A Hyuga Cursed By A Snake

Chapter 1 : A Curse Given By A Snake.

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Author Note: I'm got this from "Hinata And The Curse Mark" I love how the story went so I wantd to do one too.

Summary: This is were Hinata gets the curse mark and starts to act different. Slowing her hearts starts to darken.

~Forest Of Death~

This is we're Team 8 was almost to the tower.

"Come on guys were almost there." Said the brash teammate racing to the tower jumping branch by branch. Kiba Inuzuka and his partner Akamaru. After collecting the last scroll for the second part of the test.

"Kiba-Kun slow down for a second." Said tired voice this was Hinata Hyuga. "We can't keep." Looking back at the non-talking Shino he didn't look tired but Hinata knew her teammates to well.

" Fine." Pouting as a slowed down a bit for them. Though none of them watching a pair of snake like eyes was paying attention to them the whole time.

'Kukukukukkukukuuku looks like I got a Hyuga Heiress here, I always wanted the bykugan.'thought a devise snake. As he planned to snake attack the young geninn without them knowing his present. As so as he said that he began his attack.

"What the-." Shino as he gotten neck chopped from behind as his bugs protected from most of the impact. Before he could drop to the ground the closer person person caught him was Hinata in a flash. Setting him down gently. Although scared since this enemy came out of nowhere. This foe had the most corrupted killing intent they had ever seen. As for this both Kiba, Akamaru and Hinata freeze (AN: Shino knocked out so..) like there facing something they feared they whole lives.

"Well one down two to go." Saying awhile licking his lips. Looking at the Hyuga

"Aren't you a cute little Hyuga."Said while looking down at her shivering from this kind of look he's giving her. After that Kiba was the first one to snap out of it. Though Akamaru is still frozen for animals the have a ken since of danger when the time comes.

" Hinata get Shino and Akamarun outta of here I'll keep him busy." Bring a shirken out to keep him away.

" I'm I don't have time to deal with you dog boy." That said came behind the boy disappearing from the human with another neck chop. Hinata stopped she knew she couldn't leave her teammate behind or escape for that matter. She maybe shy, timid and also lack confidence. But, she's not afraid to protect the people she cares about, not by a long shot. Standing up as she got into her gentle fist stance.

" Who are you? What do you want from us? exclaimed looking at the enemy seeing that he was not human from his snake like feature.

" Who am I child? Why I am Orochimaru?

"O-Orochimaru." Thinking what is the most dangerous person from Konoha doing here and a Saninn for that matter want with her?

" Plan to give you a special gift." With the way he said "special" gave her the chills.

'Can't give up on my teammates now!' Thinking getting ready to deliver the first strike.


Fighting a snake! A run in with Team 7.

(Author Note: Hinata's Element type is fire and lightning. I read that on wiki. That jutsu she used on the "find a bug mission" was the Water Needle just by putting chakra into the water like a needle form.)

I hope you guys like it plus please give me tips to do action scenes kay, if you have the time to PM me.