The change of Command

Chapter 2

Kate is leaving the 12th and the NYPD.

Old memories flow like the incoming tide bringing mixed emotions.


Kate, Rick and the family arrived a few minutes before noon. The large theater like assembly room was full. The Beckett/Castle group are escorted to their seats and Kate's escorted to the stage. Kate looked fantastic she stood tall, back straight. Her uniform fit like a glove. Her skin showed no advance in age. If someone did not know she looked in midi twenties.

On that stage was the Mayor of New York, also the Governor of New York, and the new Senior Senator for New York.

The Senior Senator for New York was the junior Senator only a few weeks ago, un till Senator Bracken expended all his appeals of his convictions, and was sentence to Federal Prison.

The Police commissioner took charge as he stepped to the podium.

"May I have your attention please. Captain Kathryn Beckett please stepped front and center."

Kate stood up and walked to stand front and center, facing the Commissioner.

"Captain Kathryn Houlton Beckett, badge 3214. Reporting as ordered."

"At ease Captain Beckett. It is with a mix of sadness, and happiness, that I accept your official retirement from the NYPD. You have had an outstanding career. You are an inspiration to all members of our police force.

As I said I am sorry you are leaving. Your work for the people of this city makes me proud. The fact that you worked for me for so many years is my happiness. I know you still have many more good things yet to do."

The commissioner signal her aid who walked up to the front with a large tray. On the tray was two boxes.

Extending her arms palms up she spoke.

Captain Beckett please give me your weapon, and badge."

Kate handed over her badge then her weapon. Then reaching into he pocket extended her ID, after placing a tender kiss on it.

The commissioner took the equipment placed it in one of the boxes. Then she reached into the other box and removed a plaque.

"Kathryn Houghton Beckett/Castle It gives me great pleasure to present this token of appreciation to you from the New York Police Department and the City of New York. The sum of ten thousand has been make to the Police Saviors Fund. I know money was never a thing for you but it will help other who made the supreme price.

Good luck Kate."

"Thank you Vicky."

The Commissioner had tears in her eyes as she hugged Kate.

Kate turned to the crowd.

"It is I who was privilege to have been a member of this great department. I love each and every one of you.

The donation with award will be tripled by my one and done, husband, my quirky sidekick Mr. Richard Castle, also known as Mr., Nikki Heat."

The crowd clapped and cheered, and Rick rose and took a bow.

Kate took a bow also and walked back to her seat. As Kate waiter for the ceremony to progress she thought back to the time she first met Richard Castle.

She was single, unattached, and not a date insight. She had a body drop, a slang saying for a murder scene. This was the second death that brought back to a seine in in a book she read years ago. She remembered the author Richard Castle. Her team located the author, and playboy at a book signing in a hotel in the theater district. It was late but she had a bee in her bonnet and decided to go to his book signing. She laugh to her self remembering how she put on her bad cop face. She was equally surprise with his family response. Then, at the station, he offered to let her spank him. She had a hard time keeping from slapping him, but then he grew on her, some said like mold.

It was not a smooth road, she her self dumped in a few obstruction. Namely a motorcycle Doctor, actually a Doctor who rode a motorcycle. Castle call him Doctor motorcycle. Then the 'Defective Detective', Tom Deming, he was so right for her and so wrong. He finally got her into his bed one week before she broke it off and drifted off, during the summer, on to the doctor. What might have happened if she had not been shot in the heart.

It was the event that changed her whole life. As she laid dyeing on the cemetery grass, she found out Rick loved her She fought to get back to perfect health, for him. She fought thru pain, PTSD, she fought so hard she almost lost him. Thankfully she and he were one with a family.

Rick wrote three more best sellers since they're been married, a fourth done except the screening.

Drawn back to the present by the calling of her name.

"I think she trying to ignore us. Please Kate come back your subject need you."

"I'm sorry your honor I'm still over whelmed by this all."

"I understand Kate but the Governor needs to due his thing. Mr. Governor come on over."

The Governor walked up to center stage shook Kate's, and the Commissioner hand.

Kate still facing The governor raised her right hand.

"Do you Kathryn Houghton Beckett-Castle Swear to abide by the Constitution of the United Stated of America."

"I do."

"Do you Kathryn Houghton Beckett-Castle Sweat to up hold to up hold the office Senator for the state of NEW YORK."

"I do."

"Ladies and gentlemen I present the newest U.S. Senator Kathryn Houghton Beckett-Castle . Congratulation."

The room roar and Richard and the little Castles stormed the stage.

It wasn't till Kate laird her head down on her pillow, after making love to her love, that she fully understood what had happened. She gave up her life as a police officer to become one of fifty most powerful people in the Country. And she got to sleep beside a millionaire. What a life.