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Elphaba, Third Thropp Descending of Munchkinland. Or Elphie, as Galinda knows her.

Green as a gooseberry, but in a fresh, attractive way. Curious, mean Elphaba, with her hair and her skin and her oddness that feels so utterly comforting, like coming home tired. Galinda had never encountered anyone quite like her, and wasn't likely to find any individual similar. No one could hold a candle to her Elphie.

Galinda had become irrationally, completely jealous of Boq and Nessa, Boq because he had known Elphie as a child, and Nessa because she lived with the green woman, and took up most of her time. Nessa was her 'pretty', while Galinda was simply her 'sweet'. It made her feel special of course, but only as a second option. Elphaba seemed saddled with her little sister, caring for her, ensuring she was happy and comfortable and rested, while Galinda watched on, seething with barely contained envy. Sitting on an ornate bench, sulking into her silks. Pouting amongst peonies and roses. Staring at Elphaba's narrow back, Galinda longed to stroke it, feel the satin of Elphie's skin.

"Galinda? My sweet, you haven't fallen asleep on me, have you?" A green hand waved barely an inch from the petite blonde's visage, breaking her train of jealous thoughts.

"Hm? Oh, yes, yes, of course. I'm just fine." Blushing her embarrassment as Elphaba smiled in relief at her, she attempted a happy grimace back. Elphaba's smile dropped a degree.

"Is something the matter, Galinda?" she questioned awkwardly, not sure if her concern was unfounded. The little blonde was so rarely unhappy, it panicked Elphaba when her sunshine wasn't smiling.

"No, no, Elphie! I'm happy as a lark, I promise you." A proper smile worked it's way onto her features, which evidently calmed the verdant woman, since she grinned back, and turned to face Nessa once more.

Galinda let her face fall. She was losing Elphie, her Elphie to Nessa, and it unsettled her greatly. The socialite wanted Elphaba back, all for herself, only for her own use. The closeness forged between them had evaporated since Nessa's arrival, and Galinda hated seeing it dissipate so easily. They seemed not to talk and divulge as much, and their only time together was in the evenings, whilst alone in their shared dorm. Nessa interrupted all of their unions and plans. But oh, how Galinda treasured those moments of intense tranquility. An evening of simply talk, chatter about lectures or religion, anything. As long as it wasn't fashion. Elphie knew a lot of things, but fashion, or 'the art of dress' as Galinda dubbed it affectionately, was not one of her many fortes.

The little blonde seemed eternally cursed to watch Elphaba fuss over someone else, watch her pay the kind of attention Galinda yearned for so desperately. It was utterly heartbreaking, to be so close to a loved one, and said loved one so utterly oblivious to her advances. It hurt, quite simply, and Galinda was sure her feelings wouldn't be returned readily.

Maybe Elphie had it in her to love. She loved Nessa, didn't she? Devotion and love are the same, aren't they?

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