*Italic words are spoken in english!

Adrian's POV

"This is one of the last days of beautiful weather this month, so we decided to spend the time outside." explained Tamaki as he gestured around the court yard to his group of customers.

"How has your day been, Adrian-san?" asked Yuuma.

"Been better." I said with a shrug "Amanda hasn't talked to me, but that may be because I haven't seen her yet."

"Oh…I forgot she was coming today." whispered Kiki.

"Yea, she came today." I said with a frown "She hasn't talked to us yet."

"Isn't that a good thing?" asked Kiki.

"Not exactly." said a voice from behind us. Speak of the devil and she will show up, I turned around and saw the witch standing just inside the doorway.

"Hello, Amanda. How have you been?" I asked politely in English as she looked around. Nobody, but my group have noticed her yet. I knew that would change fast, so I decided to be nice for appearance sake.

"Good, besides being relocated to this place." said Amanda with a disgusted look on her face "Seems like the school is full of freaks. Daddy is forcing me to go here while we live in Japan. Thank god I won't be here very long. My mother is moving to England and I am going with her. Not like I can speak this stupid language anyway."

"Can I ask why you are in Japan in the first place?" I asked with a forced smile.

"None of your business." snapped Amanda.

"It is because her parents are getting a divorce. Her father moved here for business and her mother is moving to England to get away from him." D said in Japanese and walking up to the group "Her father enrolled her here, hoping she would stay with him."

"Oh, look. Four eyes showed up." smirked Amanda "How are you doing? No more hospital stays, right? Looks like they cured you of your dork look, so that is good."

"I am fine, thanks. Too bad there wasn't a cure for being a bitch. You really need it." said D. I chuckled at that and got a glare from Amanda in the process.

"I don't know why you are laughing. At least I am not a freak like you." sneered Amanda.

"Apple doesn't fall far from the tree." said D as she tossed her an apple and handed her a picture "Just remember that the next time you insult us, think about ruining our lives here, or just being you."

"How did you?" asked a red faced Amanda.

"I have my sources. It would be a shame if this got out, wouldn't it?" smirked D "I have plenty of copies as well."

"You have changed." stated Amanda as she glared at D.

"I have. I realized after your last visit, that I had nothing to fear from a pathetic, little worm like you." said D glaring right back "Now, if you would please leave. Your attitude, voice, and face are disturbing our guests."

"You have no idea who you are messing with." fumed Amanda "I have dirt on all of you and I will share it to everyone. I could ruin you. Your blackmail doesn't matter to me, because I am not staying. You are."

"Correction, you have no idea who you are dealing with." said D with an evil grin "Just remember that I am one hell of a hacker. I can ruin you where ever you live. You can't run away from me. On the plus side, we already disclosed the worse of our secrets that can ruin our image. So, why don't you just leave?"

"I am not afraid of someone who cuts themselves and who tried to kill themselves." screamed Amanda as she looked around. Everyone's attention was on them, which they understood it or not was up in the air.

"And I am not afraid of some bitch that loves to cause chaos and misery wherever she goes. And who is also a mean spirited bully." D said in a calm voice "I know a lot of stuff you don't want out in the open. I suggest you leave before I reveal them."

"You go, D!" yelled Piper as Allie lead everyone else to clap.

"Argh!" screamed Amanda before she walked away pissed.

"I am proud of you, D!" said both sets of twins as Tamaki hugged her. Hikaru and Kaoru had to pull Tamaki off of her before she could hurt him.

"We all are." I said with a huge smile.

"You did a good job too, bro." said Rory as she hugged me.

"You both were awesome." said Jade.

"Ah, thanks." I said before looking around the courtyard. I saw Kiki and Yuuma celebrating with everyone else. I also saw Reiko in the shadows with other members of the Black Magic Club. They seemed to be scheming something for Amanda by the looks of it. (I am totally ok with that.)

"Is what she said true, D-Chan?" asked one of the girls, whose name escapes me. With that, the courtyard went silent.

"So, you guys do know English?" asked D.

"Some of us do." whispered Chika "So, is it true that you cut yourself and tried to take it farther?"

"Yea, it is." said D as she rolled up her sleeves and showed everyone her scars "I hit rock bottom and didn't see a way out. If it wasn't for Rory, Adrian, the twins, and Jade….I wouldn't be here right now. I don't like talking about it, for obvious reasons."

"Does it have to do with your mother's death?" asked Kiki before she covered her mouth with a blush spreading across her cheeks.

"How did you…." asked a shocked D.

"We all know." said Chika "We aren't called fangirls for nothing."

"We also knew about the twins past and Rory's medical history along with Adrian being the twins brother. Also that he is Bi before he announced it." said another girl.

"We know about Jade as well." someone else said.

"Adrian can sing as well." said Kiki.

"We just didn't know about you harming yourself and…" choked Chika along with the rest of the girls.

"What do you know about me?" asked a pale Jade.

"The reason you wear black is to honor your biological mother, which is really sweet." said one of the girls. Man, I really need to learn their names.

"And that you were adopted by the same FBI agent who saved your life. The woman you call mom now. She broke into the house when you made the call for help and saved your lives." said Chika "Apparently, your father was selling weapons to the Black market and that caught the attention of the FBI. She gave Jade her number incase she was ever needed before arresting him."

"Your biological father beat your biological mother to death and almost killed your brother as well." said Yuuma.

"Well, that was correct. Father was an ass. The reason why Jade and myself dye our hair is so we don't look like him. Our natural hair color is brown, not black." said Danny from behind us. Everyone wiped around and saw him standing there with a diaper bag and baby Noah.

"What are you doing here?" asked Jade as she walked over to him.

"I need a babysitter. Gracie is in the hospital and I am needed there. I don't want to take Noah and no one else is available until later tonight." said Danny "Can you please watch him until mom comes?"

"Yes, of course I can." said Jade as she took the baby "What happened to Gracie?"

"Here is everything you need. Call, or text if you need anything." said Danny quickly "He should be due for a bottle sometime and he eats every two or three hours. I think that is everything. Bye, love you, and thanks." before he ran away.

"That was weird, right?" asked Piper.

"Very." said Allie before the girls started cooing over Noah.

"Something is up." I muttered as I looked where Danny had ran off too.

Author's Note

Hi! Sorry for the late update. I had some issues on the fifth and sixth that were a surprise. My oldest ferret became sick Thursday and died Friday morning. Then when my brother was helping me bury her, he hit a gas line for an unused grill. The line was still on, but nothing horrible happened besides the backyard smelling like gas.

Anyway, I decided today to work on this story more. So, it may not be put on hold later on. But it means I will try writing more. Not that I will.

I will see you next month. Bye and thanks for everything you did!