Everyone's POV

"Argh!" said Piper as she covered her ears.

"When is your mom going to get here?" asked Allie as Noah continued to cry. All the girls were fussing over him and couldn't figure out how to calm him down.

"I fed him, burped him, and changed him. If you have any other ideas, please take over. You two have five younger siblings, think of something." snapped Jade as she bounced the baby.

"Hey, our moms dealt with the five." said Piper and Allie "We weren't allowed to watch them because of the incident, that involved markers and funny pictures."

"Hand him over." said Mori as he held his arms out for the baby. Jade gave him Noah and as soon as that baby laid down in his arms, Noah stopped crying and fell asleep.

"You are amazing with kids!" exclaimed the guests as they quietly cooed over Mori and the baby.

"What incident was it that you couldn't watch your siblings as babies anymore?" asked the Hitachiin twins.

"We were watching them for our mom when she went to the store and got bored." said Allie "We drew on them with washable markers."

"It was funny." said Piper as she and Allie giggled. Allie pulled up the pictures on her laptop and showed everyone, which caused everyone else to burst out laughing.

"I can see why your mom refused to let you watch them." stated Haruhi. Mori, Kyoya, and Haruhi were the only ones in the room not laughing. But they were smiling.

"I see you guys are having a good time." said a grinning Stacy as she made her way into the music room. We decided to head inside when Noah was dropped off, since it was easier to care for him inside than outside.

"Hi, mom." greeted a relieved Jade.

"Hey, sweetie. How's it going?" asked Stacy as she gave her daughter a hug.

"It's going." muttered Jade causing her mother to chuckle.

"We wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't for Mori." said Rory as she pointed to Mori and Noah.

"I see." said Stacy as Mori handed over Noah "Well, I am here now. I will take over."

"Thanks, Aunt Stacy." said the Blake twins.

"You only watched him for an hour. It could not have been that bad." stated Stacy as she rocked Noah back to sleep.

"You have no idea." said everyone in the room besides Stacy, who only giggled at all their faces.

"This is a good lesson for all of you then." smirked Stacy as the group silently agreed with her.

"Anyway, what happened to Gracie?" asked Piper.

"Danny never explained and ran away as soon as he handed over Noah." explained Allie.

"Something happened at home and she had to go to the ER." said Stacy as she packed up the baby stuff "I should be leaving now. I need to get Noah to our house before it gets any later, or colder. See you later." She left the room soon after, as did the guests.

The hosts were busy cleaning up and straightening up the room like always. The conversation tonight was different.

"Thank goodness Stacy came when she did." said Piper as she picked up plates.

"Yeah." said Allie as she picked up tea cups and took them to the kitchen.

"It was so not that bad." said Haruhi.

"Yes, it was." said both set of twins.

"Why couldn't your parents watch him?" asked Honey "Not that he was bad, or anything."

"Sam is in a business meeting and Tessa is watching the kids." said Piper.

"Danny most likely didn't want to leave Noah with mom." said Allie "Six children under five is a bit much, don't you think?"

"Yea, it is. Mom would be upset if that happened." joked Piper as the rest of the group, besides Haruhi, Mori, and Kyoya, laughed.

"Too bad that woman isn't their mother." said a voice behind them, making everyone stop laughing.

"Elizabeth?" stuttered a pale Allie as the group turned towards the door.

"No how do you do? How rude. And since when have you called me Elizabeth? Aren't I your mother, Melody?" asked Elizabeth as she pointed a gun at the group "I shouldn't have to tell everyone not to move. I think you will know what will happen if you do."

"What are you doing here?" asked Allie "How did you get in?"

"I have my ways." said Elizabeth as the gun clicked "I don't have a lot of time. Cellphones on the floor. That includes laptops and tablets. After that, against that wall and on the floor."

Everyone did what she said.

"Good job. Now I don't have to shoot anyone. Yet." said Elizabeth with an evil smile "Now to answer your other question. I am here for my daughter."

"She isn't your daughter." yelled Piper "And I am not either."

"Whether you like it, or not, you both are mine. I raised Melody since she was born. I raised Mackenzie too. At least, until MJ took you. If I knew that crackpot was crazy, I would have taken you as well. Even though that would have made it so much harder."

"I thought you died." stuttered Allie.

"Faked my death, dearest. FBI was getting too close for comfort." smirked Elizabeth "Didn't you ever wonder why they never found a body?"

"We crashed into a river. That is the last that I remember." said Allie "A passerby jumped in and pulled me out. They thought your body floated down stream and into the ocean."

"I swam out after you were pulled to safety." stated Elizabeth.

"Why?" asked a tear eyed Allie.

"Because I wanted to hurt Tessa. Having children out of wedlock is one thing, but the last straw was when she rejected me. She slept with another man, had you two, and then, started dating another woman. They marry years after you two disappeared to add insult to injury." said Elizabeth through clenched teeth.

"So, that is why you took her children? It is because you loved her." said Tamaki.

"True. I fell in love with Tessa years ago. She didn't even realize she went to high school with me. I was invisible in school and even back then. Not now. She sees me now." said Elizabeth with glossy eyes as she glared at the group.

"You still love her, don't you?" asked Honey.

"Yes, I do. But it doesn't change anything now." admitted Elizabeth before tuning her attention to the Blake twins.

"Melody, Mackenzie. We are leaving. We can start a new life. Wouldn't that be great? Just the three of us. Together. As a family." Said Elizabeth with a insane look in her eyes.

"Our names aren't Melody and Mackenzie." whispered Allie.

"And we are not going anywhere with you." stated Piper with a glare.

"I don't think you have a choice." said Elizabeth, pointing the gun around the group "Now move it."

"You are doing all this for revenge?" asked Haruhi as she glared at the woman.

"Yep. Enough talk, now move." ordered Elizabeth.

"The rest of you stay still, or you will get hurt." she warned as she bent over to get ahold of Allie.

Just as she got close enough to grab Allie, Scooby lunged at her. Elizabeth, in her rush to leave, didn't see Allie's silent guardian as he waited silently under the table nearby. Scooby grabbed Elizabeth by the arm, which happened to be holding the gun.

This caused the sound of a gunshot and a scream to be heard throughout the whole building.

Author's Note


First things first. I know I am posting on a different day, but I decided to post when I finish a chapter. Why wait too long, right?

My other stories will still have the same posting times, but this one is ending soon. I am at a lost on what to write for it as well as interest. I will do the sports fest, Christmas, and Valentine's day chapters. I do have an ending planned out, no worries there. I may get to sixty chapters before it ends, but I doubt it.

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