The Change of Command

Kate is leaving the 12th and the NYPD.

Old memories flow like the incoming tide bringing mixed emotions.


Captain Kathryn Beckett, aka Kate Castle entered her office for the last time. She glanced at the walls, and floors, of the 12th homicide. She have spent over fifteen years working cases out of this office. Today was the end of the career in four hours she was to turn her badge and gun, never to be called a cop again.

She sat down behind her desk and started to remove her things. One of the last things she placed in one of her box's was the elephant parade. The thing that contained the proof of the murder of her mother. As she was finishing the box she heard someone at her door.

"Boss is this the end?"

"For me as a cop, yes it is. Javi at noon (12:00) you get the badge and the office. The load is great, but the rewards are exceptional. Is Lanie and the kids joining you at 1PP?"

"They sure are, is Castle going to be their, with your brood?"

"Rick said he was going to be their by ten thirty (10:30). He thinks he needs to get a good seat. The surprise is on him, I arranged a front row seat for him."

"I'm not going to move into this office till tomorrow so please take your time. It been great working for and with you these past years Kate.

You know I love you as a sister."

"Yes Javi I love you as a big brother also."

They hugged and kissed for a few minutes, then they,r interrupted by a strange noise from LT. Ryan

"I hope I'm not interruption anything I have to tell Castle!"

"He already knows I loved Javi before he ever entered my life. At one time a long time ago He and I almost were a couple, that a story you will never hear anymore about, period."

"Alright you two get your work done so I can sign out at ten thirty (10:30) to change into my dress uniform, so get,..,get..,get.

The mention of her and Javi as a couple brought back a flood of feeling and emotions.


May 2002 Rooke Detective Kate Beckett called in to Captain Monotony office. Standing in the Captains office was an uniformed officer. Kate looked him over, he seemed to be older than most of the uni's assigned to Homicide . He look of Italian decent. He was well-defined and quiet good-looking.

"Kate I like you to meet Officer Javi Esposito he is your new partner. Teach him the ropes so he can become a detective, as good as you."

"Captain I'm only been a detective just over six months, do you think I'm ready a teacher?"

"Beckett you are a better detective now than several of my long time detectives. Take Esposito and handle this case."

The captain handed Kate a file folder and sat down at his desk.

"What are you two waiting for, get going."

They left the office and worked the case. The next day at four they walked into the Captain's office, and dropped the file on his desk.

"Captain we arrester John Willcocks, and charged him with murder in the first. He crumbled in an hour to the crime."

Montgomery looked up at the pair. Then he looked down at the case file. No one saw the smile on his face.

"Good job you two take the reminder of the day off, and back at nine (9am) tomorrow."

"Thank you Capt see you tomorrow."

They turned together and left the squad room. Each grabbed their coat and took the elevator to the first floor.

How about a drink Javi, to celebrate a good job done right?"

"You're the boss Beckett, I just follow."

"You just remember that and we will be good together."

Six months later after a long and nasty case they had too many drinks together and woke up entwined together in Beckett's bed. Neither had a stitched on and neither could remember what they carry out the night before. Being good detectives they went over the clues.

Their clothing spread from the front door to Kate's bed. They both smelled of sweat and sex. They found no protective devices, and this was their worry. Kate could never take the pill as she had a bad reaction to them. Not that she had a lot of sex partners, few men could take her work hours.

Both Kate and Javi sweated out two weeks till Kate had her period. They never engaged in sex again, but stayed good friends.


The last thing she placed in the box was a pictures it was of her and Castle wedding day. They both looked so happy, as if nothing would ever take the smile off their faces.

Over the years many have tried none had done it for long.

"Ha! Captain time to go. Rick is down stairs waiting in your limo with the kids. He said for you to get moving. He did say please."

"Lt. Ryan you are full of the Irish Blainey. Castle in the car with three of his kids would never say please.

Kevin it's been fun we had good times and bad. We have been partners, friends and for a few day lovers. I'll miss working with you. I'll stay in touch maybe we'll get to work together some day."

"Kate in four months I can retire, that something Jenny wants, after that then I'll give you a call., and remember the song "Thanks for the memories", that was us. Now get going."

Kate remembers the three days she and Kevin were lover. It almost destroyed the budding friend ship with Rick.

Kevin and Kate went to an Irish festival, drank too much green beer and ended up in bed together, naked as the day they were born. One on top of the other

Evidently one or both passed out before anything happened.

Sorry to say it took two days for memories to return to tell them what they did not do. The only lasting consequence was they each saw more of each other than they ever could forget.

Kate garbed her coat and left the squad room to meet her husband and children.

In less than two hours all the involved parties gather at One Police Plaza for the change of command.