Description: Coulson's team leaves the Academy with more baggage than they arrived with. This means personal issues amongst the team, it also applied to the stowaway that will be joining the team. This young girl will change the team in many ways (*hint = AU*). Hopefully the team will be able to help her as well. This girl is impulsive, moody, energetic and has a few special abilities. The plot begins directly after the episode Seeds and will roughly follow it until T.R.A.C.K.S before spiraling into my AU. But the good thing about my AU is….it has Avengers cameos.

Pairings will be included in the story but nothing super descriptive or smutty. If you do wish for such, or I have inspiration it will be a side story type thing and will not affect the plot and will be separate. Pairing will be Skye/Ward, Fitz/Simmons/OC and Melinda/Coulson.

Disclaimer: I own nothing within the Marvel Universe. I simply enjoy writing stories within the universe.

The team had grown extremely close over the short amount of time they spent together. However, it seemed that the incident at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology seemed to put a strain on the newly formed team bond. Coulson nervously watched as the team grew more agitated and tensions continued to escalate.

At first running damage control was simple, it consisted of dragging Skye away from her laptop every so often or giving Fitz-Simmons a new project to work on. These methods worked for the first couple of days but when Ward had begun to take over the job of dragging Skye away from her computer things seemed to take a turn for the worse. Whether it was something Ward did or something else that was troubling Skye, she began taking out her frustrating while sparring with Ward.

Although that's what Ward intended to happen Coulson could tell Ward was only prepared for the physical lashing out. Ward didn't seem prepared for Skye's verbal jabs and snarky remarks. Nor was Ward able to keep up with witty responses, he was lucky to have one or two at most.

Coulson barely managed to not roll his eyes every time Skye got a rise out of Ward, mainly because if he'd run the risk of stringing an eye muscle or something equally absurd as the amount of times Skye easily outwitted Ward.

In hind sight it isn't all that surprising that Skye was able to annoy Ward, she probably could aggravate anyone on this team if she set her mind to it. Not only was Ward lacking in the conversational department but since day one Skye's greatest strengths were her computer hacking as well as her voice. It's what made her a threat as well as an asset. She had a way of worming in restricted conversations or information as well as escaping either dangerous situations or chastising lectures. Skye seemed to have an understanding of the world that allowed her to weave words to convince the most headstrong people to doubt themselves. However with all abilities this could be extremely helpful or extremely harmful. The ideas she planted in your head didn't have to be good. Coulson never had to worry though because again Skye seemed to know when to and when not to cross that line. It also helped that some how throughout all the hardships she'd gone through she kept a soft heart. As cliche as it sounds the walls she put up kept most people from hurting her. Coulson was happy to be part of the team that broke her walls down and became her family.

Ward retained the upper hand in combat trying to forcefully stop the sassy quips. May, seemed to take pleasure in riling up the pair, often taking the time to point out, the only reason Ward was still beating Skye in combat was since she lacked proper training, of which Ward was extremely reluctant to help. Ward's training methods probably were similar to how Garrett trained him, which basically consisted of a large amount of strength training and pushing the trainee to and past their limit. Although this method may produce results it displeased Coulson enough where he would step in himself, well he had May step in but it's basically the same thing. Regrettably neither May nor Coulson could watch over the training often, since May had to fly the plane and Coulson had an obnoxious amount of paperwork. Not to mention they also had to run interference in the lab too.

Unfortunately, within the lab things also began to crumble, the once inseparable pair seemed to thrive when spending time apart. Which became a regular occurrence more and more each day. Especially since giving the pair projects to work on caused conflict as Simmons seemed to desire greater risks and strived to increase the projects completed each day. Perfectly contrasting Fitz yearning to slow down and instead paying meticulous attention to each measurement or calculation. To him it didn't matter how many experiments were completed as long as they were completed correctly without error. At first Coulson thought they were joking because the odds they were complete opposites never crossed his mind. Perhaps this was a good thing or at least it will be once they figure out how to work with each other again, until then however it was another problem to add to the ticking time bomb of a team.

Meanwhile if the arguments ever continued outside the lab it was common for Ward to side with Simmons, on efficiency but Skye would be very quick to back Fitz up in effectiveness. Ward of course relating it to taking out enemies quickly and in the highest amount possible, speed doesn't have to mean sloppiness. Skye easily countering with the fact that if the situation (whatever it may be) is not dealt with properly it can and will have consequences later, often greater than what would have originally occurred if the problem wasn't skipped over in a vain effort for speed. Both sides had merit but Coulson didn't get in the arguments after the cold-shoulder he received from his response of "Porque No Las Dos?" well Skye laughed at least.

The worst argument occurred while Coulson was trying to orchestrate a group lunch. It started off slightly awkward with Skye glaring at her plate and Ward angrily stuffing his mouth. Fitz meanwhile came in with Simmons arguing about some experiment they were doing and various forms of energy efficiency. Which wasn't an issue until Skye jumped in saying she agreed with Simmons. Ward at this point threw down the rest of his sandwich calling Skye's bluff yelling that she had no idea what the two were discussing.

"Really Ward? Is that necessary to just assume that I don't know anything?! Huh? That's so unfair, as a matter of fact I do know a fair amount about the subject. You should too since energy affects everybody and everything. This is an elementary concept Ward! It's a fundamental requirement for society today and while many energy sources are renewable the consumption rate makes it impossible to keep up with. We've reached and exceeded the environmental capacity and are—"

Skye had begun to launch into an impressive rant that left both Fitz and Simmons standing to the side smiling like proud parents but Ward interrupted quickly.

"Bullshit. Since when have you cared about the environment. I mean even the van you had was a gas guzzling fiend. Not to mention the length of showers you take, the lights you leave on, the food you waste, I mean do you even know where the recycling is on this plane?"

Ward nonchalantly dismissed Skye in a way Coulson could only describe as 'asking for it' and 'it' being whatever insult Skye was about to give back.

"Okay time out. Why the hell are you paying that much attention to me. That's weird Ward, really weird, even for you. Also don't act like you know me so well. I mean seriously what do you know about my recycling habits, why do you feel the need to stick your nose in matters that don't concern you. I mean if you were passionate about recycling I might understand why you'd be monitoring this. But you're not, or else you would know our trash is sorted at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility that separates the recyclables from the trash, which then is added into a giant compost pile. I mean come on Ward, this is level one stuff."

Skye and Ward were now both standing at this point, looking ready to leap over the table and attack each other.

"Guys….girls….gentlefolk, everyone! I don't think nuclear fission is a rational reason to argue with this degree of malice."

Coulson always found it funny that when Jemma was nervous, angry or any passionate emotion she would seemed to "turn off her verbal filter", which when attempting to lie created embarrassing results. Coulson wasn't complaining about that part, since it was quite endearing to see Simmons depict a child-like innocence at disobeying any type of rules. However, when excited or infuriated her vocabulary would leap in various degrees going from scholarly to incomprehensible.

Although embarrassingly humbling, this was also a great conflict deterrent for all except Fitz, whom seemed to keep up regardless of how she talked. Thus when Fitz complained about "Dr. Simmons Lecture time" it caused discontent in all parties present. Skye seemed most hurt that she couldn't keep up while Ward focused on the implication of Skye's lacking education (ignoring that he was lost as well) and of course Simmons was annoyed at Fitz mocking her. Smacking the table Skye beat Coulson to the scolding.

"God Fitz! Really why do you think you're so much better than everyone else. It's not enough to mock us for not understanding when Simmons goes on a serious rant, but to also scold her for simply the way she talks. Is it not good enough for you Fitz? Do you have such a high degree of hubris that you can't comprehend someone might talk differently than you?!

Speaking arrogance Ward, I see you over there ready to jump in and let me warn you not to even think about it, go cry in the corner about your bruised ego if you must but don't even get me started on you.

Finally Simmons, I respect and will give you the benefit of the doubt that you don't mean to do this but… could you not show off? I'd like to have a conversation or argument or whatever without feeling lost. I mean just try, I always feel over my head talking to you and that sucks. Fitz will take the time to explain things but you always give me this look of pity? I don't know but I don't like feeling chastised every time I try to talk to you."

For a second the table fell silent and Coulson hoped Skye had caused the table to stop and reflect, leading back to team unity. But of course rather things continued to escalate each taking the scolding a bit further than necessary and soon the entire table was yelling at each other as Coulson began frantically looking around for May, since she always had a way of scaring the "children" in line.

Perhaps, if the team wasn't all yelling Coulson would have heard the commotion from down the hall. It would be hard to describe as a commotion since in fact the loudest noises were when limbs or bodies smashed against the ground or walls or perhaps a grunt or laugh occasionally, but if you were able to see the two figures fighting and the insane moves they each attacked with it would be hard to dull it down to a simple commotion.

Coulson and the team didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until the plane pitched forward flinging each member either back into their seats or onto the ground. Coulson sat contently assuming it was May's way of ending the argument. As the plane straightened out the team grew quiet and almost didn't notice the new girl causally sitting at the table. The fact that she basically just appeared out of thin air proved to only encourage the improbability of the situation.

She seemed to glance at each member of the team with a forced smile on her face. It wasn't until you could hear May cursing in the other room that she lost this expression her eyes growing wide.

"I can explain...I just can't decide how."

The girl sat with her leg bobbing underneath the table as she grew nervous eyes flitting around faster. She was significantly smaller than each member of the team but sat with an air of authority. Her coal black hair was braided tightly and ran down the center of her back. But what caught most of the teams attention was her light blue eyes perfectly identical color to the sky outside. She seemed to sit gathering her words as the team slowly tried to piece together what was happening. Signing to the team to wait a minute she stood up, pushing in her chair as she did.

This would have been more perplexing if May hadn't come barreling out of the cock pit with a split lip, diving at the girl. Ward seemed eager to also lunge at the girl, first shoving Skye roughly to the ground then stepping forward to take the girl from May. May ignored Ward and instead drug the girl toward the interrogation chamber. Again a few members of the team, were able to see switch flip as the girl's entire demeanor shifted. These few members being Coulson and Fitzsimmons, as May had wrapped her arms around the girl holding the strangers back to her own chest, thus unable to view her face, Ward solely focused on the threat the girl possessed and Skye lay temporary stunned on the ground.

Suddenly the girl twisted around shouting back while flailing.

"Plan Alpha Magna Hook...Agent Coulson! Your team needs some serious remodeling. I mean I'm not just talking about the members, although there are quite a few concerns in that department as well. I mean the original roster seemed sketchy, and then when you added the hack-tivist. Well I've watched you guys scrap the bottom of the barrel mission after mission. I would have thought you'd add someone to help your team improve not—"

The girl's taunts were cut off as Ward slammed her head into the side of the plane. Granted he had meant to push May forward but May turned around with the girl held in front of her and accidentally placed the girl directly in the path of pain. But if he apologized he'd have to admit making a mistake, in fact it was probably better Ward hit the girl instead of May right? Ignoring the gasps from Fitzsimmons, May rolled her eyes twisting away from Ward.

"Ow, perfectly illustrating the biggest concern of all. No, I'm not talking about the walking stereotype that so kindly dented your wall with my head, but rather the lack of training and discipline. We can talk about it later I don't think now is a good time. Mother of pearl. I shoulda gone with Plan Kappa Alpha. "

May continuing down the hall, while Coulson groaned and sat rubbing his temples. Nothing normal seemed to happen on this plane.

"The amount of paperwork this is going to cause is giving me a headache already."

"Yeah but after Ward smashed her in the wall, I think it's safe to say she's gonna have a worse headache." Fitz chimed in with Simmons nodding eagerly. A muffled response came from below the table.

"Um Skye?" Coulson concernedly surveyed the way Skye lay face first into the carpet.

"I said 'Someone should push Ward headfirst into something and see how he likes it'. Stupid robot. "