asked Aaliyah.

"Yea, sort of. We can always go in and see what's so 'fun'. If I have to, I can beat them up as a last resort and we can make a break for it. Its worth a shot, right?" I stated.

"Yea, I guess you are right." She said.

"Cool, I am opening up the door now. Last chance to bail," I said reaching for the doorknob.

"I am not leaving," said Aaliyah.

I opened up the door and to my surprise rose petals fall in front of our face with a bright light. Some voices said "Welcome" to us at the same time. It took me a few seconds to get over the shock and when I did I saw seven boys in front of me. Three of them were familiar.

A boy with blond hair and violet eyes came up to us and handed us each a rose. He said "Hello, beautiful ladies and welcome to the Host Club. You are new here, aren't you? Well, let me introduce myself. I am the club president, Tamaki Suoh."

"I am the vice president Kyoya Ootori." Said a boy with black hair and glasses.

"You can call me Honey and this is Takashi. You can call him Mori thou," said the other blond hair boy while pointing at a tall, dark haired boy. "Do you like cake?" Honey asked.

"Yea, we like cake," I answered.

"I am Haruhi Fujioka. A pleasure to meet you," said a boy/girl with brown hair.

"I recognize you from class." Aaliyah said.

"Yea, sorry about not introducing myself earlier. I was busy trying to get some studying done for my next class." Haruhi said after being glared at by Tamaki.

"That's OK. We understand." We said with a smile.

"We are the," the twins started to say before I interrupted them. "We know who you guys are," I said rolling my eyes.

"Yea," said Aaliyah rolling her eyes too, "You told us to come. What is a Host Club anyway? All you guys said was to come."

"The Host Club is a place for ladies who have too much time on their hands to come and be entertained by us guys who also have too much time on our hands." said Tamaki. "You see, all of the club members have type. I am the princely type. Kyoya is the cool type. Haruhi is the normal type. The twins are the little devil types. Honey is the cute shotacon type. Mori is the strong, silent or stoic type. All of us make up the Host Club!"

"So, you flirt and entertain girls then?" I questioned.

"Yea, pretty much," said Haruhi. "You haven't introduced yourselves to the rest of the club yet"

"The one on the right in Piper Blake and the one on the left is Aaliyah Blake." Said Kyoya. " They moved here from New York City, USA. Their parents are Sam Blake and Tessa Blake. Sam is an architect and Tessa is a famous party designer/Interior designer. They have a big family, mostly living in America. They have two older brothers, both in Ouran University. They also have five younger siblings."

"Why don't you list off our favorite food, or our true eye color?" I said rather annoyed.

"For Aaliyah, her favorite food is chocolate. For Piper, her favorite food is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Their true eye color is emerald green." Stated Kyoya with a sly grin. 'Mr. know-it-all' I thought.

"Your favorite food is chocolate? Do you want some chocolate cake?" said an excited Honey.

"Sure! I mean, if its not any trouble?" Aaliyah said nervously.

"No trouble at all, beautiful maiden." Said Tamaki. "Your presence is always welcomed."

"OK then." Said Aaliyah.

"Is something wrong maiden?" asked Tamaki. Apparently, he doesn't get that reaction often. Aaliyah shared a look with me before we said, "Nothing is wrong. Its just that it was kind of cheesy what you just said" I swear that lightening hit him when we said that.

Next thing I knew, Tamaki was pouting in a corner.

"Did we say something bad?" asked Aaliyah concerned.

The twins came up behind us, laughing and said, "No, boss does that a lot. You guys happened to make him go to his 'emo' corner within five minutes of meeting him. That's a new record!"

"Well, I do like breaking records. Any others I can break?" I joked. Tamaki gave me a pretty pathetic look, before going back to pout even darker. I didn't even know that was possible. The twins laughed even harder. They said "Well, that was another record too."

"I will take that piece of cake now if you don't mind, Honey-senpai." Aaliyah said while walking over to Honey.

"Yea, right this way!" said Honey jumping up and down with pure joy.

I looked around the room and saw Haruhi trying to get Tamaki out of his corner, Kyoya on his computer, Honey eating cake with Aaliyah and Mori, and the twins playing on their DS. (They must get bored fast.)

I walked over to join my sister, thinking this won't be such a bad place to be. It could be fun!

"Would you like some cake, Piper-Chan?" asked Honey.

"I would love a piece of chocolate," I said sitting down at the table. "By the way Kyoya-senpai, you got my favorite food wrong!" I sang while putting a piece of cake in my mouth, "its Waldorf-Astoria red velvet cake." I gave the know-it-all a smirk before taking another bite of cake.

"Oh, so your favorite food is cake? That's so cool, Piper-Chan. My favorite food is all kinds of cake. Usa-chan and I love cake." He said while holding up a cute, stuffed rabbit.

"Yea it is my favorite. Have you ever tried it?" I asked.

"No I haven't, but now I want too since you like it," Honey said with the cutest smile with flowers floating around his head.

"You will love it," I said.

He turned to Aaliyah then and asked with a serious face "Why did you call me senpai earlier?"

"Oh, I sort of guessed. You are wearing a high school uniform and I haven't seen you in any of my classes; so I figured you were an upper-classman. If I got it wrong, I am sorry." Said Aaliyah with a blush on her face.

"You got it right. Takashi and I are third years. It's just a surprise is all," he said pointing at Mori.

"That's a surprise. Most people assume Honey-senpai is younger than themselves." Said Kaoru suddenly appearing next to Aaliyah. "Yea." Agreed Hikaru. "Do you know someone who doesn't look their age, Aaliyah-Chan?" appearing on the other side of Aaliyah.

Tamaki suddenly appeared and yelled at the twins to stop harassing Aaliyah, who was turning a darker shade of red by the minute.

I jumped in and said "Tamaki, stop yelling. They are just being curious. Now get away from my sister before she faints." I said. After they moved away from her, I said, "We have a cousin who looks younger than their age too. Like she said she guessed and it happened to correct. So stop being so nosy, you little devils." I took the last bite of my cake after that. They shut up after my little speech.

The twins grinned at me and appeared on either side of me. "Why don't you tell us more about yourself then?" they asked.

"How the hell do you do that?" I asked. They just gave me one of their Cheshire grins before Haruhi told them to leave us alone or they may scare us off. They did, but went over to bug him.

Aaliyah was busy answering Honey's questions; I turned my attention to watching the twins and Haruhi. The more I looked at Haruhi, the more he looked like a girl. The way the twins and Tamaki acted around him only justified my suspensions. The twins were flirting with Haruhi, it didn't seem like he even noticed, but Tamaki started freaking out. Telling the twins to stop harassing Haruhi and to leave his daughter alone. Wait? Did he just call Haruhi his Daughter? So, he is a girl then. Well, whatever. If they want to hide the fact he is a girl, it's not my problem.

I turned my attention back to the table before the twins told Tamaki to shut up and reminding him that we were here.

I took that chance to look at my cellphone. I realized the time and poked Aaliyah in the shoulder, showing her the time.

"We have to leave, but first some quick questions." She said. The other hosts (except Haruhi, Kyoya, and Mori) looked nervous. "How does this whole host thing work? Do you have to request a host or just come whenever and seat with who ever you want? Does it cost money?" she asked.

"You come to me and request a host at a certain time. You come in at that time and stay for the amount of time given. It doesn't cost money to come, but we do sell merchandise. Do you have any more questions?" asked Kyoya.

"Nope, but I would like to talk to you." I said walking over to him. "Can I request Haruhi-kun for tomorrow? I would like to get to know him since he is in my class and I am trying to make friends. I share only two classes with him. I see the twins more than him." I said with the sweetest smile I had. They seemed to buy my excuse.

"Sure, I have a spot open tomorrow at 5. Is that OK?" asked Kyoya.

"Yea that should be fine. Thank Kyoya-Senpai." I said.

"Can I come with her?" asked Aaliyah.

"Yes you can," said Kyoya.

"Thanks," said Aaliyah. "Today must have been a slow day huh? We are the only girls here."

"Yes, since you two came at 4:45," said Kaoru. "And the club closes at 5:30" Said Hikaru.

"We had a 45 minute break. Now we have a 30 minute break." They said together looking bored.

"To answer your question princess, it was a slow day. Usually we have clients here till closing." Said Tamaki.

"The hosts act differently when there are guests here," whispered Haruhi to us.

We said our goodbyes after that. I texted Rachael, our mom's assistant, then turned to my sister when we were out of hearing distance from the club. "Did you notice that Haruhi is a girl?" I asked.

"Yea, I got that vibe from them that she was one." She said with a smirk.

"By them you mean?" I asked knowing what she was going to say next.

"By them I meant Tamaki, Kaoru, and Hikaru. I got it from her too, but they confirmed it," She stated.

"Yea, they did for me too. It was mostly that idiot Tamaki." I said with a laugh.

"You are planning on telling her tomorrow right? And asking her why?" Aaliyah asked.

"Yep, you know me so well." I said.

"Today wasn't that bad of a day huh?" Aaliyah said with a grin.

"It sure wasn't," I answered with the same grin.

Author's note

Done with chapter two. I don't believe I got the hosts just right. Hopefully, I didn't mess it up too much. I still have to reread the manga. I haven't had time to read thou just write. Weird, huh? I should get better at it the more I write. Hope you enjoyed it. BTW, I only own my OC's and the plot. I don't own the Host Club. This is the last time I am saying that, so you won't have to read it again. See you guys next time.