Calypso woke earlier in the next morning quickly grabbing breakfast in order to narrowly dodge May. Calypso snuck into the lab, dragging out any spare parts and equipment loading home into a bag. Standing on top of the holotable Calypso was carefully unscrewing the vent cover when Fitz happen to walk in.

"You know the stairs work perfectly fine as well and don't require your dirty shoes on the holotable. Is that my screwdriver? "

Calypso didn't reattached the cover but she sat down looking at Fitz. When Calypso sat down Fitz closed the door to give them a small bit of privacy. Calypso sat quietly simply staring at Fitz as he stared back at her, a tension building between them but it wasn't quite an awkward tension persay. Clearing her throat Calypso struggled in choosing what to say.

"I'll explain it later I promise. I'll explain why exactly I choose to use the vents someday. I-I'm not about to 'open up' or something not today. I'm sorry Fitz I want to but I can't handle that today so instead I'm going to give you the option of either building a drone with me or you can do whatever you came down here to do."

Before Fitz could answer they both hear Simmons walking down the stairs.

"Fitz! Are you packing up the lab yet? I'm not sure what data we're suppose to bring. It's so sudden! I have to pack my clothes as well, have you packed your clothes yet? Do we have to bring toiletries as well? What do we have to bring?"

It seemed with each step Simmons came up with a new question. Fitz turned to open the lab doors. As they slid open Fitz hear a clattering and turned around to see the vent settling into place.

"Fitz? Fitz! Why are there footprints on the holotable?! Now is not the time for shenanigans. We have important preparations to make, we've been summoned to the Triskelion that's nothing to sneeze at."

The two fell into a companionable silence quickly packing up the lab as well as their individual supplies. They talked quietly about various experiments and theories perhaps, neither was paying too much attention to the conversation.

When the plane landed Skye was immediately whisked off to the medical center along with Ward. Who was some how chosen to go with Skye despite his lack of medical training, Fitz had reasoned he was chosen based on his ability to stand in the corner emotionless.

The rest of the team was walking into the Triskelion when Agent Hill came over pushing her way through the team without pleasantries and instead latched onto Calypso's ear tugging her away.

"Ack! This isn't an actual thing you're suppose to do unless it's on television! Ow! How are you holding on so tight?!"

The other agents continued walking not even glancing twice at the disturbance Calypso was creating.

"Agent Link will escort you to your rooms. Then in an hour we will sent another agent to fetch you for training." Agent Hill called behind her giving the team a wave while also dragging Calypso down the hall.

May reached out grabbing Fitzsimmons and pulling the pair away from where Hill disappeared and instead pushed them forward toward Agent Link.

The team was assigned living quarters while not extravagant they are larger than the pods on the plane, a simple suite style room with a bedroom and small kitchen/living area. The bedrooms had two beds and dresser sets, along with a table, couch, mini fridge and microwave in the living area. They also each had a bathroom linked with the room adjacent.

Coulson had a room sharing a bathroom with Ward and Fitz. While May had a room to herself with Simmons and Skye in the second bedroom (despite the fact that Skye would be in the hospital for another few weeks). The team unpacked silently, not counting the bickering between Ward and Fitz, and waited anxiously for further instructions.

By the time Calypso was shoved into Agent Hill's office her face was red and her hair an even more vibrant shade of red. But before Calypso could open her mouth Agent Hill launched into her lecture.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out? I don't even know where to begin with you. Should I start with the sneaking onto the plane? Or perhaps the botched mission? The trouble in the hospital? The fact that you thought you could sneak your team into the Triskelion without me finding out?! Come on Calypso! I thought I trained you better than this! It's like all those months of training did nothing! Look at you! Have you completely forgone any incognito skills and just parade around with multicoloured hair instead?! Well rest assured you'll be trained along with the rest of your team. I'll let you handle their training schedules but I hope you know I'll be handling yours. You're dismissed Agent Sol I expect better of you."

Calypso stood and left without a word her feet faltering slightly once she closed the door to Hill's office. Calypso's feet took her to the employee living quarters while her brain struggled to keep up. A slight smile gracing her face when she imagined Simmons giving her a lecture on what her brain was actually doing and how it isn't actually struggling to keep up but rather the processing or something of that nature, it was often just nice to hear Jemma's voice.

The smile quickly grew when she caught Simmons sneaking out of her room, granted May seemed ready to stop Simmons as well, apparently this wasn't the first escape attempt. Waving May back Calypso crept forward carefully scurrying toward Simmons preparing to leap on her. Calypso had just crouched down carefully watching Jemma's muscles tense giving the slightest indication of Jemma's next move, when Calypso was suddenly snatched up by a pair of arms that appeared from the ceiling.

"Argh! Barton you turd! Why would you do that to me?!"

Jemma turned around hearing Calypso yelling. The voice and commotion came from the vents. The rest of the team (minus those in the medical ward) came out, no doubt from the scuffle echoing down the entire hall.

"Oh ho! So at least you recognize who snatched you. Hill wasn't lying when she said your skills were slipping. Ow!"

"You're not even suppose to be here!"

"That's not very nice. Agh that's not very nice either"

The rumbling continued to increase in sound as the team waited below without any indication of what was happening besides noise.

Meanwhile in the vents Barton tried to get a hold of Calypso who alternated between throwing punches at him and trying to restrict Barton's movements as well. The two shuffled back and forth a bit but due to the confounded space most of the fight relied more upon who could take the most hits, granted both participants were also pulling punches.

Simmons paced underneath the opening trying to get glimpses of the two, while Fitz paced trying to work up the nerve to ask May for help. Coulson had lunged forward to pull Simmons out of the way when Calypso gave a call of warning.

Out of the ceiling Barton was dropped hands tied and mouth duck taped, though he still managed to land on his feet. Calypso leapt down as Simmons rushed into her arms.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt? Your eyes are glowing green again that's only happened a few times—" Barton was being untied by May and neither reacted to Simmons despite a raised eyebrow; but Coulson was openly smirking and Fitz fuming.

"Jeez Simmons she just went with Agent Hill of course she's okay. You don't have to smoother her, if anything that would be more bothersome. Seriously let go!"

Fitz began pulling on Simmons as the two began squabbling and trading soft shoves and hits, the two completely ignoring the fact that Calypso remained between them her face red (again) and her hair slowly shifting to match.

"Eh h-how about we go to the training room. Despite the cruddy entrance by bird brain, that kinda ruins the surprise, I have other people to introduce you to as well."

Fitz and Simmons paused looking back at Agent Barton before they realized it was Agent Barton. Fitz leapt back readjusting his clothing while Simmons squeaked something that roughly resembled "Hawkeye" but Simmon still held onto Calypso.

Calypso meanwhile gently pried Jemma off her body and instead held Jemma's hand, but when Barton shot her a look she rushed forward snatching Fitz's hand as well and pulled two toward the Avenger training center.

"Come you can talk to Skank-eye later. I'm going to take you to a place you've only heard stories about, a place of legends where legends are born and trained—"

"No one has ever been born in the Avenger Training Center, the regular training area there was that one instance—" Barton strode forward trying to latch onto one of the scientists.

"Stop interrupting me bird turd! You ruined the surprise again!"

Calypso replied pulling FitzSimmons closer and urging them faster.

Coulson lagged behind the group when May fell into step with him, the arguing was still audible but easier to ignore at a distance.

"Phil" It only took one word from May but it was filled with so much emotion and unspoken words. Sometimes that annoyed Coulson but he knew that was just how things were with May, especially after Bahrain.

"I'm just nervous I guess. I mean I'm sure they've been notified and such but it's crazy. I mean I even the look Clint was giving me despite being distracted by Calypso. I barely knew Clint. I don't know if it's just his reaction since he's close with Romanov...I just don't know if I can do this."

May quickly tugged Coulson into tight hug before releasing him just as quickly.

"Considering everything that's happened recently you deserve this bit of happiness. Don't stress if you don't have to. Besides if worse comes to worst not only will I be there for you but you've got a team now too. Apparently one member who knows them quite well."

Coulson laughed picking up the pace.

"Yes. I'm embarrassed I didn't notice her odd habits directly relating to Barton's."

Calypso burst open the training center doors but pushed FitzSimmons backward before they could step in. The pair was caught by Barton who opened up the doors again and ushered them to the side. Which was surprisingly difficult as Calypso was currently engaged in combat with another legend, known as Black Widow.

"You left them unprotected. If Clint was an enemy they'd be compromised. You're too slow."

To accentuate the point Romanov clocked Calypso in the jaw. Before throwing her down.

"You're not suppose to be here either! Ow!" Calypso whined before Barton stepped forward. The shift was clear and Calypso surged forward knocking Romanov down before leaping toward Barton to knock him aside too. FitzSimmons now pushed in a corner could only watch as Calypso continually fought off the pair but couldn't finish the fight.

"Stop it! Can't you see she's exhausted! You have no idea what the last couple of days have been like. Give it a rest!"

Fitz bravely stepped forward and might have joined in if Coulson and May hadn't walked through at the same moment.

"Coulson!" The shout across the room came from a super soldier who ran across the room.

Instinct pushed Calypso forward shoving back Strike Team Delta into Rogers path before placing herself in front too. Steve slowed to a stop hands raised in peace as Clint and Natasha stayed down for once. Calypso stood shaking while a brilliant bruise already forming on her cheek. Her eyes shimmering a fluorescent green.

Calypso stopped shaking when Fitz and Simmons stepped forward dragging her away.

But her eyes continued to glow holding a haunted look to them. The two scientists wrapped themselves around her again as she slowly began to relax into their touch.

"Eh okay. It's a pleasure to see you again Agent Coulson. I have to admit it was quite a surprise hearing you were alive and well. I'm sorry to say I was quite upset but some thought makes it clear it wasn't quite your choice and well it's probably easier to let the past lie and move on."

Steve shuffled nervously as Coulson stood tears brimming in his eyes. The two hugged Steve almost crushing Coulson.

"Ah...pleasure to meet you sir. I'm afraid we've only met in passing and I haven't had the proper chance to introduce myself. Agent Clint Barton."

Coulson straightened his tie before shaking hands with Barton and Romanov as well.

The group continued to chat idly introducing May before being joined again by FitzSimmons and Calypso.

"Captain!" Calypso shouted breaking the awkward silence. Steve turned tail and ran with Calypso trailing behind. It was at this point the team got a better idea of just how fast Calypso was. Little by little she gained on him as they raced around the training facility. With a valiant leap Calypso landed on Steve's back hanging on tightly as he raced back to the team. Lurching to a stop Calypso held on.

"Okay! I hope you've all rested up! Training begins today! While Skye is in recovery we will all be going through training to make sure we are the Baddest Badass Team there is!"

Before Steve could speak up Calypso thumped him on the head.

"Moving on! Today will be getting 'suited up' and starting out. You don't show up to training and you will be punished! Where's Ward?"

Jemma opened her mouth to explain before Fitz jumped in.


While Jemma originally was put out at being cut off the joyous look on Calypso's face lessened the sting.

"That's correct! Which means he will be punished accordingly."

Calypso quickly adopted the persona of drill Sargent. Quickly organizing everyone's exercising times and activities while sorting out equipment. Since it was Saturday the team had a day to prepare before training began Monday.

May had early morning aquatic fighting sessions with Romanov. Apparently May knew Romanov already so Calypso let those two be. She had more important matters to worry about.

Coulson had evening practices with Captain Rogers and Clint. It basically consisted of regular speed and strength training. However Calypso was looking forward to the flexibility training. Especially considering Steve and Coulson seemed to be the least flexible people she knew.

FitzSimmons was assigned late night with Calypso and Steve. While also joining Coulson and May on Fridays for team exercises.

It was the perfect plan in Calypso's mind while planned torture for the rest of the group.

In the medical wing Ward had just stepped out to get some food leaving Skye for a moment. Skye drifted in and out of consciousness all day from the hodgepodge of drugs in her system. Currently Skye couldn't determine if she was having hallucinations or not since Tony Stark sat by her bedside.

"Hey I'm Tony Stark you must be Skye. It's okay, I understand you're not feeling so great right now and I'll do the talking. Calypso told me you're a computer hacker. Apparently on of the best. I'll be back later and we can talk more about that and maybe someday you can visit the Tower and we'll have some real fun but until you can get on your feet. I've brought a table with my new hacking system that needs to be BETA tested and I hoped you would do that for me. It's a win-win really. Oh and here." Tony set the table on the table besides Skye before handing her a stuffed Iron Man plush with his name signed in the back.

"Well the tablet is connected to my AI system J.A.R.V.I.S. incase you need to contact me. I'll see you later Skye."

Tony lifted up her arm giving a hi-five before strutting out.

Ward returned to find Skye passed out with the Iron Man plush. When Ward tried to activate the tablet letter and numbers raced across the screen in random patterns he couldn't distinguish. Ward instead set the tablet down and continued his vigil by Skye's bed side.

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