Mercer or rather Frost has a new stomping ground. And to answer an obvious question, no, James Heller will not be featured here for one main reason. With the infection gone, he returned home to his wife and kid so he has no homicidal fixation on Alex. Colonel Rooks and Lieutenant Riley are here because Rooks is the commander of all Blackwatch forces in Manhattan and with the infection gone, his sole order is now to kill or capture the mighty ZEUS. Alex chose to give humanity a second chance, will he find something worthwhile or will he finally lose faith and purge this world? Read and find out.

Chapter Two – A New Playground

"Who dies first?"

Alex checked into a hotel downtown and as to not attract any suspicion, he chose a simple room instead of a suite. Truthfully, he liked it very much. The simplicity of it was something he could appreciate.

Mercer set his luggage down and sat down at the bed. From his previous soul searching, it ended in disaster and almost drove him to spread the virus. He was so tired of all the goddamn crap that was humanity. Emotions, beliefs, all there is about human, he despised.

As easily as Alex could destroy this rotten world, he also had the power to save it. But if he truly wanted to save this world, then his humanity would have to be restored. He had to find something to believe in.

Part of him desired to not find that and just crush the earth and everyone in it. But there was also a part of him that wanted something to believe in. Even if he will never be human again, doesn't mean he should be branded as a mindless beast.

"I hope to whatever fucking God if that fucker does exist that this is worth it." Alex cursed as he stood up and moved to the window. Alex Mercer doesn't do well with failure and this plan had the biggest probability of failure there is.

He looked down at the streets of London. It was completely different from New York, even before the infection. Cars didn't flood the roads, there was little to no traffic and what's more, no more walkers and Gung Ho soldiers.

London was different from New York in many ways but similar all the same. London was the capital of Great Britain and if Alex did want to make a comeback, this was where he would unleash his wrath.

Alex crossed his arms over his chest and let out a neutral sigh. As much as he liked it here, he had no love for the English, no love in general for human, but he would have to tolerate them.

Alex went down for a walk to get some of that fresh England air. Planning can wait, he needed to calm his nerves and mind.

He went to the park and sniffed the air. Alex smiled at the scent. It held no traces of blood and gunpowder but a cool breeze with a minty flavor. 'Mint flavored air? Well, you don't smell that every day.'

Hearing voices in his head was all in a day's work for the Prototype. Voices of the angry, the hate, and the outrage of the people he consumed was something that he got used to. The only thing keeping him from going insane was that he could control them with minimal effort but that didn't mean they'd stay quiet.

'Humans.' Alex growled. The voices still wouldn't stop their screaming and he was already beginning to explode and when Alex Mercer explodes, everyone ends up in the meat grinder.

Finally, after about thirty fucking minutes, of constant wailing and bitching, the voices finally shut the hell up. Alex was pissed off so he sat down at one of the benches.

The mighty ZEUS watched as those inferior humans mingled in their own happy play land. If only they knew that their lives hung by a single thread. If only they knew he was the monster that all of humanity feared. If only they knew that he was their judge, jury, and executioner.

Alex didn't paid attention to them, knowing that this was just a facade of what humans truly were. They were selfish. Cared for no one but themselves, even family meant nothing to them.

That made Alex angry, family was all he had at New York. He always thought that blood was thicker than water but humans killed even their own blood relatives and for what? Money, power?

Alex didn't understand until he saw the horrible and logical truth: no matter what humanity does, brotherhood did not and will not exist. Mercer had seen firsthand that everyone who has ever lived was selfish.

He was so lost.

Without him knowing, someone spoke to him. "Excuse me sir, may I have a seat?" A female voice said and Alex turned to her.

She had brown hair just like him that had no restraints on them and reached her upper back, she had hazel eyes and her face was delicate and made her somewhat pleasing to Alex's eyes, compared to the infected girls back in New York.

The girl wore a light brown jacket with a white sweater underneath it and a scarf around her neck. She wore skinny jeans and sneakers as well. Conservative, in Alex's opinion.

He should've gutted her the moment he saw her.

"Of course, here sit." Alex scooted over and the woman smiled.

"Thank you." She then sat on the bench with Alex who just stared out at practically nowhere. He was in his mindscape.

They sat there in silence for a while. Alex doing nothing but contemplating about what he should do and the woman apparently studying, which granted a look from him.

"What's that you're reading?" Alex asked and the woman turned to him.

"Oh, I'm studying for a big test." She explained and held out her book for Alex to see the cover.

"Advanced Medical Techniques. You're studying to be a doctor?" Alex asked curiously and she nodded.

Alex guessed she was no more than twenty two or twenty three so she must be just entering Medical School.

"Well, seeing as you are a bit young, guess that 'big test' is an entrance exam?" He asked, air quoting the big test part and saw her face blush.

"Yes, the test starts in about four months so better study now than be sorry right? Oh and I'm twenty six, if you're wondering." She shrugged and Alex figured it was a good response. He was never a slacker, just look at what he's done.

"Who said I was asking?" He said quirking an eyebrow at her. She giggled and blushed slightly.

"Enrolling still on?" He asked offhandedly and she nodded.

"Yeah, the University is called Her Majesty's Institute of Medicine. Wanna join?"

"Maybe. So you wanna be a doctor, huh?" He asked and saw that her face lit up from excitement and determination.

"Oh yes, I've always wanted to be a doctor." She said eagerly. Mercer didn't get why she would want to be a doctor. Why save anyone really; if one dies, the world won't miss them. One less mouth to feed anyway.

"Must be hard at times." Alex was a genius but that didn't mean it was a breeze to be a doctor, hell, it was hell.

The woman nodded. "Yeah, it does get pretty challenging but it'll be worth it in the end." She smiled defiantly.

"Yeah, well good luck with that." Alex was a little impressed with her stubbornness not to give up. He could respect that in a human; Dana did have a bitchy streak.

The brunette turned to Alex. "What about you, what's your profession? If you don't mind me asking?"

Yep, he should've killed her when he had the fucking chance.

"I'm a doctor. Or at least used to be" He said half true. Alex was a doctor but not in the sense of helping people.

Alex saw her surprised expression and rolled his eyes under his sunglasses.

"No way! That's amazing." She said excitedly and Alex had to fight the urge to chop her head clean off.

"Believe it, sister." He replied and noticed that interest sparked in her eyes. 'For the love of fuck.' He groaned. Now he had to deal with this shit again.

"But why aren't you in a hospital if you're a doctor?" The girl asked and Alex sighed. He now had to make up a suitable lie for this mess.

"I was a doctor. In New York." He said and saw her eyes widen in shock.

"You've been in New York?" She asked in disbelief that she was talking to one of the rare survivors of that hellish nightmare. What she didn't know that she was talking to the one who caused that hellish nightmare.


"I'm sorry about that." She said and Alex nodded. He was never one for sympathy and mercy so he just acted sad.

"What field are you specializing?" Ales asked, curious as to what she will take.

"Oh, um, I really wanted to be surgeon. I don't know why but I just love tinkering with the human body." She giggled almost sadistically, which Alex found interesting.

"By tinkering, you mean…playing?" He asked and she threw him a sly smirk and nodded. Alex found this girl's vicious side interesting.

"Well, yeah. I just love cutting things open. Don't tell anybody." She pleaded with Alex and threw her his own sadistic smirk.

"No promises." He said amusedly and the girl seemed to get his hint and smile.

"What about you, what's your field of expertise?" She asked curiously and Alex faced her.

"I'm a surgeon, physician, geneticist, and biologist." He listed down some of his fields but left out the monstrous side. She may have a sadistic side but if she knew what he could do, then she'll just puke on him.

The brunette gawked at him, amazed at how many things he had learned but composed herself before she made a fool of herself.

"Wow, that's really cool. May I ask your name?" She asked and Alex sighed in relief that she didn't ask him more questions. He didn't mind the talking but the questions about his life was a little annoying.

"Alex. Alex J. Frost." He said composedly.

"That's a nice name. I'm Elise Abigail McMillan." The one named Elise introduced herself with a smile.

"Yours too, well I better get going. Got places to be and people to kill." He said, standing up. Alex was hungry but he promised himself not to eat people for now, wouldn't want Blackwatch starting another NYZ now would we.

Elise giggled at his quip and nod her head. "Okay, it was a pleasure meeting you, Alex." She said.

Alex nodded his head and went on walking, leaving Elise to whatever she does. He didn't care for anything anymore. Alex was hollow.

Alex walked down the street of London, going to God knows where. He was deep in thought of what to do. He needed to find a suitable job here as to not raise suspicion.

"Well, I could be a doctor here." He thought for a minute. "Nah, wouldn't care if they lived or died. Might as well consume them for my troubles."

He kept on walking until he came across a restaurant. Alex never ate real food in a while since he didn't need any. 'Well, I do love grilled steak.' With his mind made up, he got into the restaurant.

It was not that fancy but not enough to be God-fucking expensive. That and the meat tasted, and smelled great. Alex took off his sunglasses and put them at his shirt's collar, and walked to a waiter.

"Welcome sir, may I show you to your seat?" The waiter asked in Alex's book, was too polite.

"Sure." Alex said and the waiter led him to a secluded table, which he enjoyed greatly. He loved the isolation, he loved the loneliness; Alex was a monster after all.

Alex took his seat and the waiter handed him their menu but Alex already knew what he wanted. "I'll just have steak. And a bottle of whiskey."

The waiter nodded and went off to get Alex's order, leaving the Virus to his thoughts in peace.

'What to do, what to do?' He mused to himself. He wanted to live far far away from this city, but where? He wanted a job, but what?

'This is harder than it looks.' He growled to himself. Who knew getting a job would be this hard for a man eating virus. He could be whatever he wanted if he just consumed the right idiot, but alas he didn't want the world gunning for him as well. The U.S. was annoying enough.

Alex was broken from his thinking when his food was served. He thanked the waited started to eat his food. For what it's worth, cooked meat was pretty good. He forgot the taste of a decent meal since the only way he ate was tendrils.

He ate fast but savored the flavor. Alex finished his whiskey in a while. He never got drunk thanks to his adaptive abilities, but that didn't mean he should stop drinking.

When Alex finished the bottle, he paid the bill, which was only ten pounds, and went on his way. He had a lot of job-hunting to do. Being a genius was no good unless you don't have a job.

^Blackwatch Headquarters^

Colonel Rooks and Lieutenant Riley stood at attention at Blackwatch Central Command.

"At ease, gentlemen." A high ranking general said and everyone relaxed a bit.

"Sir, clean-up of NYZ was a success and any and all traces of our experiments have been…eliminated." Rooks said and the general nodded.

"Based on our investigation, the virus was wiped out by what appears to be an 'antivirus'." Lieutenant Riley reported.

"Have you managed to get a sample of this?"

Rooks shook his head. "Afraid not, sir. It would appear that the eggheads from down below have found that the antivirus degrades after twenty-four hours. Not a trace of it's left, sir."

The general nodded. "Very well. What of Mercer? Any word on him?" Those present shifted uncomfortably. They knew Alex has infiltrated their bases with little to no effort so there's no saying that he wasn't here now.

"No sir. On the day of the purge, one of our surveillance choppers saw Mercer releasing what appears to be the antivirus. We don't know what he's planning." Riley said and the rest of Central Command nodded.

"So, Mercer kills the virus and disappears. He could be staging another outbreak." Another general said.

Though they didn't know what the Monster of Manhattan had up his sleeve, curing the outbreak seemed to raise red flags everywhere.

"We are looking into that as we speak, sir." Rooks said and they nodded.

"Alright, the kill/capture order still stands but I want Mercer alive. And continue with Project Hades. This time that sonovabitch won't know what hit him." The general said and dismissed the meeting.


Alex just strode anywhere, he would've preferred to jump and sprint up and over buildings but then the whole world will know he was here.

As he looked around, he could still see people mingling with each other. A father with his wife and kids, a teen with his girlfriend, a girl talking on the phone; it was all nonsense.

He should kill them all and put them out of his misery. No, he gave them a second chance and Alex wasn't even trying. Humanity maybe stagnant but there was at least some people worth saving.

Someone like him. Who lost everything, only to gain nothing. Someone who was lost just as much as he is.

"Maybe I should become a doctor, but getting a license would take years and money." Screw money, he had access to billions of dollars and he cleaned them out in his free time. Now they were at his disposal.

"Well, money won't be a problem, and I'm sure as hell I'm gonna pass. Well then, if that's it then where do I sign up?" He asked himself and remembered what's her name. She was a med student right, or at least starting to be.

"Elise, that's right. She said enrollment's still going on. Well, I'll get there tomorrow." He said to himself and started to head back to his hotel.

He walked slowly with his hands in his pocket and head low, to his hotel, seeing as the sun was still setting. 'Watch out Med School because your worst nightmare is here.' Alex thought to himself as he rounded a corner

Just as he was about to cross the street, his advanced hearing caught faint screaming in a far alleyway. Normally, he would've left it alone but there were no walkers here to cause those screams.

Alex heard it again and it sounded desperate, like a woman's voice. He closed his eyes and focused on the sound.

"No please stop!" A female voice pleaded.

"Oi, Mike look at this piece a ass. She looks delicious." A gruff voice said that made Alex's blood boil. It was smug and annoying. And completely laced with lustful desires.

"Yeah, just look at her all sniveling. And that firm body looks so good." Another one purred.

"N-no please." The woman begged but it fell on deaf ears.

"Oi mates, looks like her name is Elise-"

Alex didn't need to hear more and sprinted full speed to where the voices were. If this was the same Elise that he met at the park then she was in danger.

Out of all the people he let die back in New York, why her? Maybe because he needed her to get in that Institute of hers or something else entirely but Alex just couldn't let those men have their way with her.

Her screams were getting more desperate and he was worried he wouldn't get to her in time. 'Hold on, I'm almost there.'

Elise reminded him of Dana in so many ways, and Alex will be damned if she dies tonight.

He stopped at the alley where he heard the screams and saw that two men held the same Elise he met to the wall while the other was fondling with her breasts.

Her mouth was gagged by a piece of cloth and her eyes were leaking tears. Alex had to fight the unbearable urge to shift his arms to his claws when he saw her like this.

"Let's see what you got under there, buttercup." After he said that, Elise's eyes widen in pure fear and started to shake desperately to get them off her.

"Quit your moving, bitch!" A man holding her demanded and punched her across the face. Blood dripped from her lips and Alex heard a small whimper from her.

That made Alex angry, and when you make ZEUS angry, you will end up in pieces.

"Let her go." Alex said that caught everyone's attention.

The one who was about to tear her sweater off laughed at him. "Ey' look at this little pissant, You better run along now, boy, if you don't want me to cut you." He pulled out a big knife and Alex scoffed under his breath at this idiot's pathetic attempt to scare him.

"One last chance, let her go and I'll let you live." He said calmly but you would've have to be blind not to see the killing intent in it.

Apparently, these three were more brain damaged than Blackwatch ever was.

"Oh look at him actin' all tough." The other laughed at Alex's very real threat.

"Oh, we're shaking in our boots. Just kill him so we can have our fun." Another said and stabbed Elise in the stomach with his knife, making her scream.

Alex saw this and was just furious; every time he killed a woman, he felt regret. He respected women but they just stabbed her in the gut!

Alex saw her crying and turned his fury to the one directly in front of him. 'Kill. Murder. SLAUGHTER!' His monstrous rage flaring.

The man hesitated when he saw Alex's enraged look but shrugged it off. He tried to stab Alex but he blocked it.

Alex grabbed his head and twisted it in a complete 180 so he was facing his soon-to-be dead friends with shock evident on his face.

Alex gingerly placed a finger on his chest and pushed him down and he fell dead. His friends and Elise stared at the body with shock and turned to stare at him.

He grinned maliciously at them and Elise saw the fear in her attackers' eyes. They let her go and charged at Alex. She fell to the ground, clutching her abdomen but her concern was to Alex.

"Alex, look out!" She said frantically once the gag was off. She was surprised that he still had a smirk on him when there were two big men coming at him for blood.

When they were about to reach him, she closed her eyes. She expected him to scream but heard two screams and then nothing.

She was frozen in place until a hand touched her shoulder. Elise instinctively shied away from it and began to panic.

"Elise. Elise! It's me!" A familiar voice said and she opened her eyes slowly and found Alex holding her securely by the shoulders. She was confused that he had no bruises on him, not even a scratch.

Elise looked over Alex back and saw that the two men were dead. One had his head bashed in and the other had his head planted on the ground.

Even though it was gruesome, she was glad they were dead and breathed a shaky sigh of relief. Elise was lucky to be alive and looked at Alex gratefully, but his expression looked grim.

All of a sudden, she felt a searing pain in her abdomen and groaned. When she looked at her stomach, her sweater was covered with blood as well as her hand.

Elise knew she would die if she didn't get medical attention fast. However, she was extremely lucky that she had Alex Mercer by her side.

Wasting no time, Alex grabbed his phone and called for an ambulance.

"Emergency Services." The operator said.

"I have a knife victim, severe bleeding in the abdominal region. She needs an ambulance now." Alex said professionally to the operator while doing what he can to stop her bleeding.

"An ambulance is on its way, sir. Hold on." The operator said and Alex hung up to attend to his first friend in London.

"Alex…" Elise coughed up more blood. She was losing too much and Alex had to stop the bleeding. He could give her the virus but that wouldn't be beneficial for both of them.

"Save your strength." Alex told her and Elise nodded.

With no choice, he mouthed 'Excuse me' to her and she just rolled her eyes. And lifted her sweater.

The wound was three inches long and thanks to Alex's thermal vision, could see that it was six inches deep. And it pierced her liver. She was bleeding out internally. Her only hope was to get to a hospital but he could not afford to carry her or she'll just die on the way.

All the mighty ZEUS could do was to dress the wound as best as he could and hope that that damn ambulance gets here.

Alex removed his black blazer and pressed it firmly on her wound. She hissed in pain and he looked at her, his eyes saying, "Shut up and suck it up."

Elise chuckled at what his stare said. Even with the sunglasses, she could see the message there.

Alex just pressed his already soaked blazer into her and that appeared to stop the bleeding for now, but she was still in critical condition. He could feel her heart rate decreasing with every passing second and she was getting pale.

She was going into shock and Alex cannot afford to lose her just yet. "Hey, wake up you crazy bitch. Don't die on me." He said, trying to wake her up, and it did. Just not the way he expected.

"Who you callin' a crazy bitch, you emo fuck." She rasped out.

'Well, at least she's awake.' Alex said to himself and heard her labored breathing.

"Come on, you damn ambulance where the hell are you?" Alex growled as she held onto the blazer tighter. By his estimate, she will die in about ten minutes.

"H-hey Alex, if I-I don't make it…" She didn't finish her sentence when Alex cut her off.

"Oh no you don't, sister. You are not dying on me tonight. If you die, I'll jump start your heart and kill you again." He chuckled that made Elise chuckle as well.

Then they heard sirens wailing and it got closer. Ales snapped his head to the side and saw the ambulance at the entrance of the alley.

"Come on, help's here. Just hold on." Alex encouraged but she lost so much blood that even he doubted that Elise'll survive.

"Sir, we'll take it from here." A paramedic said and Alex removed himself from her so the medics can do their jobs.

They placed her on a stretcher, placed an oxygen mask on her face, and hurried to the ambulance. All the while Mercer was watching.

The only thing that drove him to save her was that he needed her. Alex needed Elise to enter that damn school and nothing more…right?

The ambulance raced off to the hospital, leaving Alex there with the corpse of the three men who almost cost him a job. He consumed them quickly and jumped to the nearest rooftop.

He heard police sirens heading his way and he parkoured his way back to his hotel. Alex missed the feeling of air blowing against him when he glide and jumped from building to building. It was night time so no one would be able to see him.

Alex entered his hotel room through the window and placed his bloodied blazer in the bathroom. He would clean it up later, for now, he needed to think.

He looked down at his hands, wondering what just happened. "Why did I save her?" He asked himself. He let so many die, most of them by his own hands.

ZEUS had killed scores of men, women, and children alike without remorse but why start saving someone now. All of his kills, he felt no regret, he felt regret when he had to consume innocents but this was completely different.

On any other person, he would just shrug it off, but when he heard her scream, Alex ran to her aid. It confused him.


Human emotions were nothing but a liability to him. Alex had no conscience, he had no feeling, he had not heart figuratively and literally. But why, for the life of him, why did he save her?

Realizing he would just spend all night just thinking about it, Alex sighed and defeat and just hoped Elise would pull through. She was going to be his way to become a doctor once again.

Alex took a short shower, replaying his mantra over and over again. 'Humanity is stagnant, humanity is stagnant, humanity is stagnant…' He repeated in his head.

To him, humanity was the monster, and to them, he was the monster. But who was the real monster. Compared to the bloodshed humanity has dealt over the millennia, Alex's body count seemed like a small fish in a big ocean.

Alex had killed thousands, but humanity had killed trillions of their own kind and for what? Lands, power, wealth, and women? They slaughtered each other for these things and humans just couldn't stay content.

They pray to their so-called god for guidance but the sad truth was there is no god. He doesn't exist. Souls didn't exist. Faith doesn't exist. Humans are but a higher form of animal.

They have created great machines of innovation, but what good did it do to them? They just use it to kill even more of their dying species.

There is no a civilized society. Humans only follow one rule and that is the strongest survive and the weak are rooted out. They had a food chain. And Alex was at the very top.

Alex stepped out of the shower, having washed away all of Elise's blood and put on his pants. He would pay her a visit the first thing in the morning.