Piper's POV

"Adrian's not coming back to school until the holidays are over." I said to the group of girls in front of me.

"He is doing fine. He is rocking the prosthetic leg, but he is still healing." said Allie.

"Emotionally and physically." we said together.

it has been a little over a month and everyone is worried about him.

He took it better than I thought when they told him about his injuries after he woke up though. I think he was mostly in shock, but he still was grieving over his leg and learning to live without it. True to his dad's word, he got to go home after a few days in the hospital.

Gracie didn't take it too well. She yelled and screamed till Danny calmed her down. Then she cried. She is better now that Noah can visit.

"He can't visit? Even after school?" asked one of the girls. After Adrian got hurt, he became more popular over night. He was in big demand right now. We had to tell everyone to stop sending gifts and stuff to the house because they ran out of room to put everything that was being sent.

"We will see if he can come to the Christmas dance that the Host Club is hosting later this month." said Tamaki as he suddenly appeared out of thin air "No promises though. He is still recovering from his injury. But it won't hurt to ask."

"It will if he kicks you." whispered a smirking D and making us laugh.

"Very funny. Make fun of the brave knight that saved us all." said Tamaki dramatically.

"Technically, it was the FBI agent that shot her. That guy saved us. Adrian was unlucky and just got shot." said Jade "Not saying he wouldn't take a bullet for us anyway."

"I will ask him. He may not come though, so don't get your hopes up." said Rory.

"Thank you." said the girls as they left.

"Are you guys coming over tonight?" asked Rory.

"Of course we are." said Hikaru.

"We miss our other brother from another mother." said Kaoru.

"Why would you ask?" asked Honey.

"Cause the twins are dating, it is a Friday, and they may have plans." explained Jade.

"Adrian is more important than plans with our boyfriends." said Allie.

"We have a double date tomorrow anyway." I stated with a shrug.

"What about Rory and Honey?" asked the Hitachiin twins.

"What about us?" asked Honey.

"When are you two going on a date?" asked Allie and myself.

"Sometime." muttered Rory as she and Honey blushed.

"When is that?" I asked with a smirk.

"Come on you guys." said Jade.

"Stop teasing them." said D.

"By the way…" I started.

"Have you and Kyoya gone on a date yet?" asked Allie.

"Quite a few." said D.

"It is none of your business about that anyway." said Kyoya.

"Have you met her father yet?" I asked.

"Not yet." said Kyoya as he pushed up his glasses.

"Good luck with that." muttered Allie.

"What was that?" asked D.

"Nothing. I am sure your father will like Kyoya." said Allie with a forced grin.

"He will be like the son he never had." I whispered under my breath.

"Shh." said Rory as she glanced quickly to D.

"It's fine, Rory. I know my father is difficult to get along with and is nearly impossible to impress. I could never do any of that because of the fact I am a girl. Kyoya shouldn't have a problem with any of that. He is a guy after all." said D with a shrug "I have learned to accept those facts a long time ago."

"You shouldn't have too." said Haruhi with the rest of the club silently agreeing with her.

"Yet I did. Father is the way he is. Nothing I do will change that. He has always been like that." said D "Are we going to visit Adrian, or not?"

"Yea, let's go already." said Rory as she made her way out of the room, followed by the rest of the club soon after.

Allie's POV

"Ahem." smirked Piper as we walked into Adrian's room.

"Hope we are not interrupting anything." I said with a grin as I watched Reiko and Adrian pull apart from their make out session.

"Looks like you are feeling better." said Hikaru.

"A lot better." said Kaoru.

"Didn't think you would be here so soon." admitted a red faced Adrian.

"You can continue." said Tamaki as he and everyone else started backing out of the room.

"We will leave you two to yourselves." said Haruhi.

"It's fine. You can stay." said Adrian as he squeezed Reiko's hand for reassurance.

"It's really ok." said Jade.

"We just came over to plan the Christmas party." said D.

"We can plan it some other time." said Kyoya.

"Why include me? I can't dance and I am still getting used to my new leg." said Adrian as he pointed to the prosthetic leg across the room.

"Doesn't mean you can't sit and enjoy yourself." said Piper.

"Our customers and classmates miss you." I said.

"You need to get out of this house and get some fresh air." said Rory.

"A party would be the perfect excuse." said D.

"Think how you would make everyone happy just by coming." said Tamaki dramatically.

"I don't know…." said Adrian as he glanced at Reiko.

"It is fine with me." whispered Reiko.

"You sure?" asked Adrian to which he got a head nod "Alright then. I will go."

"Cool." said Piper.

"Are you two dating?" I asked suddenly.

"Yeah, we are." blushed Adrian as a blushing Reiko sunk into the shadows.

"Ah, you make a cute couple." gushed Rory.

"Shut up, please." begged Adrian.

"Ok, let's leave the two love birds alone." said D.

"Just remember there are people here."giggled Piper and myself before running away.

"Not funny!" yelled Adrian, making us laugh even harder.


The following weeks went by fast. There were finals and party planning going on, that there wasn't much time in between for the usual Host club antics.

The next thing I knew, it was the day of the Christmas party.

I was helping Kyoya by talking to the photographer for the last minute directions before getting ready. Because of this, I was late for the party.

I walked into the room and everyone turned to look at the late comer. I had the attention of the whole room and I couldn't stop blushing. I silently thanked Tamaki for coming up with the idea of making the dance a masquerade ball. The girls in the Host club where the only ones in the room who knew who I was.

I wore a floor length light blue/white dress that was split up to my knee on the right side. I wore white high heels and a whitish blue mask that matched my elbow length gloves. I had on my mother's diamond necklace and my hair was up in a braided bun. I wore contacts because of the mask.

In other words, I didn't look like myself.

Kyoya's POV

"Are you ok?" asked Amy, bringing my attention back to her.

"Of course I am." I said before twirling her around again "Why do you ask?"

"You don't seem to want to dance with me is all." said Amy "You haven't stopped staring at the late comer since she walked in."

"I just think I know who she is." I stated as I looked at the late comer out of the corner of my eye.

"Do you think the newcomer is D? You are looking at her the same way you look at D." giggled Amy.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"The whole school can see that you love her. The way you look at her is the same way Tamaki looks at Haruhi. It isn't that hard to see you care about her and she cares about you. She is your fiancee after all." explained Amy.

"How do you know about that?" I asked.

"Cause we fangirls do our research. Now go dance with your Cinderella." said Amy. I didn't even realize that we had stopped dancing until she gave me a little push.

Still a little dazed, I made my way over to the most beautiful girl in the room.

I realized it was D as I made my way across the room.

The little things she did that set her apart from the rest. The way she twirled her hair that came loose from all the dancing she did. Her nervous lip biting. Her laugh. The way she dances and walks around the room.

"May I have this dance?" I asked when I got close enough to her.

"You may." said D as she put her hand into my waiting one just as a slow song came on.

"So, how has your night been?" I whispered into her ear as I twirled her around.

"Been fun. I found out some rather surprising news." said D.

"What would that be?" I asked.

"More finally asked Jade out on a date. They are going to go on a double date with Honey and Rory sometime next week." explained D "Now Tamaki and Haruhi need to get together, which would make everyone in the club paired up."


"Everyone? Does that include us?" asked Kyoya looking me in the eyes and making my cheeks burn.

"I guess it does. That is, if you want it too." I stuttered as he leaned in closer.

"I would very much like that." he whispered in my ear before kissing me on the lips. I didn't even hear the roar of the crowd and a few sobbing people as that happened. I didn't care that we were in the middle of the room and had everyone attention.

At that moment, all I could think about was Kyoya and his lips on my own.

Kaoru's POV…..(Years later)….

"And that is how your aunts and uncles got together." said Kaoru as he looked down at his little girl, Abby.

"But, daddy?" whined Abby.

"Yes, sweet heart?" asked Kaoru.

"You never said how Uncle Tama and Aunt Haruhi got together! Please! You said you would tell me how everyone met and fell in love." complained Abby as she looked up into her father's face. Kaoru chuckled at that before answering her pleads.

"Ah, those two. You see, Tamaki and Haruhi got together after Tamaki saw his mother after three years. She confessed to him at the airport as the plane took off. You see, Tama's life before the club was different. Because of some other people's decisions, he didn't get to see his mother for a long time. When he could see her, he refused because his grandmother was sad and he didn't want to leave her. Haruhi made him realize he was being dumb and with the clubs and our guests help, he made it in time to see her again." Kaoru explained to the four year old "She had to leave because she was just getting well again from being sick."

"Anyway, Haruhi told Tamaki she loved him and Tamaki told Haruhi he loved her. They got together and got married, just like everyone else I just told you about." said Kaoru before kissing Abby's forehead "Good night, sweet heart."

"Good night, daddy." yawned Abby before she closed her eyes to fall to sleep.

Kaoru made his way to his bedroom and greeted his other half, who was reading on their side on the bed.

"How did i go?" Allie asked looking up from her book as he changed into his pajamas.

"Abby wanted to hear a story." explained Kaoru "I blame you for that."

"For what?" asked Allie.

"For telling her stories and filling her head with lovey dovey stuff." joked Kaoru "I had to tell her how everyone met and fell in love. It took forever."

"Oh, my poor baby." cooed Allie with a grin "However would you survive that horrible ordeal is beyond me."

"You didn't go into much detail, right?" asked Allie.

"Nothing too dark, or violent. I kept it G. I didn't describe every detail. Give me some credit." said Kaoru as he crawled into the bed.

"Good." said Allie "Did you tell her about Kyoya and D?"

"Yes,but she wasn't concerned with the details. So, I didn't say anything more than what was necessary." said Kaoru.

"So, you didn't tell her that they were arranged to be married?" asked Allie.

"Yes, I did." said Kaoru "She will find out eventually."

"I can't believe you did that." said Allie with her arms crossed "Oh, wait. I can."

"What does it matter? They fell in love anyway and they would have never met, or dated, if it wasn't arranged." said Kaoru before leaning close to his wife "I am glad we met. Believe me when I tell you that I love you. I love Abby and I love our family."

"I love you too. I love Abby as well as our family." said Allie as she cuddled up to him "And I love the baby too."

"What baby?" asked Kaoru with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, did I forget to mention that I am pregnant?" asked Allie all innocent like "Oops."

"Yes, that did seem to slip your mind." said Kaoru before he gave her a passionate kiss.

"Hm, I should forget to tell you things more often." smirked Allie when they broke apart.

"Don't push it. I always give you want you want, romantic or otherwise." said Kaoru with a grin "I just got excited about becoming a dad again."

"Much better reaction than last time. You fainted then." giggled Allie.

"Hey, in my defense, I had no clue you were pregnant. I was totally surprised." said Kaoru "This time around, I noticed the signs. I was just waiting for you to tell me."

"Signs?" asked Allie.

"I am pleading the fifth, cause I know better." said Kaoru as he made the zipper gesture across his lips.

"Good idea. I trained you well." said Allie before giving him a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the head.

"Thanks." said Kaoru before doing a double take to the alarm clock "I didn't realize it was that late. I have a fashion show to go to tomorrow."

"Well, then. Maybe you should go to sleep." said Allie as she turned off her lamp "Tomorrow is a big day."

"It sure is." said Kaoru as he thought about the future "It sure is."


Author's Note

Hi! As it states above, I am done with this story. This is the end. Sorry for the bad ending. I had a very hard time writing this chapter.

Anyway, Thanks for reading, reviewing, and whatever else you did. It was fun writing this story, up until my writer's block and the lack of interest.

Sorry and thanks again. See you later!